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Journalists and Wannabe Journalists Must Watch - Paging Ms. Menge

Here's the story about these high school students that put together this video.

Cottages of Lake Worth Paella Party Fundraiser tonight: a ticket or two MAY BE AVAILABLE

Call 561-310-5290 for ticket availability. If you have ten minutes please listen to Allan Mason and me on radio station WBZT talking about The Cottages of Lake Worth. Here is information on the event tonight:
Recently, I was asked to give a historical presentation on The Cottages of Lake Worth. You can read the text of that here. Progress is being made on the book about the Cottages also. See you at the Paella Party Dinner!

Margaret Menge and Yellow Journalism: Defined

Per Wikipedia:
Yellow Journalism is: 
exaggerations of news events, scandal-mongering, or sensationalism. By extension, the term yellow journalism is used today as a pejorative to decry any journalism that treats news in an unprofessional or unethical fashion.
Look at what Margaret Menge (self-proclaimed editor, reporter, journalist extraordinaire and raconteur) did on the front page of her FREE (for now?) newspaper delivered to innocent and unsuspecting households in Lake Worth:
Note A where Margaret Menge opens a quote by Nadine Burns responding to a charge of "theft" and the important part of the quote by Nadine Burns is....GONE. Note B. What happened to Nadine Burns' quote? This is an old, dirty journalism trick called MY FRIEND THE PRINTER. The My Friend the Printer trick protects the publisher/editor so Margaret Menge can say, "Gosh, Gee Wiz, I tried to publish what Nadine wrote but the printer screwed up." This is Dirty Trick #1 by Margaret Menge. Clearly, the editor is trying to suppress the rights to freedom of speech and expression owed to Ms. Burns.

Here is the second trick by Ms. Menge:
When you proceed to page 7 to read the balance of the story? It is not there. You have to search through the entire issue to find the REST OF THE STORY buried on PAGE 5 at the bottom below the fold. The interesting thing about the balance of the story is this: no 'theft' occurred at all but Margaret Menge tricked the readers. How many people couldn't find the rest of the story and didn't bother to look for it? How many took the time to search for THE WHOLE STORY by Ms. Menge, the Yellow Journalist? A small percentage of the supervoters for which this "publication" is targeted, I would think. 

Some questions for Ms. Menge?
- Why are you suppressing what Nadine Burns wrote?
- What did Nadine Burns say that frightened you enough to obfuscate?
- What, Ms. Menge, are you hiding from your readers?
- Were Nadine Burns' words too dangerous to your 'narrative'?
- How can someone STEAL a free newspaper? (This might go all the way to the Supreme Court)
- Where is the listed/suggested price for your newspaper, Ms. Menge? Is it $.50 when convenient and free other times? What is the business model for your paper? Who pays your light bill?

And lastly, Nadine Burns is a respected member of our community. Call Margaret Menge at 561-586-6643 or 561-891-4161 and tell her just one story about what Nadine did for you and our community over the years. 

Must watch: James Wieland from Channel 5 (WPTV) at Benzaiten Center

James Wieland did this report during installation and construction of the new Benzaiten Center here in Lake Worth. President Joanne Berkow, Benzaiten Center for Creative Arts Founder, is interviewed. Read about James Wieland here; other TV stations covering Palm Beach County can learn a lot from stories like this, especially as it relates to the 'gloom-and-doom' stories on Channel 12 (WPEC).

Glass Blowing from last night at the Benzaiten Center...

From the Post's Eliot Kleinberg about a major project in downtown West Palm

A huge transportation hub coming to West Palm Beach? Read more from Eliot Kleinberg:
The latest vision to turn 6 acres in downtown West Palm Beach into a “transit village” will feature a staggering 1.1 million square feet of hotel, retail and dining, developer Michael Masanoff revealed Friday.

Masanoff detailed his plans to The Palm Beach Post just after the board that runs Tri-Rail voted unanimously to bless his site plans. He also will need approval from West Palm Beach and filed the plans with city planners this week.

Masanoff is president of a group of investors selected by Palm Beach County commissioners to develop the $300 million retail, dining and entertainment hub surrounding the station at the CSX Railroad track, that houses Tri-Rail, Amtrak and buses. The station is on the west side of Tamarind Avenue, just south of Banyan Street.

Can two expert foodies be wrong?

First it was Liz Balmaseda advising you to go to Mama Gizzi's today for their Grand Opening and now it's "That Girl", Leslie Gray Streeter telling you to go to Mama Gizzi's too!

