Saturday, August 27, 2016

More community "news you can use": Long-awaited exhibit open to the public at the Cultural Council in Lake Worth

For the online edition use this link. Print edition comes out each Friday. Pick one up at 600 Lake Ave. across the street from Paws on the Avenue.
Below is an excerpt from the article titled, "PBC Cultural Council Hosts Works by Armory Artists" (links added). 

     Starting August 26 [yesterday], visitors to the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County [601 Lake Ave. in Downtown Lake Worth] will get the first look at new and unseen work by 42 talented artists from the Armory Art Center. All artists in this show, selections from the Armory Art Center, are current faculty members at the Center. “The Armory Art Center is a special place for Palm Beach County artists and for the Cultural Council,” said Nichole M. Hickey, manager of artist services at the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County.

For hours, parking, and directions to the Cultural Council use this link.

Friday, August 26, 2016

VIDEOS—Watch for yourself what happened: Lake Worth's 'Pothole' Workshop, yesterday, Thursday, 8/25*

The reason I take these videos of Lake Worth City meetings (2 videos below) is for the public to see for themselves what happened, what was said, etc. For example, instead of a reporter's account (or "spin") about what occurred, you can bypass all that by going to the source: the actual video sans any commentary or opinion.

If you're short on time check back later and will highlight important parts of the meeting with minute marks. This was a Commission Workshop so there was no public comment. However, the Post's beat reporter wrote this:
Public comment was not allowed. The meeting lasted 35 minutes.
If you get the idea the public was denied the right to speak that's very misleading. This was a Commission Workshop. Not a "Regular" City Commission meeting. And this is also misleading:
     “We’re asking the public to shell out money for 30 years on roads that will start declining in 15 years,” he [Commissioner McVoy] said. “Does the public have confidence that their money will be well spent?”
     Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell noted how if the asphalt is maintained, the roads should be fine for longer than 15 years.
The reporter writes, "should be fine"? Nonsense.

Responding to Vice Mayor Maxwell's questions, the City's expert tasked with evaluating the roads clearly explained how a road, if properly maintained, can last for 30 years or more. You can listen to that yourself in the videos below.

And just wait until you hear Jamie Brown, the City's Director of Public Services, explain how past City Commissions, starting in 2008 up until 2012, some years flush with cash, ignored all the potholes. Ergo why we're in the situation we're in right now.

Without further ado the videos and, as always, Thank You for visiting my blog: *To receive updates when new videos are available use this link to my YouTube channel and then click on the red "Subscribe" button.

Today, August 26th, is the 2 year anniversary since the "LW2020" Bond vote failed. Been down North 'J' Street lately?

That's right. Two years. Many of our streets could have been fixed already or well on their way to being fixed, including North 'J' Street on the way to Publix. And 2 years later the critics of the upcoming referendum on November 8th still don't have a plan to fix our streets. So what happened on August 26th, 2014 and why did that bond vote fail by just 25 votes? Let's take a look back:
One reason why, because of 'concerns' about sea level rise, Commissioner Chris McVoy, PhD, campaigned against the City's 2014 bond. The next time you go to Publix, commissioner, try taking North 'J' Street.
You'll learn why the bond vote failed later in this blog post. But first read the laughable hypocrisy of this recent letter published in the Palm Beach Post:
McNamara was one of the most vocal opponents of the LW2020 Bond that would have upgraded 1st Ave South and many other roads too. If he was hoping to elicit empathy from his fellow Lake Worth residents. . .
Anyhow, back on topic, if you happen to live in Lake Worth and sea level rise is a concern for you, know that the LW2020 bond, had it passed, would have brought this City up to current infrastructure standards that take sea levels into account.

