Saturday, January 27, 2007

Candidate Forums

As of this date, the following candidate forums are scheduled:

Monday, January 29th at 7pm

Bryant Park Neighborhood Association
All candidates
Chamber of Commerce office - 501 Lake Avenue

Monday, March 5th at 7pm
Tropical Ridge Neighborhood Association
All candidates
Nazarene Church - 2nd Avenue North & D Street

Thursday, February 8th at 7pm
Lake Worth Democratic Club
Commission candidates
Brogues - 621 Lake Avenue

Monday, February 12th at 7pm
Palmway Neighborhood Association
All candidates
Brogues 621 Lake Avenue

Monday, February 19th at 7pm
Eden Place Neighborhood Association
All candidates
First Congregational Church - 1415 North K Street

Wednesday, February 21st at 7:30am
Chamber of Commerce
All candidates
LW Golf Course clubhouse - 1 Seventh Avenue North

Thursday, March 1st at 7pm
College Park Neighborhood Association
All candidates
LW Golf Course Clubhouse - 1 Seventh Avenue North

Wednesday, March 7th at 7pm
Neighborhood Assn. Presidents Council
All Candidates
Lake Worth Playhouse – 713 Lake Avenue

"Political advertisement paid for and approved by Wes Blackman for Commissioner – District #3"

1000 Friends of Florida - 2060 Study

Do you know that almost 18 million more people are expected to move to Florida by the year 2060? And did you know that most of that growth will be in areas that are not currently developed and much of it is environmentally sensitive or currently agricultural? Do you realize that equates to almost 7 million acres of land in Florida? And did you know that many of the already disturbed/developed urban areas along the coast could accept additional density in order to direct growth away from environmentally sensitive areas? Do you know that the average density in Palm Beach County is between 6 and 7 units to an acre? Do you realize that to have an economically viable mass transit (non-automobile based) system you need to have additional density along major transportation corridors? All this is on the 1000 Friends of Florida website. Click here for the 2060 population study.

Then ask yourself, can we accept the density already established along our major corridors and can we accept the careful redevelopment our City as outlined in our Master Planning process?

I think the answer will be yes.

"Political advertisement paid for and approved by Wes Blackman for Commissioner – District #3"

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Campaign Interview on

I want to make sure you all know about the interview I had with Jim Stafford recently on "The Live Show". The interview took place last Wednesday night, January 17th. What happens during the interview is that people post questions to the discussion board and you answer them on "air". Only this time, the "air" is over your Internet connection. I am not sure how it works with dial-up Internet service. If you are able, you can go to one of the Internet Hotspots in town and try to be broadband access on a laptop.

Click here to be forwarded to the archived audio page (0117 Wes Blackman).

Anyway, there were a whole series of good questions asked and I did my best to answer them. When you listen to it, it really is a glimpse at the up-coming election season and what you will be hearing on the campaign trail. Thanks to Jim Stafford for offering this service to the community. He received responses from most of the candidates in the various races so be sure to tune in to hear what the other candidates in District #3 have to say, as well as the District #1 and Mayor's races. As always, your comments, feedback and ideas are appreciated.

I hope to find more time to up-date this blog. Time in February will be at a premium, to be sure.

Thanks for your interest in a bright future for the City of Lake Worth and for your support!

"Political advertisement paid for and approved by Wes Blackman for Commissioner – District #3"