Thursday, April 30, 2020

City of Lake Worth Beach April 30 2020 COVID 19 Update 2

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Lake Worth Casino Building and Beach Complex 4/28/20

Although some parks are reopening tomorrow the #LakeWorthBeach Beach Park and Complex is not. The beach complex will only be open to those collecting curbside pick up orders from Benny's (at the weekends) and Killwin's (call ahead).

Please do not endanger Ocean Rescue and other beach staff by attempting to come to the beach unless you are collecting a curbside pick up order.

PBSO District 14 -Covid 19 Update - LWB - Parks Boat Ramps and Golf Course

This is your weekly update regarding District 14 – Lake Worth Beach. I just spoke to the city staff. They will be opening parks, boat ramps and the golf course as follows and per the county order. (A copy of the county order is attached). This is a fluid situation. I will notify you of any changes as I receive them: 

Golf Course – Will be open on Saturday and Sundays , Starting May 2nd. Will follow all county order requirements 

Boat Ramps – Will be open starting tomorrow morning. Will follow all county order requirements 

Parks – Following all requirements of the county order. *** The beach park will not be opening yet**** 

Pier – LWB Pier will not be opening yet. Stay tuned 

LW Beach – Not open yet. Again, stay tuned 

Hopefully many of you saw the county press conference yesterday. The Sheriff delivered a strong message regarding the reopenings.  We all want to be able to enjoy the above facilities after this long period of closure. We do not want people to violate the emergency order. This will likely cause a spike in cases and a return of the closures. This will also generate more calls for service which takes us away from patrolling for burglars, robbers, etc. While our preferred method of handling Covid related calls is to “educate and persuade”, we will make arrests when necessary to avoid a spike in cases and closures of the above facilities. Please help us help you by using good sense and abiding by the current requirements.  The sooner we do so the sooner we get back to something near “normal”. 

In other news, the food giveaway at the CRA went really well today and will continue again next week.

Crime was down a bit this week which is good. 

There are an increasing number of scams out there both online and in person – be careful 

Please fill out your census forms. Our numbers are dismal so far but there is time to turn that around. We will have to live with these numbers for ten years 

My quarterly commission presentation is during the next virtual meeting on May 5th. 

I hope everyone is doing okay. 

Thanks and be safe, 

Captain Todd Baer
Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office
Commander – District 14 – City of Lake Worth Beach

City of Lake Worth Beach Municipal Golf Course will Reopen

Lake Worth Beach, FL – In response to Palm Beach County Executive Order 2020-05 the City of Lake Worth Beach Municipal Golf Course will reopen on Saturdays and Sundays starting May 2. At this time the course remains closed Monday - Friday. 

Further information and details of additional openings related to the order will follow.

Monday, April 27, 2020


WHILE ADHERING TO CDC DISTANCING GUIDELINES. This was in an email from County Vice Mayor Weinroth.
Click here for link to Executive Order No. 5

It is important to read the entire document found at the above link. For example, here are the special requirements for community pools:

Community Pools:

Guidelines, including all social distancing guidelines, are adhered to. In addition
the following restrictions shall apply:

B. Community pools shall reopen provided that CDC guidelines are maintained.

1. Pool capacity shall be limited to ensure that social distancing in
accordance with CDC Guidelines is maintained at all times.
2. Locker room and shower facilities shall remain closed. Restrooms
shall be cleaned and disinfected regularly throughout the day. Soap
and water or hand sanitizer and/or disinfectant wipes shall be provided
in each restroom.
3. Pool deck seating or lounging shall be restricted to ensure social
distancing in accordance with CDC Guidelines.
4. One or more facility staff or management must be present at each
facility location to monitor and ensure compliance with the restrictions
within this order.

Also note it does not open "beach parks."

Section 7. Public Parks and Natural Areas. All public county and municipal parks, and natural areas, with the exception of beach parks, in Palm Beach County shall reopen as set forth in Attachment 4 entitled “Public Parks and Natural Areas Reopening Guidelines.”

Help for homeowners facing COVID-19 related financial hardship

Many agencies are experiencing increased calls from households concerned about making mortgage payments due to COVID-19 related financial hardship. The Sun Sentinel has a great article on this subject but the most important information to give any homeowner is the following:

Homeowners must contact their servicers and let them know they cannot make your payment due to a COVID-19 related hardship. Servicers will not assume anything so they must let them know otherwise loans will be become delinquent. Most servicer websites will give multiple options for making contact.

Homeowners should know who owns (backs) their loan. Homeowners can check on Freddie Mac or  Fannie Mae online or check with their mortgage company. And Credit Counseling Agencies can provide assistance - they are used to dealing with mortgage questions and contacting servicers so call them for assistance.

2020 Quick Hospitality Covid-19 Emergency Grant - Lake Worth Beach CRA

In an effort to help stabilize local hospitality businesses currently open and operating within the CRA District due to effects from COVID-19, the Lake Worth Beach CRA is offering a Quick Action Emergency grant program. Although Federal funding is available through the SBDC, many of our small, local businesses are struggling to keep employees and must work around increasingly restrictive requirements.

Local, small, for-profit businesses with between 3-20 full time employee’s (FTE’s) can apply on-line for up to $2,500 (in $500 increments) in working capital grants. Our goal is to fund businesses that require face-to-face interaction with customers and have been severely impacted by the virus. 

Click here for link. 


Lake Worth Beach, FL - The Lake Worth Beach Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) is
partnering with Lake Worth Beach Public Services department to provide the power washing of
sidewalks throughout Downtown during the current lull in pedestrian traffic. This effort will take
place beginning Monday April 27th and extending over the next two to three weeks, weather

Sidewalk cleaning will take place along both sides of Lake and Lucerne Avenues from the
round-a-bout at ‘A’ Street extending east to Federal Highway and along various side-streets in
the downtown. Merchants and property owners are advised to temporarily move all signs,
planters, tables and chairs during the pressure cleaning period. The CRA and City will not be
responsible for any damage to these items.

Please contact the Lake Worth Beach CRA or Lake Worth Public Services department if you
have any questions regarding this project.