From the article:
“So there’s a new place called Mama Gizzi’s,” The Mister says to me the other day. “I’ve taken the liberty of doing the grocery shopping.”

Mama Gizzi’s isn’t exactly new — it is well-known for its Greenacres emporium of fresh-made pastas, other Italian specialities and decadent desserts — but its moved to Lake Worth.

It’s open now, but Saturday [TODAY] is the grand opening. And my fridge is indeed now full of full-bodied sauce and shells and ziti so fresh it’s like you made it yourself. Except you don’t have to!
Mama Gizzi’s Gourmet Pasta: 2212 N. Dixie Highway, Lake Worth. If you know where World Thrift is (and who doesn't!), Mama Gizzi's is just South (about a 1/4 mile) on the opposite side of Dixie Hwy. Call 561-642-9996 for more information. This is an easy walk from anywhere on the west side of College Park and from the Worthmore area, west of Dixie Hwy.

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From Lake Worth Dame Dee...

Ladylike random thoughts on our Palm Beach Post and more thoughtful musings from a Lady here:

From today's opening of the Benzaiten Center...

Social progress in Lake Worth or elitism on display?

What if I told you a new Charter School was opening in Lake Worth. A school teaching trades such as carpentry, masonry, or plumbing to name only a few? Good idea you might say. Or how about a new Charter School teaching recent immigrants to Lake Worth, Guatemalans and Mayans the English language and how to integrate into modern American society? That also seems to be a good idea. Most of us in our little City of Lake Worth know the issues facing us and how it's possible that Charter Schools could help fill that void. Charter Schools for those of you unaware are subsidized with taxpayer money. 

Here is an idea for a Charter School in Lake Worth that failed and it is very easy to see why. Here is an idea from 2012 by Margaret Menge (Ms. Menge is editor of the Lake Worth Tribune and moved to Lake Worth from Key West in 2010): 

How is it possible to instill a sense of community teaching young children the languages French, Latin and Greek? French is understandable but Latin and Greek? In twenty years we will we not need an abundance of antiquities scholars. And 18 children per class; no doubt well outside the affordability of most Lake Worth residents. 

I would encourage you to read Ms. Menge's blog on her proposed Charter School and also her musings in 2012 on starting a new print newspaper in Lake Worth. Here we find her in the grip of putting the school of schools together. Notice the reference to "bank account."
According to the latest issue of the Tribune, she is looking for reporters. Perhaps I should apply? I wonder what it pays? I wonder what it costs to publish this free paper with free advertisements? I wonder who is paying the rent for the paper's office space? I just wonder about a lot of things.

Joy of Joys! Look what was delivered to my front door this morning...

The new edition of the Lake Worth Tribune. And I'm not even a paid subscriber. Really flattered here. It caught Mars' interest too.
I also understand that advertisers in the "Premiere Edition" weren't charged. Ms Menge must have some deep pockets!

According to this second issue, this is being delivered to 3,000 homes around Lake Worth in addition to piles being left for the taking around town. I am sure it is just a coincidence that happens to be just about the number of supervoters, those that don't miss any election, in Lake Worth. I happen to be on that list. Hmmmmm...

Mama Gizzi! Mama Gizzi! Get your spectacular pasta at Mama Gizzi's

Last week I was invited to the "soft opening" of Mama Gizzi's here in the College Park neighborhood, Lake Worth, and here is a short video that I took that evening. It was a very well attended event with many notables. The food was spectacular.

The GRAND OPENING is tomorrow (Saturday) from 4 pm to 9 pm. Liz Balmaseda, the food reviewer from the Palm Beach Post wrote a lovely piece about Mama Gizzi's today. From the article:
Leah “Mama” Gizzi, who for years made her popular pasta by hand in a Greenacres storefront, has moved her pasta shop to the College Park area of Lake Worth.

“It seems like the perfect location for my foodies and the business,” Gizzi said in an email.

The new Mama Gizzi’s Gourmet Pasta shop, which opened quietly earlier this month, will celebrate its grand opening Saturday from 4 to 9 p.m. Expect live music, a buffet (for purchase) and Mama’s usual selection of stellar pastas.
Mama Gizzi’s Gourmet Pasta: 2212 N. Dixie Highway, Lake Worth. If you know where World Thrift is (and who doesn't!), Mama Gizzi's is just South (about a 1/4 mile) on the opposite side of Dixie Hwy. Call 561-642-9996 for more information. 

