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The beach, the pool and the city...the illusions and delusions thereof , part 1...

City Manager Michael Bornstein from last Tuesday's (5/21/13) meeting - starting at around 6:40 on the video.  More important words have never been said:

"Everybody's looking for me to say something.  I'm not here to tell you what you want to hear.  Anybody.  You've asked me to come and do this job.  And I can, believe me, this pool, beach facility, the park, it's actually two major projects. Phenomenal, great partnerships, it is successful beyond our expectations.  We are filling the parking lot. Working through all of the issues, it is a success. I love it and spend time there myself. You all know that, but I would be remiss if I didn't say that several years ago you all embarked on a mission here to build an amenity for this city and you can't afford it.  And it is all a part of the beach fund, it is separate part that we can track all of the expenses and costs.  What spent over there at the beach and what is made at the beach is supposed to operate itself as an enterprise fund, separate and a part from the city."

"The business model as anticipated based upon the rents and the revenues is not performing.  And that's normal with an amenity like this and it is an amenity, it's a great thing to have, but it is not performing to what they expected when they wrote the business models."

"Secondly, there is a big gaping hole in the business plan as given to us which didn't address in any shape or form the pool or the pool building.  So when I started this thing a year ago and started saying "Hey, we got a problem with the pool here."  First off, it looks like it may be damaged.  We worked through all those things. We've gotten to the facts, we've cleared out the clouds and we know what the pool costs to simply mothball it. And, at the end of the day, I know good and well that we are going to open the pool at least with limited hours.  That's just, I see it coming; it's going to happen.  But you just got to understand, and I am going to say this to everyone out there, asking for an amenity from a city that doesn't have the resources, asking from a fund that is not healthy, we are going to be $350,000 to $400,000 short in the operation of the beach fund. Okay? I've said this before, we aren't paying the first year's debt service, which we borrowed from ourselves, so we'll ask the people from which we borrowed the money from if that's o.k. and that's o.k. and that's fine too, but everyone needs to be not delusional when you are asking for services from this city that you don't understand the complete impacts and so you don't default to "those so and so's don't know what they are doing, they are incompetent and somewhere I know that there is money banging around city hall. Trust me, I'm not sitting on a lot of cash over here."

Palm Beach has long history of weathering hurricanes |

Interesting rundown of the various hurricane hits within 60 miles of Palm Beach through the years.  Mention is made of the late 1940s era hurricanes that spelled the end to the original Lake Worth Casino building and made way for the new version that we had for over 50 years.  Click title for link to article.

West Palm roundtable on public speech coming to PBAU after resident ejected from meetings | West Palm Beat blog | The Palm Beach Post

There were a few times at the last City Commission meeting here in Lake Worth where the Mayor reminded people to address her directly and not others on the dais.  This is proper and according to Robert's Rules of Order.  It seems to be getting a little out of control in West Palm Beach, however.  Click title for link.

Florida Memory - "In Florida" poem by William Lee Popham

State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory

Friday, May 24, 2013

Tomorrow 5/25, 11 a.m. at the Shuffleboard Courts...

Anna Pierre, Candidate 'Endorsed By Jesus', Finishes Last In North Miami Mayoral Race

She points out that she voted for herself, so actually received one less vote than the 56 who voted for her.  Check out her flyer - don't be getting any ideas for LW campaigns!  Click title for link to story.

Lake Worth earned recognition from national non-profit KaBOOM! as 2013 Playful City USA

LAKE WORTH, FL. -With research proving play is critical to the overall well-being of children, 217 cities and towns, including Lake Worth, earned recognition from national non-profit KaBOOM! as 2013 Playful City USA communities for their efforts to give children the childhood they deserve by providing ample opportunities for play. 

Today's generation of children play less than any previous generation despite the vast benefits of play. The Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics reports that play is essential to the social, emotional, cognitive and physical well-being of children.

Sponsored by the Humana Foundation, Playful City USA is a national program from KaBOOM! that celebrates and promotes local policies that increase play opportunities for children and is a key platform in combating the lack of play among children.

