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Sabre-rattling over the heights issue

The Other Blogger did her fair share of sabre-rattling yesterday. She was either threatening or reporting that another lawsuit will be brought against the City by those who promoted and voted for the amendment that limited heights in a small area of our downtown. Apparently, they are collectively in a tizzy about the prospect of a hotel, or an extension of a hotel, being built that may exceed their arbitrary height of 45 feet, which has achieved some magical threshold above which the very fate of our City lies.

In case you are new to Lake Worth, and many are, we had a referendum back in March of 2013 on the issue of height. There was a lot of confusion surrounding the vote, whether a "no" vote meant "yes" or "yes" meant "no." There were also a lot of wacko tales about developers with "plans in hand" that would make Lake Worth a center for high-rise development. Many were told that voting for the amendment would make it impossible to have a six story building approved and constructed next door to your single family house. Hysteria reigned. And it still does.

The vote passed, but it turned out to be a Pyrrhic victory for the supporters of the measure and for the City at large. Soon after the election, HB 537 was signed by the Governor that outlawed referenda related to development orders or changes to local government's comprehensive plans. It comes down to the Charter being one thing (a local government's constitution) and how a local government regulates the development of land. That is through its comprehensive plan and land development regulations. What the adherents to the Charter being superior in relation to the regulation of land development do not realize is that changes in the Charter language would trigger changes to the comprehensive plan that is forbidden after the passage of this legislation.

They initially sued to order the City to include the results of the "null and void" election in the Charter, which the city wouldn't and couldn't do since it would go against state law. The city filed a motion to dismiss the Respectful Planning PAC lawsuit and eventually the plaintiffs did just that, on their own volition. They are quick to point out that it was done "without prejudice." Thus, they could refile the lawsuit anytime.

We heard threats of this at last week's City Commission meeting when the rezoning of the Gulf Stream's western portion of its property to Downtown Mixed Use was approved on second reading. We also heard similar language from opponents during the candidate debate the following night.

The people who can't sleep at night knowing that there is a possibility that a building would be built east of Federal that has 50 or more hotel rooms and be 65 feet in height will never be satisfied. They are willing to risk the continued deterioration of the Gulf Stream hotel, place our local economy in a continued handicapped state due to the lack of appropriate lodging for guests, to preserve the principles of democracy. They are willing to use the resources of a Golden goose and others to monkeywrench the City's future. To tie this issue up in the courts and waste our tax dollars to defend it is a foolish and cowardly act.

We need a first class hotel in Lake Worth. The Gulf Stream hotel sits shuttered for ten or more years on our most prominent property in the City, on our waterfront, our main street and at the foot of one of the City's finest parks and its golf course. There are tall buildings all around this area of the City and a building of similar height would be in harmony with the surrounding built environment.

That means nothing to the people who would file a lawsuit to halt progress on saving our National Register historic hotel and having a decent place to house visiting family, friends and tourists. They would rather bleed the City's legal defense fund for the sake of their own vanity and chutzpah in preventing progress. They will also delight in making this a divisive election issue.

And an aside: Beware of the buzzwords "critical thinking." We heard that a lot last Wednesday night by the candidates trying to unseat the incumbents. Don't be pulled in. There is plenty of critical thinking going on in everyone's heads, the public and those that are on the dais and administration.

What the "critical thinking" means when we hear it from these candidates can be simply translated "paralysis by analysis." We see and hear this type of thinking whenever commissioners McVoy and Maier go on and on about an issue, usually in a circular argument. This type of "critical thinking" is to delay, distract or discuss interminably. This sort of "thinking" is more about words, not deeds. This is the kind of thinking that kept Lake Worth without a coherent set of land development regulations and a comprehensive plan for eight years. This is the type of thinking that led to no new commercial development or investment in the City for at least four years under their regime. If they don't like something no amount of discussion will ever make them happy. There will always be a group left out, something will be too high, or too much, or too little and nothing will ever get done! We are long past the time where this sort of "critical thinking" can be thought of as productive. We are still playing a game of catch up.

Keep all that in mind when you hear about the importance of those extra two stories in a very small part of the city, designed only to be used for hotels of more than 50 units. Keep that in mind when you remember that former commissions had no problem entering into lawsuits even though the city was on the losing side of the argument. Think about the Greater Bay lawsuit that went on for years, $900,000 was spent on legal fees and then concluding with the city writing a check for $1.4 million. That was just one of the lawsuits.

The current Commission has unraveled many such legal entanglements and continues to do so. We don't need to go in the other direction.

Press Release: Lake Worth's Snook Island dock relocation to begin next Tuesday (1/12/16)

Press Release:

January 8, 2016

Jamie Brown, Public Services Director

Snook Island dock relocation to begin next Tuesday, 1/12/16
     Palm Beach County constructed a day-use dock as part of the Snook Islands project a few years ago. With some of the dock slips being underutilized at this location, on 4/21/15 the City Commission approved an interlocal agreement with Palm Beach County allowing a portion of the dock system to be transferred from the current location to the Bryant Park Boat Ramp just south of the bridge.
     When the Boat Ramp was rebuilt in 2014, a 100' staging dock with five additional 18" concrete pilings was proposed as a bid alternate, but due to difficulties during construction (driving two particular pilings and helical anchor issues) there were not enough funds to move forward with this alternate. With this dock transfer, however, the City now has an ·opportunity to move forward with a modified version of the original proposed staging dock.
     Vance Construction, who has held multiple contracts with the County for other marine projects located in the Lake Worth Lagoon, was granted access by the City to utilize the area that had already been designated for Snook Island staging at the north end of Bryant Park. In exchange for the City allowing this access, Vance Construction will perform this dock transfer and all associated engineering and design at no cost to the City.

More bad news for the Null and Void "heights vote" supporters (the vote almost three years ago)

Already the myth about the "overwhelming" support to limit heights downtown has been debunked. And it's also interesting to note that Commissioner Maier DIDN'T SAY A SINGLE WORD at second reading on the rezoning of the Gulf Stream hotel property which passed 3-2.
  • Mayor Pam Triolo voted Yes
  • Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell voted Yes
  • Commissioner Andy Amoroso voted Yes
  • Commissioner Ryan Maier voted No
  • Commissioner Chris McVoy voted No
The tiny white dot is the property that is rezoned to save the historic Gulf Stream hotel in downtown Lake Worth.
More bad news for the supporters of the "heights vote" almost 3 years ago: In the video below a Lake Worth resident who voted "Yes" on the heights vote (echoing no doubt the sentiment of many others who voted that way) would vote differently today had she known how that 'Yes' vote would have affected the Gulf Stream hotel property.

