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Good Times...

Lake Worth Pool Hours and Information

Thank you City of Lake Worth for printing these attractive cards. You can pick some up to distribute at the pool cashier window.

Update from City - Lake Worth Bridge Repairs - Two-way traffic on one span

Update: Sheriff Protest from Wednesday

This is an update of sorts on the 'protest' this last Wednesday staged by the Anarchists here in Lake Worth. It was done in other communities around the nation, on that particular day, to draw attention to extreme uses of force by police departments on the people that they are to serve and protect. Yours truly, in advance of the event, shared a Facebook invitation put together by a familiar cast of Lake Worth characters that have gone on record many times as being against PBSO and many of their tactics. In the invitation, they cited individual circumstances of what they thought was excessive force. The event announcement was not restricted or private. It was a public announcement about the time and location of the protest, along with who was invited and who was attending. I shared it on the Lake Worth Voice Facebook page, which serves as a community forum. All that was done beyond that was to point out who the organizers were. I would think that if you are organizing an action and promoting it on Facebook, you would want people to know about it.

Well, apparently the posting of the event was seen as a way of "mocking" it and gave people an opportunity to pull out the stops with a personal attack upon me. In essence, yours truly has been blamed for the failed 'protest' because I reported the event and took pictures, along with posting the invitation somewhere the organizers did not want it posted. I made a simple, non-editorial collage (I never knew making a collage could be considered an act of aggression). I posted it here too - really innocuous. I also took a picture of a sign that was part of the protest which read "PBSO Deputies are Worthless."

The claim immediately was made the people carrying that particular sign were "scruffy" and asked to take it down, but they wouldn't. People that were part of the protest say that they actually asked PBSO for help in getting those two particular people with the sign to take it down. Really? I am sure that the organizers could control their message on their own and give those people another sign if they thought it was so offensive, or shun them in some manner. That didn't happen. I didn't see any ruckus or animosity between those "two" and the rest of the group. The implication is that they were somehow "plants" and that I, or others, played a role in them being there. That just is NOT the case and presumes powers or interests that I don't have. Really.

The reaction from some people was completely disproportionate to what I might have done. I hope that we are not entering a time when taking pictures from a public street of others assembled on a public street is a serious offense to anyone.

Apparently, it was. Which leads to some interesting questions. If there really is an issue with the overuse of force by the sheriff department, shouldn't the entire community be aware of it? Or should it be only the province of a few individuals that think they know more than anyone else? Wouldn't activating and communicating with the entire community, not just certain people and affinity groups, be a better way of addressing the problem? Or, do the organizers really not want the problem addressed in a meaningful way and just jump in front of a parade for the sake of publicity, period? The people behind the protest: our local cast of Anarchist friends. What this event did was to try to divide the community - the implication was that if you were not with them, you were somehow for excessive force against a portion of the city's population and an implied racist.

Things have taken a turn from the disturbing to the amusing to the bizarre. Some background: Steve 'Fire Ant' Ellman of the Broward New Times is leading the charge defending the Anarchists and their attempt to besmirch the Sheriff. This is all taking place on Facebook and I've resorted to blocking people like Mr. Ellman (for the second or third time). I have though many loyal readers who monitor Mr. Ellman and the Anarchists and I get regular updates on what is being said.

Note this screen grab of Mr. Ellman I received yesterday:

This was clearly THEIR protest and all that was done in response was to post two pictures of the event and make people aware that it was happening before it took place. Mr. Ellman then proceeds to defend the Anarchists by writing this: "[...] anarchist's purpose is 'social destruction'? That's another stupid idea." (above)

Before addressing Mr. Ellman's assertion that Anarchists like Panagioti Tsolkas, Cara Jennings and Lynne Purvis are NOT promoting 'social destruction' I will refer you to Cara Jennings' Greater Bay deposition that you can read here. Here is the part where Cara Jennings confirms she is an Anarchist in the deposition:
Q. [MR. CHASE] I've got to ask you this one too, and it seems like an appropriate time: Have you or are you or have you at any time been an avowed anarchist?
A. [CARA JENNINGS] I am an anarchist. I identify with that political philosophy, yeah.
This screen grab is from Panagioti Tsolkas' EarthFirst! Newswire:

Here is the definition of an "Anarchist" from

The majority of the people at the 'protest' against PBSO on Wednesday were Anarchists and members of their affinity group, Trans Womyns Action Camp (TWAC), Father O'Loughlin with the Guatemalan/Mayan Center and an assemblage of what appeared to be part of the local Guatemalan community. That is undeniable.

