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Teaser video from Pridefest today - show up tomorrow for the parade!

Larry the Lenz at Pridefest today...

We understand that he is preparing a big shoot on Sunday. Traditionally, after the parade is the best time to be at Bryant Park.

Keep Lake Worth Quirky | Lake Worth every minute

Click title for link to AnnaMaria Windisch's blog where she has a post giving examples of how fast houses are selling in Lake Worth.

Decker vs. the City of Lake Worth

Yesterday afternoon, I went to the Palm Beach County courthouse to attend the hearing on the motion to dismiss by the City of Lake Worth. The lawsuit results from the city not sending the certified results of the election and the charter change that resulted from it. The major reason the city did not is that in 2013, the state legislature passed HB 537 which rendered such elections retroactively "null and without legal effect" those that had taken place after June 2011. The complaint is a writ of mandamus which, if successful, would force the city to send the results to the State of Florida.
The city was represented by Christy Goddeau who is with the Glenn Torcivia law firm. Ms. Decker is being represented by Ralf Brookes. Mr. Brookes is a well-known land use attorney who champions the side of those in opposition to development. In fact, I have worked with Mr. Brookes on two such cases in the past.

Upon entering the courtroom along with two other Lake Worthians interested in the process, there were already a dozen people seated there. Among the most notable were AnnaBeth Karson, who sat at the left knee of Commissioner McVoy. Immediately behind him was former Commissioner Jo-Ann Golden - who perhaps is funding the effort since her family owns Golden Paints? We just don't really know - unless Ms. Decker has her own vast resources from which to pull. And the city is on the hook to defend itself, which means that the taxpayers are responsible for funding the defense.
Mr. Brookes, however, made it clear that this action is filed by Laurel Decker as an individual and as chairman of the committee that put together the petition. (It should be noted that the committee filed its termination report 8 or so months ago.) Also there was intrepid "reporter" Lynn Anderson, and sitting in the prime front seats were none other than Laurence McNamara and his lovely wife Dee. There were other characters there and I will refrain from identifying them here, but they all had familiar faces.

The city questioned the "standing" of Ms. Decker claiming that she hadn't been harmed in any tangible way by the inaction of the city and she had other legal remedies available to her like striking down the retroactive portion of HB 537.

The city argued that the passage of the measure limiting height in the downtown came soon after the city adopted its comprehensive plan. The petition drive and election were caused by the adoption of the plan and designed to further restrict heights in the downtown. The city held that the comprehensive plan was the supreme document that regulates land use in the city and would have to be changed in order meet the height requirements of the referendum. Essentially, it was a backhand way to limit heights in the city, but in light of the retroactive provision of HB 537, the results of the election were "null and had no legal effect." And therefore, this complaint should be dismissed.
Mr. Brookes argued that the petition and ballot measure were explicitly written to not include reference to the comprehensive plan and it was just a charter amendment to a charter which already contained language limiting height. He cited other examples of case law to support this position.
Judge McCarthy was a quirky sort. We heard him say that he is not with the electronic world around him and that his cellphone had a rotary dial. He also said he learned COBOL and FORTRAN in 1964 and both were obsolete in 1965. He said he hasn't touched a computer since. He asked questions to both sides. He did say that he was a former Mayor of Lake Clark Shores and that he was aware of how land use was regulated in Florida and familiar with the way municipal charters work.

Cryptically, at the end of the arguments put forth by both sides, he said that regardless of his decision, he would "likely not be the last judge to hear this case." He asked that both sides put together final orders to their liking and he will use those as a basis for his decision. He asked that the draft final orders get to him within 15 days. Afterwards, I suggested all of us get a group picture taken. That didn't go over too well.

Two Channel 12 TV spots from the past week...

These seem to be more even-handed.

Click here for one on the city's abandoned house inventory.

Click here for one on the Lake Worth 2020 project, focusing on infrastructure issues.

La Joya Villages Groundbreaking Ceremony - Lake Worth CRA

Friday, March 28, 2014

Flagler Memorial (North) Bridge

The Flagler Memorial (North) Bridge will be closed and traffic will be detoured Monday, March 31, through Thursday, April 3, between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. These closures are necessary to establish a safe work zone in the median on Royal Poinciana Way, west of Cocoanut Row/Bradley Place in Palm Beach. While the bridge is closed, all eastbound and westbound traffic will be detoured to the Royal Park (Middle) Bridge to cross the Intracoastal Waterway.
A new traffic pattern is in place from N. Olive Avenue in the City of West Palm Beach to Cocoanut Row/Bradley Place in Palm Beach. One lane is open in each direction and the sidewalk on the north side of the bridge is open for pedestrians. All westbound traffic exits the bridge at the Flagler Drive exit ramp. Traffic will remain like this for several months.

