Saturday, December 28, 2019

Clarification. Re: The Book Cellar bookstore in downtown Lake Worth Beach.

A full-page advertisement was published on p. 3 of this week’s Lake Worth Herald headlined, “801 Lake LLC Press Release” (LWH, 52nd Edition, 107th Year). The text from that advert in the Herald was also posted on this blog last Thursday. To read that blog post scroll down or click on this link.

Subsequently this clarification was posted on Facebook:

With regard to a recent Lake Worth Herald ad:

The Book Cellar is not planning to close. The reality is that we struggle every day (as do some of the other small business owners downtown) to keep our doors open. We love Lake Worth Beach and would very much like to remain here serving our community.

That being said no amount of well-wishes or hope will make the situation better — it requires your financial support. If the people of Lake Worth Beach want a vibrant, thriving downtown, then financially support the businesses you have before they are gone.

Todd Ketcham

The Book Cellar bookstore, your LOCAL bookstore, is located at the corner of Lake Ave. and J Street and there is plenty of FREE parking nearby.

Whilst on the topic of LOCAL. . .

Support LOCAL small town journalism and your LOCAL newspaper.

The Lake Worth Herald Press is located at 1313 Central Terrace in Lake Worth Beach. To contact the editor call 561-585-9387 or send an email to:

Friday, December 27, 2019

News from Shiny Sheet staff writer Margie Kacoha: “Donald Trump looked positively presidential”.

Please take a deep breath. In the blog post below is a news article which cites a citizen named Mr. Donald Trump, many years prior to becoming U.S. President Donald J. Trump.

What follows is not a political statement or a political position. What follows is an account of what happened at Mar-a-Lago over twenty-five years ago.

About the reporter at the Palm Beach Daily News (aka, the Shiny Sheet):

Margie Kacoha was one of the most interesting and fascinating reporters, very clever and very funny. A memorable sense of humor.

Sadly, she passed away in April 2014. The news from Shannon Donnelly, an excerpt: “Margie was always fair and objective as a reporter,” said Kirk Blouin, town director of public safety [in Palm Beach]. “She was always cordial and was very well-liked by the members of the police and fire departments. Personally, I will miss her kind heart and strong sense of humor. We shared many good laughs through the years. Just the thought of her brings a smile to my face. She will be sorely missed.”

Now to the news. . .

Opening paragraph from front page news, above the fold, published in the Shiny Sheet headlined, “Trump expects club to open this week”:

“Flanked by his attorneys, property manager and club manager, Donald Trump looked positively presidential [emphasis added] as he signed more than two dozen documents Saturday night, transforming his palatial weekend home into the Mar-a-Lago Club.”

The newspaper clipping below is from Monday, April 3rd, 1995.

Note back in the day when the Shiny Sheet cost ¢25! And unfortunately, this particular newspaper in the collection was damaged along the way. . .


Click on image to enlarge:

This image is from my collection of memorabilia (public relations material, magazines, brochures, newspapers, press releases) from my ten years working at Mar-a-Lago as Director of Projects (1993–2003) for a man I addressed as “Mr. Trump”.

Another excerpt from the 1995 article
in the Shiny Sheet:

     “No deal has been more complex than to have this incredible place turned into a club,” Trump said as he sat in the middle of the estate’s great room, carefully signing one document after another before leaving town early Sunday, “I think this is the most important event to happen in Palm Beach in 50 years.
     “We’re saving Mar-a-Lago, the greatest house in the United States,” Trump said. “And it’s a totally non-discriminatory club.”

and one more. . .

     “As long as he was signing documents — a task that took almost an hour — Trump chatted about other things, like pizza commercials.
     When called to do a television commercial for Pizza Hut to run during the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, Trump said his first reaction was “What do I know about pizza?”
     With an offer of $500,000 on the table, Trump balked.
     “If they pay me a million dollars, I’ll do it,” Trump reported responding to that initial offer.
     A cool million later, Trump was on the tube with ex-wife Ivana.

This is a look back in time to a very special place in American History, Mar-a-Lago. Just one of the reasons why Marjorie Merriweather Post had Mar-a-Lago constructed was she wanted to invite American presidents, visiting dignitaries, and ambassadors from all over the world — in her day and into the future — to a place in the Town of Palm Beach between the sea (in Spanish, “Mar”) and the once-freshwater lake (“Lago”, now the Intracoastal), a structure that would later be coined in American history the “Winter White House”.

And in what can only be called one of the most amazing twists in American history, “Trump” in April 1995, as reported in the Shiny Sheet by Margie Kacoha, became President Donald J. Trump on November 8th, 2016.

