Saturday, December 16, 2017

The breaking news yesterday morning from Palm Springs, “Crash knocks out electricity to 3,000”.

Below is a blog post from yesterday titled, “Reporting the facts, making the complex understandable for the public”. Kudos go to Palm Beach Post reporter Olivia Hitchcock.

Below is the news article by Hitchcock that also appeared in yesterday’s print edition. And also below are two maps of Central Palm Beach County (CPBC) that will help anyone who still has any questions.

But first. . . a question and then the answer:

“How can a car crash in the Village of Palm Springs, west of Palm Beach State College in suburban (unincorporated) Palm Beach County, north of the Great Walled City of Atlantis, and outside the municipal City limits of Lake Worth involve the Lake Worth Electric Utility? Isn’t that FPL territory?”

The answer is “No”, that is not FPL territory.

Here’s why: The Lake Worth Electric Utility services parts of Palm Springs and other areas in suburban Lake Worth as well. Use this link for the “City of Lake Worth Service Areas”. FYI: Mr. Ed Liberty is the Dir. of Lake Worth Electric Utilities and Walt Gill is the assistant director. To learn more about the Lake Worth Electric Utility click on this link.

Without further ado. . .

Two excerpts from the article by Olivia Hitchcock that also appeared in the print edition (12/15) on page B3 titled, “Crash knocks out electricity to 3,000” [note: “Palm Beach State College’s Lake Worth campus” is outside the City of Lake Worth but uses a ‘Lake Worth’ zip code; refer to zip code map below]:

PALM SPRINGS — Three thousand Lake Worth Utility customers, including some of Palm Beach State College’s Lake Worth campus, were without power Thursday morning after a car crashed into a utility pole on Lake Worth Road, authorities said.
     The multi-vehicle wreck happened at about 6:30 a.m. between Military Trail and Congress Avenue, Palm Beach County Fire Rescue authorities said.

and. . .

     The crash caused a utility pole to snap in half and catch fire.
     Lake Worth Utilities had restored power by 8:30 a.m.
     “We sincerely apologize to all customers affected by this outage,” said city manager Michael Bornstein in an emailed statement. “I would like to commend the electric utility team whose quick response allowed us to fully restore power within two hours of the initial accident.” [emphasis added]

Click on maps below to enlarge.
Maps courtesy of your Palm Beach County government.
Take note of Lake Worth Rd. (areas shaded white are unincorporated CPBC). The large body of water is Lake Osborne in the County’s John Prince Park which includes Palm Beach State College. Note the Village of Palm Springs and the Great Walled City of Atlantis in relation to these landmarks.

Please note: The City of Lake Worth only uses zip code 33460 and a small part of zip code 33461.
As you can see, parts of the City of Lake Worth and the Village of Palm Springs share the zip code 33461. The area in white between is called the
Lake Worth Corridor”.

Friday, December 15, 2017

“LGBTQ Church Opens ENOUGH
Thrift Store” serving
western Palm Beach County.

Location, hours, and more information is below.

Late last month the Metropolitan Community Church of the Palm Beaches (MCCPB) opened a new thrift store serving the cities of Wellington, Greenacres, Palm Springs, Royal Palm Beach, and other nearby communities in unincorporated Central Palm Beach County (map below).

This new thrift store, “ENOUGH FOR ALL”, is conveniently located at 6466 Lake Worth Rd., just east of Jog Rd. in what’s called “suburban Lake Worth” (because it uses a ‘Lake Worth’ zip code). Or, if you prefer, use the shopping center entrance at 4180 S. Jog Rd.

In several press releases, including this one, the plaza where ENOUGH FOR ALL is located was referred to as the ‘Lake Worth Plaza Shopping Center’ but that designation is misleading; the actual City of Lake Worth is 5 miles to the east using Lake Worth Rd.

ENOUGH FOR ALL is open Tuesday–Saturday from 10:00–7:00 and 1:00–5:00 on Sunday; closed on Monday. For more information call 561-660-8763.