For more information about the Flagler Memorial Bridge Replacement Project, please call Public Information Officer Tish Burgher at (561) 702-9096 or email her at Project information can also be found on the project website:

Tonight at the Lake Worth Playhouse (3/28)

Pics from today's ground breaking ceremony at La Joya Villages...

Mayor Pam Triolo of Lake Worth and Mayor Priscilla Taylor of Palm Beach County chat before the ceremony.

Mailer sent out to urban planners by the City of Lake Worth...

Climate |

Click title for link to a new website developed by the federal government which gathers information on climate change and related impacts, along with other important topics. This is new and will be populated with more information over time. Something to check occasionally, but there is a lot there already to keep you busy.

David Beckham Lobbies Tallahassee for Tax Breaks on a Soccer Stadium in Miami | FlaglerLive

David Becham presses the flesh in Tallahassee and takes a "selfie"  with Governor Scott. He is looking for funding and support for a new soccer arena in Miami's Bayside area. No commitments were made yet, but he expects some return visits. Click title for link.
Lawmakers and some lucky celebrity watchers swooned over David Beckham as the soccer superstar shook up the Capitol on Tuesday while making a pitch for sports stadium tax breaks.

Elected officials — including Gov. Rick Scott — and staffers flooded Twitter with “selfies” alongside Beckham, who wants to bring a professional soccer team to Miami and has set his goal on the Port of Miami as a potential stadium site.

From the presentation on the Park of Commerce last night at the shuffleboard court building...

Here are some still pictures from the presentation. It shows improvements to Boutwell Road that are anticipated as part of improvements for the Park of Commerce area. After the 26 minute mark on the video, Mr. Waters reviews some of the current projects that are likely to go through the city's development review process in the near future.

According to William Waters, there are a few development projects that are coming forward along Boutwell Road. He also outlined an area that will be subject to an agreement with Palm Beach County to make it easier for remaining unincorporated properties to be annexed into the city of Lake Worth.

Armory Art Center to offer classes at Lake Worth site |

This is a great use of a dogeared facility. I was just there last night for a presentation on the Park of Commerce. I hope that they are able to secure grant to do the necessary improvements to the building. If there was a photography class offered there, I think that I would take it. Now we have to find some sort of use for the area that used to be the shuffleboard courts. It is looking rather sad. Click title for link to article.
 “Lake Worth has a rich history in the arts and also a very current interest in local artists,” said Talya Lerman, the Armory Arts Center’s director of education. She noted that the center is just east of 12 recently completed town homes along Lucerne Avenue and North F Street that are intended to be used as live-work spaces for artists, with studios downstairs and living quarters upstairs.

“We look forward to working with local artists and increasing our student base and providing arts and enrichment,” Lerman said.

And CRA executive director Joan Oliva said the agency hopes the center “will really help revitalize this area and create an opportunity or us to do even more economic development on the west side (of downtown). It’s also a good opportunity for us to engage the artists we have here and also the youth of our community.”

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Potholes in East Lansing, Michigan worse than here

There's just something oddly appropriate about after a winter that's been so hard for so many people across the nation.

It seems that "a patching crew" who went to fix a pothole on Harrison Road on Monday ended up with a much bigger hole to fill when a portion of their vehicle fell through the pavement," .
Robert Boomer, a mechanical engineering student at Michigan State University, snapped the photo and posted it to his Facebook page. It's now gotten a fair amount of attention and several news sites.
The State Journal says the truck dropped into the hole as it was backing up. Both the truck and the driver were OK afterward.

1950s model of Interstate 4 in Tampa...

Monday FILM NIGHT: Oscar Niemeyer - Life is a Breath of Air (2010)

On Monday, March 31st, at 6pm in the Rosenthal Lecture Room at the Preservation Foundation of Palm Beach’s offices, the documentary Oscar Niemeyer - Life is a Breath of Air (2010) will be shown.

The showing is FREE to all.  However, only reserved seating is available.  Those who wish to attend must call 561.832.0731, ext. 110 to reserve a seat.  Email responses are not accepted.

Considered to be one of the key figures in the development of modern architecture, Niemeyer was best known for his design of civic buildings for Brasília, a planned city which became Brazil's capital in 1960, as well as his collaboration with other architects on the United Nations Headquarters in New York City. His exploration of the aesthetic possibilities of reinforced concrete was highly influential on the architecture of the late 20th and early 21st centuries.

Both lauded and criticized for being a “sculptor of monuments”, Niemeyer was praised for being a great artist and one of the greatest architects of his generation by his supporters. He was most famous for his use of abstract forms and curves that characterize most of his works.

