Friday, August 7, 2020

Reminder about care and treatment of the City's alley network...


NOW is the time! All Census Data Collection activity to cease on September 30, 2020

Only 54 days remain for the Lake Worth Beach community to collect a complete census count for the next 10 years. This is the last chance to get an accurate population count for the next 10 years. Let’s Make It Count Lake Worth Beach!

The administration has accelerated the 2020 Census timeline so that ALL responses and census data collection activities will cease on September 30, 2020.

There is no time to wait! The City has collected only 49.7% of the potential residential homes. PLEASE don’t allow this Census to under-fund and under represent the City.

PLEASE text and call EVERY neighbor, customer, and client to ensure they have been counted.  Please ask if they have responded to the census for their address in Lake Worth Beach.

Community schools, roads, parks, healthcare, housing, representation and much more depend on EVERY PERSON responding. Without a complete count these programs/services will be underfunded, under-prepared, and under-represented for an entire decade.

You may see Mobile Questionnaire Assistants (MQAs) around the City beginning this week. MQAs are Census Bureau employees that can answer questions and encourage responses out in our community (in front of supermarkets, at food distributions, at service providers, etc.)

Census Bureau employees will begin to visit homes that have not responded beginning next week. They will have visible Census Bureau identification, US Department of Commerce photo badge (with watermark) and trained to practice CDC COVID prevention recommendations.

Please remind people of the confidentiality and security of their responses. NO INFORMATION would cause deportation, incarceration, benefit reductions, etc.

Big SHOUT out to Census Tract 52.02 (Memorial Park, Downtown Jewel, Pineapple Beach, and Royal Poinciana) for 4-days of impressive increases (0.1% + 0.4% + 0.6% + 0.1%) for a 1.2% increase since July 28!! Keep up what you are doing! 

Please contact me if you need any census materials or promotional items.

I have attached the City’s email newsletter full of information. If you are not receiving it directly, you may sign up on the City website’s main page at  

Monday, August 3, 2020

PBSO Weekly Update - August 3rd



We got lucky again with Hurricane Isaias. It was a good practice run. The way 2020 has been I have no doubt there will be another one or two this season. Now is a good time to prepare by cleaning up yards and trimming foliage. Stock up on food and water, etc.


Crime was up a bit this week from last. 

We had five robberies and made arrests in two of the cases.

A three year old was shot in his home. We made an arrest in this case.   

We had seven auto burglaries with 5 of the 7 left unlocked. A handgun was taken out of a truck. This is a pattern countywide. Please spread the word not to leave guns in your vehicles, particularly pickup trucks.  

Covid 19: Please follow all of the recommendations so that we can curb this pandemic. We are all in this together and it takes everyone doing the right things.  

Census 2020:  

Lake Worth Beach’s reporting numbers are dismal. I cannot stress enough the importance of the census  

Stay safe and healthy,

Captain Todd Baer

Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office

Commander – District 14 – City of Lake Worth Beach