The "LW2020" bond vote would have gone a long way towards solving this issue and many others by bringing our City up to modern infrastructure standards. By just 25 votes it failed. That failure to pass the bond was also due to a former Lake Worth mayor from many years ago who now lives in Atlantis, Mr. Dennis Dorsey. He started a PAC called, ironically, "Citizens Against Unfair Taxation" (or CAUT) along with a City resident named Katie McGiveron.
Do you remember these signs courtesy of CAUT? Remember when North 'J' Street north of Publix had these signs all up and down the street?
We have yet to hear a plan from the critics to fix our streets that's better then the bond proposed in 2014 but in an interesting twist, when Mayor Pam Triolo, Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell, and Commissioner Amoroso take the long ride to Tallahassee for money to fix these issues, they were criticized for that too by many who lobbied against the bond.

The bond to fix the roads and infrastructure failed by just 25 votes. I never did get around to congratulating Mr. Dorsey on his win. Mr. Dorsey, who lives in the fine, well-kept city of Atlantis funded the effort to kill the bond. Katie McGiveron ran the ground campaign to confuse and mislead the public and she won. I forgot to congratulate her too.

I hope Dorsey and McGiveron didn't hit a pothole on their way out of town after their victory party because a streetlight wasn't working. The City is doing what it can to fix that too. But congratulations Mr. Dorsey: all that money you spent paid off. The question is: Who really was the winner in that 2014 vote? We all know who the loser is though: the City of Lake Worth.
Katie McGiveron (in white "Frank McAlonan" shirt) and Mr. Dorsey (in dark shirt next to her) at a candidate forum leading up to elections last March. Everyone hopes they made it safely out of town without damaging any tires or shocks.

The next time you hear about "Dark Skies" in Lake Worth remember the video of Los Angeles below

There are more than a few LED lights in this video of Los Angeles and a lot of non-LED lights too. We don't hear complaints any more about our new LED lights here in Lake Worth after the initial nonsensical claims the new lights will make you sick or confuse drivers sending them crashing all throughout the City.

The good news is the public is quite pleased with the new lighting and these LED lights are Dark Skies compliant. Enjoy this amazing video and learn more how it came to be using this link.
LA Light from Colin Rich on Vimeo.

And it continues. . . False news reports by news media of events/crime "in Lake Worth" that did not occur in Lake Worth*

September 3rd and another added to the list (see below). August 26th was a real bad day for news reporting. It's too bad, NBC5/WPTV is usually the most accurate of all the TV news. And it's also too bad the City of Lake Worth's image has to keep taking unfair hits from the news media. Anyhow. . .

This is a list that's compiled starting from April 6th, 2016.† Instead of featuring each individual false news report will just add them to the list.

Many in the news media, especially the TV news, can't grasp the concept that a "Lake Worth" zip code doesn't make that location "in Lake Worth". So many in the public are being confused about what is the City of Lake Worth and what is not. Locations outside the City should be referred to as "suburban Lake Worth".