The Cottages of Lake Worth Home Tour later this month—SOLD OUT

Sorry to say, but all the tickets for the Cottages of Lake Worth Home Tour have been sold. However if you want to learn more about the Cottages and take a self-guided tour you can learn about that here.
You might also be interested in an interview Yours Truly had with Allan Mason at WBZT. You'll see images of our City's historic Cottages and more on the history of how the structures came to be in the City of Lake Worth:

Interesting Year End Report from Palm Beach County Fire Rescue

This is targeted toward first responders and fire rescue personnel, but has some good information about the improvements in the increase in lives saved over the past year. Technology and new procedures are yielding great results. You will hear a lot about ROSC = Return Of Spontaneous Circulation rate.

Friday, January 8, 2016

The movie Hogzilla: A movie directed by Diane Jacques (now a candidate for mayor of Lake Worth—this is NOT a joke)

Here is a link to IMDb (Internet Movie Database) for all the movies Diane Jacques is credited with being involved in.

For some reason she didn't include this movie, Hogzilla (below), in her bio she supplied to the Lake Worth NAPC Candidate Forum held on Wednesday, 1/6. She made mention of other made-for-television stuff in the late 1990's though but not Hogzilla. I wonder why? In the candidate bio supplied prior to the debate writes she is "a veteran film and television producer."

Anyhow, enjoy the movie trailer for HOGZILLA!
Note the line near the end of the trailer:"The Other White Meat Bites Back!"

Palm Beach County to consider a large ATV (all-terrain vehicle) park near 20-Mile Bend

Ron Bukley at the Town-Crier has this news about a possible ATV park in western Palm Beach County (PBC). Here is an excerpt from the article:
     Palm Beach County has several projects underway in the area of 20-Mile Bend, including a new bridge, improved roadways and possibly a park for all-terrain vehicles. [emphasis added]
     Improvements are in progress on County Road 880, which includes rebuilding the canal bank that runs alongside it. There are also plans, currently set for 2019, to replace the old swinging truss bridge built there in 1937.
     Last month, Palm Beach County agreed to purchase almost 40 acres of land west of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office shooting range from the South Florida Water Management District for $404,000 to complete a triangle of county-owned property in the area. Other proposed uses besides an ATV park include an emergency communications tower.
Are there any ATV parks in PBC now? I don't know the answer but if there isn't one there should be. Even in places like Wisconsin where the snowmobile should be king the sales of ATV's is far outpacing that of snowmobiles. Plus in the article cited there is a high interest among baby boomers for UTV's (utility vehicles) that can be used on ATV trails. Stay tuned for more on this development and can already imagine the line for public comment at the PBC Commission.

"The Big Story" from Jennifer Kay at the AP: "Wildlife officials want to relist manatees as 'threatened' "

The manatee population has rebounded in a spectacular way and the status of the animal may be upgraded from "endangered" to "threatened". Here is an excerpt from the AP article:
     The population of Florida's iconic manatees has recovered enough that the species no longer meets the definition of "endangered" under the Endangered Species Act, federal wildlife officials said Thursday.
     The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service have proposed relisting the slow-moving, speed bump-shaped marine mammals as a "threatened" species, which would not change any current protections for manatees.
     "Based on the best available scientific information, we believe the manatee is no longer in danger of extinction," Michael Oetker, deputy regional director for the wildlife service, said at a news conference at the Miami Seaquarium, which has rescued, rehabilitated and released manatees back into the wild for decades.

Video: New Lake Worth resident says, "I Love Lake Worth" (and a short message to those few negative realtors in our City)

Realtors and the real estate business in Lake Worth are/is very busy these days and anyone who's talked to a realtor knows how true that is. However, there are a couple realtors in the City saying things like homeowner so-and-so "can't wait to get out of here" and you-know-who "thinks Lake Worth is going downhill" and so it goes. This talk is only coming from a few realtors and in no way represents our fine group of real estate professionals here. A large majority of realtors are optimistic about the City as well they should be.

The claims by homeowner so-and-so and you-know-who may or may not be true but think you, the realtor, should concentrate on selling that person's house as quick as you can so we can get new, positive residents to move into the City. You'll hear one of these positive, uplifiting residents and what she had to say at the City Commission meeting on 12/8/15 vis-à-vis the re-zoning of the historic Gulf Stream hotel to move that project forward. [Update: The zoning change was approved at second reading on 1/5/16.]

Any homeowner can be bitter about anything at any given time. It could be a contentious code complaint or a neighbor dispute. Or maybe the homeowner was severely affected by the Great Recession or a City election didn't go the way they wanted or maybe they were just having a really terrible day. Who knows.

In the 28:22 long video (at the end of this post) of public comment you'll hear residents both in support and opposed to the re-zoning of this property:
The white arrow is pointing to a tiny white dot: that is the property subject to the re-zoning request.
However, what I would like you to concentrate on is what a resident has to say at the 3:40 mark to the 5:50 mark. She recently purchased a home in Lake Worth and she says, "I Love Lake Worth". You get the sense she's traveled a lot and seen many places; she never expected to buy a home in Lake Worth but she did because she sees so much "potential" here. 

She references the South Palm Park neighborhood in the City and talks about how historic preservation can revitalize a city having seen it happen with her own eyes—twice. You see, old buildings have the "potential" to do great things when the public policy is in place, the political will is there to make it happen, and residents put aside what's happened in the past to focus on the future

At the 10:45 mark Mayor Pam Triolo reads into the record the comments from those that either couldn't attend the meeting or weren't interested in speaking at the podium. That continues until the end of the video. At the 16:00 mark to 18:00 the mayor reads the comments by Yours Truly into the record.

So, without further ado, the video and pay special attention to the 3:40 mark to the 5:50 mark where a new City resident says, "I Love Lake Worth":

What are "christopaths"?* A definition from The Christian Left

What is a "christopath"? Here is the definition: "A christopath is someone who is using Christianity as a cover, a clever pretense to push right wing political aims."

