Monday, August 12, 2019

Sports news in Lake Worth Beach: Upcoming registration for youth basketball.

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Besides LOCAL meetings, events and club news also published in this week’s paper is the 2019 Lake Worth High School football schedule, the public school dress code for students (proper jackets, shirts, pants and shoes), and an article on school health requirements (immunization requirements and physical examination).

Here is the news about youth basketball registration:

The City of Lake Worth Beach will begin holding early registration for their Youth Basketball League August 31 through October 5. Ages 3–6, $45; 7–16, $65.

Regular registration will be held October 6–December 20. Ages 3–6, $50, 7–16, $75. Late registration, December 21–January 4. Ages 3–6, $55, 7–16, $85. The draft will be held on January 11. All games begin at 9:45 and are played at the Norman J. Wimbley Gymnasium located at 1515 Wingfield Street. Shirts will be provided.

You do not need to be a Lake Worth Beach resident to participate, however identification is required.

Registration will be available at the Wimbley Gym, at the Osborne Community Center located at 1699 Wingfield St., or online by using this link.

For more information contact Anthony Marshall at 561-227-4518 or by email at

News vans are packed and ready for the next major storm.


You are a young and eager weather reporter.

The assignment editor wants you to do a quick news segment along the seawall at the beach in Lake Worth Beach but when you get to the scene nothing is really going on. Just a normal beach day but really crowded. But you have to do something because you’re a weather reporter!

But there is a solution. You can create your own weather if you want. Find out how below.

So a week or so earlier hotter than normal water and wind churned off the Ivory Coast and went heading west. Some claim they can feel a storm coming and those people are feeling something.

Being safe Lake Worth Beach sends out a press release advising the public to be careful of swimming in the ocean and of course everyone then heads to the beach. Not much is happening at the moment except for some brisk wind and surfers taking advantage of the higher waves. So the reporter, with his or her back to the ocean, needs something to air and quick!

What a reporter could do is just deliver the press release from LWB.

But another method will get you noticed called the “gale force” approach.

This approach is not advised in most situations but it certainly will get attention from the public (note the ‘gale force’ method may be encouraged in some newsrooms when assigned to report on anything that looks red-tidish or anything blue-green in the water).

So to quickly go Live with the news which isn’t news but you have to do something please take a few moments and watch a CNN segment, an example of the gale force method being employed.

“Don’t Do It!”

Hope you enjoy this video and remember,
“Don’t Swim In the Sea! Incredibly. . .”

Sunday, August 11, 2019

The Koreshan Unity: A religious utopian community in early Florida history.

“Among the most interesting beliefs of Koreshanity was the cellular cosmogony, or the hollow earth.”

Click on image to enlarge:

Image from the Florida Memory collection.

The State Library and Archives of Florida has fascinating documentation of the Koreshan Unity. They have links to pictures and documents about this religious group that no longer exists. Here is an excerpt:

     With its warm climate and seemingly endless coastline, Florida was a natural magnet for settlers from colder northern climates and all manner of pioneers. In the 1890s, Florida became home to one of the state’s most interesting and influential pioneering communities: the Koreshan Unity. [emphasis added]
     The Unity was a late-19th/early-20th century religious utopian community originally founded in upstate New York by Dr. Cyrus Teed and later headquartered in Chicago before finding its permanent home on a 320 acre plot of land in Estero south of Fort Myers, where Teed intended to found the “New Jerusalem.”
     Among the most interesting beliefs of Koreshanity was the cellular cosmogony, or the hollow earth. According to the cellular cosmogony, the earth was not a convex sphere but instead a hollow, concave cell containing the entire universe with the sun at its center and Earth's populace living on the inside surface of the hollow cell.

News from Shiny Sheet staff writer Margie Kacoha: “Donald Trump looked positively presidential”.

Please take a deep breath. In the blog post below is a news article which cites a citizen named Mr. Donald Trump, many years prior to becoming U.S. President Donald J. Trump.

What follows is not a political statement or a political position. What follows is an account of what happened at Mar-a-Lago over twenty-four years ago.

About the reporter at the Palm Beach Daily News (aka, the Shiny Sheet):

Margie Kacoha was one of the most interesting and fascinating reporters, very clever and very funny. A memorable sense of humor.

Sadly, she passed away in April 2014. The news from Shannon Donnelly, an excerpt: “Margie was always fair and objective as a reporter,” said Kirk Blouin, town director of public safety [in Palm Beach]. “She was always cordial and was very well-liked by the members of the police and fire departments. Personally, I will miss her kind heart and strong sense of humor. We shared many good laughs through the years. Just the thought of her brings a smile to my face. She will be sorely missed.”

Now to the news. . .

Opening paragraph from front page news, above the fold, published in the Shiny Sheet headlined, “Trump expects club to open this week”:

“Flanked by his attorneys, property manager and club manager, Donald Trump looked positively presidential [emphasis added] as he signed more than two dozen documents Saturday night, transforming his palatial weekend home into the Mar-a-Lago Club.”

The newspaper clipping below is from Monday, April 3rd, 1995.

Note that twenty-three years ago the Shiny Sheet cost ¢25! And unfortunately, this particular newspaper in the collection was damaged along the way. . .


Click on image to enlarge:

This image is from my collection of memorabilia (public relations material, magazines, brochures, newspapers, press releases) from my ten years working at Mar-a-Lago as Director of Projects (1993–2003) for a man I addressed as “Mr. Trump”.

Another excerpt from the 1995 article
in the Shiny Sheet:

     “No deal has been more complex than to have this incredible place turned into a club,” Trump said as he sat in the middle of the estate’s great room, carefully signing one document after another before leaving town early Sunday, “I think this is the most important event to happen in Palm Beach in 50 years.
     “We’re saving Mar-a-Lago, the greatest house in the United States,” Trump said. “And it’s a totally non-discriminatory club.”

and one more. . .

     “As long as he was signing documents — a task that took almost an hour — Trump chatted about other things, like pizza commercials.
     When called to do a television commercial for Pizza Hut to run during the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, Trump said his first reaction was “What do I know about pizza?”
     With an offer of $500,000 on the table, Trump balked.
     “If they pay me a million dollars, I’ll do it,” Trump reported responding to that initial offer.
     A cool million later, Trump was on the tube with ex-wife Ivana.

This is a look back in time to a very special place in American History, Mar-a-Lago. Just one of the reasons why Marjorie Merriweather Post had Mar-a-Lago constructed was she wanted to invite American presidents, visiting dignitaries, and ambassadors from all over the world — in her day and into the future — to a place in the Town of Palm Beach between the sea (in Spanish, “Mar”) and the once-freshwater lake (“Lago”, now the Intracoastal), a structure that would later be coined in American history the “Winter White House”.

And in what can only be called one of the most amazing twists in American history, “Trump” in April 1995, as reported in the Shiny Sheet by Margie Kacoha, became President Donald J. Trump on November 8th, 2016.