Thursday, July 5, 2012

Experts differ on impact of Lake Worth name change

Experts weigh in...imagine, the Palm Beach Post checking with experts!  Mark this day on your calendars.  Click title for link.  As for my opinion, I am ambivalent about it and think that less superficial changes are needed in the way the city dispenses information.  It has to be accurate and frequent - with someone at the tiller with a marketing/public relations background.  We have none of that now.

Note from the Editor/Publisher...

Sorry to miss the raft race.  You will notice that posts here will be spottier than usual as I am traveling with my 86 year old - healthy and alert - father.  Blessed I am!  I'll be back in LW soon enough - still receiving e-mail etc on the road, although with some difficulty (see below).

I thought you might enjoy this picture taken yesterday of us. 
We had a good time on a relative's boat in Casco Bay.  

We are spending the time along the road visiting family on the way to and from various locales, etc.  Unfortunately, I am having problems sending and receiving e-mail through my phone - wouldn't you know it would happen while traveling.  So, if you post a comment, I may be slower to respond than usual as I can't approve them on the move - have to wait until I am at a hotspot with my laptop.

Anyway, hope that you all had a good time during this mid-week holiday.  See you soon!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

For those that missed the raft race today, here ya' go!

Editorial: Lake Worth oddly passive about FPL taking over utility

Most important sentence in the editorial: "This is a baffling leadership failure."  Click title for link.

Happy Fourth of July Lake Worth!

Commissioner Christopher McVoy seeks reelection in Lake Worth

Oh yea, rah, sis boom bah!  Great news in celebrating the Fourth of July and our democratic process.  Click title for link to article.  The question is: Will he have an opponent?