The Christian Left strongly opposes the christopaths and here are some excerpts from their Mission Statement:
We are The Christian Left. We’re all around you. We’re among the people. Take a look. We’re part of the Body of Christ. We’re Christians. We’re Liberal. We make no apologies. In fact Jesus' ways are “Liberal.” That’s why He was killed. The Pharisees and the Sadducees were the conservatives of their time. This is clear.
[and. . .]
We’re not waiting for some earthly leader to come and make everything alright - that man already came. When He comes back, there will be no doubt who HE is. Everyone, without exception, will know. Until then, we are part of the Body of Christ. We’re not ‘Communists’ or ‘Marxists’ either. We reject all such labels. We will not be profiled or pigeonholed and we will not ‘Be Quiet.’ We’re Christians.
[and lastly. . .]
[T]he Christian Left believe homosexual sex to be overemphasized when compared with issues relating to social justice, or even matters of sexual morality involving heterosexual sex. Bottom Line: We welcome ALL to their place at God’s table, just as they are. All means ALL. No exceptions. We reject all attempts to define our Faith by the two wedge issues of Gay Marriage and Abortion.
*Please Note: Any similarities about "christopaths" and a self-proclaimed 'pastor' who believes the City of Lake Worth, FL, is "cracking down" on his church and Jesus are coincidental.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Press Release from the Lake Worth Street Painting Festival on February 20–21

[Please take note: If you have any difficulty finding a hotel room in Lake Worth, which is very possible at this year's festival, our municipal neighbor to the north, West Palm Beach will be happy to serve you. Contact their Visitor Center and learn more. Thank You, Wes.]

Contacts: Nadine Burns, 561-358-8501
Maryanne Webber, 561-301-5476

22nd Annual Lake Worth Street Painting Festival in Downtown Lake Worth
      More than 600 artists will use the asphalt as their canvas to transform the streets of downtown Lake Worth into a temporary outdoor gallery of art February 20–21 during the 22nd Annual Street Painting Festival. The paintings—made only of chalk—remain only until traffic returns to the streets and the tires act as giant erasers and the next rain washes them away.
     The Lake Worth Street Painting Festival claims bragging rights as the world’s largest, covering more area than any other festival of its kind, and is the proud recipient of the 2014 Council's Choice, Muse Award for Cultural Excellence.
      This “outdoor gallery” is located on Lake and Lucerne Avenues, spanning between Dixie and Federal Highways. It all starts at 10:00 AM each day and ADMISSION IS FREE.
  • Parking is available throughout the downtown area, and Valet Service will also be available.
  • Take Tri-Rail to the Festival or Park & Ride: A Free festival shuttle makes timely loops from the Lake Worth Tri-Rail station and Palm Beach State College, Lake Worth Campus to Lake Worth City Hall in downtown from 10 AM to 6 PM both days.
     Kick back and enjoy continuous live music on the Festival's Main stage, located at the Cultural Plaza at Lake Avenue and M Street and don't miss the Festival Food Courts and downtown restaurants, accommodating culinary tastes and thirsts as diverse as the artwork.
     The Street Painting Festival is produced by Street Painting Festival Inc., a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization in cooperation with the City of Lake Worth. Proceeds support the Street Painting Festival event and benefit scholarships offered to graduating high school students, as well as community projects associated with the arts.

[To read the entire press release use this link and scroll down for "Street Painting Festival".]

Don't forget! The Lake Worth BEACH! bonfire is TOMORROW (Friday, 1/8)

To read more about the Lake Worth BEACH! bonfires and how to find other events happening in the City use this link.

More on the Gulf Stream hotel vote by the Lake Worth City Commission from The Lake Worth Herald and The Palm Beach Post

First off, there was a huge turnout at the City Commission meeting in support of the Gulf Stream hotel and their rezoning request. And these people showed up and stayed well past 8:00 p.m. on a weekday on a cold and drizzly south Florida night. That is a huge statement and can't be ignored. The first report in the Post made no mention of this and am happy to say the latest and final edition does report on the number of folks that came out to support our historic Gulf Stream hotel; more on that later.

Below are two excerpts from The Lake Worth Herald on last Tuesday's City Commission vote to save the Gulf Stream hotel:
     Lake Worth City Commissioners held a quazijudicial hearing on zoning changes for a portion of the property belonging to the Gulfstream Hotel.
     The zoning change will allow Hudson Holdings to add an additional five story hotel building and a two story parking garage.
     Residents and business owners testified before the commission both pro and con the zoning change.
     Ralph Brooks, an attorney representing Roseann Malatakes, a neighbor of the Gulfstream property and Linda Mahoney and Andrew Swain who live one block away from the property, testified before the commission that he disagrees with City Attorney Glen Torcivia who opined state statutes prohibited the Building Heights Referendum held in Lake Worth because it was a charter amendment.
     The majority of those opposing the zoning change based their testimony on the referendum. The referendum was never filed with the state by the City because State Statutes prohibited the charter amendment. [emphasis added]
[and. . .]
     The ordinance passed by a 3-2 vote with Commissioner Christopher McVoy basing his dissension on the referendum position taken by Brooks and Commissioner Ryan Mayer dissenting without comment.
The "heights vote" was declared "null and void" by the state legislature. Read more about that here and also learn about the debunked myth about the "overwhelming" support to limit the heights around the Gulf Stream hotel which was anything but "overwhelming".

Here is an excerpt from the Post article on last Tuesday's (1/5) quasi-judicial hearing:
     As expected, City Hall’s commission chamber was packed, with many residents lined up outside to listen or weigh in on an issue that has, on occasion, divided the city.
     Most in attendance were in favor of the plan to transform the six-story, 106-room Gulf Stream [emphasis added], opened in the 1920s, but vacant the past 10 years, into an 87-room hotel with a downstairs restaurant, a champagne room and a rooftop skybar. The Delray Beach developer [Hudson Holdings] would manage the Gulf Stream along with the restaurant and bar.
     “This is something that’s missed in downtown,” said Barbara Aubel, one of two dozen residents who spoke. “I hope we don’t get in the way of the project. We need this to be a better area and an active building, not just a hulk of an old hotel that should be in a horror movie.”
Going forward we're going to need people to keep SHOWING UP! at meetings. This was a remarkable turnout and it made a huge impact. Remember, there are at most 10–12 people who are the hardcore trying to send the Gulf Stream hotel on a date with the wrecking ball. Don't let them be the only ones at City meetings claiming to be the voice of "the people"
Thank You everyone for SHOWING UP!