And Thank You Liz Balmaseda for giving my neighborhood, College Park, a shout-out!

Our very own Lake Worth resident Lisa Maxwell made history

Jane Musgrave at the Palm Beach Post has a must read article about our Lake Worth residents Lisa Maxwell and Christine Stephens-Maxwell. Lisa and Christine are officially parents! Last year I was honored to attend the baby shower for Lisa and Christine's child. The Post article today has a large, above-the-fold photo of them and their baby in the local section. From the article:
By most definitions, Lisa Maxwell and Christine Stephens-Maxwell are married.

They have a bonafide license from the state of New York and albums bursting with photos of their 2012 nuptials in Central Park. They own a house together in the College Park section of Lake Worth. They love each other deeply.

But when Stephens-Maxwell gave birth to their daughter, Satori, last month at Good Samaritan Medical Center, hospital officials refused to put Maxwell’s name on her birth certificate.

“They said they were following the law,” Maxwell said.

All that changed this week.

In a decision that several legal experts agreed could have reverberations throughout the state, Palm Beach County Circuit Judge Lisa Small replaced “husband” with “spouse” in two Florida laws. The simple — but, some say, ground-breaking — action allows Maxwell to get legal recognition as the parent of the child she and her spouse brought into the world through in vitro fertilization.

A very interesting read: EarthFirst!, protests, Palm Beach Gardens, Scripps, and more

On January 30th [TOMORROW], our EarthFirst! friends will stage another protest/rally in Palm Beach Gardens. Anyone following this story understands that the Briger "Forest" is a Logical Fallacy called 'An Appeal to Pity':
An appeal to pity attempts to persuade using emotion—specifically, sympathy—rather than evidence. Playing on the pity that someone feels for an individual or group can certainly affect what that person thinks about the group; this is a highly effective, and so quite common, fallacy.
That small tract of land, east of I-95, is a distraction from the real focus of EarthFirst! leaders Panagioti Tsolkas and Lynne Purvis: the biotech industry here in Palm Beach County. The Green Indigo Snake, Snowy Egret, and Gopher Tortoise are the pawns in this curious sideshow.

Our EarthFirst!er friends' actions of late have taken a clownish, almost naïve, look. Bungled protests, mixed messages, 60's-retro-esque-exaggerated claims could lull some into dismissing people like Panagioti Tsolkas as irrelevant and silly. That is a huge mistake. Read about EarthFirst! history and their long list of ecoterrorist activities here.
From ActivistFacts: Earth First! (EF!) is a “warrior society” that takes a “by any means necessary” approach to “defending mother earth.” The group declines to participate in the democratic process, preferring instead to damage, disable, and destroy the property of its ever-growing list of enemies. EF! targets include, but are by no means limited to, loggers, ranchers, and farmers — especially those who grow genetically modified crops. Earth First!ers’ crimes include assault, arson, and untold acts of sabotage.
In 1998 there was this article titled: Unabomber [Ted Kaczynski] admits ties to Earth First! eco-terrorists

From the article: 
On Jan. 22, following weeks of newspaper drama regarding his mental stability and fights with his lawyers, Unabomber suspect Theodore Kaczynski pleaded guilty to 13 counts that centered on charges of transporting explosive devices with the intent to kill or maim. He pleaded guilty to all Federal charges against him, involving five bombings. He also admitted in court that he had placed or mailed another 11 bombs, for which he was not charged. Kaczynski accepted a sentence of life in prison without possibility of parole, and gave up the right to appeal any rulings in the case.

While the press concentrated on human interest stories about the “solitary” bomber and his victims, the most important element of his trial was covered up: the fact that he was but one operative in a vast network of terrorists deployed to destroy modern civilization under cover of environmentalism. In fact, as his plea bargain details, Kaczynski was an active follower of the eco-terrorist group Earth First!
EarthFirst (EF) is headquartered in Lake Worth, FL. EF is a known ecoterrorist organization. The EF has been known to employ a diversity of tactics

And, completely off topic (eh-hem), those same people (and their useful friends) in our little City of Lake Worth continue to think we should have our own police department. We know the big "why" of that and have for quite some time.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Reminiscing...the Good Ole Days

Does anyone remember Lynn Anderson and Katie McGiveron being so deliriously happy? Look at their unscripted moment, completely at ease, with their best friend and colleague, former commissioner Cara Jennings. Familiarity and trust are the foundations of any lasting human bond. 