Click on map to enlarge. The intersection of Lake Worth and Jog roads, where ENOUGH FOR ALL is located,
is an unincorporated County ‘pocket’ nearly
surrounded by City of Greenacres.
By the way, the Compass LGBT Community Center is located in the City of Lake Worth. The address is 201 N. Dixie Hwy. across the street from our Downtown Publix.

From the press release cited above is this quote by Rev Dr. Lea Brown, the senior pastor at MCCPB:

“The vision for this store is that it will help fund and support many projects for our community that will directly assist many of the most vulnerable people in the area.”

Please share this news about the thrift store ENOUGH FOR ALL with everyone you know out in western Palm Beach County!

Thursday, December 14, 2017

The New Yorker, “Environmentalism’s Racist History” as a white movement
for the élite.

Next time you go to a meeting organized by an environmental organization here in Palm Beach County, look around. . .

Here in South Florida, as recently reported by the Post’s Mahima Singh, the demographics are changing but that news — really not news at all — has had little impact over the years on the racial makeup of environmental organizations here in our region.

As stated on this blog before, there would be outrage if PBSO looked like the membership of [place name here].

Without further ado, here is this article from Jedediah Purdy published by The New Yorker:
an excerpt:

Bernard [Mitch Bernard, director of litigation at the Natural Resources Defense Council] attributes some of the misgivings to environmentalism’s history as an élite, white movement. A 2014 study found that whites occupied eighty-nine per cent of leadership positions in environmental organizations. [emphasis added]
     Some of the awkwardness of environmental politics since the seventies, now even more acute in the age of climate change, is that it lays claim to worldwide problems, but brings to them some of the cultural habits of a much more parochial, and sometimes nastier, movement.
     Ironically enough, Madison Grant [Wikipedia page], writing about extinction, was right: the natural world that future generations live in will be the one we create for them. It can only help to acknowledge just how many environmentalist priorities and patterns of thought came from an argument among white people, some of them bigots and racial engineers, about the character and future of a country that they were sure was theirs and expected to keep.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Grand opening tomorrow, 7-Eleven in City of Lake Worth. An invitation from Mr. Roger Posey:

“With the guidance of your team, we have achieved an incredible new XXI Century facility with upgraded architectural design.”

FYI – Another Grand Opening of 7-Eleven!

Dear Mayor, Vice-Mayor, City Commissioners, City Manager and Officials:

Please save the date: Thursday, December 14th at 929 N. Dixie Hwy. at 10:30 a.m. with the ribbon cutting at 11:00.

We are looking forward to the completed construction of our new 7-Eleven located at 929 North Dixie Hwy. With the guidance of your team, we have achieved an incredible new XXI Century facility with upgraded architectural design.

The store will be opening its doors to the public on December 13th with the Grand Opening Ceremony on December 14th.

We are honored to invite you to our grand opening ceremony, and we would be delighted if you could attend to cut the ribbon and join us wishing the best of luck to our new franchisee-business owner.

We will be inviting different vendors and providing free products to appreciate our customers and celebrate our community in Lake Worth.

Thank you,

Roger Posey
Creighton Construction & Management

What happened to News Guy Greg?
He’s moved on. A huge loss for TV news reporting in Central Palm Beach County.

Below is the parting message from Greg Angel, two photos from his last day at CBS12, and a video of Jason Newsted at the Cultural Council being interviewed by “News Guy Greg”.

For residents here in the City of Lake Worth it’s especially hard-hitting losing a TV news talent that could locate our actual City of Lake Worth without smoke signals or a trained Sherpa guide.

So now we’ll probably end up with another revolving door of CBS12 anchors and reporters who will be told that everything south of West Palm Beach, north of Boynton Beach, and west up to the Everglades is ‘in Lake Worth’. There’s always reason for hope though, it’s possible the City’s upcoming “Wayfinding” project might help, but don’t count on it.