The quote by Dustin Zacks at the Lake Worth City Commission meeting: "Honorable ladies, honorable gentlemen, and Wes Blackman"

I attended the debate at the Lake Worth Playhouse last night and several people came up to me and called me "honorable" and it took a little bit before I figured out why. At the City Commission meeting on Tuesday, 1/5, Mr. Zacks started out his remarks at public comment by saying this, "Honorable ladies, honorable gentlemen, and Wes Blackman". Probably 99% of people who heard what was said and saw the video (below) missed the joke and also didn't see the "look" into my camera. Anyhow, here's to you Big Brother.

Mr. Zacks later in his comments proposed a proclamation that Lake Worth NOT BE "Down Wit OPP". But more on that later.

In the video below are many outstanding comments and encourage you to watch the entire 28 minutes. However, two stand out that would like you to focus on:

The 1:30 mark to 2:00: A woman has her thoughts on the homeless situation in the City. She has children and is very concerned.

The 10:30 mark to 12:40: Michelle Sylvester from the Lake Worth Business Alliance has very tough words for commissioners Ryan Maier and Chris McVoy. She doesn't hold back and thinks these two commissioners aren't doing nearly enough to support the business community.
Now to Mr. Zacks (at the 13:15 mark to 14:10) and his idea that Lake Worth proclaim to not be "Down Wit OPP". He was cleverly poking fun at Commissioner McVoy's proclamation opposing the TPP:
McVoy is not down with TPP but it's not known what his position is on OPP.
So, should the City of Lake Worth be "Down Wit OPP" and also down with TPP? Or up with OPP and also up with TPP? Or not be "Down Wit OPP" and up with TPP? Should a workshop be scheduled to discuss TPP and OPP or would it be better to have two separate workshops? Oh, I forgot. What exactly is "Down Wit OPP"?

A song from the 1991 album titled, "Naughty by Nature" will explain what "Down Wit OPP" is:
Learn more about the former rap group Naughty by Nature using this link. A very interesting story in American music history:
"O.P.P." is a song by American rap group Naughty by Nature. It was released in August 1991 as the lead single from their self-titled debut album Naughty by Nature. The song was one of the first rap songs to become a pop hit when it reached number 6 in the U.S. and number 35 in the UK in 1991. Its declaration, "Down Wit' OPP" was a popular catchphrase in the U.S. in the early-1990s.
Now you know what "OPP" is. Now how many of you have any idea what "TPP" is?

From Vox: "How Chipotle made hundreds of people barf"

If you're not a reader of Vox you're missing out on one of the most ingenious and interesting news outlets in America today. You may or may not agree with their conclusions but how they represent their viewpoints is very clever. In the case of Chipotle and all their troubles of late this news by Vox is explained concisely, in just under 4 minutes. Enjoy the video but try not to watch right after lunch and especially if you ate at Chipotle today:

About the video: "After hearing a trickle of reports about food poisoning over recent months, millions of lunch-seeking Americans are probably wondering: Is it safe to eat at Chipotle?
     The bad news is that public health investigators haven't identified the source of the E. coli that sickened almost 60 Chipotle customers in 11 states. By the time they started testing the restaurants and the employees, they couldn't find a trace of the bacteria.
     But that may be a blessing in disguise because without a specific ingredient or supplier to blame, Chipotle has to inspect everything."

Leave it to ABC25/WPBF: They got it wrong again

There was a terrible mobile home fire and all the news outlets got the location correct. . .except one: ABC25. You can always count on them to get locations wrong anywhere in the vicinity of the City of Lake Worth and central Palm Beach County generally. Here is the news from The Palm Beach Post and a short excerpt:
     A firefighter checks on a mobile home gutted by fire before dawn Wednesday morning at a mobile home park west of Lantana. According to Palm Beach County Fire Rescue, two people were taken to the hospital. Captain Albert Borroto says that the call came in at 2:15 a.m. to reports of a fire inside the Lantana Cascades mobile home park.
Here is ABC25's false news report:
LAKE WORTH [emphasis added], Fla.—Palm Beach County Fire Rescue pulled two people from a mobile home fire in the Lantana Cascade community Wednesday morning.
     According to officials, firefighters were faced with narrow roads and a lack of fire hydrants within the community when they arrived on the scene around 2:30 a.m.
It's usually here where there's a short lesson on municipal borders and what is unincorporated Palm Beach County. However, in the case of ABC25, that effort is pointless.

The Cottages of Lake Worth Home Tour on Sunday, January 24th: Tickets available now

Tickets are available using this link and here is more information about our historic Cottages of Lake Worth. 
If you wish you can follow the Cottages of Lake Worth on Facebook or call 615-330-1819 for more information. 
Click on image to enlarge.
The Self Guided and Walking Tours you can enjoy at your own convenience and leisure.
The Cottages of Lake Worth are small houses that serve as guest, holiday, vacation, or primary residence. They can be of any number of architectural styles, but in Lake Worth styles include Mission Revival, Frame Vernacular, Masonry Vernacular, Bahamian, Craftsman, Art Moderne, Art Deco and Contemporary. Many of our approximately 1,000 cottages are on 25 foot wide lots, under 1,000 square feet and built prior to 1939.

After Henry Flagler extended his rail line south from West Palm Beach to Miami in 1896, a land development plan was created for a town between the railroad and the lake. Finnish, German and Canadian pensioners who purchased agricultural lots west of town, also received a 25 foot wide lot within the City of Lake Worth close to the beach. 

The mission of the Cottages of Lake Worth is to introduce the citizens and visitors of Palm Beach County by celebrating and promoting the history of these unique structures and its people and to assure that this legacy is passed on to future generations. 

The Cottages of Lake Worth program includes a driving and walking tour and brochure with map, which will include descriptions of individual featured cottages. 

Inside many of our Cottages you would find original tall arched ceilings, Dade County Pine floors, wood bean ceilings and original plastered interior walls patterned and textured from neighboring Sea Grape leaves. Some have original fireplaces, lighting, doors, hardware, glass door knobs and mortise locks.