Anarchists like Panagioti Tsolkas and Cara Jennings continue to use wedge politics to divide us all in Lake Worth. They derive their power not from civility and inclusiveness, but by pitting neighbor against neighbor and community against community. It comes down to the question: Was this sort of protest the best way to address what may be a legitimate problem? Or was it a way to be judge and jury over past events that, while unfortunate, have already been examined and investigated as they should have been? Perhaps we will never know the truth. Events like this do not help matters.

Friday, October 24, 2014

A(u)nt Pinkie...

Après virée de shopping in downtown Lake Worth...

Palestinian Coalition Calls for Broward Protest in Defense of Jerusalem Mosque | New Times Broward-Palm Beach

The latest from Mr. Fire Ant announcing a protest tomorrow in Miami. Click title for link.

Perhaps it will produce results like this one did back in 2009. How can we forget this display?

Good News! Triple-kidnapping solved...

Portland, Oregon's formula for walkability and transit-oriented development

Note at the end of the video, Peter Calthorpe talks about suburbia's needs for large yards since there is little public space in that sort of land use pattern. What I have always liked about Lake Worth is the smaller yards and the large amount of public open space that we have available to us, much of it on the water. It is part of the "good bones" that people talk about which will serve us well as we go into the future.

Brian Tracy

“People with clear, written goals, accomplish far more in a shorter period of time than people without them could ever imagine.”

Events in Lake Worth this weekend

If you're looking for something to do on Saturday and Sunday check out these events at the McMow Art Glass Studio on Saturday and the Sunday morning breakfast at the Grey Mockingbird Garden. You can get the details here on AnnaMaria's blog. The Sunday morning breakfast would be great combined with a bike ride!

Top toilet cities, one Florida metro ranks as commode kingpin | Real Time

West Palm Beach is tops in number of toilets per person. The number of bathrooms is important in deciding on home choices in this market. More seems to be better. Interestingly, Miami ranks last due to the number of condominium units built in the 60s and 70s with less bathrooms. Click title for link.

Multiple bathrooms are always a boon when trying to sell a home, so the Seattle-based real estate firm Redfin took a look at what cities have the most toilets per capita.
West Palm Beach is the only Florida metro to make the top ten list, ranking seventh with 1.25 million toilets, or 93 toilets per 100 people.
Miami, for example, ranked last on Redfin’s list with just 62 toilets per 100 people. Redfin agent Bohdan Mastykaz said Miami’s aging condominiums are to blame for its poor showing.
“A lot of our condo stock was built in the 1960s and 1970s _ and with fewer bathrooms than you’d have today,” he said. “The idea was to build for empty-nesters looking to downsize.”

Palm Beach Gardens developer advancing massive Lee County project

This is destined to become a new "city" of 50,000 people on the west coast of Florida. Discussions are underway about a new solar energy plant, to be constructed and operated by FPL. Click title for link. Here is a bit from the article:
The planned Babcock Ranch development in Southwest Florida has taken a big step forward with an agreement that calls for Florida Power & Light Co. to be the sole provider of its electric service.
Since 2006 Palm Beach Gardens-based Kitson & Partners, headed by Syd Kitson, has been working on plans for the 18,000-acre environmentally sustainable future city north of Fort Myers. Kitson purchased the 92,000-acre Babcock Ranch wildlife preserve, then sold almost 74,000 acres to the state for $350 million. The state has set that land aside for preservation and recreation.
Kitson spokeswoman Lisa Hall said Thursday that a groundbreaking is expected next year. The first residents could be moving in as soon as two years from now.
Juno Beach-based FPL wants to build a large solar power facility at Babcock, but the details are still being worked out, FPL spokeswoman Sarah Gatewood said.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Dee wasn't at yesterday's "protest" - here's why...

Corrected Sample Ballot sent out by our Supervisor of Elections

"...printing error,"


Thursday, October 23rd 2014 - On Sunday, November 2, 2014, at 5:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., The Pier Group at RE/MAX Prestige will host ”A Night in Italy” Miracle Dinner Fundraiser to benefit Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. This event will take place at Bradley’s Beach Club (Lake Worth Golf Course) at 7th Avenue North, Lake Worth, Florida.  With All-You-Can-Eat pasta dinner, live music from local artist Andrea Tesoro “The New Voice of Italy”, raffles, games, a bounce house for the children, and much more, you won’t want to miss this evening filled with family friendly fun and entertainment! 