Here’s Greg Angel at the Palm Beach County Cultural Council in the City of Lake Worth on November 30th,
his last day on the job.
Here is News Guy Greg interviewing former Metallica band member Jason Newsted who has an ongoing exhibit at the Cultural Council.

To learn more about this exhibition
click on this link

The message from Greg Angel:

It is with bittersweet excitement that I announce I am leaving WPEC CBS12 in West Palm Beach at the end of my contract, which is November 30.
     My time here has been filled with some incredible assignments and awesome opportunities, alongside some world class people. I challenge myself every day to find ways to add value to society; to help others find answers, purpose, hope, and reason.
     It’s not always easy, and often times you would have more success trying to sip from a fire hose.
     In this line of work, you’re always pressed on deadline. You’re always asked “what’s next?” [emphasis added] So, what IS next? I’ll finish out my final few weeks in West Palm Beach, and then take a digital diet. . . . After that – well, a new journey begins. As we say in TV… stay tuned…

Best of luck! And make sure to let everyone
know where you end up:
To follow Greg Angel on Twitter
click on this link.

Enjoy the video:

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Real News You Can Use: “Worth Noting. Worth Knowing. Worth Your Support”.

For your Christmas and Holiday planning depend on
the source for the news: Your City of Lake Worth
is “Worth Noting”:
The City of Lake Worth’s Public Information Officer is Ben Kerr (your contact for press and media inquiries, e.g., directions and helpful tips how to find this little City). Call Mr. Kerr at 561-586-1631; email:

City of Lake Worth* press release dated
Dec. 11th, titled “City of Lake Worth
Annual Holiday Parade”:

The City of Lake Worth will hold its Annual Holiday Parade on Saturday, Dec 16, 2017 in Downtown Lake Worth.
     The Parade starts at 6pm however holiday themed activities will be ongoing from noon. Admission is free and everyone is welcome. [emphasis added] This year’s parade is an “Intergalactic Holiday Parade” and will feature Jedi Knights, Storm Troopers, Klingons and more. Prior to the parade the Kiwanis invite all to an Intergalactic Wonderland in the Lake Worth Cultural Plaza from 12–5pm.
     The Intergalactic Holiday Wonderland will feature Live Entertainment, Photos with Santa, Bounce Houses and Craft Vendors. At 4pm the City of Lake Worth Recreation Division will be hosting a free raffle for new children’s bikes in the Cultural Plaza.
     To accommodate the parade route the following roads will be closed from 4pm:
  • Federal Hwy from 10th Ave N to Lake Ave.
  • Lake Ave and Lucerne Ave from Dixie Hwy to Federal Hwy.
The roads will reopen following the parade. The City apologizes for any inconvenience caused and encourages those travelling to plan accordingly. Please contact Ben Kerr, the City of Lake Worth PIO, with any questions or comments.

*“Located in central Palm Beach County, Lake Worth is a dynamic, multi-cultural City with an individualistic style. People are drawn to the City by its acceptance of different cultures and lifestyles, historic districts, hip downtown and colorful arts district.”
Make your Christmas and Holiday planning headquarters the City of Lake Worth’s “Special Events” website. For example, next Friday, Dec. 15th is another Beach Bonfire and on Saturday is the City’s Waterside Market.

Have you seen or visited the Lake Worth TooJay’s recently?

This year happens to mark an important point in my life. It turns out this is my twenty-eighth year in Florida, 25 of those years were spent living in the City of Lake Worth. My first 28 years were spent in Michigan where I was born and grew up. I’ve lived in three places in Lake Worth. The second was on 1st Avenue South between L and M Streets. The downtown location provided easy walking distances to downtown destinations like the Post Office, Library and banks, and of course, restaurants.

My favorite was TooJay’s Deli at 419 Lake Avenue. It still is my favorite. It was within such easy walking distance I referred to it as “my kitchen” back then. In fact, when I go today, I recognize some of the same servers that still work at this location. One thing that I didn’t realize is that this TooJay’s location has been in Lake Worth 33 years! And if you were paying attention recently the entire store changed before our eyes over the past month or so. Go there now and you’ll notice new flooring and booths.