Visit Lake Worth and learn more about these little architectural treasures on our little City lots!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A comment from "JustAnotherDiner" at The Palm Beach Post in the latest article on the Gulf Stream Hotel

Here is a comment made by "JustAnotherDiner" on the article by Kevin Thompson at the Post:

"I have been a property owner and resident of Lake Worth for almost 30 years. I have listened to the arguments since moving here - those wanting to keep Lake Worth "affordable for the people" (depressed), and those looking to improve. I have witnessed people moving into the area seeing the "potential" of Lake Worth, only to leave in just a few years because of the lack of progress. I have voted for development since day one.... renovation of the beach casino, allowing development of the north/south corridor, bonds to improve the infrastructure of Lake Worth. Nothing short of a fight the entire way. Nothing makes me happier than seeing this progress move forward. I wish to thank my 3 commissioners who voted for this current proposal - and at the same time voice my disapproval of the 2 dissident votes. We have a rare treasure in Lake Worth - Close proximity to "metropolitan areas", easy access to multiple airports, walking distance to our public beach, a charming downtown with shops, restaurants, community theater, and a growing art influence. We have our problems with certain activities - which with vigilance, proper over site [sic] from our commissioners, and our police force, I feel can be overcome. Those of us who have bought homes here have a vested interest in the betterment of our community. My thanks to the principles of Hudson Holdings and the foresight of 3 of our commissioners."

Here is how the City Commission voted: 
Mayor Pam Triolo voted Yes
Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell voted Yes
Commissioner Andy Amoroso voted Yes
Commissioner Ryan Maier voted No
Commissioner Chris McVoy voted No

Having read the article by the reporter it's interesting he writes of "angry protests from some residents" but doesn't mention anything about the most remarkable thing which everyone noticed: The high number of people who came out in support for the rezoning of the Gulf Stream hotel property. Why that went unreported is anyone's guess.

Anyone who has been around or dealt with zoning issues knows that, most of the time, it's the opposition who always turns out in large numbers and it's very difficult to get supporters to show up at meetings. Last night's City Commission meeting was very different. It was so unusual that Bonnie Miskel, a well-known and long-time attorney representing the owners of the Gulf Stream hotel remarked, and I'm paraphrasing, said "she'd never seen anything like it before".

Yesterday was a memorable day in Lake Worth and demonstrates there are many people willing to do the heavy lifting to help make our City a better place to live.

Where O Where Are the Challengers to the Elected in Lake Worth?

The challengers have been keeping a very low profile but that will end tonight. There is a debate tonight (1/6) at the Lake Worth Playhouse and you can read about that here. Here are the choices on election day, March 15th:
  • Mayor Pam Triolo is being challenged by Gary L. Antieau and Diane Jacques.
  • Vice Mayor and District One Commissioner Scott Maxwell is being challenged by the Anarchist Ryan J. Hartman.
  • District Three Commissioner Andy Amoroso is challenged by Frank McAlonan.
Unfortunately, won't be able to attend this evening with my trusty video camera but I'll get reports and share them on this blog. [UPDATE: Change of plans and I'll be able to attend the debate this evening.]

Of course, what everyone is interested in seeing is if Anarchist Ryan Hartman appears and if he tries to shed his Anarchist past and take on a mainstream, hipster look to get elected. Below is this Anarchist before the City Commission defending the rights of the homeless to sleep and perform other bodily functions in our City parks in front of your children and tourists:
Hopefully, homelessness and crime will be issues of debate tonight. Maybe the challengers Gary L. Antieau, Diane Jacques, and Frank McAlonan will comment on the efforts by the Anarchists to undermine PBSO and increase the homeless population in Lake Worth? Are they opposed or do they support these efforts in the City? You can't have it both ways.
A sign at a protest in Lake Worth. The Anarchists were very well represented.

The NAPC Candidate Forum is TONIGHT (Wednesday, 1/6) at the Lake Worth Playhouse

Rules for the debate are below.
Mayor Pam Triolo, Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell, and Commissioner Andy Amoroso have accepted to debate any and all challengers.
The Lake Worth Neighborhood Association Presidents Council (NAPC) will hold a candidate forum on Wednesday, January 6, 2016 at the Lake Worth Playhouse.

The Playhouse is located at 713 Lake Avenue and the doors will open to the public at 6:15 PM. Candidates for Mayor and Commissioners for Districts 1 and 3 have been invited to participate in the question and answer forum. The Forum will begin at 6:30 PM and is expected to end at 9:00 PM.

The event is open to the public and there is no admission charge.

Questions have been formulated by representatives of the NAPC Member Neighborhood Associations and no questions will be taken from the audience.

In keeping with the Florida Government in the Sunshine laws, the forum has been officially noticed as a public meeting at which questions regarding issues that may come before the City Commission will be asked and may be answered. Minutes of the public meeting will be provided to the Lake Worth City Clerk following the event.

To provide a clear view for everyone in the audience, no campaign yard signs or banners will be allowed inside the Playhouse and campaign literature may only be distributed outside the theater.

As a public meeting, anyone from the public or the press may photograph, video or record the event. All those in attendance will be asked to courteously refrain from flash photography and to be mindful not to block the view of the audience when doing so and will be reminded if the need arises.

The Lake Worth Municipal election will be held Tuesday, March 15, 2016.

Questions regarding the election, precinct locations, absentee ballots and voter registration may be directed to the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections office at (561) 656-6200. The NAPC is a not for profit organization incorporated in the State of Florida. The NAPC neither endorses nor opposes any candidate.

Public Comment on Unagedaed Items: Lake Worth City Commission Meeting 1/5/16

Commissioner Comments and Reports from last night's (1/5/16) meeting

The historic Gulf Stream hotel in Lake Worth and another big step forward

Despite attempts to monkeywrench, stall, and otherwise delay the process, the vote was 3-2 last night (1/5) in favor of restoring the Gulf Stream hotel to its former glory. The commissioners opposed to the restoration, Ryan Maier and Chris McVoy, still are hanging onto the claim that an overwhelming 'heights vote' that was declared "null and void" by the state legislature is still relevant:
The "overwhelming" vote for height limits in 2013 is a debunked myth. You can read about that nonsense here.
Interestingly, one of the people who voted "Yes" attended last night's meeting and said she wouldn't have voted that way had she known what she does now. Stay tuned throughout the week for videos from that meeting and especially for the one where The Other Blogger (TOB) loses her temper at the podium and almost the entire crowd breaks out in laughter.

Another video you'll see is a woman claiming that the Gulf Stream hotel shouldn't go forward because there's a risk the building might be sold to ISIS. Not kidding. She really said that. I heard it with my own ears.

It was a very large turnout last night in support of the Gulf Stream hotel. So much so that an attorney involved with this matter claimed she had never seen anything like it before. Usually crowds turn out to oppose zoning changes—not the other way around. On my behalf, speaking for myself, want to thank everyone who came out last night to show their support. It sends a powerful message going forward.