Gus’ Baths in the Town of Palm Beach.

This building and pier (see images below) were at the east end of Worth Avenue in Palm Beach. All these structures were gone by the early sixties. What’s interesting is, at least for a time, the former Casino building and pier in the City of Lake Worth and this complex in Palm Beach were contemporaries separated north and south by just a few miles of road.

Click on images to enlarge:

Thursday, December 26, 2019

A full-page advertisement published in today’s Lake Worth Herald:

801 Lake LLC Press Release

We are pleased to list the property at 801 Lake Avenue for sale at $1.3 million. The renovation spared no expense and we were honored with an award by the city. We are still proud of our work. Our pride, however, ends at our property line.

Downtown Lake Worth is plagued with retail vacancy while surrounding cities are booming and we think we know why. Near zero interest rates have changed the real estate discussion from “what does it make” to “what is it worth” and the citizens of Lake Worth are pawns in this financial chess game. Ideally, none of this matters to hardworking people who aren’t speculating with real estate, but in this case it has ruined the downtown. If you only care about market value, then perversely vacancy is preferable to reduced rent because vacancy is assumed to be temporary. The town, meanwhile, has suffered.

When our tenants told us that they were struggling, we cut their rent in half. We liked them when we signed the lease and we still do. Their business would be in much better shape if the downtown wasn’t half empty. The staff is lovely, the atmosphere is inviting, and the cafe has excellent coffee and seating. A neighborhood bookshop is a treasure, but you need to use it or lose it.

The decision to sell the property comes from our frustration with other landlords tolerating record vacancies. As capitalists we will not tell them what to do with their investments, which is a favor that is unlikely to be returned. Once our tenants leave we intend to take over their operating LLC and focus the business on serving food to the less fortunate for one penny per serving. There are no laws dictating minimum restaurant prices and everything is registered to their LLC which can be transferred without municipal review.

We hope to contribute the space to an established charity on a free or nearly free basis while the property is for sale. Due to legal complexities, any offer must be approved by our legal counsel in their sole and absolute discretion. Charities please inquire at for more information.

For offers on the building please contact Bob D’Arinzo.

Cell (561) 662-8370

For a wonderful afternoon please visit The Book Cellar at 801 Lake Avenue in Lake Worth.

Whilst on the topic of The Book Cellar enjoy the blog post which follows. . .

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

The Book Cellar bookstore in downtown Lake Worth Beach welcomes a tour from Wycliffe.

First a little background. . .

Sometimes it takes a new perspective to realize this special municipality of Lake Worth Beach which is one of the reasons for the concept and creation of the Cottages of Lake Worth book. The book — in its second printing and a finalist in the 2019 Next Generation Indie Book Awards — is being sold this Christmas and Holiday Season at many local retailers and locally and notably among them is The Book Cellar bookstore in the downtown of Lake Worth Beach.

Through the auspices of the tour and excursion operator Befitting Just Your Style (BJYS) communities book tours to visit sites in South Florida and one of those places to visit and explore aboard a large tour bus is the downtown in Lake Worth Beach. The latest group of adventurers was last Friday and they hailed from Wycliffe, a residential community west of State Rd. 7 just outside the Village of Wellington. About Wycliffe in case you are wondering, “Our gated residential community of 1,045 Mediterranean-style single-family homes, villas and condo residences is spread throughout 14 uniquely charming neighborhoods.” The center of activity in Wycliffe is the Wycliffe Golf & Country Club.

Now back to the BJYS tour last Friday. . .

The first stop on the tour was The Book Cellar bookstore and featured a talk by Yours Truly (take note of video below). This was a talk and Q&A about our historic cottages in this City and on Lake Worth Beach history, the origins of our community and the early settlement pattern which created the distinct grid street layout for our collection of historic beach cottages. Click on this link to view the presentation given at The Book Cellar.

The Cottages of Lake Worth book is on display at The Book Cellar and would encourage everyone to visit and browse. The book is most worthy of note at the bookstore and makes a terrific gift all year long, full of information and replete with splendid photographs as well.

The BJYS tour last week was the second tour this Season and there will be more to come. Following last Friday’s tour learned from Todd Ketcham, the manager at The Book Cellar, that six Cottages of Lake Worth books were purchased! This latest tour group had a wonderful time in our downtown visiting local restaurants and merchants following the welcome at our local bookseller.

The front cover for
The Cottages of Lake Worth:

To learn more about the book use this link. Worth noting is another historic event in this City’s history in March 2019: By voter referendum the City changed its name to become Lake Worth Beach!