Here is the list:
  • April 6th, ABC25/WPBF reporter Ari Hait, man runs over teenager, slams car into house. Falsely reported as occurring in Lake Worth.
  • April 8th, CBS12/WPEC reporter Gary Detman, carjacking victim found dead. Falsely reported as occurring in Lake Worth.
  • April 17th, CBS12 staff report, person shot near Rudolph Rd. That area is not "in Lake Worth".
  • April 17th, "Person injured in Lake Worth shooting". Same incident as item above and wrong location given by NBC5/WPTV "Webteam".
  • April 29th, CBS12/WPEC reporter Gary Detman again, robbery outside church on Hypoluxo Rd. There is no "Hypoluxo Rd." in City of Lake Worth.
  • And after a long stretch. . .
  • May 29th, ABC25/WPBF staff report, "Deputies investigate suspicious death in Lake Worth", that didn't happen in Lake Worth.
  • May 29th, NBC5/WPTV reporters Monica Magalhaes and Austin Carter, "Deputies investigating suspicious death in Lake Worth", again, not in Lake Worth.
  • May 30th, ABC25/WPBF staff report, "Deputies investigate shots fired in Lake Worth", in "the 4300 block of Gretchen Place". You would think the '4300' number would be their first clue. But then again, this is WPBF.
  • June 1st, ABC25/WPBF staff report, "One person rushed to hospital after nearly drowning", at 6000 block of Via Bernardi at the Villaggio Clubhouse. Not even close to Lake Worth.
  • June 7th, ABC25/WPBF staff report, "Teenager jumps off turnpike overpass after car chase". The Turnpike doesn't go through Lake Worth. 
  • June 7th, CBS12's Victoria Price, "Car chase suspect jumps off Turnpike overpass" in "Western Lake Worth". There's no such thing as "Western Lake Worth". That location is correctly called "Suburban Lake Worth". It's either in the City or it's not.
  • June 11th, ABC25/WPBF reporter Chennell Ramos, "Man arrested in woman's homicide in Lake Worth". There is no Blanchette Trail in Lake Worth. 
  • June 11th, NBC5/WPTV reporter Monica Magalhaes makes same reporting error as above, "Arrest made in connection to woman's body found in Lake Worth". 
  • June 11th, Palm Beach Post's Hannah Winston, "Miami-area man arrested in death of woman found near Lake Worth". Near Lake Worth? Not even close. Near Wellington is more like it.
  • June 11th, CBS12/WPEC's Lynda Figueredo, "No bond for Miami man charged in suspicious Lake Worth area murder". Like ABC25, CBS12 is clueless.
  • June 15th, WPTV's Webteam, "Train accident involving pedestrian in Lake Worth" on Lantana Road. Hello. 
  • June 19th, reporter Sierra Darville, "Safe evacuation from a house fire in Lake Worth". Did you see any smoke in Lake Worth? Of course not when it's on 5000 block of Michlar Dr.
  • June 25th, CBS12 reporter Mike Magnoli's 'news' isn't criminal but. . . "Those trying to get winning snapshots [for Lake Worth Lagoon photo contest] shouldn't get too close to the algae." Ramping up hysteria for what? A few ratings points?
  • June 29th, NBC5's Alyssa Hyman, "The SFWMD says algae blooms in the canal are normal, especially this time of year." But speculation gets fueled anyhow sans the facts
  • July 5th, ABC25/WPBF's Whitney Burbank, "Lake Worth home damaged in fire" happened nowhere close to Lake Worth. Note that Post and NBC5 got location correct: Suburban Lake Worth.
  • July 5th, same incident above, wrong location from CBS12/WPEC's Jillian Brynne, "Lake Worth home suffers major damage from fire". Pretty sad isn't it?
  • June 30th: From a blog reader, missed this one from CBS12's Sierra Darville: Carjacking "in Lake Worth last night at Hypoluxo Road and Jog Road." Don't they have editors or a map at WPEC? Then the next day. . .
  • July 1st, CBS12's Gary Detman gets it wrong too, "The chase started Wednesday night in Lake Worth". The City of Lake Worth deserves better than CBS12/WPEC. 
  • July 12th, Palm Beach Post reporters Olivia Hitchcock and Chelsea Todaro, ". . . person was taken to the hospital Monday morning after bitten by a snake in Lake Worth . . . incident occurred in a neighborhood near Park Ridge Golf Course" which is west of the Turnpike. Hello.
  • July 11th, same false news as above from ABC25/WPBF, "A person was bitten by a snake Monday morning in Lake Worth."
  • July 21st, ABC25's Brandon Lopez, "Woman arrested for damaging Lake Worth convenience store" on Military Trail. Military Trail doesn't go through Lake Worth. Does WPBF have a spare map laying around for Brandon?
  • July 27th, Olivia Hitchcock at Palm Beach Post, "LAKE WORTH — A woman looking to buy narcotics was pistol-whipped. . .", ". . .on Lantana Road west of Jog Road." Pretty sad, isn't it? And the Post is a 'paper of record'?
  • And after a long stretch. . .
  • August 26th, Scott Sutton at NBC5, "PBSO investigating body found in a truck in Lake Worth". Wrong. Not "in Lake Worth". Sutton should read the article in the Post.
  • August 26th (same incident as above), Sanika Dange at ABC25, "Man found dead in Lake Worth". No surprise here. WPBF is clueless. 
  • September 3rd, Sierra Darville at CBS12, "Fatal motorcycle crash in Lake Worth"? No. This was at Lantana and Jog. See July 27th above. Don't newsrooms have maps?
*In some cases news reports in the past have been corrected after the reporter/editor was informed of the error. The list above only reflects the day the error occurred, although the news segment may have been corrected at a later date if you click the links above. I hope that makes sense.
Note: It's not possible to catch every error by the media, so if one is missed send me an email and will add that to the list (my email is in the right-hand column of this blog).