Over a career of 78 years he designed approximately 600 projects. He was awarded the prestigious Pritzker Architecture Prize in 1988. Niemeyer continued on working into the end of the 20th and beginning of the early 21st century until his death on December 5, 2012 at the age of 104.

The Foundation’s Executive Director Alexander C. Ives will present a short introduction, linking the film with the causes and work of the Preservation Foundation.
The showing will begin at 6pm.
Please note, doors lock at 6:15pm.

Refreshments will be provided.
As with all events, the Preservation Foundation expects attendees to act respectfully.  We reserve the right to turn away anyone.

Kimberly Day

"A life full of enthusiasm, hope and contributions through one's own talent is a life well lived."

Groundbreaking Announcement: La Joya Villages, March 28th, 10:00 a.m.

From the College Park Nieghborhood Association e-mail blast: Follow up regarding the property at 2222 North Dixie

Dear Friends and Neighbors, At our meeting earlier this week, concerns were raised about activity at the property located at 2222 North Dixie on the corner of Dartmouth Drive. As promised, the College Park Neighborhood Association has made inquiries and this is what we now have records to verify:

1. The business located there is incorporated in the State of Florida as Memories Club LLC.

2. Memories Club LLC filed an application for a business tax receipt (business license) with the City's Dept. of Community Sustainability on December 30, 2013 to operate a meeting hall at 2222 North Dixie Hwy. That application was denied on January 8, 2014. Comments attached to the denial: "Property does not provide sufficient parking for the applied use."

3. On January 10, 2014, Memories Club LLC applied for a business tax receipt (business license) at the same location to operate a low-intensity coffee shop 7 days a week from 7AM to 11 PM. That application was approved on January 14, 2014. Comments attached to the approval: "Permitted by right, low intensity coffee house in MU-Dixie. [referring to the section of the City's code and zoning ordinance] Any expansion of the use will be subject to citation and possible revocation of business license."

4. What that means is that at this time, Memories Club LLC is operating a business, legally licensed by the City of Lake Worth.

As President of the College Park Neighborhood Association, I thought it might be helpful to have an informal face to face discussion with the Managers of the Memories Club LLC. My hope was to ascertain the precise nature of the business and share the concerns that were raised by College Park residents, many of whom live near the property. One of the Managing Members of the LLC, Brad Stockdale, agreed to meet with me and we had a very candid and congenial conversation yesterday, Thursday, March 26th at the location.

This is what I learned:
The property is being used as a place for Alcoholic Anonymous and Narcotic Anonymous groups to hold twelve step meetings. The Memories Club LLC itself is not affiliated with either AA nor NA in keeping with the traditions of those organizations. The Club is not a rehabilitation center, nor is it a half-way house. There are many independent clubs throughout Palm Beach County (and elsewhere) that offer the same service to AA and NA groups.

Meetings by various AA and NA groups are held at this location on Sunday through Friday at 7PM, 8:30 PM and 10PM. On Saturdays, one meeting is held at 10PM. This is the current schedule and of course is subject to change. These AA and NA groups’ meetings are generally open meetings that may be attended by residents from half-way houses located in Lake Worth or in nearby communities, again in keeping with the traditions of those organizations.

Attendees at these meetings have been asked and are frequently reminded not to park in the posted vacant lot across the street as off street parking is provided behind and adjacent to the property.

My impression from our meeting is that the managers of the Memories Club are willing to be good neighbors with the Residents of College Park and are very willing to address all the concerns raised including people congregating in groups on the corner after the meeting in ways that hinder visibility for drivers turning from Dixie onto Dartmouth or onto Dixie from Dartmouth. There is no law preventing anyone from parking anywhere it's legal to do so on a public street, but I am assured by Mr. Stockdale that attendees will be asked to be considerate to the residents along Dartmouth Drive and to use the off street parking available at the location if at all possible.

It is impossible to determine with any finality at this time if the person(s) seen urinating in the alleyway and in the area around the property were coming to or leaving this location, but I am further assured by the management that this behavior by anyone is unacceptable to them as well. I was given a tour throughout the Club and I will attest that there is a very clean and easily accessible bathroom on the premises. I will also attest that the kitchen area as well as the meeting area was clean and appeared well maintained.

I suggested to the manager that perhaps an open house for College Park Neighbors held some Saturday afternoon when no meetings are scheduled might be one way to foster a more "Neighborly" relationship with College Park residents and could go a long way to ease suspicions and concerns without jeopardizing the anonymity of the groups and individual attendees at their meetings. Residents would have the opportunity to learn more about the operation and the Club managers would have the opportunity to build more positive relationships with nearby neighbors. Mr. Stockdale agreed to present that suggestion to the other managers and I hope to hear from him soon.