Since 1992, RE/MAX has raised more than $130 million for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.  CMN is a network of 170 children’s hospitals across the United States and Canada. CMN was founded in 1983 and to this day is the only children’s charity that guarantees your dollars stay local to the community in which they were raised to fund pediatric research, pediatric programs within the hospital and the most immediate needs of the hospital. 

Tickets for this event are on sale at Re/Max Prestige 9 North O Street or 604 Lake Avenue, Lake Worth or can be purchased at the door.  $15.00/Adult and $6.00/Child.  Any questions you may have regarding this event, please contact Renee/Bob at 561.840.8979.  By purchasing your tickets in Lake Worth, all proceeds will benefit local families. 

City Tree Board talk at the Lake Worth Library on Thursday, Nov. 13 from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m

Chip Guthrie on Facebook - re the "protest"

This is a comment left on under the Facebook thread about the shameless 'protest' yesterday left by Bernard "Chip" Guthrie. For those of you unaware, Chip is a Lake Worth resident, business owner, CRA board member, NAPC member, and extraordinary volunteer. Chip wrote:
I went to the Guatemalan Center's website and left this comment: I was quite astonished that the Guatemalan Center listened to the Race Baiters and staged this protest against the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office. The PBSO has bent over backwards to show respect to the peaceful hard working people of Guatemala. If one incident occurred with one individual and one deputy, there are better ways of dealing with it than to drag the whole city down, which is the goal of some of the extremist organizers. If it is a policy issue of the PBSO, then the protest should have been in front of the PBSO headquarters, not Lake Worth's sub-station. Lake Worth enjoys having the Guatemalan Center here and many were so happy with your participation in the Independence Day Raft Race and the effort put into the decoration of the Guatemalan Center's raft entry. It is in that type of interaction, not what we witnessed on October 22nd, that builds bridges between our communities. That demonstration was an embarrassment to your cause and the City of Lake Worth. At least your director denounced the signs reading "PBSO is worthless". But this is the sentiment of the extremist organizers you are aligning yourselves with. Please remember, we are your neighbors. When you participate in public displays that draw attention in a negative light to our community, you hurt us all. I believe the PBSO has a Guatemalan deputy named Gaspar who can possibly help with issues that come up. In the mean time, the Guatemalan Center is located in the Tropical Ridge Neighborhood which is active in organizing neighborhood clean-ups, positive community relations and general quality of life issues for all the neighbors. Your participation with this group would help us all in a positive manner and not a destructive one. Of course, no one will call the TV stations for publicity for the positive activities like these.
Please go to for ways you can "help" your community.

Congressional candidate Carl Domino snubbed...

From "Post on Politics," click title for link, Boehner's purpose in Boca was to raise money for a candidate in Miami. Guess the GOP is being strategic and putting their effort behind people who could actually win, maybe. From the article:
House Speaker John Boehner was in Palm Beach County this morning to raise money for a hot congressional race.
But Boehner wasn’t in Boca Raton for Republican Carl Domino‘s bid to unseat Rep. Patrick Murphy, D-Jupiter, in a contest that was once deemed a top priority for the National Republican Congressional Committee.
Instead, the $250-a-plate breakfast ($2,600 for a pre-breakfast “private roundtable discussion”) at the Town Center Marriott was to benefit Carlos Curbelo, the Republican challenging freshman Rep. Joe Garcia, D-Miami.

Protesters call for racial investigation of PB County...

What follows is an excerpt from the Palm Beach Post on the 'protest' yesterday against PBSO. This supports the fact that this 'protest' was planned under the radar and not made public until several hours before the 'protest' began. Clearly the organizers were "getting their people out" and suppressing any kind of pushback by the lack of openness and transparency. The organizers of this protest are the Anarchists in Lake Worth supported by their affinity group TWAC. Our Guatemalan and Mayan neighbors were clearly used as pawns here since few if any had any idea why they were there. 

Oh, and then there is the "mystery" of the "P.B.S.O. Deputies Are Worthless!" sign. The article describes two men "dressed scruffily" (the perfect disguise for this group). It is suggested in the article that these two were somehow "plants" to have the community turn against the protesters and their message. Question: Is this group so horizontally organized that no one could have told these two scruffy men that their message wasn't welcome there? Surely one of their leaders with the megaphone would have some authority. How long do you think the three people across the street with pro-PBSO signs would have lasted if they had been on the same corner with the rest of the protesters? Sorry, the idea that they were "plants" doesn't wash for me.