"It's important that our children learn that the word play doesn't only involve a computer or an Xbox. We are honored to be named a Playful City USA  and are excited to welcome new play areas in our City", said Mayor Pam Triolo. "The City of Lake Worth has dozens of recreational and cultural opportunities for people of all ages."

KaBOOM!, the national non-profit organization dedicated to giving kids the childhood they deserve by bringing play to those who need it most, created Playful City USA in 2007 to help local governments address the lack of play and it is through mayors, city council members, parks and recreation departments, school districts and community leaders that the program succeeds in benefitting children.

"Kids need to play actively, every day, at home, in school and in their communities, yet play is disappearing," said Darell Hammond, Founder and CEO of KaBOOM! "Children spend nearly eight hours a day in front of a screen; almost half of all poor students are deprived of recess; and to make matters worse, only one in five children live within walking distance of a park. Playful City USA communities like Lake Worth are creating innovative programs and initiatives and deserve recognition because of their efforts to give kids the childhood they deserve and best prepare them for their future."

Hailing from 43 states, the 217 Playful City USA honorees range in size from seven-time honorees such as San Francisco and Spartanburg, S.C., to first-time recipient Ellsworth, Kansas. These Playful City USA communities are making a commitment to play and physical activity by developing unique local action plans to increase the quantity and quality of play in their community.

For the sixth consecutive year, Florida paced the nation with 32 Playful City USA communities. California earned second-place with 26 communities, while Texas finished third with 15 Playful City USA communities.

Each of the 2013 Playful City USA communities demonstrated creative commitments to addressing the lack of play among children. Playful City USA celebrates and highlights these unique initiatives developed by communities across the country. A primary goal of Playful City USA is to encourage cities and towns to share ideas, concepts and programs in an effort to increase play opportunities for children.

KaBOOM! selected Lake Worth for its outstanding dedication to play. Lake Worth is working to create a new playspace within blocks of their downtown core. Lake Worth's Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) has recently added green space with a new fitness zone - outdoor gyms that include a set of activities very popular with residents on the 200 block of North 'H' Street.

The 217 Playful City USA communities are now eligible for $15,000, $20,000 and $30,000 grants via Let's Play, a community partnership led by Dr Pepper Snapple Group to get kids and families active nationwide.

For more information on the KaBOOM! Playful City USA program, including Let's Play grants and applications for 2014, visit

About KaBOOM!
KaBOOM! is the national non-profit dedicated to giving kids the childhood they deserve by bringing play to those who need it most. For more information, visit

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New Life with SB HB 537 Elections and SB HB 537 Growth Management?

Today's announcement from NOAA NWS National Hurricane Center

"NOAA issued its first outlook for overall seasonal activity in the Atlantic basin today. The outlook calls for an active or even extremely active season, with a predicted range of 13-20 named storms, 6-11 hurricanes, and 3-6 major hurricanes. These are all above the seasonal averages of 12 named storms, 6 hurricanes, and 3 major hurricanes. Factors influencing this forecast are an expected lack of El Nino this year, warmer than normal ocean temperatures in the tropical Atlantic and Caribbean, and a continuation of the generally favorable conditions that have prevailed since 1995.

It's important to remember that there is no skill in forecasting the number, location, or effects of hurricane landfalls this far in advance. Coastal residents should prepare each and every year - regardless of what the seasonal forecast says.

For more information on NOAA's Atlantic basin outlook, please click here."

New York Times video - Ode to Bike Sharing - happening this Monday.

From yesterday's Palm Beach County League of Cities Annual Installation Gala

 These pics were taken as people were entering the ballroom - it was eventually filled by attendees.
This event was held at the Kravis Center where a large Lake Worth contingent enjoyed lunch, a keynote speech by Lake Worth's own Greg Rice and then the installation of Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell as 2013 President of the Palm Beach County League of Cities.

Here is Greg Rice's keynote speech:

Here is Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell's introduction, installation and most of his remarks regarding the League's initiatives and priorities over the coming year:

Be sure to note the vigorous applause and reception from the Lake Worth delegation.  Way to represent LW!

