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2014 Raft Race "Art on the Water" - Pre-Parade Preparations...

Music: Procession of the Nobles by Nicholas Rimsky-Korsakov

Prior to the first heat - "Art on the Water" to Flight of the Bumble Bee

Note to all concerned...

2014 Great American Raft Race "Official" Results

"Art on the Water" - They can do the Can Can, they really, really can!

Great American Raft Race - "Art on the Water" - 2014 - Some Preliminaries

The Great American Raft Race |

Click title for link to a great video put together by the Palm Beach Post on yesterday's raft race. Click here for the accompanying article which highlights other happenings through the holiday. Here's what it says about our raft race:
The Great American Raft Race offered a spectacle at Lake Worth’s Bryant Park as rafters battled for supremacy. The theme this year was “Art on the Water.” Rafts ranged from one-man canoes to full-blown soapbox-car concoctions on floats instead of wheels, but almost all had a painting or painter as inspiration, from Andy Warhol to Vincent Van Gogh.
From the Paws on the Avenue raft, covered in green fabric and oversized playing cards in an homage to the “Dogs Playing Poker” paintings, one woman in a captain’s hat yelled at the crowd, “Who let the dogs out?” Without hesitation the crowd replied with the chant, “Who, who, who, who?”
“It’s just a great event with a lot of adults having fun,” said Laurel Robinson, a member of the Bryant Park Neighbors Association. The Association’s raft bore a can of soup that read “Cream of Bryant Park,” paying homage to Warhol.
Robinson said she’s happy to see attendance has grown from a small neighborhood to hundreds gathered along the canal wall watching rowers try to stay afloat.

From the Tom McGow archives...

Everglades Restoration needed in face of sea level rise

Other views on sea level rise, Everglades restoration and future investments in our coastal cities. Click title for link. From the article:
"The timing of sea level rise is crucial. A slow rise will allow plant communities to more easily shift to new areas as the balance of saltwater and freshwater shifts inland.
Beever [Jim Beever, planner at the Southwest Florida Regional Planning Council] said the worst-case scenario shows a 9 foot or so rise in sea levels by 2153, while other models show that level by the year 3324.
'It all depends on if the ice sheets fall off Antarctica, will it melt off Greenland,' Beever said. But in any case, sea level has been rising in Florida since the end of the last ice age. (But) that did not prevent people from making investments on the coast.' "
 This is the graph of "possible" outcomes of sea level rise according to the study shown above.

With such uncertainty in the range of outcomes, it is almost a game of pick a point on the graph after 2012, the year of the report. Presented with these possibilities does not mean that suddenly we should do no infrastructure investment in south Florida. In fact, it probably indicates that we should be investing in new infrastructure in order to address the uncertainties. Just like Commissioner McVoy said the city is doing when it comes to its water supply, which will benefit from the LW 2020 plan.

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Cypress Gardens Partriotic Salute

Courtesy: Tampa Bay Mid-Century Modern Network on FB

Editorial: Nostalgia aside, plans for Panama Hattie’s site... |

You know, they are right. This is not your father or mother's Palm Beach County. When I moved here from Michigan 25 years ago, Palm Beach County's population was a touch under 1 million people. In fact, there was a lot of political pressure later about admitting that the county had over 1 million people. That realization came after the 1990 Census. Now, we are quickly approaching 1.5 million. In comparison, Lake Worth's population has risen, but not at the multiples of the surrounding area. Check out this Population Clock webpage put out by the Census Bureau. It is a grim reminder that we do not live in a static world and the forces of population growth cannot be overcome. But they can be channeled into areas that need revitalization and have already been disturbed ecologically. This is a better choice than greenfield, sprawl like development patterns. Lake Worth can benefit from more infill development. Click title for link. Here are the last few paragraphs.
State and county planners have long pushed for more focus on so-called “in-fill” development in the eastern county, rather than additional suburban sprawl farther west. As a representative for the developer, Nicholas Mastroianni, pointed out at a recent public forum, the planned project is in line with this long-standing “Eastward Ho!” movement.
That does not mean there are not real concerns. Traffic along PGA Boulevard by the restaurant is often already problematic, compounded by the drawbridge spanning the Intracoastal. In a nod to traffic concerns, the developer has already scaled back his plans, and more adjustments will likely be needed.
But the north county is booming, with more and more people wanting to live there. This inevitably means more development, and that growth is best when it happens in the right places.

Happy Fourth of July!

Bananabreath's Independence...