Their menu expanded recently and tasty menu items can now all be accessed online at, where you can order and pay for your take-out. They also have a mobile app, available for iOS and Android devices. So, in a way, going online or ordering through the app is really almost as easy as living next door. Everything can be waiting for you when you arrive.

I’ve been told that to celebrate the new look of the Lake Worth restaurant, Wednesday, December 13th at 8:00 a.m., the first 50 people in line will receive a $25 TooJay’s gift card and tumbler! There will be an official ribbon cutting ceremony at 9:00 a.m. with some of your favorite local dignitaries.

Check out the renderings of what the remodeled store will look like. I think you’ll be impressed. Lake Worth just keeps getting better all the time. Just one more reason to love Lake Worth!

You can also follow TooJay’s on Twitter.

Some of you may have already actually
seen the changes.

What’s your item that you always get without looking at the menu. Mine are the chopped salad and for deli sandwiches: the Triple J or sliced turkey with a schmear of chopped liver. Respond with your menu favorites in the comments section.

Monday, December 11, 2017

A little bit of news you may have
missed yesterday. . .

Free holiday concert tomorrow at Lake Worth High School!

“The concert will end with a finale celebration
that you don’t want to miss!”

More Christmas and holiday news published in your
LOCAL newspaper, “Established in 1912”.
“The Lake Worth Middle School and Lake Worth High School Bands invite the public to join them for an evening of holiday celebration!”

To see the front page news in the Herald
click on this link.

Have news, a club meeting, community event to promote, or interested in subscribing or advertising? Call 561-585-9387 or send an email to:

Excerpt about the free concert tomorrow:

Immerse yourself in the spirit of the holidays as the Lake Worth Middle School band program makes its concert debut with new director, David Suarez.
     This is a free concert that will take place on Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. in the Lake Worth High School Auditorium. Seating is first come, first served. The middle school, in a dazzling first performance on stage, will be presenting its beginning band, the Warrior Honor Band, and Symphonic Band to the community. Director Suarez stated that,

“The students and I are thrilled to be performing our community. We’ve received so much community support from our Lake Worth locals and we are ready to celebrate the holiday season with everyone!”

Both middle school bands will be performing alongside the Lake Worth High School Trojan Sound. The Trojan Sound will be debuting its Symphonic Band, Beginning Band, Percussion Ensemble, and Winter Guard. Ms. Tiffany Cox, director of bands at Lake Worth High School said that,

“The spirit of collaboration has ignited a spark within our students. They are embodying the holiday spirit of joy and giving through working with the younger students at Lake Worth Middle.”

News from the City of Greenacres, “Judith Dugo First to Qualify In Greenacres District 3”.

The Lake Worth Herald and Coastal & Greenacres Observer: Your trusted source for RELEVANT and LOCAL news about politics and upcoming elections.
To see this week’s front pages in the Herald and Observer click on this link. Interested in online access? Use this link. Here’s the news
from Greenacres:

Councilwoman Judith Dugo wasted little time submitting her paperwork and qualifying as a candidate for reelection to the seat she has held for two terms. If reelected, Dugo will be one of the first Councilmembers to benefit from the new compensation package passed by the Council. She will also be one of the first elected to a three year term. Dugo filed qualifying papers Dec. 5. Qualifying remains open until Dec. 19 at noon.” [emphasis added]

If you recall, the city of Greenacres used to have a beat reporter from the Post covering politics and elections in that city. But no more. That’s why there haven’t been any updates since 2015 about the merge between PBSO and the Greenacres Police Dept.

And that’s why local newspapers like The Lake Worth Herald and Coastal & Greenacres Observer are so important: they’re the “Fourth Estate” in our region for news you can’t get anywhere else.

“Take care of Bryant Park and let it take care of us too.” And more about the perils of making campaign promises.

The quote above is by Mr. Ryan Maier
at a debate in 2015.