Sharon Koskoff - Art Deco Society of the Palm Beaches 05/24 by High Noon in Lake Worth | Blog Talk Radio

Join your host Wes Blackman as he welcomes Sharon Koskoff, President of the Art Deco Society of the Palm Beaches to the High Noon in Lake Worth studios.  Ms. Koskoff is back from her trip to Havana, Cuba where she attended the 12th Art Deco Congress.  This show will preview her talk at the Stonzek Theatre at the Lake Worth Playhouse on Monday, June 3rd at 8 p.m.  Sharon says this about her visit and upcoming talk: "The city of Havana is home to an endless treasure chest of Art Deco architecture, far more than South Beach, however the infrastructure is poor with everything at risk."  Check out the Art Deco Society's website and this site on "Habana Deco."

Click title for link to live show 12 p.m. on Friday, May 23rd or to listen to the archived show after it airs.  Leave questions and comments below.

Daily What?!: Yarnbomb Crochet Picnic in Union Square by Olek | Untapped Cities

Sort of performance art from the now-I've-seen-it-all category.  Anyone like to knit and crochet here in Lake Worth?  This is what the artist says about her work:
I crochet art installations, performances and actions to comment on the economic and social realities of the variety of communities I have been part of, to bring color, energy and surprises to the spaces we live in.
For me, life, crochet and art are inseparable. Anyone who enters my world will be sooner or later become transformed into my pieces. Lovers, friends, complete strangers…The suits take on their forms, but the form inside becomes completely invisible.
Don’t you ever wonder who is hidden inside these silent, crocheted skins? Who exactly are these people who allow me to encase them from head to toe? You have to find the end of the yarn to unravel the story.
Click title for link.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Second part of Public Comment on Unagendaed Items from last night's (5/21/13) City Commission meeting...

First portion of Public Participation from last night's (5/21/13) City Commission meeting...

City Commission Liaison Reports from 5/21/13 meeting...

There is some discussion about the changes in transit and transportation happening in our region during the second half of this video.

Tail-end of Commission Liaison comments.

Triolo plans to run for another term as Lake Worth mayor |

Formal announcement that Mayor Pam Triolo will be running for re-election next March.  Click title for link.

Discussion on how and when to discuss the vacation rental issue (City Commission meeting of 5/21/13)

The Commission decided to allow public comment on the matter as part of public participation of unagendaed items.  This was done in light of the City Attorney having received a letter from an attorney representing a group of vacation rental property owners in the city.

Editorial: Clear skies for Palm Beach Gardens approval of FPL... |

Imagine a community falling all over itself for what will be a single user of almost 1 million square feet of office space.  Think of FPL locating within the Lake Worth Park of Commerce.  Protesters could walk or ride bikes to their actions and not rely on automobiles for transportation.  Click title for link.

Lake Worth vice mayor to become president of county’s league... |

I will be attending and will have pictures.  Click title for link to announcement in the PBP.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Lake Worth manager gets positive evaluation after first year... |

Yeah!  Era of stability?  Click title for link.

Breaking News: Referendum on height may be "null and void" - retroactively - due to state legislation signed by Governor Scott

Item under Public Hearings (10-C) that would have changed the Comprehensive Plan in accordance with the referendum result was pulled and postponed to July 2 to understand meaning of legislation signed by the governor (City Commission meeting of 5/21/13).  May make all referenda statewide passed since June 2011 "null and void" if it relates to Comprehensive Plan.  More on this later.  Click here for a look at the bill in question.

Also, stay tuned:  Video coming which talks about inadequacies of beach business plan, how the project is not making money as projected and what that means concerning the pool.

Governor vetoes $50 million for proposed bike trail along with $27.3 million in water projects | The Florida Current

Click title for link to more specific list of Governor Scott's line item budget vetoes, including funding for completion of a central Florida east/west bike route and other water management projects.  Click here for more detail on transportation project related funding.

Sheriff’s $1 million ‘violence prevention’ program didn’t meet Scott’s jobs, education, cost-of-living criteria | Post on Politics

Governor Scott vetoes Sheriff Bradshaw's controversial new program.  Click title for link.