From the Tom McGow archives.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Frenzy Begins! College Park's Raft Race Entry - Speed Trials

"Ding, ding, ding goes the bell..."

Christian D. Larson

"Promise yourself to be just as enthusiastic about the success of others as you are about your own."

Fifty years ago yesterday

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Pub.L. 88–352, 78 Stat. 241, enacted July 2, 1964) is a landmark piece of civil rights legislation in the United States[5] that outlawed discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.[6] It ended unequal application of voter registration requirements and racial segregation in schools, at the workplace and by facilities that served the general public (known as "public accommodations").

Along the Coast: All towns and cities see rise in taxable values - The Coastal Star

Click title for link to article reviewing taxable value increases for selected towns along the coast, south of Lake Worth. Although Lake Worth is not mentioned in the article, I have it on good authority that Lake Worth's increase came in higher than expected so that the millage that would be assessed under the Lake Worth 2020 plan would now, at its maximum, would be 3.1 mills - not the 3.4 mills that was contemplated earlier. Again, the city was being conservative in its projections. This is a bit from the article:
 Countywide, the taxable property value increased 7.39 percent, according to preliminary numbers released in late June by Palm Beach County Property Appraiser Gary Nikolits.
    The countywide tax rolls increased for the third consecutive year and showed that taxable value increases were widespread throughout the county’s municipalities.
    “This is the first time that every jurisdiction in Palm Beach County has had a taxable value increase in more than a half-dozen years,” said John Thomas, director of residential appraisal services for the Palm Beach County Property Appraiser’s Office.  

All Aboard Florida makes pitch to Avenue group |

All Aboard Florida makes their pitch to a Town of Palm Beach group. The reception seems warmer there than other places further north on the line. Click title for link. From the article:
Thirty-two trains will make stops throughout the day from 6 a.m. until 9 p.m., with the last train arriving at Miami or Orlando at midnight. Service will be seven days a week.
“You’ll be able to get on, relax and have a great ride up to Orlando” without the inconvenience associated with air travel, she [Carol Henderson, director of the partnership alliance for All Aboard Florida] said.
The new passenger service will require far less energy — the equivalent of one gallon of gas per passenger for the ride from Miami to Orlando — compared to about a tank and a half of gasoline if you were to drive, Henderson said.
Greg Beletsky, president of the Worth Avenue Association, said he looks forward to using All Aboard Florida to make day trips from Palm Beach to the fashion district in Miami without having to brave I-95.

This just in from Greenfield, CA - Perhaps they should look to Plan 9 from Outer Space...

Measure X? $5.3 million budget? $500,000 in reserves? Late? Being rushed? Never heard of such a thing.

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Town of Jupiter not happy about All Aboard Florida

Click title for copy of resolution passed last night by the Town of Jupiter. Below is a record of how the vote went.

All Aboard Florida Letter to the Town of Jupiter

Coastal Palm Beach County Severe Watches & Warnings

Significant weather advisory for northeastern inland Broward County...coastal Broward County...northeastern Metro Broward County...southeastern coastal Palm Beach County...southern Metro Palm Beach County and southeastern inland Palm Beach County...

* until 215 PM EDT

* at 123 PM EDT...National Weather Service meteorologists detected a strong thunderstorm over Margate...moving east at 20 mph.

The primary impacts will be frequent to excessive lightning and gusty winds of 45 to 55 mph. Lightning is the number one weather related killer in Florida. Trees and open shelters offer no protection. These winds can down small tree limbs and branches...and blow around unsecured small objects. Seek shelter in a safe building until the storm passes.

* The storm will affect... Fort Lauderdale...Coral Springs...Pompano Beach...Davie... Plantation...sunrise...Boca Raton...Deerfield Beach...Delray Beach...Tamarac...Margate...Lighthouse Point... Lauderdale-by-the-Sea...Highland Beach...Lauderhill...Coconut Creek...Oakland Park...North Lauderdale...Lauderdale Lakes and Parkland.

From the 6/24/14 City Commission Budget Work Session - Water and Sewer Rate Discussion

Following up on our competitiveness in water, cost and security of our supply. An annual increase of five percent is considered an industry standard now. And there is discussion about the possibility of adding service area and customers. Also the low level of debt on our water utilities is revealed. However, also discussed is the payout for the regional sewer system debacle and where the money came for the casino building - the water utilities insurance fund.