As for the Rev. Frank O’Laughlin, director of the Guatemalan Mayan Center, who found that sign "worthless," why take to the streets with this group of rabble rousers when you simply want a higher standard of policing? I suggest that you examine the condition of your flock to see if their situation has improved since PBSO took over in Lake Worth over the time of the Lake Worth PD. And remember that the real aim of the organizers of this protest is to rid the city of PBSO. I suggest a meeting with those that can actually address your issues is better than teaming up with people looking for the next opportunity to jump in front of a parade. Do you really want to return to the days when members of the Guatemalan community were routinely robbed of their hard-earned monies?

Here is the excerpt from the article:
Three people stood across North G street from the other protesters and they were there to support PBSO. They held signs saying: “Keep PBSO Deputies” and “Thank you, Thank You, Thank you, PBSO.”
Pro-PBSO protester Mary Lindsey, 61, said more people would have been with her if they had known the protest was happening. She said in Lake Worth PBSO had delivered the “gold standard” as far as community policing was concerned and applauded programs for Hispanics run by PBSO.

Collage from yesterday's "protest"...

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

From today's "protest"...

Protest today at 5:00 at LW Sheriff Department - District #14 PBSO

Click title for link to Facebook event announcement.
When it comes to the PBSO there is no love lost between them and our local Anarchist community led by Panagioti Tsolkas (EarthFirst!) and their affinity group, TWAC.

Here is just a partial list of who is "going", "maybe", and "invited":
Panagioti Tsolkas
Cara Jennings
Lynne Purvis (Elle Purv)
Rachel Waterman
EarthFirst Journal
Suki DeJong
Annabeth Karson
Lake Worth Chickens
Urban Growers Community Farm

This is Lake Worth Past rearing it's head up again. I'm sure our local Guatemalan/Mayan neighbors have issues with our PBSO. Yet, in my opinion joining forces with people like Panagioti Tsolkas is the wrong approach. Mr. Tsolkas is not the kind of person you go to and try to heal relationships. There are other ways to make change, if needed, without this sort of cry for attention.

Remember the positive aftermath of PBSO taking over police services in Lake Worth

Commissioner McVoy's comments from last night's (10/21) meeting re changes to the beach/Casino building

If you're planning a trip to Tallahassee next week,

Don't forget to visit Tallahassee Gun & Pawn! They have a huge collection of fine jewelry too. Here is how Tallahassee Gun & Pawn describes themselves:
"Tallahassee Gun & Pawn has been in this same location since 1984! We’re proud to be living and running a small business based on the principles this country was founded on and we want to keep it that way! Come see us in the bright yellow store front. 5 blocks south of the Capitol Building on South Monroe St. You can’t miss it."

Crime in the little town of Greenfield CA


300 Block OAK AV

Theft of Vehicle
600 Block WALKER LN

Breaking & Entering

Assault with Deadly Weapon
1200 Block APPLE AV & 13TH ST

Theft of Vehicle
100 Block 5TH ST

Breaking & Entering
200 Block 6TH ST

Gangs in Greenacres? Mayor, councilman spar about comments

Things got a little testy at the City of Greenacres council meeting between their Mayor and a council person. Councilman Pearce challenged Mayor Ferreri back in 2009. So, there is some history with these two. The comments concerned the amount of gang related activity in the city.
Mayor Samuel Ferreri angrily chastised Councilman Jonathan Pearce at Monday’s council meeting for comments the councilman made last month about the city having the No. 1 gang problem in Palm Beach County.
“I was offended by the comments and I know staff was offended,” Ferreri said. “I don’t believe the comments had a factual basis…and statements without a factual basis will not be tolerated. They are disruptive to our staff and our city.”
Pearce made the comment at the Sept. 15 council meeting in reference to the basketball courts possibly being moved at the community center on 501 Swain Blvd. Pearce said he didn’t want the courts placed along the road because he was concerned about potential drive-by shootings and gang activity.
After that meeting, Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office Spokeswoman Teri Barbera told The Palm Beach Post the city does have a gang problem, but the sheriff’s office sees bigger gang issues in West Palm Beach and Riviera Beach.