The City of Lake Worth’s Refuse Division will be having a RESIDENTIAL VEGETATION (ONLY) AMNESTY PICK UP SERVICE beginning May 27, 2013 and will be picked up on the following days: Zone 1 Monday May 27th, Zone 2 Thursday May 30th, Zone 3 Friday May 31st and Zone 4 Tuesday May 28th. The vegetation amnesty week is designed to allow residents to dispose of large amounts of vegetation prior to the commencement of Hurricane Season (not to exceed 12 cubic yards per residential property).
Please place all vegetation curbside on your regular scheduled day and the City of Lake Worth’s Refuse Division will remove it at no charge.
• Includes bagged leaves, grasses, and tree or shrubbery cuttings incidental to the care of your lawn and garden that are capable of being containerized. (Please use the green container with the black lid for all vegetation that will fit inside the container.)
• Tree branches less than (2) inches in diameter, branches and palm fronds less than (4) feet in length, and stumps less than (15) inches in diameter and or less than fifty (50) pounds.
For more information on this please feel free to call the Public Services Refuse Department at 561-533-7344.
Please check the City of Lake Worth’s official for any further information.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Record-breaking 128lb Python that measures 18ft and 8in long is captured and killed in Florida | Mail Online

A female, not carrying eggs...WOW!  Click title for link.

U.S. 27: A new railroad is proposed in South Florida along rural highway. - South Florida

This is an important article for many reasons.  If you haven't heard, the Panama Canal is being widened to accommodate more and larger cargo ships.  Florida ports are future targets for this increased cargo traffic. The Port of Miami is also going through major improvements to handle this traffic.  The Lake Worth inlet is being examined for dredging to accommodate more and larger vessels.  Linkages to the port and inland terminals will be important.  A rail line to the west will take pressure off of the coastal rail lines, which will have increased passenger service options.  This is expected to have a great economic impact to our region.  Click title for link.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Part of the feud taking place in our "radical spaces"...

Check this out as a way of educating yourself about what is currently a major issue among our radical neighbors.  Perhaps we will avoid the "mandatory anti-oppression workshops."  Highlights are not by the author. A primer on political correctness?

Editorial: Beach gets the publicity, but Lake Worth needs to... |

Mr. Marra chats with City Manager Bornstein, reviews what was said and addresses some priorities.  These issues and priorities are the same as Mr. Bornstein mentioned in this talk given to the Lake Worth Rotary a few weeks ago.  Here it is if you missed it.  Click title for link to the editorial.

Art Deco Cuba! Koskoff returns from Havana World Congress

Art Deco Cuba 2013!
Who: ADSPB President Sharon Koskoff returns from CUBA Art Deco World Congress
What: Habana Art Deco 2013! Art & Architecture of Cuba power point presentation
Where: Stonzek Theatre at the Lake Worth Playhouse
            713 Lake Avenue, Lake Worth FL
When: Monday Eve - June 3rd, 2013
Time: 8 p.m.
Cost: Free Admission, Free Parking

ADSPB president Sharon Koskoff has returned from the 12th Art Deco World Congress
held this year in Havana, Cuba March 14 – 21, 2013. Koskoff will present a free power point presentation
 of the Art Deco architecture discovered in Cuba and talk about the art and culture she experienced!
Habana Art Deco 2013!  will be held at the Stonzek Theatre at the Lake Worth Playhouse on
Monday eve, June 3rd, 2013 at 8 p.m. The Stonzek is located at 713 Lake Avenue

The city of Havana is home to an endless treasure chest of Art Deco architecture,
far more than Southbeach, however the infra structure is poor with everything at risk.
Learn about the current state of Cuba’s art and culture.

The International Coalition of Art Deco Societies (ICADS) sponsors the World Congress
every two years in a new city around the globe. The next conference, in 2015, will be in Shanghai China.

For more info: Art Deco Society of the Palm Beaches / ADSPB (561) 276-9925 or

From June 1956 "What's my Line?" with Frank Lloyd Wright

Would this be called the exciting version of traffic "calming?"

Bicycle Hearse At Sunset Hills Cemetery and Funeral Home In Oregon Offers 1 Last Ride

I am sure there is a market in Lake Worth for just this service.  Click title for link to article, click here for more information and video.

Miami-Dade big budget winner again | SaintPetersBlog

Interesting scorecard on where the various Florida counties stand in state funding.  Palm Beach County is eighth - Broward is number 2 behind Maimi-Dade.  Click title for link.