I also suggested that perhaps a sign could be posted in the meeting room reminding attendees at meetings that this facility is within a Neighborhood and to be aware and considerate of that fact upon arrival and departure. Mr. Stockdale also agreed to present that suggestion.

College Park neighbors are reminded to call the PBSO non-emergency number 688-3400 whenever they witness suspicious activity by anyone, anywhere in our Neighborhood or anywhere in our City. The safety and security of our families and our homes is paramount. College Park is a well established neighborhood and neighbors are deeply engaged in preserving the quality of life we have come to cherish.

City codes and zoning ordinances notwithstanding, for the present, this business is here and it is my great hope that we find a way to peacefully co-exist in this neighborhood we care so deeply for.

Mary Lindsey,
President College Park Neighborhood Association

Revised plan for developing west Boca golf course preserves... |

The developers are going in for one more try on the re-use of the Mizner golf course after many previous tries. This time they have eliminated some zero-lot line homes and replaced them with townhomes. This creates more land that is not covered by building and a more restricted footprint related to the townhomes. We will see what happens as the Commission considers zoning matters today. I am watching Channel 20 this morning. Click title for link to article.

Palm Beach County commissioners will consider for a fifth time a controversial plan to transform a defunct golf course west of Boca Raton into a neighborhood of homes and townhouses.

The commission has considered four versions of the development proposal over the past 10 years. In January, the seven-member board delayed a decision on the project so developers James and Robert Comparato could revise their plans and try to build community support.

Development in Everglades Agricultural Reserve? Summer Meeting Scheduled

Fire Ant of the New Times thinks that its all about the money and ties political contributions to whether Commissioners will weaken rules for the Ag Reserve. This is far too simplistic a take on the conversation that happened Tuesday at the County Commission meeting. This is a complicated issue that involves many stakeholders and that is why the idea of a roundtable discussion after 13 years of implementing what the voters approved is timely. This is not a payback for campaign contributions on the part of developers' interests. Click title for link.
New Times will be interested to see which side coughs up new campaign contributions between now and the summer roundtable.

As previously reported, just months ago Schmier & Feuring and its principals, as well as its advocate Land Design South, donated $3,500 to Commissioner Steven Abrams' campaign. Commissioner Mary Lou Berger had previously taken $1,250 from LDS and its principal, Bob Bentz.

Additionally, in her 2012 campaign, Berger took more than $2,400 from Urban Design Kilday Studios and its principals, while developer attorney Mark Perry, who also spoke yesterday, has, over the years, given $750 to Commissioner Shelley Vana's campaigns.
By the way, I have never heard it referred to as the Everglades Agricultural Reserve. If you click here, this is what the county considers the Everglades Agricultural Reserve. That is the area west of this area and includes land from Martin to Broward County to Hendry County - essentially the entire western half of Palm Beach County. The area in question is much smaller.

Coastal development bill passes with amendments to win environmentalists' support | The Florida Current

Just think, next time you go camping, bring your Airstream trailer and all of the fine china and you can go "glamping" in Florida Parks. Click title for link to an article in the Florida Current. Click here to refresh you knowledge about what "glamping" is all about. Wonder what our EF! peeps this of this?
A public records request by The Florida Current revealed that state park managers across Florida also are being asked to consider those same upscale camping opportunities.

The Visit Florida web site says glamping "provides all the creature comforts of home in the midst of the great outdoors." An internal DEP document on "excursion camping" refers to riding Jeeps, airboats, and boat tours along with less mechanized activities.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

This is satire...