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Palm Beach Post headline today (8/24), front page, above the fold: "CASINO QUANDARY: Lake Worth's pool could face shuthown"

This is old news, folks. Most of you paying attention knew about this two (2) weeks ago since it was reported in The Lake Worth Herald and on this blog. This BIG NEWS in the Post is from the City's August 9th Budget Workshop. Not exactly what you'd expect to see below the banner on the front page. But. . .

Did you know the pool WAS SHUT DOWN before? It's true. Happened in 2010:
Our precious amenity at the BEACH!, the Lake Worth municipal pool, was shut down to save money. JoAnn Golden was a commissioner in the City then and so was current Commissioner McVoy. Our precious pool wasn't making enough money to stay open, you see. Later on those same 'visionaries' decided on a new Casino complex that's been hemorrhaging money (and rain water) ever since.

When the majority led by Mayor Pam Triolo took the lead to fix all this the 'visionaries' then told the public the pool had to open at any cost. Question: If the pool was such a precious amenity in their minds why did they close it in 2010? Answer: They don't care about the pool one bit. It's the political "gotcha" and opportunism that's important to them.
Image from the file, "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em."
Oh, and then there's this:
Look in the right-hand column for this "check". How many potholes could all this money have fixed?

Meet Jeff Clemens TODAY and Sun Sentinel editorial board says: "Jeff Clemens best choice in Florida Senate District 31"

Callaro's Steak House is located at 717 Lake Ave. in Downtown Lake Worth.
The latest video message from State Senator Jeff Clemens: The strong endorsement by the Sun Sentinel is below. The Palm Beach Post also endorsed Jeff but I didn't make a big deal of that on this blog. Sometimes it's hard to tell if it helps or hurts. Anyhow, the Sun Sentinel endorsement is below but first another message from Jeff:

"Dear friends. I'm going to be brutally honest with you. I need your help. There are volunteer opportunities seven days a week. It would mean the world to me if you could spare a small amount of time. Please call Field Coordinator Justin T. Atkins at 561-670-1037 or use this link to volunteer. Thank you!"

"Let Jeff Serve!" Return him to Tallahassee. Clemens, if you didn't know, is in line to be the next leader of the Democrats in the Florida Senate.
Contact information for Jeff's Field Director Justin Atkins: 
  • Via Facebook
  • Call 561-670-1037
  • Email:
"SUN SENTINEL: Jeff Clemens best choice in Florida Senate District 31" [two excerpts]

     "The biggest mystery in the Florida Senate began playing out last month in Palm Beach County-based District 31.
     Why would State Rep. Irv Slosberg run in the new district when he doesn't live there? Why would he challenge fellow Democrat Jeff Clemens, who was elected to the Senate in 2012 and is scheduled to be his party's leader in 2018? Why didn't Slosberg run in District 29, where he lives, as he had filed to do?"

[and. . .] 

     'More important, Clemens is a better candidate — for the district, which runs from Delray Beach to Lake Worth and west roughly to the Florida Turnpike, and for the state."