Whereas the opposition showed up last night with the same faces we see all the time, over and over again, there were many new faces that attended the City Commission meeting who came out on a cold night to show their support for the Gulf Stream hotel. That also sends a powerful message. 

Thank you.

[UPDATE] The Common Ground (no 's') church and pastor Olive have been given a gift: But how will they respond?

UPDATE: pastor Olive had his chance at last night's (1/5) City Commission to send a message of reconciliation but he chose a different route. The divisiveness, drama, and attention-seeking will continue from the 'Common Ground' church. The blog post from Monday (1/4) on this issue follows:

[The church plant in downtown Lake Worth, the 'Common Ground' (no 's') church, has been given a gift by Mayor Pam Triolo. Their pastor Olive will give the first invocation of the year. He has a special opportunity to set things right vis-à-vis the "War on Religion", "War on Jesus", and the "Epic Battle" nonsense here in the City. We'll find out tomorrow at the City Commission meeting whether the church's silliness will continue or they'll take another path that's less much less divisive, PR-based, and personality-driven. Anyhow, the invocation is a tiny item leading up to the re-zoning vote for the Gulf Stream hotel project. Make plans to show up TOMORROW for Item 10B on the agenda. If you interested, continue reading how the 'Common Ground' church came to be in Lake Worth:]

On Friday, January 30th, 2015 (Vol. 1/Issue 3) in Margaret Menge's now-defunct (always-FREE, delivered-FREE, advertising-challenged) tabloid, she wrote the words below in her "House Editorial". In her pitch she gave clues to the nonsense that was to come about her "larger truth" vis-à-vis pastor Olive and the curiously named 'Common Ground' church:
     Media bias is often more to do with what newspapers decline to cover than what they do cover. There is almost no coverage whatsoever of churches or of faith in most American newspapers, except in articles about the African-American community. Churches don't get written about. Looking back at old newspapers one time, I saw newspapers reprinting whole Sunday sermons from a local church as a regular thing.
     I'm not planning to do that in these pages. But I do want to write about our churches, and the faith of the people who attend them. And I want to write about many other things, as well, to tell the larger truth of our community, and to make a more complete record of what is happening here.
There are so many churches in our 6 square mile City of Lake Worth that do so much for the community; way too many to name here. And most of us in Lake Worth, including myself, are very appreciative.

On Friday, February 20th (Vol. 1, Issue 6) Ms. Menge made good on her promise to tell her "larger truth". Unfortunately a local TV news station and some that were duped in the national press picked up on the nonsense before the real story could be told. It was a black eye the City didn't deserve:
CBS12/WPEC's Kathleen Walter with her news segment on February 26th about 'pastor' Olive and his Common Ground (no 's') nonsense. Interesting to note, and completely off topic, the segment aired 12 days prior to election day.
A "soviet-style crackdown"? So much for searching for the "common ground" (no 's').
Now you know the real story.

As far as churches and religion not mentioned in newspapers? Each week's Lake Worth Herald dispels that ridiculous notion. There is almost no news coverage about faith by the media? Did Ms. Menge ever hear of Pope Francis? And as far as sermons not printed in entirety in newspapers any longer. . .a thing called the internet made the effort unnecessary. And so did email. And Facebook. And YouTube. And Twitter. . .

[Stay tuned for Part 2 of the War on Religion Show. Just in time for the March 2016 elections in the City. Remember, Menge's first tabloid appeared out of nowhere on January 16th and went downhill from there.]

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Scene at a Lake Worth City Commission meeting: BFF's So Happy!

Have you ever seen Lynn Anderson so happy and gay? And Katie McGiveron, when did you ever see her so happy? Lynn Anderson (aka The Obtuse Blogger [TOB]) and Katie McGiveron are pictured here with their old friend and comrade, Cara Jennings checking out Cara's new I-Pad. It was just like the old days all over again. Remember the 'good-ole' days?

Can you find the error in the news about the Gulf Stream hotel rezoning vote tonight (1/5)?

[Answer at the end of this post.]

Read this news that appeared in The Palm Beach Post today (1/5) on page B3. If you've been following this news  closely about the rezoning of the Gulf Stream hotel you'll note an error in the text below:
Check back later today and will have the answer.

Anyhow, tonight is a very important meeting on the future of the Gulf Stream hotel. It's item 10B on the agenda. If you're not too keen on listening to a lecture on sea level rise I would suggest you show up at the City Commission around 8:00 to be on the safe side.

Remember, don't let a few malcontents stand at the podium and claim to be "the voice of the people". YOU are the people and we can't let another important City goal get hijacked. We need you to show up!

[The Answer: First reading of the rezoning request at the City Commission was on Dec. 8th, not Dec. 9th.]

Attention Lake Worth: Don't get distracted by commissioners Ryan Maier and Chris McVoy—Tell them to "Keep It Local!"

Just a reminder. . .A lot of distraction and misdirection will be on the City of Lake Worth's agenda tonight at the City Commission meeting. For instance, there's this from Commissioner McVoy:
Is this an efficient use of staff and taxpayer dollars for the little City of Lake Worth? Or stay focused on local issues and our local citizens/organizations?
Note that Commissioner McVoy has little control over what the Palm Beach County Commission is going to do or the State of Florida, for that matter. So the chances of the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives changing course on a trade matter because McVoy objects is silliness to the extreme.

However, taking staff time and City resources for this "resolution" does take away from efforts to fix problems right here in Lake Worth. And it takes up valuable time at a City Commission meeting.

We're also likely to be treated to a mind-numbing, long, and exhausting lecture on sea level rise from commissioners Maier and McVoy. They both attended the sea level rise conference in Key West along with Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell, who had these observations:
Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell says, "we need to focus on practical solutions" and "live within our means".
The public, or "the people" in Lake Worth need to demand more attention be paid to OUR CITY and less attention on matters we have little or no control over. Just to be curious am thinking of using a stopwatch to see how much time is used up by Maier and McVoy at the City Commission on matters other than those that are affecting the City at present. Matters such as the lack of adequate street lighting, missing fire hydrants, too-low water pressure, road infrastructure, and public safety issues.