Town of Palm Beach Mayor Coniglio's State of the Town Address

2014 State of the Town Address - Mayor Gail Coniglio from R. Michael Brown on Vimeo.


Lake Worth, FL - PrideFest of Lake Worth and the Palm Beaches will be held March 29 & 30 at Bryant Park in Lake Worth. The event will be themed this year with "fanta-SEA", as Compass celebrates 26 years of community centered services to Palm Beach County and 5 years of private-public partnership with the city of Lake Worth.
            Sunday's Parade Grand Marshals, West Palm Beach Mayor Jeri Muoio and Lake Worth Mayor Pam Triolo, will be riding on the historic Wells Fargo Stagecoach. For the past four years, stage sponsor Wells Fargo, leads the pride parade with their iconic stagecoach marking the only stagecoach appearance on any pride parades in the state of Florida. The stagecoach has only been featured in pride parades such as New York City, San Francisco, Chicago and is now a staple in Compass' parade in Lake Worth.
            The legendary four time Billboard Music Award winning Crystal Waters takes the stage Saturday afternoon. The event plans to attract 20,000 people from South Florida and the Treasure Coast. Crystal Waters is best known for her number one dance hits "Gypsy Woman" and "100% Pure Love."
              Michaela Paige, NBC's The Voice contestant, is also set to perform on Saturday. Paige, best known for making it to the top 12 live performances on NBC's The Voice season 3, will be hitting the stage with her powerhouse, passionate and soulful vocals.
            Karina Iglesias, last season's The Voice finalist and Miami native, will be Sunday's headliner. Also featured on Sunday will be Grammy Showcase finalists The Kinected along with non-stop entertainment with DJs and Divas all day long.
            "PrideFest is about identity and positive representation of the communities we live in" said Tony Plakas, Compass' CEO. "It is a great time to showcase what makes Palm Beach County one of the best places in Florida for all people to live."
            Scheduled to address the crowd is Palm Beach County Constitutional Tax Collector Anne Gannon, Palm Beach County Clerk & Comptroller Sharon Bock, representatives from City of Lake Worth commission and many other elected and appointed officials.
More than 140 local businesses will showcase everything including a wide array of foods, local specialty stores, jewelry, art, and many non-profit organizations. Along with Wells Fargo, also sponsoring this year are Royal Palm Mazda, PNC Bank, South Florida Gay News, Don Todorich of Corcoran, Commcare Pharmacy, City of Lake Worth, The Kravis Center, Sam's Club, Costco, Walgreens and more.
            Sunday’s Grand Parade will begin at 11:30am at South L Street and Lucerne Avenue and continue down Lake Avenue to Bryant Park.  Advanced tickets may be purchased at Compass, and the following sponsors; Roosters, The MadHatter Lounge, Studio 205, Fort Dix, and Penny's at The Duke. Guests are encouraged to buy tickets in advance to avoid the lines at the gate. For more information, call 561-533-9699 or visit

Cutline: PrideFest of the Palm Beaches 2014 will be held at Bryant Park in Lake Worth on Saturday, March 29 & Sunday, March 30 from noon to 6 pm. The grand parade will begin at 11:30 am on Sunday at South J street and will travel east to Bryant Park, lead by the Wells Fargo Stagecoach. For more info call 561-533-9699 or visit

County board sympathizes with Ag Reserve farmers but delays... |

Click title for link to the Palm Beach Post's account of yesterday's County Commission on the Ag Reserve. Be sure to listen to Attorney Barry Silver's serenade to the Commission. He is sometimes the attorney for EF! and other similar peeps.

Breaking news from Larry the Lenz: Fight in John Prince Park, man with pincered arms knocked senseless

My roving photographer, Larry the Lenz, got a tip today about a fight in John Prince Park. Seems this was a long-standing grudge going on for years. The man in red/blue took a beating and was defenseless. An onlooker, Dan the Donkey, whispered honks of encouragement to the red/blue man and he rallied with a jawbreaker that sent the Man with Pincered Arms into unconsciousness.
 Notice the lovely condominium complex in the background. One of Lake Worth's finest!
Lake Worth Herald publisher Mark Easton arrived at the scene and interviewed the exhausted red/blue man.
 My own Larry the Lenz couldn't help a picture with Lake Worth Herald publisher Mark Easton!

Changes Palm Beach County wants in spring training law OK’d by... |

When the County Commission reviewed the baseball spring training proposal, there were legislative changes identified to help make the proposal happen. The Florida senate is making progress. The house may be a little more difficult according to Joe Capozzi's article. Click title for link. Note that there is no mention of the proposed John Prince Park location and it does not appear on the map that is part of the article. The A G Holley site does appear, however.
Under a bill (SB 1216) unanimously approved by the Commerce and Tourism Committee, the county could get $50 million for a two-team facility over 25 years instead of 37 ½ years.

The committee also removed a provision that restricted money only to government entities without spring training facilities. In the old version, Palm Beach County was prohibited because of Roger Dean Stadium, home to the Miami Marlins and St. Louis Cardinals, in Jupiter.

Mango Grove neighborhood get together

For all those interested, we are having the first planning session for the Mango Groves Raft Race Committee Thursday, April 3rd at 7p at SouthShores Tavern.  We welcome all participants!  Please join us!
Also, a number of people will be attending the Pride Fest Parade this coming Sunday, March 30. Again, we welcome all to join us!

Splashing at the Lake Worth High School pool...

Sally Welsh leads water exercise classes at the Lake Worth Municipal Pool (at the beach) Saturdays at 11 a.m. and Sundays at 10 a.m. She is about to begin classes at 9 a.m. Thursdays and Fridays. I will let you know when those classes begin. It is $4 for a Lake Worth resident to enter the pool and you, of course, have to pay for parking. If you ride a bike to the beach, like I usually do, there is no charge to park.

She also runs a class at the Lake Worth High School pool on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:15 p.m. Those classes are through the school district's community education program. Enrollment for those classes begins Monday. Let me know if you are interested and I will get you more information. This week, she has been holding an open class at the high school pool for the past two nights. The video is from last night. She'll be there tonight and tomorrow night too. There is no charge as these are make-up classes for when they couldn't use the pool due to weather or other conditions.

This just in: No class tonight due to cool temperatures. As of now, the class is still on for Thursday night.

Lake Worth resident Drew Martin at the podium yesterday...

These comments were made during the discussion on the Agricultural Reserve issue at the Palm Beach County Commission meeting. The county is taking another look at the program since its inception about 13 years ago. Around that time, voters approved a bond issue that would allow Palm Beach County to acquire agricultural land and lease it to farmers. It also developed regulations that would limit commercial development to certain areas and that require other lands be placed with a agricultural restrictive easement. There may be some adjustments made now that address the concerns of smaller property owners in the area. The County Commission agreed to create a "roundtable" discussion that would bring various stakeholders to weigh in on what needs to be done. This process will take a while. Yesterday was just the beginning. The hearing lasted most of the day.

Drew Martin is a Lake Worth resident who is the conservation chair for the Loxahatchee Group of the Sierra Club and an elected member of the Palm Beach County Soil and Water Conservation District. He ran for a Commission seat in Lake Worth in 2007. Note that at the 2:40 mark he is ordered by the chair to direct his comments to the County Commission and not to the audience.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Letter to the Editor in today's Palm Beach Post...

I have trouble finding the letters to the editor on line, but the following letter appeared in the print edition of the paper today. It praises Bud Greene, who was featured in last week's neighborhood section of the Palm Beach Post. I am posting this here as it appears that this person praises Bud Greene and criticizes the city for having a do-nothing code enforcement department. Perhaps if they hadn't been at the other end of Mr. Greene's code complaints leveled at his neighbors, they might have had an easier time addressing the city's real problems.

Parents of the Revolution--Documentary Premiere at Palm Beach Int'l Film Fest

In the new documentary film, Parents of the Revolution, moms and dads push strollers into the heart of the Occupy Wall Street protests, raising questions about parenting, authority, and the role of children in a democracy. The film makes its world premiere at the Palm Beach International Film Festival on Saturday, April 5th at 3:45 p.m. at the Muvico Parisian 20 at City Place in West Palm Beach. Director Dana H. Glazer and Associate Producer Lisa Duggan will be in attendance for a Q&A. Tickets can be purchased at To view a trailer or pre-order the DVD, visit

Nicole Johnson

"Because life is a living, breathing work of art, you are a painting as you go. Be a masterpiece. Drink in life. Laugh too loud. Compliment others constantly."

Former South Palm Beach mayor Marty Millar reported dead |

I was told of this by a reliable source yesterday. The article does not include the details of the death, but that information will be forthcoming. Click title for link.
 Millar, 67, was a former police officer who spent six years on the town’s council only to resign in 2010 after a state investigation concluded he had abused his title and fined him $3,000.

Millar had a tumultuous last few years with ups - including a failed, but valiant attempt to revive a competitive ballroom dancer who collapsed near Millar’s table at the Ritz Carlton in Manalapan - and several lows, including an evening that began at Rachels Adult Entertainment and Steakhouse where Millar was accused of repeatedly invoking his title to keep him from being tossed out of the club and then to prevent his arrest. Millar eventually was driven home from a hospital by on on-duty town officer.

Mystery project may get millions from Florida |

Dan Krassner, previous High Noon in Lake Worth guest and executive director of Integrity Florida has questions about the blind expenditure of this money. It looks like the project is around the Melborne airport, but there are no details about the company. Click title for link.

One group critical of the state's economic development efforts said the state should at least identify the company before approving such a large amount of money.

"Shouldn't the public at least be told the name of the company before we give away more than $20 million of our money?" said Dan Krassner, executive director of the watchdog group Integrity Florida. "Deals like this hide too much from taxpayers and go against Florida's open government tradition."

Last year defense contractor Northrop Grumman announced it was bringing more than 1,000 aerospace jobs to the state including in Melbourne.

A Northrop Grumman spokesman told Florida Today last week that he couldn't say whether his company's new building was connected with Project Magellan.

‘Protection’ theme of mayor’s State of the Town speech |

Palm Beach's Mayor Coniglio outlines various ways Palm Beach is protecting itself in her State of the Town speech. She points to beach restoration and shore protection projects and mentions the zoning on Royal Poinciana Way as some of the examples. The special election on the PUD-5 is happening today. We should know about whether it passes or not by the end of the day. Click title for link to article.

Biggert-Waters and NFIP: Flood insurance should be strengthened.