A life lost due to an uncapitalized "i"?

In the wake of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, it's important to remember that Lake Worth is a small community that can come together and make a statement. The march from City Hall to the Cultural Plaza was the largest group in recent memory. The observance and remembrance reminded me that Dr. King's dream is still not fulfilled. There is still much work to do. We were reminded of this when Mr. Woodley Erilas' life was cut short; he was only 27 years old when he died, just this month.

I've waited before saying anything about this mournful event for fear my thoughts might be misunderstood. I wish to offer my most sincere condolences to the family of Mr. Erilas and to also apologize for the callous and insensitive editor/journalist Margaret Menge. She seems to think that if this gentleman had the benefit of a charter school education, such as one requiring Latin be taught (beginning in the fourth grade) this tragic event somehow would not have happened.

For some illogical reason, Margaret Menge, in her reporting on Mr. Erilas' untimely death (Lake Worth Tribune, January 16th) felt it necessary to add the "Summary on his [Woodley Erilas'] LinkedIn page". It's only a little bit "insensitive" to look at a deceased person's LinkedIn page, isn't it?

But, here in all its glory for the world to see is what Mr. Erilas wrote on his LinkedIn page, courtesy of the Premiere Edition of the Lake Worth Tribune: "My Objective is not only to learn as much as i can [...]". Margaret Menge reserved her anger not for Mr. Erilas' passing but instead for Mr. Erilas' use of the uncapitalized "i". At no time does Margaret Menge offer any condolences to the family or the friends of Mr. Erilas. 

Then she chooses to connect the dots in a way that revolves back to her "cause" of ubiquitous charter schools and giving those with resources a chance for a tailored education of their choosing. The 'news' story about Mr. Erilas is on page 2 of Margaret Menge's 'newspaper'. When you get to page 6, the Opinion page and Margaret Menge's Letter From the Editor, Mr. Erilas' sad passing becomes a twisted Margaret Menge logic lesson: A + B = C

A (Mr. Erilas) + B (Charter School) = C (if Mr. Erilas went to a Charter School, he would alive today)

Margaret Menge's failed dream is to start a Charter School teaching a classic curriculum, including Latin. Her dream was denied and she angrily lashes out in her 'editorial', manipulating the somber death of a young man, an uncapitalized "i", and her hatred of the Palm Beach County School Board to write this:

By Margaret Menge, Editor & Publisher: "He [Mr. Erilas] doesn't understand what a sentence is, and when to use capitalization. So he couldn't get a job. So he was living with his [M]other on North H Street, walking around in the dead of the night, and someone shot him."

We are left to conclude that, per the logic of Ms. Menge, but for an uncapitalized "i", Mr. Erilas wouldn't have been walking the street that early morning. Really? Let's ponder what the real reason is for the death of a young man that happened on that morning and the state of a system that allows young men with promise be taken away by a single act of senselessness. I don't think that speaking Latin, or capitalizing an "i", would have altered the trajectory of these events for the victim.

Rest in peace, Woodley Erilas, and May God Be With You. Let's hope that the perpetrator is ultimately found and brought to justice.

Tomorrow Night: Art Synergy event at the Benzaiten Center

From Tuesday's City Commission Meeting: Integrated Budget Analysis Tool (1/20)

WaWa, please, pretty please, will you please come to Lake Worth!

Ms. Sorentrue at the Palm Beach Post with some incredibly good news! Let's hope for a Dixie Hwy. location. From the article:
Wawa, a family-owned chain of convenience stores known its fanatical following, plans to open dozens of stores in Palm Beach and Broward counties over the next five years, company officials announced Wednesday.

But die-hard Wawa fans will have to wait to find out exactly where they will be able to get their hot coffee and hoagie fix.

At a gathering Wednesday, Wawa leaders said they are looking for sites across the county that are suitable for gas and convenience store sales.

Peter Gilligan, Wawa’s senior vice president of real estate, said the company plans to secure at least 15 sites in Palm Beach and Broward this year. Wawa expects to break ground on three to five stores in 2016.

Gilligan confirmed that Wawa is considering three sites in West Palm Beach as part of its expansion into Palm Beach County.
However there will be controversy. Will WaWa sell hoagies or subs? Will they sell scrapple sandwiches? Will they have a WaWa university here too? 