Bill Gates wrote on his blog:

"Many developing countries are turning to coal and other low-cost fossil fuels to generate the electricity they need for powering homes, industry, and agriculture. Some people in rich countries are telling them to cut back on fossil fuels. I understand the concern: After all, human beings are causing our climate to change, and our use of fossil fuels is a huge reason.

But even as we push to get serious about confronting climate change, we should not try to solve the problem on the backs of the poor. For one thing, poor countries represent a small part of the carbon-emissions problem. And they desperately need cheap sources of energy now to fuel the economic growth that lifts families out of poverty. They can’t afford today’s expensive clean energy solutions, and we can’t expect them wait for the technology to get cheaper.  

Instead of putting constraints on poor countries that will hold back their ability to fight poverty, we should be investing dramatically more money in R&D to make fossil fuels cleaner and make clean energy cheaper than any fossil fuel.

These two videos featuring the Danish political scientist Bjorn Lomborg illustrate the connection between energy and poverty." Click title for link to

New polls reveal the pessimism of white America | Mail Online

Interesting poll although I have never heard of the Aspen Institute. But it does say a lot about how various groups envision their chances in the future to progress. I wonder if we would have similar results in a Lake Worth only poll. Click title for link.
Shock poll..."White America's fears for the future: Survey reveals massive gulf between pessimistic Caucasians and optimistic minorities"
Only a quarter of whites believe hard work will see them succeed in life, according to The Atlantic/Aspen Institute's latest survey 'America Looks to 2024.'
This compares starkly to the outlook of African Americans and Hispanics - 44 per cent and 49 per cent respectively think people who work hard and play by the rules will be more likely to get ahead.
An impressive 40 per cent of Hispanic Americans expect to own their own businesses by 2024 versus just one in 10 white Americans, the results show.
Around three in 10 black Americans expect to be their own boss within 10 years.
Three quarters of whites believe America will no longer be considered the 'land of opportunity' in 2024, while only 55 per cent of blacks and 53 per cent of Hispanics feel pessimistic on this topic.

Lake Worth to seek $1.65 million to bring back a trolley |

This is a great idea and nice to see an attempt to bring back a missing transportation option. Click title for link. Reading the article, it seems as though the other blogger was the only one at the meeting. At least we are on the same page with this issue. Lynn, maybe you and I can take the first ride together and get a sarsaparilla? I'll treat. From the article:

City Manager Mike Bornstein said he’s optimistic that the MPO will approve the money. “It will definitely bolster our plans,” he said, because Lake Worth has gotten better at getting along with other cities in the county. Mayor Pam Triolo sits on the 19-member MPO board of directors.

Hot in Lake Worth: New tapas joint serves eclectic plates | Feast Palm Beach

Nice review of Suri, the new small plates restaurant that opened about a month ago. Click title for link.

Misty, water-colored memories...

From the Tom McGow archives.

An idiot looking for a village...

"Any growing interest in soccer can only be a sign of the nation's moral decay."
-- Ann Coulter from her treatise, 'America's Favorite National Pastime: Hating Soccer', June 25, 2014

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Announcement from the Town of Palm Beach: Tropical Storm Arthur

The first tropical storm of the 2014 Atlantic Hurricane Season, TS Arthur, has formed off the east coast of Central Florida. As of 11:00am, the maximum sustained wind for this system was 40 mph and it was moving northwest at 2mph. Although this system is expected to begin moving north/northeast and remain at tropical storm strength until it reaches the Carolinas, Palm Beach will receive heavy rainfall and gusty winds today and tomorrow. Due to dangerous lightning in the outer bands of TS Arthur, public beaches have been closed until further notice.

While TS Arthur will have a relatively minor impact on Palm Beach, this is a great reminder to make sure we are all prepared for the hurricane season. Please continue to monitor this storm and visit the Town website at for helpful planning tools.

Last night at the Mad Hatter - Raft Race Fundraiser

Here are some pics from the fun...

Advance Notice: The Lake Worth Critical Mass Ride is Scheduled for this Friday.

Here is what I found regarding the ride.

On Miami's Critical Mass bike ride...

Click title for link to video talking about how the police are cracking down on the Miami-Dade monthly event.