The reform of the reform bill on flood insurance was signed by the President yesterday. The key provision is that FEMA must complete an affordability study prior to rolling out rate increases that would reflect the new flood maps and, thereby, more accurately assess the risk of flooding. Click title for link to the Slate article.
Legislators wanted significant amendments. Under the direction of New Jersey Sen. Robert Menendez and New York Rep. Michael Grimm, the Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act (HR 3370) started moving through Congress early this year. This reform to the Biggert-Waters law rolls back the expiration of grandfathered policies and delays the more dramatic premium increases, at least until FEMA completes an affordability study—a process that will take a while. It also puts an annual cap on premiums that has analysts very concerned that the NFIP will never regain or sustain fiscal balance.

This reform-of-the-reform does not entirely gut the bill, but it eliminates the toughest provisions—and it calls a time-out while lawmakers argue over affordability criteria. For its part, FEMA, having seen plenty of partisan combat since Katrina, is trying to remain more or less neutral, accepting the logic of reform put forward by Biggert-Waters while also agreeing that premium increases should not unduly harm homeowners.

Remember this guy and his T.V. ads?

Monday, March 24, 2014

From a Devoted Reader comes this...

Dearest and Most Admired Blogmaster,

What a fabulous event at City Hall yesterday! The Marriage Equality Rally had a large, enthusiastic crowd. Didn't think it significant at the time but had a short conversation with the city manager, Mr. Bornstein. Asked him a few questions and he answered, pleasantly and professionally as usual.

On Lynn's blog today she had a decidedly different take on Mr. Bornstein. Surprised? And the set-up for the attack had nothing to do with the Marriage Equality Rally. The set-up were the flags at half-mast about the City. Of course the half-mast flags are in memory of our former Florida Governor Reubin Askew.

Yet Lynn wrote this on her blog: “Several people [unnamed] have asked, 'Why are the flags in Lake Worth flying at half-mast?' "

That's the set-up. The set up for what you may ask?

This. Then Lynn goes on, “However, no one can tell us why our flags have been flying at half-mast for weeks. A citizen [anonymous] just asked our city manager [Michael Bornstein] who was at the steps of city hall and was told, 'It's Sunday; I'm not answering any questions.' It was then cleared up by the mayor who said it is because a former Governor of Florida passed away on March 13, Reuben Askew. Now we know.”

Which set up this anonymous comment: “Good post. Thanks for spreading this info Lynn. I never knew exactly how it worked either. What is it with our city manager [Michael Bornstein]? Is he a total, royal a**hole, or what? How dare he talk to any resident of this city or anyone else this way.”
So very charming, don't you think?

And! It's Greg Rice to the rescue to educate Lynn and her readers:
Greg Rice wrote... “Lynn, as a former member of of the local Democratic club, you didn't know that Covernor Askew had died? He was one of the most popular governors of his era. Flying the flag for 30 days is a sign of respect and a way for the ruling party to extend an olive branch to the minority party in Tallahassee.”
And Greg Rice continued to educate: “If you didn't hear our city manager make the comment that you credited him as making really shouldn't be quoted as such since it was hearsay. I'm inclined to think that if a CM from the past was to say something like that, some might think it was something said in jest. A little comic relief. ;-).”
Valiant effort by Mr. Rice. Doomed to fail on an obtuse bloggette with no interest in truth and a childlike rage at our City Manager, Mr. Bornstein.

And by the way it was so nice to see Kathleen McGiveran and NA President Robert Waples at the rally!

Parking Restrictions for the Pridefest Parade on Sunday 3/30

Temporary Order Prohibiting Parking and Vehicular Traffic in the City of Lake Worth

The Annual Pride Parade will be taking place on Sunday, March 30, 2014 from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Parking at these locations will be temporarily prohibited from 9:00 am Sunday, March 30 until the conclusion of the Parade at 1:00 pm.

· Lake Ave from South Dixie Hwy to South Golfview Rd.
· Lucerne Ave from South Dixie Hwy to North Federal Hwy.
· J, K, L, M, O, So Palmway, So Lakeside Dr, So Golfview Rd Streets from 1st Ave South to Lake Ave.
· J, K, L, M Streets from 2nd Ave North to Lucerne Ave.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office may tow vehicles left parked on the street in violation of this temporary order.

The Lake Worth (Robert Harris) Bridge will remain open during the Parade. There will be detour signs in place to direct vehicle traffic to access Lake Worth Bridge and off the Island of Palm Beach.

Palm Beach County Commission faces Agricultural Reserve... |

Joe Capozzi writes about the big County Commission meeting where the Ag Reserve will be discussed. Many are concerned that the Commission is backing away from the Ag Reserve concept voters approved in 1999. There does seem be some inequity with smaller property owners and the County would have to find the resources to compensate them, perhaps. It is a thorny issue for the County Commission to tackle, for sure. Interesting that some of the comments in the article talk about the need to push growth to the east in order to encourage redevelopment. It would be nice if that idea finally became policy. Click title for link.