And then there's this:

TODAY: "The Future of Energy", film showing at Village of Palm Springs Council Chambers and panel discussion

Please join us for this year's final showing of the powerful documentary, The Future of Energy, at the Village of Palm Springs Council Chambers. Relax and socialize with Palm Beach County Planning Congress members and guests, while earning free AICP CM credits (free for Planning Congress members only).

The Village of Palm Springs Village Hall is located immediately east of Davis Road between Forest Hill Blvd and 10th Ave. North.
  • Event FREE for paid 2016 Palm Beach County Planning Congress members
  • $10 for non-members and guests
  • To RSVP use this link 
Movie Summary: The Future of Energy is a powerful documentary that captures the movement across the United States to transition to renewable energy and what everyday people are doing to help foster that shift.
  • 5:30: Meet & Greet (Light hors d'oeuvres and drinks will be provided) 
  • 6:00: Film screening
  • 7:00: Panel discussion and Q&A
Doug Coward: Director of Solar Energy Loan Fund (SELF) and former St. Lucie County Commissioner
George Cavros: Attorney at Law focusing on protecting the public interest in the areas of energy and environment
Penni Redford: Sustainability Manager for the City of West Palm Beach, FL.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A reminder: Two very important meetings in Lake Worth this week and how to watch meetings Live Streaming

Here is how to watch these meetings Live Streaming:
  • At 6:00 use this link to the City's website
  • Look on right side of the page for "Video of Public Meetings" and click
  • Video doesn't appear?
  • Wait a few minutes and try again (sometimes meetings start a little late)
Want to watch this meeting or any meeting after it's over? Use this link and scroll down to the date and click on "Video". And, of course, if I attend that meeting you can watch titled segments on my YouTube channel. Click the red "subscribe" button to get updates when new videos are available.

Today (Tuesday, August 23rd) is Budget Work Session #4 (see agenda below) and Thursday is the "Pothole Workshop". It's going to be a busy week. Hopefully one of Commissioner Chris McVoy's supporters will remind him about this week's meetings:
July 12th: McVoy missed Finance Director Marie Elianor's first presentation on the Fiscal Year 2017 Budget.
August 16th: He missed another City Commission meeting. The "Living Shoreline" and mangroves were discussed as well as the new ban on selling packaged alcohol after 10 p.m.
You see, when McVoy misses a meeting all the other elected, staff, and the public have to listen to question after question because he missed the previous meeting. He's legendary for not reading the backup prior to a meeting anyhow so his absence just compounds the problem.

To make matters even more befuddling for the public, McVoy doesn't even explain why he missed City meetings. For instance, Mayor Pam Triolo missed a City Commission meeting last April and we were quick to discover why:
Mayor Pam Triolo (second from right) had a scheduling conflict, as you can see in the image above.
Here is the agenda for the meeting tomorrow:

City Commission Budget Work Session #4
Tuesday, August 23rd at 6:00
1. Roll Call
2. Pledge of Allegiance
3. Updates/Future Action/Direction
A. Fiscal Year 2017 Budget Overview
1) Fiscal Year Budget Review of all funds
2) Review of Capital Improvement Plan (Fiscal Years 2017–2021)
3) Fiscal Year 2017 Comprehensive Annual Fee Schedule - changes from Fiscal Year 2016
4. Adjournment

Back to my YouTube channel, a very informative video to watch is City Attorney Glen Torcivia's explanation of the "Sunshine Law":

TOMORROW: Bypass media spin about Dr. Robert Avossa, Superintendent of the PBC School District

Use this link to register for the "Back-to-School Breakfast" hosted by the Chamber of Commerce of the Palm Beaches and hear Dr. Avossa for yourself. From promotional material for the event is more information:

     The Chamber's annual Back-to-School Breakfast, sponsored by Hulett Environmental Services and Keiser University, will be held on Wednesday, Aug. 24th (7:00 a.m. coffee and networking; 7:45 a.m.–9 a.m. breakfast) at the Palm Beach County Convention Center.
     The keynote speaker will be Dr. Robert Avossa, Superintendent of the Palm Beach County School District. Dr. Avossa has completed his first year as Palm Beach County Schools Superintendent in the 11th largest school district in the country.
     The Superintendent will provide an update about the reforms to the public school system operations and other changes made in his first 12 months. He will also address the upcoming one-cent sales tax vote in November.

