Friday, July 12, 2019

Lake Worth Beach press release.

Lake Worth Beach, FL — Mayor Pam Triolo was honored at the U.S. Conference of Mayors (USCM) 87th Annual Meeting during the Mayors Climate Protection Awards Ceremony for the City’s ocean current energy project and the completed solar energy farm creation. Competing against cities from across the Nation, Mayor Pam Triolo has been able to spotlight what a small city can accomplish with determination and leadership. Additionally, the mayor was honored to present on the City’s ocean current energy project at the “Pathway to 100% Renewable Energy in America’s Cities’ Best Practice Forums”, bringing a focus on Lake Worth Beach.

Attendees to Mayor Triolo’s session included representatives from Japan as well as from across the United States. While at the conference Mayor Triolo was appointed to the USCM Energy Committee and was chosen to speak at the Women Mayors Leadership Alliance plenary session at the USCM main stage.

The U.S. Conference of Mayors is the official nonpartisan organization of cities with populations of 30,000 or more. There are nearly 1,400 such cities in the country today, and each city is represented in the conference by its chief elected official, the mayor.

End of press release.

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For the entire YouTube video of the 2019 Mayors Climate Protection Awards Luncheon click on this link. Here is one segment from the video sponsored by Walmart, a corporate sponsor for Climate Protection Awareness:

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

News you can use from the Sun Sentinel, “Buyer beware: CBD products could be this century’s snake oil”.

For those of you concerned about CBD oil and products containing CBD, or wish to learn more about this topic, there is a must-read article recently published in the South Florida Sun Sentinel by journalist Cindy Krischer Goodman; here is one excerpt focused on the lack of regulation:

Chris Martinez, who operates Evio Labs, an industry-accredited cannabis testing laboratory in Davie, has observed the ways in which companies are taking advantage of the absence of regulations. His lab tests CBD products for pesticides, bacteria, metal, solvents and potency (the levels of cannabis). Martinez said not all labs have the same machinery and the ability to detect smaller levels of substances.

“Some labs will run a test and show not an element is not detected, but their instrument can’t go deep into the product and the consumer doesn’t know,” Martinez said.

Martinez said while testing products he has seen results that illustrate how haphazard the industry is at this time. "We might test five bottles from a manufacturer and one has two and one has one, and one has none at all. There is no consistency in products,” he said.

Martinez said some products have substances made in China that have high levels of metals, and some have ingredients to simulate CBD. “They will put melatonin in so you will feel relaxed and think the CBD is taking effect,” he said.

To read the entire article in the Sun Sentinel click on this link.

About the reporter:

“Cindy Krischer Goodman covers the health beat for the South Florida Sun Sentinel, providing readers information on healthcare delivery, consumer news and public policy. Cindy is an award-winning journalist, former business columnist, and 32-year veteran of the South Florida news industry. She also is a Florida native and double UF grad.”

Monday, July 8, 2019

“Vwazen Lake Worth Beach yo! ~ Èske nou te pase nan Ti Bibliyotèk Gratis ki sou katye’nou an?”

“Atención vecinos de Playa Lake Worth: ¿Han visto las pequeñas bibliotecas gratuitas localizadas en su vecindad?”

“Have you visited a Little Free Library in your City of Lake Worth Beach neighborhood?”

Read about “One Small Town, Over 100 Little Libraries” and books, especially children’s books, are always in need. Have a book or books to donate? Send an email to:

By the way, the question in the blog title is in Creole. The second question in Spanish.

Please see the
entire message below.

And always remember!
“Take a Book  ~  Leave a Book”.

Here are all three messages from the Little Free Libraries in English, Spanish, and Creole:

Hey Lake Worth Neighbor! — Have you visited the Little Free Library in your neighborhood? Did you know that these little book exchange boxes belong to all our neighbors in Lake Worth? Everyone is invited to open the door and look inside. If you see a book you or your children might enjoy, take it. You may keep it as long as you like. When you are finished with the book, we hope you will pass it on to a friend or just place it back in any of the Little Free Libraries you happen to come across. You do not have to leave a book in order to take one, but we hope you will next time you visit.

and. . .

Atención vecinos de Lake Worth: ¿Han visto las pequeñas bibliotecas gratuitas localizadas en su vecindad? ¿Sabía que estas pequeñas cajas de intercambio de libros pertenecen a todos nuestros vecinos? Los invitamos a que abran la puerta y vean los libros que se encuentran dentro. Si hay algún libro que les interese a ustedes o a sus niños, llévenselo y disfrútenlo por el tiempo que quieran. Cuando terminen de leer el libro, esperamos que lo compartan con un amigo o lo puede devolverlo a cualquiera de las bibliotecas pequeñas que encuentren. Aunque no se requiere dejar un libro para tomar uno, si se agradece que dejen uno en su próxima visita.

and. . .

Vwazen Lake Worth yo! ~ Èske nou te pase nan Ti Bibliyotèk Gratis ki sou katye’nou an? Èsken nou te konnen ti bwat pou echanj liv sa yo se pou tout vwazen nou yo nan Lake Worth la ? Tout moun envite pou louvri pòt gade sa k gen anndan yo. Si je ou tonbe sou yon liv ou menm osnon pitit nou ka li ak kè kontan, pran’l. Ou ka kenbe l toutotan w vle. Lè w fini ak yon liv, nou espere w’ap pase l bay yon zanmi osnon remete li nan nenpòt ki Ti Bibliyotèk Gratis ki sou chemen’w. Ou pa oblije mete youn liv lè’w pran youn, men ou ka toujou fè sa pwochenn fwa ou pase.

Here’s what the little-mini LFLs look like:

Once again, do you have a book or books to donate? Here is the email address once again: