Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Breaking news from Larry the Lenz: Fight in John Prince Park, man with pincered arms knocked senseless

My roving photographer, Larry the Lenz, got a tip today about a fight in John Prince Park. Seems this was a long-standing grudge going on for years. The man in red/blue took a beating and was defenseless. An onlooker, Dan the Donkey, whispered honks of encouragement to the red/blue man and he rallied with a jawbreaker that sent the Man with Pincered Arms into unconsciousness.
 Notice the lovely condominium complex in the background. One of Lake Worth's finest!
Lake Worth Herald publisher Mark Easton arrived at the scene and interviewed the exhausted red/blue man.
 My own Larry the Lenz couldn't help a picture with Lake Worth Herald publisher Mark Easton!