Event contact information: Donald Burgess at 561-833-3711 ext. 223.

On the subject of schools in Palm Beach County, are the schools in Lake Worth of interest to you? Then watch this video of School Board Member Erica Whitfield giving an update to the Lake Worth City Commission, now the 3rd most-viewed all-time video on my Lake Worth YouTube channel:

[UPDATE] PBC League of Cities at Lake Worth Casino: The upcoming Cottages of Lake Worth book is highlighted

The news today in Florida Politics is Boca Raton's Mayor Susan Haynie was elected president of the Florida League of Cities:

     “We all recognize that the best government is the one closest to the people,” she said in a statement. “Working together through the Florida League of Cities, we can enhance the single most important function of government—protecting our citizens.”
     Haynie’s signature policy initiative for her term will be “Safe Cities, Safe Florida,” she said.

If she's ever in the area it would be a pleasure to show Susan Haynie around the little City of Lake Worth. Below is news about a recent Palm Beach County League of Cities gathering in the City:
To subscribe to the newsletter "Worth Noting" use this link. It's free and delivered to your email inbox.
Interestingly, this news item from the City was only picked up locally by The Lake Worth Herald and, of course, this blog. For the entire news article about the recent meeting of the PBC League of Cities at the Casino use this link. Below are excerpts:

     The City of Lake Worth was pleased to welcome the Palm Beach County League of Cities back once again, to host its July meeting. More than 180 officials and guests gathered at the City’s trendy Casino Building and Beach Complex where they mingled, enjoyed lunch and a packed meeting program.
     To a backdrop of a video that showcased Lake Worth’s historical charm, arts and cultural flair and recreational offerings, Robert Shalhoub, League of Cities President and Mayor of Town of Lake Clarke Shores, facilitated the agenda.
     “It’s such a pleasure to come home…I grew up on this beach,” said Mayor Shalhoub. “I love Lake Worth for its culture and universal appeal and am thankful that it hasn’t lost its charm.”

[and. . .]

Following the opening of the program, Lake Worth Mayor Pam Triolo welcomed attendees and spoke about the City’s consistent history of residents stepping up with grassroots, volunteer efforts to forge progress and improvements.
This book has come a long way. How long? Read Post reporter Lona O'Connor's article about The Cottages from November 10th, 2013.
     In a present-day example, Mayor Triolo introduced Lake Worth resident Janice Snearer who gave a special presentation about one such volunteer-led initiative – The Cottages of Lake Worth. In this true grassroots effort, a small group of dedicated residents organized, formed a nonprofit and garnered three grants to save and promote the renovation of 1,000 historic structures in the City.

[and. . .]

     Mr. Roger Hendrix was recognized by Mayor Triolo for his advocacy and leadership on behalf of The Cottages. The eclectic, unique collection were nestled in Lake Worth neighborhoods for decades but singled out by Hendrix as historical icons when he first moved to the city. 
This book full of wonderful photographs will astound you. To learn more and how to pre-order (save $5) use this link.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Correspondent Claire Perez with excellent review of CWS Bar + Kitchen in Downtown Lake Worth

To read the entire review by Claire Perez, quite lengthy and detailed, use this link. Below are two excerpts and information "If You Go":

      When 3-J Hospitality founder Jeff John and partners Jarred John and Brian Freed were scouting an expansion location for Stache, their 1920s-speakeasy-inspired concept, they looked beyond their Broward County roots and headed north to Lake Worth. The group made an industry splash in 2004 when it launched a multilevel entertainment complex in downtown Fort Lauderdale, now home to concert venue Revolution Live and nightclubs America's Backyard and Stache. In May, after much community anticipation and chatter, CWS Bar + Kitchen opened in downtown Lake Worth, in a spot previously occupied by Cottage restaurant. The monogram, short for "Charles William Stache," is based on a fictional character from the Prohibition era created by the owners.