Palm Beach County mayor: Time to plan with neighbors to south... |

This would be a huge change for Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council if Palm Beach County leaves. If it does, it would join the South Florida Regional Planning Council which includes Broward, Miami-Dade and Monroe counties. More than half of Treasure Coast's funding comes from Palm Beach County. Differences regarding the Seven50 plan and All Aboard Florida are mentioned. Commissioner John Szerdi is the Lake Worth elected official who sits on the Planning Council. Click title for link to article.
“We pay a big price. I just feel we are not getting our money’s worth,’’ Taylor [County Mayor Priscilla Taylor] said. “It seems like the members from Indian River, St. Lucie and Martin are kind of anti-everything and we seem to be a little more progressive.’’
Martin, St. Lucie and Indian River counties, as well as many Treasure Coast municipalities, have held different opinions than Palm Beach County on at least two controversial issues this year, vehemently opposing the All Aboard Florida passenger rail proposal and the Seven50 regional planning study whereas the Palm Beach County board supported them.
Of the 28 members of the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council, eight are elected officials from Palm Beach County, including Taylor and county commissioners Hal Valeche and Paulette Burdick.
If Palm Beach County ever decides to break away from Treasure Coast, it would most likely join the South Florida Regional Planning Council, which is comprised of the three southeastern counties – Broward, Miami-Dade and Monroe.

Part of our Mayor-for-Three-Months" campaign...

From the Tom McGow archives.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Poverty Increase from 2000 to 2010

Weather Advisory for this week...

Restaurant Review - El Nopal Taqueria

We dropped by on our bikes about a week ago and stopped for some tacos at 1302 Lucerne Avenue. It's the kind of place that you drive by one hundred times and would not know its there, but it stands out more when you are walking or biking. It seemed that those were the main ways people were getting there on the Sunday we visited. Prices are very reasonable and the menu has a variety of Central American offerings. I ended up getting three barbeque tacos with extra sauce and the lunch cost a total of $5. It was busy too.

Here are some pictures of the menu, the location and yours truly enjoying the fare. Check it out someday.

Scores of Cops Descend Upon Fort Lauderdale Critical Mass, but Only One Arrest - Page 2 | New Times Broward-Palm Beach

Click title for link to an interesting look at various Critical Mass bike rides throughout the state. Each one seems to have its own flavor and character. Sharing of information about the route of the ride seems to help as well. Here is part of the article:
The two instances that took place last month can probably be chalked up to the conflict between bike riders who are used to having their guard up and cops who aren't used to dealing with them. These issues can all be worked out in time, and if the cops keep and open dialogue with organizers, it's likely to happen sooner rather than later. By giving the cops the route in advance, spokesman Strack was able to foster a working relationship and set a good example for the de facto leaders of events in other cities.
Crisis was also averted by our neighbors to the south. Before this month's mass, Miami Police Chief Manuel Orosa suggested that riders might be ticketed because the ride had been hijacked by "anarchists." A blogger who goes by Rydel Deed was sent certified letters telling him to obtain permits for the ride, since he posts the route each month on his site Miami Bike Scene and is therefore considered a de facto leader by the cops. Thankfully, that event was also without serious incident.
It's true that Critical Mass takes on a different character depending on what city it's in. Even within Florida, there are different flavors. Miami's version sees participation from some very vocal activists, but it's also populated by people who don't care about any form of civil disobedience and just want to party behind handlebars. 

Delray Beach brewery wants to host food trucks - Sun Sentinel

Delray Beach's zoning regulations are standing in the way of allowing food trucks near the Saltwater Brewery, which is in an industrial area west of I-95. Boynton Beach has a similar craft beer operation where they allow food trucks. Lake Worth has a new "Artisanal Industrial" zoning district along some of the older industrial areas east of I-95. I've confirmed that Lake Worth could allow craft breweries in this district, but it doesn't look like food trucks could be part of the mix. I'll look into it more. I remember William Waters said that the city can license by location, but they can't have vendors on wheels going around to different areas of the city. Perhaps the food trucks could be registered to one location? I'll find out more. Click title for link to article.
Interim City Manager Terry Stewart said he has asked city employees to find out how other cities deal with food trucks so commissioners can review some approaches at an upcoming meeting.
SaltWater is classified as a tap room, a place where beers are brewed to drink. Because it is zoned in a manufacturing part of Delray, Eaton said it can't have a kitchen or even be called a bar, which is why food trucks were always a part of the vision.
With the food truck ban in effect, Eaton said people have figured out creative ways to get their food fixings when their stomachs begin to rumble.
They call nearby restaurants that deliver to drop-off some grub or use Delivery Dudes, an outside food delivery service, to send food to outdoor picnic tables.
Resident Mitch Katz, a huge fan of SaltWater Brewery, said he has even brought a box of pizza with him.
Later, this is the word I received from William Waters, Sustainability Director, about food trucks in Lake Worth.
"Mobile food vending is only allowed in a mobile food vending court and we have not approved any.  Consequently, any mobile food vending operation in the city is not up to snuff as we cannot allow them.  We also do allow restaurants in the AI district as well as mobile food vending courts.  As long as a court is established in the AI, then we would be able to license the trucks.  Thanks."