From Palm Beach County Commissioner Steven Abrams Facebook page:

Financing Infrastructure in Lake Worth | The Road Ahead

The City Commission will be holding open discussions for citizens to publicly offer their ideas and ask questions about financing options available regarding infrastructure improvements in Lake Worth. “We are excited to continue the discussion on how to fix the infrastructure in Lake Worth” says Mayor Pam Triolo. “We invite residents to bring their ideas on how to pay for the improvements that are desperately needed in Lake Worth.”

An Open Discussion on Financing Options to Resolve Lake Worth’s Infrastructure Needs:

January 27 | 6pm
Compass Community Center | 201 North Dixie Highway | Lake Worth

March 21 | 1pm
Lake Worth City Hall | 7 North Dixie Highway | Lake Worth

Bring ideas and questions about financing options available in order to improve our roads, water & sewer services, drainage systems, and sidewalks. Or you may send your ideas & questions to:

Classic Win-Win: buy a condo and save the planet!

From Kim Miller at the Post's Real Time blog is this:
It’s not unusual for some high-end developments to throw in a few freebies to sweeten the pot, but one West Palm Beach project is taking it to a whole new level.

The Z Palm Beach condominium, which is being built at the corner of Palm Beach Lakes Blvd. and Federal Highway, is offering a complimentary Tesla Model S with each unit. The luxe electric car costs about $71,070, according to the Tesla website.

The unique development will have just eight units starting at $2.3 million. They are expected to be open by the end of the year.
Not quite on the same level, however, our little City of Lake Worth also will have new housing available in the downtown soon. A construction trailer was just delivered to what will be the Lucenté townhomes:
At last, Kennedy Homes, the premier builder of successful communities enriching the lives of South Florida residents, brings its over 50-year-old tradition of quality to Lake Worth, Florida. Lucenté is a distinctive Key West-styled community of 23 architecturally inspired townhomes that celebrate the urban-casual lifestyle of young families, couples and professionals residing in the eclectic city of Lake Worth.
Remember folks, it is estimated 800 people are moving to Florida each and every day: fellow Americans and others from around the globe and they all want a nice place to call home. Both of these projects are east of I-95 in areas that have already been disturbed by human settlement in the past, will use existing infrastructure and help re-populate an urban area near transit alternatives to the automobile.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Can anyone explain this from TOB (the other blogger)?

A "new condo board"? Where? Who's ego is "over-inflated"?

From last night's City Commission Meeting - 1/20 - Public Comment

Tourism is way up in Palm Beach County in 2014

Click here for link to Channel 5's story by Charlie Keegan.

WaWa is coming to Palm Beach County!

A big story from Palm Beach Post reporter Jennifer Sorentrue. From the article:
Wawa, a family-owned chain of convenience stores known for its hot coffee and tasty sandwiches, is considering three potential sites in West Palm Beach as part of its expansion into Palm Beach County, The Palm Beach Post has learned.

The popular chain is looking at sites at the intersections of 45th and Interstate 95, Belvedere Road and Australian Avenue, and Okeechobee Boulevard and Skees Road.

West Palm Beach officials confirmed Tuesday that they have had preliminary discussions with Wawa, but would not release any details about those talks.

The company plans to unveil more about its expansion into Palm Beach County at an event on Wednesday. Chris Gheysens, Wawa’s president and CEO, is expected to address Wednesday’s crowd.
If you've never been to a WaWa before you have no idea what you're missing. Fresh sliced cold cuts and cheeses, fresh bread, wide aisles, and the best-trained associates you could ever imagine. The coffee? Wow-Wow. Associates are even trained at WaWa University. I wonder if they learn conversational Latin there?

Come to Lake Worth, Florida, WaWa!!!

Commissioner Liaison Reports from last night's City Commission meeting - 1/20

Notable is Commissioner Szerdi's request for an apology for being called "un-American" by another member of the Commission. Calling an 'American' 'un-American' is not something to say lightly. This stands in contrast to the unity we all experienced yesterday in Lake Worth during the MLK, Jr. day activities, a very "American" experience that was once considered "un-American" not all that long ago, Commissioner McVoy.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

It's our people that make our City of Lake Worth so Special!

From Harriet Lerman's Peas in a Pod (WEI Network) Radio Show: The Cottages of Lake Worth

Later this week will have a link to the archived show with Harriet Lerman. The show was a blast! 
This is Harriet Lerman doing her Peas in a Pod radio show. The show is on the WEI Network.

Here is the show producer, Peter Wein, "The Ed Sullivan of Radio". 