[and. . .]

     The restaurant's tag, "Damn Glad To Meet You," is stamped on waitstaff T-shirts, wall art and the website. It feels authentic. Service is relaxed, friendly and attentive. Hands-on general manager Anthony Savoia keeps a watchful eye on the flow and makes the rounds speaking with each table. It's a smart move, and a hospitable touch.
     CWS is a culinary feather in the downtown dining district's cap. I'll be back on a clear night for pork-belly sliders and, I hope, a vodka South Side.

Also from the review. . . IF YOU GO:

CWS Bar + Kitchen
522 Lucerne Ave., Lake Worth
Cuisine: Modern American
Cost: Moderate
Hours: Tuesday-Sunday light breakfast (Panther coffee and Danish), Tuesday-Sunday dinner, Sunday brunch. Open Monday nights starting Sept. 12 to coincide with football.
Bar: Full
Sound level: Conversational
Parking: Complimentary valet, street parking

And. . .
If you remember, say Thank You to the good folks at CWS Bar + Kitchen for being a sponsor at our Raft Race this year.

Remember the ITN to fix all the problems at the Lake Worth Casino and pool? On second thought, not such a bad idea?

Note: The City's next Budget Work Session is next Tuesday. Check back for how to watch the meeting Live Streaming and for new information.

The Invitation to Negotiate (ITN) began nearly two years ago and then became something most everyone wanted to forget, until recently. But now if you follow the logic of Commissioner Ryan Maier it's not such a bad idea after all. Nearly everyone following the last City Budget Work Session (see below) recognizes new ideas are needed to fix the failed Casino business model. That's what the ITN was: a public invitation to bring ideas.

The City's Budget Work Session on August 9th woke everyone up. On Saturday, August 6th, penned this blog post about the upcoming work session and reminded everyone about all the issues at the beach including the fact there is still no permanent Certificate of Occupancy. I also reminded everyone all these problems could have been avoided had a previous plan for the beach been given serious consideration: Greater Bay.
The public was never allowed to examine this plan. But it did end up costing taxpayers millions of dollars in legal fees and a settlement. This plan had a new building, new pool, and a parking garage.
The ITN went out to the world in September of 2014. The City basically said we have problems at the Casino/pool and need help. Three entities responded to the request. Meetings were held between respondents to the ITN throughout the late part of 2014 and the early part of 2015. This, of course, all happening during an election cycle. There were claims of secret meetings (untrue) and deals being cut to give away the City's beach (which can't happen).
It was about that time, in late 2014, these signs began popping up from SRS.
Finally, at the end of April 2015, the ITN selection committee made its recommendations. Then the drama began and the cry to "Save Our Beach" went into hyperdrive:
The propaganda: "SHOCK!", "SHOCK II!", "SHOCK III!".
Almost two years later after the ITN began we still have a vacant second floor 'restaurant' space. Design and construction issues related to the building have prevented consideration of that space for a serious tenant. The "breathtaking" view is being used for staff space to run the ballroom functions and for the storage of tables/chairs for the ballroom. No one thought of storage space during the planning process for our "charming" Casino. Unbelievable but true.

And no one really thought how the pool was going to fit into the whole equation and even closed it beginning in 2010, only to be opened again by the new Commission which was elected in 2011. The pool is a "drain" (get it?) on the financial operation of the beach. General accessibility to the Casino building and the loading/unloading requirements are another flaw of the current design.

So here we are, August 2016, and all the problems we had in September 2014 are still problems today. That's why elections are important:
A happy day. No one is smiling any more.