GOP hopefuls for Frankel’s seat like tea party’s ideas but not... |

Lois Frankel and Patrick Murphy appear to be in the catbird seat as they head towards the November elections. Click title for link for a description of some of Frankel's potential challengers. They are choosing their words carefully in describing themselves.
"While emceeing a candidate forum last week, Boca Raton Republican Club President Joe Budd asked the three GOP candidates if they think there’s 'a rightful and constructive place in the next Congress for the tea party and the positions they hold near and dear.' All three answered cautiously."
[later in the article, George Bennett reported...]
"McGee [Andrea Leigh McGee] didn’t utter the words 'tea party' in her response."
"I [McGee said as quoted by George Bennettl] believe there is always something to be gained from intelligent, well-meaning, well-mannered discussion and debate, and that is what we need to encourage, not only in this party but in Congress as a whole and in this country as a whole," McGee said. "The pigeonholing and ‘I’m this, you’re that, we can’t talk because we’re not on the same team’ mentality is what is dividing us and in the Republican Party costing us elections.”

Greenfield, California - Crime Capital West of the Mississippi

Assault with Deadly Weapon
100 Block 7TH ST

Breaking & Entering
100 Block 3RD ST

Assault with Deadly Weapon
200 Block CEDAR DR & AVA ST


Breaking & Entering
200 Block PALO VERDE ST & 3RD ST

Breaking & Entering
300 Block 11TH ST

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Corrected graphic from another source...

Contrary to Ms. Golden's claims...

Her last remaining ally on the Commission, Dr. McVoy, heaps praise upon Larry Johnson, the city's water utility director, about how their plans take into account the prospect of sea level rise. This is from the 6/24 budget work session meeting. You can hear the whole interchange in context by clicking here.

Letters | "Lake Worth needs inclusive planning" by Jo-Ann Golden

Ms. Golden's letter to the editor today makes a good case for bitter and whiny types to step away from the keyboard. Click title for link.

She starts off with a passive-aggressive reference to the six prototype redevelopment sites that the Department of Community Sustainability put together for investors and people in the development community. It consisted of two separate meetings that use PowerPoint presentations showing the "what if" potential of what is possible under the city's NEW land development regulations.
Cover slide of PowerPoint presentation
Those NEW land development regulations were only passed and adopted last year. That is long after Ms. Golden left the dais in 2011 after not being re-elected. While Commissioner, she and others did their level best to make sure this eight year long project never saw the light of day. What we ended up with was a de-facto moratorium on development in the city. In fact, since 2007, coinciding with Ms. Golden's first term in office, the city had NO new commercial development. Lake Worth lost more property value as a percentage than any other of the 38 municipalities and unincorporated areas of Palm Beach County. Her jab at this presentation is proof that she would rather see the same old rag-tag Dixie Hwy. presence that we have now, as well as other locations within the city, over new investment, an increasing tax base, access to goods and creation of jobs that investment would create.

She then refers to the Lake Worth 2020 plan as "yet another public relations effort promising a fix for all that ails us." Which Ms. Golden should be familiar with as her campaign fliers were filled with fictional accounts of accomplishments and promises during her four years of doing nothing, other than voting with Commissioner Jennings on every issue. The Master Plan process, which Ms. Golden and Ms. Jennings hi-jacked over the issue of keeping Lake Worth "low rise," involved the public at every level and then ended up being misrepresented in the final product. One would need a forensic analysis to determine what the attendees of those Master Plan charrettes really thought. What we got were what Cara and JoAnn thought the city should look like. I guess that is what she wants here too.

Then she claims this Lake Worth 2020 plan is being done behind closed doors and that only four "quickly contrived town hall meetings" have been convened and that there has been "little citizen outreach."

Here is a list of meetings where the Lake Worth 2020 plan has been discussed and evolved over time with the assistance of public input. This is a memo City Clerk Pam Lopez put together for the City Commission meeting of June 3rd. This was the meeting where the bond issue question was placed on the August 26th ballot.

And there will be more opportunity for public information dissemination prior to the election. 