My show prep.

Yours truly with the impressive and inimitable Harriet Lerman holding a Cottages of Lake Worth brochure.

Lake Worth Herald, editorial dated 1/15/15

Here are three excerpts from the Lake Worth Herald:
     Last weekend a fire destroyed a house on North Palmway. Palm Beach Fire Rescue was there in force. They pumped water on the fire until is was extinguished protecting surrounding properties and residents.
     While talking with some of the neighbors, one who lives near the burned structure said the city doesn't have enough water pressure to supply all of the trucks and hoses so they couldn't pump water from above the fire.
     It was suggested this was one of the main reasons for the infrastructure bond the voters turned down recently.
     The resident said they "should have made that clear."
This resident by the way was seen holding a "Vote No" [against the city bond plan] sign during the election period.
    The city needs to inform every citizen about the importance of water pressure in life safety events. It really is more than just a steady stream of water in the shower.
     On January 27 from 6 to 8 pm at the Compass Community Center, the city will be holding a workshop and inviting residents to bring ideas and questions about financing the infrastructure improvements. There will be a second workshop held on March 21 in the City Commission Chambers at City Hall.
[the editorial ends with this line...]
     This problem will haunt Lake Worth until something is done.
To read the entire editorial go to You can also pick up an issue at the news shop just west of our downtown Starbucks, across the street, on Lake Ave.

Video montage from yesterday's Martin Luther King, Jr. March, Lake Worth 2015

Wes Blackman on the radio again today!

Remember, recently I was a guest with Allan Mason at WBZT, 1230 AM, talking about The Cottages of Lake Worth. You can listen to Allan Mason and me here.

And today I am on the radio again talking about The Cottages of Lake Worth with Harriet Lerman:
Today at 1 PM listen to Harriet Lerman and myself on the hugely popular show, Peas in the Pod. If you miss the live show all of Harriet Lerman's shows are archived for your listening pleasure. 

When the show is available, I will have it here as a link on my blog.

Guaranteed to be an interesting and informative show!

Another business in Lake Worth advertising on VisitFlorida

As you may know, VisitFlorida is the most visited site for tourists considering a Florida vacation. Here is VisitFlorida's Lake Worth page. Two Lake Worth B&B's advertise there, as does Dave's Last Resort, an iconic city restaurant.

Today I noticed that Paradiso Ristorante in downtown Lake Worth has started a page in VisitFlorida. 

If you have a business in Lake Worth here is the contact information to get started advertising in the most visited tourist site for Florida:
To explore 2015 advertising opportunities on click here or contact or call (850) 205-3815.

Did someone fall off the Ivory Tower?

On December 14th, last year, I wrote this about Professor Evan Rowe at Broward College who was devastated that protesters weren't able to shut down the annual Winterfest boat parade in Ft. Lauderdale. From the post:
Now we enter the bizarre tale from Evan Rowe who is a professor of history at Broward College writing for the New Times. Professor Rowe writes an exceptionally long hand-wringing diatribe on why activists in Ft. Lauderdale can't get organized and shut down the annual Winterfest Boat Parade.
Today, Evan Rowe has another article in the Broward New Times highly critical of Broward College's MLK festivities. I wouldn't recommend reading the article. Mr. Rowe seems to have a very big axe to grind. The very first line gives it away:
Evan Rowe is a former professor of history at Broward College.

This cheery face coming to a door near you soon!

Beware the Teller of Tales

Monday, January 19, 2015

Since when is a "Beverage Violation" a crime? Really now folks, get a grip.

Here is a satirical take on the other blogger's crime spree in Lake Worth:
After you're finished laughing, look at the last "Beverage Violation": 2800 Block of Lake Worth Road. It took me one minute to find an address on that block: 2843 Lake Worth Road, PT Express Grocery; another 45 seconds to find this: The 2800 Block of Lake Worth Road IS IN UNINCORPORATED PALM BEACH COUNTY. NOT LAKE WORTH. How easy is this information to find? Here

Martin Luther King, Jr.:

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

Carman Vare, Palm Beach County Environmental Program Supervisor - Lake Worth Festival of Trees 2015

Review of the conditions, history and projects related to the Lake Worth Lagoon.

Lake Worth city roads need fixing, water lines clogging, street lights missing...

...but intrepid reporter/editor and journalist extraordinaire Margaret Menge wants to spend millions of dollars for a dock? For ONE ship? This was the lead story, way "above the fold" of her first edition.