Just don't get distracted! Understand these are just tactics used to try and change the debate and confuse people about the true problems we face as a City. I've jokingly pointed out that McVoy's tactics are eerily similar to those used by the CIA to monkeywrench government meetings, but maybe that isn't too far from the truth.
Talk "at great length" and raise "irrelevant issues as frequently as possible." Remind you of anyone?
Remember, Item 10B is on the agenda, the vote on whether the City's historic Gulf Stream hotel project will move forward or not. This is a crucial vote on the future of our City.

Blue Front Bar & Grill: One of ten best BBQ restaurants in Palm Beach and Broward counties

Nicole Danna at the Palm Beach/Broward New Times has this review of our Blue Front BBQ here in Lake Worth. Here is an excerpt:
Owner David Paladino and his family purchased the iconic, Florida-born Blue Front Bar-B-Que sauce company in 2011 from Annie Nelson, widow of the company's founder, Norris Nelson. As the story goes, Nelson began his barbecue operation in 1964 at the corner of 15th Street and Tamarind Avenue in West Palm Beach. Growing up in Eastman, Georgia, he learned to cook from his father — ribs and chicken slathered in a spicy BBQ sauce that quickly became a hit, beloved by all the locals who frequented his shop. It became so popular, Norris began selling his sauce in empty soda bottles. Later, in 1979, he patented the name Blue Front Bar-B-Que Inc. and began marketing his sauce to the public in many stores throughout the country. Now, more than 40 years later, you can even get a potent cocktail during happy hour, a side or two of live music to go along with your meal, and a to-go bottle of that famous barbecue sauce for savoring the flavor at home.
1132 N. Dixie Highway, Lake Worth
Visit their website
Closed on Mondays

The publisher of The Palm Beach Post wrote what? Maybe just a slight exaggeration?

The publisher of The Palm Beach Post is heralding the 100th year of the papers existence today (1/5) which included an attachment to the printed edition's front page. Tim Burke's headline is, "Thank you for letting us serve you for a century". Buried in the middle of his message is this paragraph:
     Today, the weekly audience for The Post is almost 593,000. Nearly half of Palm Beach County’s adults read The Post. [emphasis added] And we have 941,210 Facebook followers.

First off, Grumpy Cat has over 8 million followers. It's hard to see how Facebook translates into the bottom line but maybe they've got a plan for that.

The weekly audience is "almost 593,000"? Note that's not 593,000 individuals that read the paper. That number is the daily readership (MondayFriday) then adding Sunday and totaled for the week. For instance, I am 6 of the print edition audience since I get the daily paper and Sunday too. It would be nice to see the Post's breakdown of the numbers: daily print edition, Sunday paper, and their online audience but that information is difficult to find but I'm sure their advertisers have those numbers.

"Nearly half of Palm Beach County's adults read The Post." I  think the folks at the Sun Sentinel will have a chuckle over that one. I would venture to say over half of the residents in Palm Beach County don't even know or care there is a Palm Beach Post newspaper. For those of you that don't know, the dividing line between the Sun Sentinel and the Post is understood to be Delray Beach. Everything south of Delray is Sun Sentinel territory.

What does Wikipedia have to say about the Post's circulation numbers?
88,231 Daily
142,679 Sunday
And another thing from Wikipedia:
Like many newspapers throughout the country, the Post downsized its newsroom by more than 30 percent in 2008 and 2009. At the same time it closed its printing press. The Post's print edition is now printed in Broward County by the South Florida Sun-Sentinel and shipped north to Palm Beach County for daily distribution. [emphasis added]
Anyhow, Happy Birthday Palm Beach Post!

Carmel, Indiana: City Attorney files claim for $1.15 for "travel" from City Hall to a walkable, nearby location

Click here for link to article.

West Palm approves sale and redevelopment of old city hall

Click title for link about how West Palm Beach plans to redevelop the former City Hall site. It was last used in 2009 until the new City Hall complex was ready to occupy. Here's a bit from the article:
The city commission, in its first meeting of the year, on Monday gave preliminary approval to developer Navarro Lowrey’s purchase of the old city hall site at 200 Second St. for $11.5 million, for redevelopment with a hotel, apartments, retail and garage. The board voted 4-0. Commissioner Paula Ryan did not vote, because her husband is an attorney for the developer.
From a Lake Worth perspective, the article is interesting due to a lack of mention about height. There is a rendering that shows what looks to be a seven story building. The project will be a mix of hotel rooms, which will face the water and condominium units which face to the west. Retail will likely occupy the first floor space along the street. There is also a side deal that includes the land that was once home to the Helen Wilkes Hotel. It sounds like that is an attempt to keep green space and preserve views of the water from the new hotel.

I have sentimental ties to the old City Hall building. I worked there in the Planning Department on the second floor for about four years. It was my first job after moving to Florida from Michigan. The building was built in 1980. I remember many times people complaining about it being a "sick" building and there were tests for air exchange rates during the time that I was there. They were always working on the ventilation system. The building is also a late example of Brutalist architecture. That style is enjoying a surge in appreciation now as many structures like this are facing uncertain fates. Unfortunately, it sits on high value land and its appearance is not looked at fondly. Sort of like how the former Lake Worth Casino building design was never really appreciated even though it had enough going for it to be listed on the National Register as an International style structure.

It is good to see West Palm Beach moving forward with this project. I sometimes use the parking lot immediately east of the building if I have business in the county building on the west side of Olive Avenue. The property and building have not been well maintained during its vacancy.

Video: Testimony on Gulf Stream hotel re-zoning at quasi-judicial hearing (and a unanimous HRPB vote was "astonishing"? "Surprising"? "Disturbing"?)

[The blog post below from 12/13 is one of the most viewed last year vis-à-vis our historic Gulf Stream hotel and its future. This concerns the re-zoning of the Gulf Stream hotel project at the quasi-judicial hearing on 12/8 at the Lake Worth City Commission. The second reading of this re-zoning request will be on January 5th [TONIGHT, Item 10B on the agenda] and you can read about that using this link. I think what is "astonishing", "surprising", and "disturbing" is pulling into question the character and motivations of Lake Worth Historic Resource Preservation Board (HRPB) members just because the boards' (unanimous) position on an issue is in opposition to someone else's personal wants or desires. The members of the HRPB care very much about the future of Lake Worth. They demonstrate that by sacrificing time and effort as volunteers. Hopefully, going forward, the focus will be on the Gulf Stream hotel and making that structure a contributing asset to our community. The original post from 12/13 follows:] 

Before proceeding you can see how small the property being considered for re-zoning actually is:
The white arrow points to a tiny white dot. That is the subject property for the re-zoning request.
One City resident in the video (below, at the end of this post) from the quasi-judicial hearing at the City Commission in support of the re-zoning says this request for the Gulf Stream hotel project will have some residents in opposition "come out of the woodwork" with all sorts of silly claims and wild accusations. Two of those deserve special attention in the video:

At the 4:05 mark in the video to the 4:45 mark: A City resident in opposition to the re-zoning in public testimony says the unanimous vote by the Historic Resource Preservation Board (HRPB) in support of the re-zoning was "astonishing", "surprising", and "disturbing". At the HRPB meeting were presentations by City staff, a well-respected land use attorney, and others. This resident suggests the board and its members' unanimous vote was suspicious. Note that the HRPB members heard all the evidence in a public meeting and the resident DID NOT. By her own admission she "did not attend" the HRPB meeting. Going forward in Lake Worth will all unanimous votes be suspicious?