Napoleon Bonaparte

"Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake."

From Mayor Triolo on Facebook...

The game of good sports | Lake Worth every minute

Click title for link to AnnaMaria Windisch-Hunt's report on the Floffing event this weekend in the Downtown Jewel Neighborhood.

Click here for link to Channel 5 story on baseball location in John Prince Park

This aired on the 11 p.m. news on Sunday night. It looks like some of the same people were at the park yesterday, plus some new faces. There is mention of a petition against the location of a spring training facility in the park. That is something I heard Saturday from the people there. Commissioner Maxwell is interviewed in this video.

Yesterday's (3/23) Celebration of Love - Marriage Equality Rally - Lake Worth, Florida

Must watch!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Celebration of Love - Marriage Equality Rally - City Hall, Lake Worth (3/23)

At the conclusion of the Celebration of Love - Marriage Equality rally, couples were asked to come to the steps who had been married in other places. They created signs saying where and how much money was spent in the other location. They then held up their signs, once everyone was in place, for a group picture. This is video of what happened.

We were lucky! False Alarm Report of a Large, Dangerous Animal at Publix...

Scary, huh? Yeah, looks menacing, but it turns out his name is Harry and he is known as the Happy Hippo. He is a widower and recently moved to Lake Worth to retire. He was at Publix and some of the customers misunderstood that he was trying to be friendly. Of course, our roving photogrpher Larry the Lenz was at the ready...he is never far from our downtown Publix. It turns out he is renting now, but would like to find a place near one of our wetlands, with a shady tree canopy, to buy and really settle down.

Here are some customers and Lake Worth residents after they realized that he is really a harmless giant.

You see, this hippo just loves Publix and he says he wouldn't have moved here without it being here. He and Larry the Lenz are becoming close friends. Look out for Harry the Happy Hippo if you are in and around the downtown. One thing you could help with is that Harry the HH hasn't been to Starbucks yet. He's looking for someone to accompany him to explain his back story, so not to purposely scare people sitting outside. Larry the Lenz can only do so much. His workload is increasing now that he's got this gig with the blog and his free time is hard to come by.

Yesterday at John Prince Park...

After seeing the "nature walk" written up in the Palm Beach Post in John Prince Park and the following announcement on the Residents of Lake Osborne Heights blog, I decided to go and be a part of the group that was to assemble at 4 p.m.

So, it was a beautiful day yesterday. When everyone was assembled, there were about a dozen there. Half of those people were from other parts of the community and not from the area near the park. I brought my camera in hopes of getting Dorothy Brindle's history and description of the park. When I started videoing, hackles rose and one gentleman insisted that he not be videoed. The other blogger also requested that I not record her. So much for being in a public park and listening to someone tell us about the natural areas there. The one gentleman even suggested that someone should call the sheriff. I said, "Well, do that. That would be interesting." The sheriff wasn't called and we went on.

I am pleased to report to all the camera shy people there that, for many reasons, the video didn't turn out well and you won't be seeing any of it here. But I do have these still pictures that I took of some of the places that we went and who was there.
The above is before when Dorothy Brindle was talking about the history of the park. From the parking area near the Recreation Department's administration building, we left for the area in the north part of the park where the playground is. This was said to be one of the locations of the new stadium.

Here we are looking over Lake Osborne. This event even drew a former Commissioner out of hiding! See below.
Again, here we are at the first stop. There I talked with Pam Bergsma and she shared her strong feelings about John Prince Park, the lack of green space there is already east of Congress and how baseball isn't the economic generator we think it is. She did agree to be video-taped, but as I said, the video did not come out well.

We then went to the area of the park near where the campground is. There are a series of nature trails there and we wandered through this area.
This is where the group split into two groups and the front group, I come to find out later that all those that were so camera shy...well, you'll see.

It turns out that Channel 12 was there to video a segment for the newscast that evening. Can you imagine? Here they are interviewing Robert Waples  and Dorothy Brindle about what the park means to them and the impact a baseball stadium would have on the park and the surrounding area.

Here are snips from the broadcast last night. The piece aired at 11:47 p.m., after the NCAA basketball tournament. I would guess that viewership was low at this time and on a Saturday night. The piece is not on their website, which I find interesting.
It turns out that all the camera shy people weren't too shy for the photo opportunity to look at all the nature there. The guy on the right, below, said he couldn't be photographed since he was wanted in a number of states. Anyway, I left disappointed not to hear more about the park and ended up hearing all the terrible things that a baseball stadium would bring to the park.
 It's also worth to note some of the other people that were not present on this outing. The Ciocis, Jennifer Marchel and Katie Mcgiveron immediately come to mind.