Palm Beach County supports building new baseball stadium - Sun Sentinel

The County Commission voted to allocate $135 million toward a new Spring Training baseball stadium project. The location of that stadium remains un-addressed but there are a handful that are still being considered. Click title for link. From the article:
Even before deciding where to build a new baseball stadium, Palm Beach Countycommissioners Tuesday endorsed spending up to $135 million on creating a local field of dreams intended to attract two more spring training teams.
The Houston Astros and Washington Nationals have proposed moving to Palm Beach County for spring training if the county will build a new baseball stadium and training facility that they could share.
Where to build the stadium remains unresolved, and how to pay for it still poses a hurdle to finalizing the deal.
But even with those uncertainties, the County Commission in a 5-2 vote Tuesday agreed to spend money on the new stadium and gave the teams the go-ahead to try to find a site to build.
"Let's do it already," Commissioner Shelley Vana said. "Let's play ball."

Planning board to study creating more parking options

The Town of Palm Beach Planning and Zoning board discusses the intricacies of providing parking in the commercial areas of the town. Click title for link. From the article:
Several members spoke in favor of researching the land available and the cost associated with building a parking garage.
“We’re not going to put in land fill and create more land on Palm Beach to put the cars,” Commissioner Carol Mack said. “The absolute problem is the lack of space. The only solution really is multi-tiered parking. Multi-level parking garages can be a thing of beauty. You can get very good architects to design them so that they’re not an eyesore.”
A garage could help solve an issue with retail employees, particularly on Worth Avenue, who often use the two-hour spaces instead of leaving them for customers. The board discussed several ways of regulating employee parking, including having the town require businesses to say how many employees they have and how they will provide parking for them before issuing a business-tax receipt.

Public Comment on non-Agendaed Items from last night's (10/21) City Commission meeting

Congratulations to Joyce Brown on receiving $51,000 of Community Foundation funds for low income seniors to access artistic opportunities through her gallery. That is at the beginning of the video. The Mulligan's folk's comments begin at about the 9:15 mark. Commissioner responses follow.

Commissioner Comments and Announcements from last night's meeting (10/21)

Two items to listen especially close to are the reports from Commissioner Szerdi from Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council and some of the review process related to All Aboard Florida. The other is from Mayor Triolo regarding joggling of project priorities related to road projects as planned by the Metropolitan Planning Organization. It turns out that Boutwell Road improvements related to the Lake Worth Park of Commerce was "bumped up" in priority - that's at about the 9 minute mark.

Some of the preliminaries from last night's (10/21) City Commission Meeting

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

We heard from Mulligan's tonight about issues with the Casino building/parking/operations

October 21, 2014 1:51 PM Heavy Rain and Flooding in Palm Beach

All residents are encouraged to stay inside due to heavy rain and localized flooding in the Town of Palm Beach. Additional alert updates will be sent.

No begging on buses, at ATMs under proposed Lake Worth...

Click title for Chris Persaud's prelude to tonight's City Commission meeting. This item seems to be drawing some attention. I'm not sure how enforcement of this would work. Click here for the full agenda packet.

Click here to hear what Mrs. McGiveron thinks about homeless here in Lake Worth.

Early voting up sharply in PBC

Click title for link to a short blurb in the Palm Beach Post this morning.
Monday’s first day of early voting in Palm Beach County drew 5,317 voters.
That’s a 32.5 percent increase over the first day of early voting in 2010, the last non-presidential election year, when 4,011 voters showed up in Palm Beach County.
Since Palm Beach County is a Democratic stronghold, the big increase is probably good news for Democrat Charlie Crist‘s bid to unseat Republican Gov. Rick Scott. The busiest early voting site was the Hagen Ranch Road Library, which is in the deep-blue south county.

Palm Beach County: More like Broward or neighbors to the north?

Click title for link to a Sun-Sentinel article on the topic. The debate about the "Broward-fication" of Palm Beach County has been going on for years. Back in the 1970s, when Palm Beach County joined the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council, it was part of the mantra that said we don't want to be another Broward County. I remember when I first moved here in 1989, there was a serious political debate about limiting Palm Beach County's population to under a million people. If we were to surpass that, we would surely be an urban county. We are now at around 1.4 million people and we do have a lot more in common with our neighboring counties to the south. Ignoring that would be at our peril. The negative reaction of the counties north of Palm Beach County to All Aboard Florida draws attention to this issue now.
A Palm Beach County identity crisis has local officials debating just how “South Florida” they want to be.
Is the county that stretches all the way from Jupiter to Boca Raton more like Stuart and the small-to-medium-town neighbors to the north? Or is Palm Beach County’s future more in line with Fort Lauderdale, Miami and the hustle and bustle to the south?
The debate stems from the Palm Beach County Commission proposing to withdraw from the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council and instead join the South Florida Regional Planning Council.
That would mean instead of collaborating with Martin County, St. Lucie County and Indian River County to plan for development’s regional growing pains, Palm Beach County would join forces with Broward, Miami-Dade and Monroe counties.