At the 8:05 mark to 8:50: Another City resident in opposition who also chairs a City board testifies that the re-zoning will be "bad for the environment", affect "water percolation", and "adversely affect water quality in the Intracoastal". An argument for no future development on this downtown parcel and/or anywhere else in the City for that matter. 

At the 11:20 mark to 12:25: More testimony in support and the resident says the City's "not in 1923 any more" and mentions the parking element of the re-zoning that's essential for the success of the Gulf Stream hotel.

At 12:50 mark to 14:50: Another resident in support who was a former "bus boy" at the Gulf Stream hotel many of you will recognize as a well-known business owner in Lake Worth.

And, lastly, from 15:30 to 16:50: A new resident in Lake Worth in support with her interesting comments.

I would encourage you to watch the entire video below and pay special attention to the sections of video mentioned above, especially the first one (4:054:45):

Monday, January 4, 2016

Alexandra Clough on business in Palm Beach County in 2016 and Kelly Smallridge of the Business Development Board interviewed

The Post's Alexandra Clough has this article that appeared in the Sunday (1/3) print edition. It is a very good summary of what to expect this year in business growth, the housing market, and how the looming November elections fit into the environment. The housing inventory and office space is continuing to lag. Here are two excerpts from the article:
     Here’s the good expected during 2016: More companies are forecast to expand or relocate here, and unemployment should to continue to fall. If gas prices remain low, tourism will stay strong and continue to fuel new hotel growth, plus strong consumer spending at restaurants and shops. [emphasis added]
     The real estate market will continue its bull run, too, as housing and commercial projects in the pipeline start or complete construction.
     Now, the bad: Rising housing costs will make it difficult for people moving here to find an affordable place to live. Construction might be slowed by higher land costs and spikes in labor costs, thanks to a limited supplies of skilled subcontractors. And, as has been the case for several years now, there’s no new office space to be had.
[and. . .]
     Smallridge [Kelly Smallridge, president of the Business Development Board of Palm Beach County] expects to continue to see not only hedge funds moving to Palm Beach County but also financial services firms, corporate headquarters, medical device makers, bioscience and distribution companies.
     She’s currently talking with four companies in the life science and medical device industries about making a move. Three of them want to be in southern Palm Beach County, she said.
Palm Beach continues to be a very attractive place to relocate too and, so far, nothing appears on the horizon to slow that down much except the November elections.

•••LAKE WORTH••• TRAIN ACCIDENT 6th Ave S/I-95 @ RRX Tracks

Monday 7:30 a.m. 

Palm Beach County Fire Rescue units are at the scene of a Tri-Rail commuter train that crashed into a vehicle, heavy damage, scene Commander is advising a total of 12 patients, Level-2 MCI, injuries don't appear to be serious at present time, traffic is going to be very bad for a while so avoid the area, keep ad eye out and ‪#‎MoveOver‬ for emergency workers it's the law!

Here is the news from NBC5/WPTV:
LAKE WORTH, Fla. - A Tri-Rail train hit a garbage truck Monday morning at 6th Avenue South in Lake Worth, suspending service in both directions in Palm Beach County.
Tri-Rail says the train was heading north when it hit the truck, causing the train's cab to derail.
The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office said the truck had broken down on the tracks.
And the video:

[Crime Update] Susan Stanton (former Lake Worth city manager) has her own PD: Why having your own PD isn't a crime deterrent

Before we get to the tiny city of Greenfield, did you know that the crime rate in the City of Lake Worth dropped in 2014? It did and you can read about that here. Now to the City of Greenfield:

The former Lake Worth city manager, Susan Stanton (who was fired almost four years ago), is now the city manager in Greenfield, California. One of the reasons for her firing was the failed attempt to end the PBSO contract with the City (and gutting of the code department didn't help either).
Susan Stanton (right) leaves Lake Worth City Hall chambers for the last time on 12/6/2011. She was fired for many reasons; many of which you can read here. The Obtuse Blogger (TOB [left, with stunned look of disbelief]) has her own issues with crime in Lake Worth.
Greenfield is about one-half the population size of Lake Worth. They had two homicides in the City of Greenfield earlier in the year. Stanton always wanted to get rid of the Lake Worth PBSO to have her own police department. Stanton now has her own police department in Greenfield, CA. Surprisingly, despite having her own PD, Stanton has a crime problem in her city of Greenfield. I bet the scanner in her office is busy. Below is a partial list of crimes that occurred in Greenfield, CA from 12/21/15 to 1/3/16 (and note the absence of "Beverage Violations"):

Theft of Vehicle
800 Block MAPLE AV

Breaking & Entering
1000 Block EMILY CR & HEIDI DR

Breaking & Entering

Breaking & Entering
500 Block DE LEON CR

41800 Block 13TH ST


Breaking & Entering
900 Block MAPLE AV

39500 Block ELM AV & 15TH ST

Theft of Vehicle
600 Block WALNUT AV & 7TH ST

Vehicle Recovery
200 Block 4TH ST & PALM AV


Theft of Vehicle
200 Block 12TH ST

Assault with Deadly Weapon
1000 Block CHALONE DR & 12TH ST

Theft of Vehicle
200 Block 3RD ST & PALM AV

Theft of Vehicle
100 Block HUERTA ST

Theft of Vehicle

Breaking & Entering

Theft of Vehicle
100 Block 5TH ST & OAK AV

1 Block 10TH ST & ELM AV

Breaking & Entering

Breaking & Entering
100 Block 10TH ST & MAPLE AV