The article is titled: Gallery Owner Pitches 'Art Ship' for Lake Worth's Waterfront

The article by Ms. Menge is 27 paragraphs (one of which is 170 words), however, 44 of those words stand out: 
[Lake Worth] City Manager Michael Bornstein says the idea of the art ship "fits in" with Lake Worth, but that logistics are a problem. "It becomes very, very difficult, if not impossible," he says of trying to find a place for the ship to dock. [emphasis added]
If Ms. Menge began her story with City Manager Bornstein's quote that could have eliminated 10 paragraphs. Hundreds of thousands of dollars would be necessary just for the permits from the Coast Guard, the State of Florida, the DEP, Palm Beach County and tens of other county, state and federal agencies before any work is even started. For one ship. And we haven't even gotten to EarthFirst!, the Loxahatchee Sierra Club, the Thousand Friends of Florida, and the Marshall Foundation. Wait until they find out the lagoon habitat is going to be destroyed so a ship can dock at low tide. What about the poor turtles and manatees? The sea grass? 

If you go to page 4 of Menge's story you get to some interesting information about a Lake Worth gallery owner/artist, Robert Pardo. On his site is this: Please visit us at 805 Lake Ave. in beautiful Lake Worth Florida. We buy & sell Old Masters, 20th Century Modern & Contemporary Art. Art makes us feel better about ourselves and the world around us. That is a fact.

Here is the information for Mr. Pardo's gallery: hours, phone, etc. 

Tomorrow at 1:11 p.m. will be low tide in the Lake Worth Lagoon. Imagine how far out a dock would need to be to fit a 120-foot ship, without getting in the way of channel traffic.  Is this Ms. Menge's "Ship of Dreams?"

From the Festival of Trees 2015: Jeff Nurge’s presentation - Butterflies in South Florida and their Connection to Native Plants

Some of Mel and Vinnie's music after the Appreciation of First Responders from 1/16/15

This is from Lake Worth's Evening on the Avenues, the first and third Friday of the month from 6 pm to 10 pm in downtown Lake Worth. If you are a musician, a vendor, or would just like to attend contact the Special Events coordinator for the city. The Evening on the Avenues events are set up and sponsored by the City of Lake Worth. This is where you can also find the NAPC Front Porch!

Remember Martin Luther King Parade: today at 5:00 p.m. in Lake Worth

Press release in the Palm Beach Post:
The City of Lake Worth will host a Candlelight March at 5 p.m. Monday. The march begins at Lake Worth City Hall, 7 N. Dixie Highway and will be followed by a Commemorative Program at 5:30 p.m. at the Cultural Plaza. Guests are also invited to a Fellowship Dinner at First Baptist Church from 6 to 8 p.m. All events are free. Info: 561-586-7276

Tara M. Bardi, Program Director and Lead Scientist with the Arthur R. Marshall Foundation for the Everglades

Presentation at the 2015 Lake Worth Festival of trees. Really a must watch to get the latest information on Everglades projects and the Herbert Hoover dike, and the water releases from Lake Okeechobee are explained. Click here for link for the Arthur R. Marshall website.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

UPDATE: NAPC President Mary Lindsey, a festival without popcorn? No Way!!!

This is Neighborhood Association Presidents' Council (NAPC) President Mary Lindsey at the Lake Worth Tree Festival on Saturday. Do you know what neighborhood association you live in? Here is a map. Still not sure or want more information? Please visit this page

Ooooopsy Daisy! Can you see the error in the picture above? Compare with the corrected picture below:

First one to find the error wins a prize! Your bag of popcorn at the next Evening on the Avenues is on me.

Mayor Pam Triolo, Commissioner John Szerdi and State Representative Mark Pafford's remarks from yesterday's Festival of Trees

Introduced by Richard Stowe, chair of the Lake Worth Tree Board.

More good economic news for Palm Beach County

Kim Miller in the Post blog Real Time has this news from Bubble Watch about our friends to the south, Miami. Will the Miamians be looking for spots north (with higher ground)? From the article:
The housing research firm Trulia released its latest Bubble Watch report this week showing where homes are overvalued compared to historic norms, and one included a key Sunshine State city.

Miami home prices were 10 percent overvalued during the last quarter of 2014, ranking it in 10th place on the list of metro areas with the most overvalued homes. Austin ranked first with home values 16 percent higher than fundamentals.

