Friday, October 18, 2019

Next month begins a fresh new season for The Town & Country Garden Club of Lake Worth Beach.

Topical news courtesy of this week’s Lake Worth Herald.

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Here is just one of the many events listed and club news in this week’s paper:

The Town & Country Garden Club will open its 2019–2020 Season Monday, Oct. 14. The Town & Country Garden Club of Lake Worth Beach is a non-profit whose mission is to promote an interest in gardens, their design and management, and to cooperate in the protection of wildflowers, birds, native trees and shrubs, to encourage civic planning and to fund and award scholarships to individuals seeking education in horticulture and landscape design.

The Club welcomes new members. Annual dues are $30. Meetings include lunch and a guest speaker. There are several organized field trips throughout the season. The club meets the second Monday of every month October through May, 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., at the First Congregational Church, 1415 North K Street, Lake Worth Beach.

For more information contact Erin Allen at 561-312-5925 or

Also included in this week’s Herald is a more LOCAL school news, a feature story headlined, “Sacred Heart School Students Clean Up Lake Worth Beach”:

Approximately 65 Sacred Heart School fourth and seventh-grade students, staff, and parents walked from Sacred Heart School (4th and Federal Hwy.) to team up for the 2019 Sacred Heart School Conservation Beach Cleanup. “We are preparing our students to be the next generation of environmental stewards,” stated Interim Principal Tricia Duvall.

The group dispersed throughout the beach covering approximately one mile of coastline gathering trash and debris. The students noted that the majority of the garbage were bottle caps, bottles, clothes, and many cigarette butts.

and. . .

After the cleanup, the students enjoyed lunch and a visit from the Honorable Mayor Pam Triolo. The mayor thanked the students for coming out to keep the beach clean and invited them to continue with their conservation efforts.

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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Get excited! Christmas and Snowbird Season in City of Lake Worth Beach.

This upcoming 2019–2020 Holiday Season will be an exciting one for our returning Snowbirds, the old and confusing ‘Lake Worth’ has now become Lake Worth Beach, a city with a new name!

It’s important to remember whether one uses ‘Lake Worth’ or Lake Worth Beach in the mailing address the regions zip codes remain the same.

When exactly is the right time to start coming up with cleverly new holiday ideas for downtown Lake Worth Beach, the Casino and beach, and the Dixie Hwy. Corridors both north and south?

The time for all those new and exciting ideas for downtown holiday displays to arouse our returning Snowbirds and get all those cars to slow down for a closer look, interesting crafts and activities to electrify and foment the imagination, and the art to provoke and stimulate the passersby to come in and check out your Hipster fashions, L-Dub dishes and Quirky fare?

The Time Is Now!

One of the most exciting Christmas ideas ever in this City was something so cleverly simple from back in 2013. It was simply called “Mail Art”.

Hope you enjoy this look back:

Send your Mail Art to:

Lake Worth Beach City Hall
7 North Dixie Hwy.
Lake Worth Beach, FL 33460

The deadline is now looming. We’ve had lovely responses and hope you will send us an embellished envelope.
     We set up a web site where we post all those that arrive. We have showcased the envelopes in Libraries and made presentations to Calligraphy guilds.
     One more large Christmas exhibition is planned and then they will be presented to the Lake Worth Historical Museum. Dont hesitate to send another piece of mail art, if you already have.
     The deadline is Nov. 15, 2013. None will be rejected if they are a bit wee late. We so enjoyed getting the envelopes from around the globe.

Thank You.
Project art consultant

Click on images to enlarge:

Hint #1: Lappeenranta, Finland is the City of Lake Worth Beach’s Sister City.

Hint #2: The festival Día de los Muertos is on November 2nd this year.

Hint #3: The holiday Boxing Day is celebrated in Canada on December 26th.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

LOCAL community news. Join volunteer team in Village of Palm Springs and news from City of Greenacres too.

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LOCAL coverage of LOCAL small town news including community news from the Village of Palm Springs, a municipality called the “Garden Spot of Palm Beach County”.

The news this week from Palm Springs is below and there is news too from the City of Greenacres as well.

To see this week’s front page headlines in the Coastal & Greenacres Observer and The Lake Worth Herald click on this link. To contact the editor, that information is at the end of this blog post today.

Without further ado, here’s the news from the Village of Palm Springs headlined, “Village of Palm Springs Looking for Volunteers”:

The Village of Palm Springs would like to invite everyone to join their volunteer team. There are many areas and departments in which someone is able to serve. If you are interested, contact 561-641-3421 to request a Volunteer Application or stop by the Village to pick up an application and submit to Human Resources [Village Hall is located at 226 Cypress Lane].

Looking for volunteers in the following positions:

Community Outreach Team: Volunteer would assist at various community and public awareness events hosted by the Village of Palm Springs and the Palm Spring Police Department throughout the year. An interest in engaging within the diversity of our community is optimal for the success of our outreach events. This position requires evening and some weekend availability.

Community Patrol Officer: Volunteer would supplement law enforcement efforts and enhance relationships with the community. The volunteer would have no law enforcement authority, but would provide extra patrol, be called on to assist stranded motorists, visit and provide wellness checkups for residents, etc. The volunteer would also assist with community outreach events hosted by the Village and the Palms Springs Police Department.

Office Assistant: Volunteer would be responsible for providing customer services to members of the public who come into the Palm Springs Police Department. Responsibilities would include answering phones, directing requests, organizing, mailing, scanning, etc. On the job training would be provided. Office Assistants need to be available between 8–10 hours a week.

Library Volunteer: Palm Springs Library volunteers are the backbone of community engagement providing information, resources, and valuable support. Volunteers complement staffing needs during programs and events throughout the year. Students can earn Community Service Hours through three of our volunteer programs geared for teens. Youth Volunteer, Teen Advisory Board (TAB) and On-Call Teen Volunteers all require their own applications and are handled through the Library. Library volunteers may require evening and some weekend availability.

Parks and Recreation: Parks and Recreation volunteers assist with offering a wide range of recreational activities for all age groups and interests. Volunteers engage in special events, year-round programs, classes and activities offered to the community for residents and visitors alike. Community Service hours are offered to students. Parks and Recreation volunteers may require evening and some weekend availability.

Reading and Mentoring Program: Change the life of a child by become a reading mentor. This program encourages struggling elementary school students with reading and fosters positive academic achievement for first grade students. This program is seasonal and occurs between the months of January and April. The program coordinator provides guidance and instruction during sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons. Mentors tutor and work one-on-one with first grade students the rest of the time. Mentors are required to participate in mentor training.

For more information contact Indira Safaddid at 561-641-3421.

Here is the front page news from the City of Greenacres headlined, “Property Enhancement Program Moving Forward”:

City of Greenacres Building Official Michael Grimm presented the preliminary plans for the recently approved Property Enhancement Program (PEP) for the City.

The PEP is intended to enhance the aesthetics and visual appeal of the subject property. The City will provide residents and businesses with matching grants to assist with property improvement. To qualify for the grant the improvements must improve areas that are visible from the street.

Grimm told the council he thought the program should begin with $50,000 for grant matches. He also gave some ideas of what would be eligible for the program.

The Council agreed Grimm was on the right track and authorized him to continue and bring back a more formal presentation on the program for the Council to discuss.

The grants are a 50/50 match up to a $5,000 in grant proceeds.

To learn more about the City of Greenacres use this link for official website.

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