Port plans emergency dredging Tuesday

This activity will take place at the northernmost point of Palm Beach island. A good place to watch some of it would be the small park over-looking the inlet. Might be a good reason for a bike ride there and back today. Click title for link for the Shiny Sheet announcement.
Sand that has collected at the bottom of the Port of Palm Beach entrance channel has caused the need for an emergency dredge beginning Tuesday.
A contractor with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is scheduled to begin dredging by noon, according to Port spokeswoman Julie Houston Trieste. The contractor will operate over a 24-hour period to complete the maintenance work, which involves lights and noise, she said.
The Lake Worth Inlet has experienced severe shoaling over the past several weeks, prompting the Palm Beach Pilots’ Association to issue draft restrictions last week. Boats can’t sink below 25 feet in some areas.
Photo courtesy Palm Beach Reef Rescue

For anyone planning a trip to Tallahassee next week...

I suggest you try to arrive there on Monday, a day before your special appointment. You're a lucky guy cause: It's All You Can Eat (AYCE) crab legs at Crystal River Seafood! After a long drive up the peninsula, you can pamper yourself with luscious crab legs, dripping with soothing hot butter and the sweet smells of the sea like no other. As they say, you haven't lived until you had your fill of crab legs at Crystal River Seafood! Here is their website.

Here is a review off of TripAdvisor:
If for some reason you can't make it to Tallahassee on Monday for those gigantic, savory, delicious crab legs don't be upset. Crystal River Seafood has a 10% off coupon for you on their website.

See you there in your most garish outfit and 1970's style hat! Take a picture and share it with your friends and neighbors.

Even so, there are still a lot a chickens, and a few roosters, out there

From the Tom McGow archives

Monday, October 20, 2014

From: Employee to Entrepreneur--The Employee's Guide to Entrepreneurial Success (page 27)

I hope that you all have your own copies of this book. The Author: Former City of Lake Worth commissioner Suzanne Mulvehill, MBA.
"I hate preparing budgets and here I am still doing them. No one even knows that I don't like doing this job. It's time for me to speak up, be brave and stop doing what I don't like doing."
It seems that she got her wish! To get your own copy, follow this link to  Only $21.45, but you can used and other new books for less than $7.

From Facebook: I wonder what show this would be?

“Operation Green Light” waives collections fees for Palm Beach County citations


“Operation Green Light” waives collections fees for Palm Beach County citations 

WEST PALM BEACH, FLA. (October 20, 2014) – If you’ve got an overdue Palm Beach County traffic ticket, the Clerk & Comptroller’s office is giving you a break by putting the brakes on collection fees – for one day only!

The Clerk’s office is offering convenient Saturday hours and opening two offices to the public for “Operation Green Light” on November 8. This special program allows anyone with a Palm Beach County traffic ticket assigned to a collection agency to pay that ticket in full without paying the 40 percent collections surcharge. They will also be able to restore their driving privileges which may have been suspended, once the outstanding fines and late fees are paid.

“We know there are thousands of people with overdue Palm Beach County traffic tickets. As a result, many are driving with suspended licenses,” said Clerk Sharon Bock. “Operation Green Light is a chance for people to pay their fine without paying the 40 percent collections surcharge, and the opportunity to restore their driving privileges. By opening on a Saturday, we’re making it convenient for those who need it.”

Late fees will not be waived, but anyone paying overdue tickets during Operation Green Light won’t have to pay collections surcharges. That’s a savings of $82.40 on a $206 ticket for going 10-15 mph over the speed limit. 

“Operation Green Light” is scheduled from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, November 8 at two convenient locations: the South County Courthouse, 200 W. Atlantic Avenue, Delray Beach and at the Palm Beach County Criminal Justice Complex, 3228 Gun Club Road, West Palm Beach. 