Palm Beach County prices were 1 percent undervalued at the end of 2014. The report notes that at the height of the market in 2006, Palm Beach County was 72 percent overvalued.
Still, we do hear the talk of a longer-range bubble which lurks on the horizon. We will continue to monitor reports like these.

Liz Balmaseda LOVES Benny's on the Beach!

Have company from out-of-town? When was the last time you were at Benny's on the Beach? Here from Liz Balmaseda:
The oceanfront Benny’s on the Beach, perched upon Lake Worth beach, already has one of the best dining views in the county. Now it’s got a kitchen with ambitions to match that view.

Leading that kitchen is Chef Jeremy Hanlon, who brought along his achiote paste for nutty notes and flavor depth and some zingy tomatillos to rev things up.
His culinary experience includes stints at Daniel Boulud restaurants in New York and Palm Beach, Charlie Trotter’s in Chicago, and Michelin-starred restaurants in France and Spain.

He also competed on Food Network’s “Chopped” series some years ago and won the National Restaurant Association’s 2010 Hot Chef Challenge.
Here is Benny's on the Beach's dinner menu. They also serve breakfast and lunch. 

BENNY’S ON THE BEACH is located at 10 S Ocean Blvd., Lake Worth (on the Atlantic Ocean beach in Lake Worth); 561-582-9001; and Facebook.

I have this to add. When my father was in town, we enjoyed a lovely lunch, he sat down to a hearty shellfish bowl in a tomato base and I dined on the fish tacos. The tacos were quite tasty and a little spicy with sriracha added to the sauce. You just can't beat being ON THE BEACH!

Tribune 1st edition...First Impressions: an indicator of future performance?

What did Lake Worth do to deserve the unveiling of a new print newspaper? Initial reviews are coming in and it looks like the grade is a solid "E" for Effort. Last week, if told you a 'professional journalist' and an 'experienced editor' created a brand new "print" newspaper with a crime blotter in our little City, you likely would have laughed at the possibility. We all know how robust an industry print newspapers are in this day and age. Newspapers simply don't print themselves. Where is the money coming to fund this venture?

Let's take a look at the quality of reporting of just one section contained in the first edition, the Crime blotter. What if I told you THREE of the crimes didn't happen in our little City at allbut somewhere else? Some were reported without the scantest of details; others were given a full blown account. There were three that were purported to be in the city of Lake Worth, which is the focus of the paper, but three were actually not in the city.

Margaret Menge has brought her bag of journalistic talents to Lake Worth, and we saw this "free" paper handed out by this professional journalist and experienced editor's First Edition, The Lake Worth Tribune yesterday at the Lake Worth Tree Festival (sponsored by The Lake Worth Herald ).

Here are reporter/editor's three errors in her "Lake Worth CRIME BLOTTER" alone:

- Theft in John Prince Park (John Prince Park is not in Lake Worth)
- Burglary on the 1400 block of Crest Drive (Crest Drive is in unincorporated Palm Beach County [PBC])
- Robbery on the 2400 block of 10th Ave North (again, this location is in unincorporated PBC)

But there is another crime reported where Margaret Menge shows off her creative writing skills about a Shooting! in Lake Worth. Here is Ms. Menge's description:
"A woman living on the 800 block of Washington Avenue found what appeared to be a bullet impression [emphasis added] in the driver's side door of her 2000 silver Mercedes. The car had been parked in front of the garage."
So much for the dramatic shooting in Lake Worth on Monday, January 12th. Further investigation would likely reveal that the impression referred was actually a "door ding." Even if it was a bullet hole, not an impression, I don't believe most native journalists would casually refer to that as a "shooting." Such language should be left to describe injury to sentient beings. More detail is needed.

If the first edition of Margaret Menge's newspaper is this cavalier, what can we expect next week? Stay tuned and print away! Perhaps where the money coming to fund this venture will be revealed in future editions. People in Lake Worth appreciate transparency.

Genesis NA Quarterly Meeting on January 26th

The Genesis Neighborhood Association’s Quarterly Meeting is at St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church, 928 South 'E' Street on Monday, January 26 at 6:00 PM. From the Genesis President Mark Parilla:
- Meet the candidates running for Commissioner in Lake Worth in our March 10, 2015 elections.
- Absentee ballots and voter registration forms will be available.
- Director of Public Services, Jamie Brown, will give us an update on projects in our area.
- PBSO will give us a crime stats update.
For more information, call 561-201-2851 or email.