Ms. Golden also brings up the prospect of sea level rise and climate change as reasons why we shouldn't be going forward with a capital improvement plan like Lake Worth 2020 until we have all the answers on those issues. This is her consistent view that doing nothing is always better than doing something, even if it may help Lake Worth be more resilient and democratic in how it distributes access to fire hydrants and paved roads. Earth to JoAnn: You are the one who wanted us to get used to living in a ghetto for a while. Exactly how long is a while? It seems you and your gang of naysayers have the power to determine that. At least you did at one time. Some people will just not be satisfied or recognize happiness, even if it were to bite them on the nose.

Bad cellphone records, free food highlight Lake Worth audit... |

This is a very thorough article on the findings of Ken Oakes, Lake Worth's Internal Auditor. Click title for link. It is a position required by the CHARTER that reports directly to the City Commission. The Best-Commission-Ever agreed with the Best-City-Manager-Ever's opinion that the city didn't need anyone else pointing out problems. Meanwhile, dead people were making cell phone calls, along with former employees. This is evidence of an institutional culture that was clearly off-the-rails and previous Commissions were complicit by not funding the Internal Auditor position. The same people that supported the Best-Commission-Ever were generally the ones that worship that same CHARTER in an attempt to enshrine height limits within it. That election was made "null and void" by a 2013 state law. Perhaps this is what we should call this group of naysayers - "The Null and Voids."

Excerpts from the Lake Worth Herald editorial dated May 29, 2014 (Re-Post)

Two editorials from two newspapers serving the Lake Worth community. First, three excerpts from the Lake Worth Herald editorial titled, “For The Future of Lake Worth” dated May 29, 2014:

One, “Lake Worth is at a crossroads, the taxpayers have a big decision to make come August. Do we improve the city for the future or do we continue to allow the infrastructure to crumble. The City Commission will soon set the ballot language for the bond referendum to finance the rebuilding of Lake Worth's infrastructure. This is an effort to correct the many years of infrastructure neglect by previous commissions.”

Two, “The taxes in Lake Worth are higher than West Palm Beach, that's a fact. Comparing taxable values is not comparing apples to apples. There is an extremely large difference the number of properties paying taxes in West Palm Beach when compared to those in Lake Worth. These comparisons only serve to confuse the issue of whether or not to improve Lake Worth.”

Three, “Properties will increase in value [if the bond referendum passes] and some will jump the threshold of not paying taxes into the pool who does. With moderate success, the 2020 plan will bring more taxpayers to the table, easing the burden on those who currently pay.”

From an editorial in the Palm Beach Post titled, “Lake Worth can’t wait any longer to rebuild itself ” dated May 11, 2014, which there have been previously supplied links:

“Lake Worth residents will likely be asked to make one of the most important decisions in the city’s history, one that will set its trajectory for decades to come. On a mundane-sounding question about whether to let the city borrow millions to make infrastructure upgrades, voters would be asked to decide, essentially, whether to leave this waterfront city mired in its impoverished past, or make the investments necessary to unlock its potential.”

[then later in the editorial]

“The stakes are these: Lake Worth, despite its considerable amenities and rising reputation, is mired in poverty. Among Palm Beach County’s 38 cities, only Belle Glade’s residents are poorer. Years of neglect and mismanagement have left this city of 35,000 behind as its neighbors prospered.

The city is so underdeveloped that miles of streets in its poorest neighborhoods have never been paved. Children grow up in houses several blocks from the nearest fire hydrants or sidewalks. The city’s industrial zone, the Lake Worth Park of Commerce, has too few roads and utilities and, consequently, virtually no industry. Even streets around the city’s downtown center are so corrupted by potholes and cracks that they present hazards to cars and pedestrians evocative of the Third World.”

Restored historic Delray car dealership wins award - Sun Sentinel

Click title for link to an article about an award-winning adaptive reuse of a former Chevrolet dealership into a modern office building. The building had been vacant for decades in Delray Beach. This is a bit from the article:
The historic site of downtown Delray Beach's first Chevrolet car dealership is open for business again, but it isn't selling cars.
After sitting vacant for decades, the historic building is now home to several businesses thanks to a 2013 revamping by local developer Caster Developers and local architect Rich Jones.
Delray residents Cary and Rick Caster knew the abandoned, boarded-up property at 290 Southeast Sixth Ave. would be a good place for their offices.
"There's really nothing quite like it in Delray," Rick Caster said. "The look and the life of the space are really unique."
The building is now the headquarters of Cary Caster's aromatherapy company 21 Drops, as well as Caster Developers, which is run by Rick Caster, and several other tenants.