Payments in full will be accepted by cash, check, money order or credit card. 
Learn more about Operation Green Light at

The Florida Constitution established the independent office of the Clerk & Comptroller as a public trustee, responsible for safeguarding public records and public funds. Clerk Sharon Bock is directly elected by and accountable to Palm Beach County residents. In addition to the roles of Clerk of the Circuit Court, County Recorder and Clerk of the Board of County Commissioners, the Clerk & Comptroller is the Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer and Auditor for Palm Beach County.

Large Metros Have Generated the Lion's Share of Employment Since the Great Recession - CityLab

Even though some live within the fantasy that Lake Worth exists solely in and of itself, independent of any other city, we are part of a metropolitan area of almost 6 million people. Click title for a link to an article that equates economic and job growth after the recession to the size of a metropolitan area. Larger, more dense ones are performing better economically. The embedded link above confirms this so far this decade, at least in terms of population growth. From the article:
More recently, the pattern may have returned to more normal conditions that seem to favor large metros. “[G]ood economic things—agglomeration effects, knowledge spillovers, clustering, etc.—happen in certain locations, which are usually bigger cities,” Lehner adds.
Larger metros, it seems, are the main beneficiaries from the ongoing clustering of talent, industry and investment that are part and parcel of our increasingly spiky and unequal geography.
I think that the more that we realize we are part of the regional economy, we will do better with job and investment creation locally in Lake Worth.

Bryant Park Neighborhood Association meeting - Today, Monday, Oct. 20th at 7:00PM

BPNA meeting - Monday, Oct. 20th at 7:00PM. Glass House bldg located at the corner of 1st Avenue South and Golfview Road.

Guest Speakers: Q&A Session with City Mgr. - Michael Bornstein, Comm. John Szerdi and Comm. Andy Amoroso. Home

Click title for link to a comprehensive and official website about the Florida Capital complex. Information on tours and history are all there for you on this convenient source of information. If you are attending a hearing there, you are there anyway, be sure to look around and make the most of your visit!

Tickets for this event are already scarce!

Contact your Neighborhood Association on availability.

Do you remember this letter?

If you've been around Lake Worth for awhile you'll remember this letter from the Department of Housing and Urban Development to Joan Oliva, the Executive Director of the Lake Worth CRA. Note that this was $23,237,500 that would have gone to another community in the United States were it not for the CRA's hard work and gumption that allowed them to have the CRA apply for it themselves. That's right. Nearly $24 million dollars went to our community to improve its physical housing stock, and to help families and individuals find decent, affordable housing.
Note that the city commission and city manager at the time were opposed to this grant coming to Lake Worth. Why? You'll have to ask some of the high-achievers on the Commission in 2009 why that was the case.

Great news Lake Worthians!

AnnaMaria Windisch-Hunt is back. She has a very nice post with pictures and some comments from visitors and new residents about our charming city. AnnaMaria also has a picture from the NSP2 home dedication last Friday. Check out her blog here and wish her the best. She also happened by the Cottages meeting last night at the golf course and we got to sit together for a while.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Pool Side. The Colony Hotel, Palm Beach, 1961

Photo courtesy of Slim Aarons.

In today's Sunday edition of Palm Beach Post...

In today's Post, there is a very interesting article about a community health event in Lake Worth at the Shuffleboard Courts. Also worth noting is the reporter who wrote the article, Liz Balmaseda. Ms. Balmaseda is the recipient of not one, but two Pulitzer Prizes for reporting. You can read about her extensive career here.

From the article in today's Palm Beach Post, click title for link:
At first glance, the small community health fair set up in the Lake Worth Shuffleboard Courts Saturday seemed a simple collection of information booths, medical displays and pamphlets.
But this effort by Palm Beach Atlantic University’s Lloyd L. Gregory School of Pharmacy was quite a big deal to Saul Lopez, an uninsured farmworker concerned about his blood sugar, his blood pressure and a flash of localized pain.
[Later in article...]
Mara Martinez, a community outreach worker with the Guatemalan-Maya Center in Lake Worth, says sometimes an undocumented immigrant’s hesitation in speaking to medical workers is rooted in a simple language barrier.
“There’s a lot of fear. When they are asked if they are a ‘resident,’ they may not understand they’re simply being asked if they live here, not if they have a green card,” said Martinez, who staffed the center’s colorfully decorated table at the fair. “This is why events like this are so important.”

Lake Worth's Fab Five getting in the Halloween mood...

Click here for a portion of the Vermont Governor debate that is getting some attention.

Does candidate Cris Ericson remind you of anyone here in Lake Worth?

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