Mr. Maier later went on to become Lake Worth Commissioner Ryan Maier for District 4 and is now Mr. Maier once again after opting not to run for re-election in March of this year.

Maier withdrew from the 2016–2017 race creating a rarity in the City of Lake Worth, an “open seat” election. Commissioner Herman Robinson is now the District 4 commissioner on the City Commission following the elections last March beating out challengers Maryann Polizzi and Ellie Whittey.

Before long the debates at the Lake Worth Playhouse and neighborhoods will begin here in our little City of Lake Worth. Following the end of the Qualifying Period next Tuesday at Noon we’ll know who is running for what seats on the Commission. Out of the three seats, mayor and commissioners for Districts 1 and 3, only the mayor thus far has no official opposition.

Starting early on next week those opposing the incumbents need to come out and make it very clear why they are in the race. And that’s why preparing a credible and understandable “Opening Statement” is so crucially important. It’s just not enough to say you can do better than Mayor Pam Triolo, Vice Mayor and District 1 Commissioner Scott Maxwell and District 3 Commissioner Andy Amoroso. Therein lie “the perils of making campaign promises”.

Because even if you win the election, those promises made can come back to haunt you.

Incumbency is a huge advantage and that is without doubt. But to try and make incumbency less an advantage a challenger may be tempted to make up a laundry list of campaign promises to win the election. Take for example the case of former Commissioner Ryan Maier in District 4.

One of his promises that went largely unnoticed by the public at the time, one made at a debate when asked how he would increase investment and opportunity in the City of Lake Worth, was his idea to build a “new college”. Although that idea may have been a good one and worth some debate and consideration, then-Commissioner Maier not one single time ever brought the topic up as an elected official prompting this blog post last year with the observation:

After more than 1½ years in office Commissioner Ryan Maier’s supporters have to be wondering what happened to the guy they supported.

At another neighborhood debate on the topic of economic development at the Lake Worth Beach and Casino complex, as well as how to make Bryant Park more popular and economically feasible by adding concession stands, hear what Mr. Maier had to say in the video below.

“Why isn’t the City making any money here?”

“Why isn’t the City making any money here?” Because it’s a free public park, that’s why. Bryant Park was never meant to be a source of revenue for the City of Lake Worth, unlike the Casino and Beach Complex, which was supposed to be providing the City a consistent and reliable source of revenue to fund improvements for things like our City parks and recreational facilities.

Anyhow, stay tuned for more about ‘the perils of making campaign promises’. Why? Because when one makes a campaign promise the public may actually believe you.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

From yesterday on this blog, a develop-
ment you need to know about.

Spread the word. Yes! The Earth IS moving here in our City of Lake Worth. The proof is below.

Note the two red spots on the image below:
Please note the location of I-95, the City’s northwestern ballfields and just to the southwest of that recreational area is the intersection of
North ‘A’ St. and 22nd Ave. North.

Why is the Earth moving at that location?
Is it a cause for concern?

No. This is a success story!

This is the development called the “Meritage Homes Lake Cove Residential Development” that has broken ground just to the south of the City’s Vernon Heights neighborhood. And that’s why the Earth is moving (see images below).

This project went before the City’s Planning and Zoning Board last June and the vote was unanimous to move this project forward to the City Commission. The Commission, twice, unanimously approved this project.

And now here we are:
The Meritage Homes Lake Cove residential development project has begun.

On July 18th, 2017, the Lake Worth City Commission, unanimously, sent a very strong message. Click on this link to read more about the Millennials, reversing western sprawl, and why “our coastal cities in PBC need you: young, retirees, and everyone in between. We need your ideas. We need your enthusiasm. We need your experience and your knowledge.”

Very significant is the nearby C-51 Canal (to the north) and the Blueway Trail project to begin in 3–5 years. Residents will have access to the Intracoastal via boat and other pleasure craft such as canoes and kayaks.
These will be new homes, not condos or apartments, east of I-95 in our City of Lake Worth.

Tremendously good news for everyone working so hard to revitalize North Dixie Hwy. in this City.