If you happen to live out in western Palm Beach County or are part of a community or group in South Florida looking to explore this historic coastal municipality of Lake Worth Beach click on this link and scroll down for, “Historic Settlements – The Cottages of Lake Worth”.

Now let’s take a stroll back to December 2014, to when The Cottages of Lake Worth was featured on local radio.

Enjoy the video!

A message from the City.

For any questions about solid waste services (residential and commercial) in Lake Worth Beach or want more information about recycling click on this link.

To download “My Schedule”, a FREE app for your trash days each week and recycling information use this link.

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

The Orchid City Brass Band in the Downtown Cultural Plaza.

Merry Christmas,
City of Lake Worth!

Enjoy this rousing rendition of a Christmas classic performed in 2014, one that never gets old!

It starts slow but just wait. . .

Florida Christmas greetings: 19--?

Florida Christmas greetings. 19--?. Color postcard, 9×14 cm. State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory.

Christmas poem. Tropical Sun, 1891.

Click on newspaper clipping to enlarge.

Lotus Cove was a small settlement just to the north of what is now the Town of Lantana and later to become part of present-day City of Lake Worth.

Saturday, December 21, 2019

“Round Hill Capital Invests in Workforce Housing Development in Lake Worth Beach, Florida”

Press release dated December 17th follows and is headlined, “Continues Round Hill Capital’s Expansion in U.S. Housing Market”:

LONDON & NEW YORK — (BUSINESS WIRE) — Round Hill Capital, a leading global real estate investment, development and asset management firm, today announces that it is investing in a workforce housing development project located in Lake Worth Beach, Florida.

The project, named “The MID”, represents the second in a series of investments under a joint venture between Round Hill Capital and Affiliated Development, a Fort Lauderdale-based real estate development firm. This investment forms part of Round Hill Capital’s Environmental Social and Governance (“ESG”) Strategy, demonstrating its commitment to targeting opportunities that bring about a positive social impact and helping to drive further sustainability and corporate responsibility within the firm.

The MID will consist of 230 rental units and cater to the growing workforce population by offering rental rates at a meaningful discount to the surrounding metro areas, while still allowing residents to maintain a high-quality of living. The MID will feature Class A amenities and facilities, including a resort-style pool deck, fitness room with yoga/cycling studio, community room, co-working facility, private dog park and full-time concierge. The building will also include 10 ground floor live-work spaces and gated private parking. Located a mile north of downtown Lake Worth Beach, an area that is currently being revitalized via public and private investment activities, The MID is situated in the middle of two fast growing markets, West Palm Beach and Boynton Beach/Delray Beach, and is expected to open in early 2021.

In partnership with the Lake Worth Beach Community Redevelopment Agency and the City of Lake Worth Beach, The MID development project received approximately $5.1 million in gap financing and tax rebates, helping to enable the joint venture partnership to offer high-quality apartments at an attainable rate.

In April 2019, Round Hill Capital closed on its first investment with Affiliated Development, The SIX13, a 142-unit attainably-priced development located in the Progresso Village district of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Rob Reiskin, Senior Managing Director, Head of Americas at Round Hill Capital, said:

“This investment is consistent with Round Hill Capital’s strategy of investing in and operating high-quality residential accommodation assets in the U.S. The need for reasonably-priced housing options in South Florida, an attractive region backed by strong demographics and a highly skilled workforce, is greater than ever. We are proud to be supporting the growing Lake Worth Beach community and further expanding our commitment to targeting opportunities that bring about a positive social impact, by providing South Florida residents with much-needed, high-quality residential options offered at a meaningful discount to the surrounding metro areas.

“Affiliated Development has been a tremendous partner to date, and we look forward to pursuing and developing a significant multifamily housing portfolio in underserved areas within South Florida through our joint venture.”

Michael Bickford, Founder and CEO of Round Hill Capital, commented:

“The U.S. residential market continues to be an important area of focus for Round Hill Capital. We have a strong team in place to identify acquisition opportunities backed by attractive investment fundamentals and robust future growth drivers and we are excited by the strength of our attractive pipeline of investment opportunities as we expand our U.S. presence.”

About Round Hill Capital Round Hill Capital is a leading global specialist real estate investment, development and asset management firm. Since inception in 2002, Round Hill Capital has acquired and repositioned for long-term institutional ownership over 110,000 residential units and student housing beds. Round Hill Capital is a responsible landlord of assets offering housing to a range of occupants, from students through to senior citizens.

Round Hill Capital has an established track record of generating high risk-adjusted returns and invests in and asset manages real estate on behalf of some of the world’s leading institutions and private investors.

Further information on Round Hill Capital use this link.

Lake Worth Beach, suburban Lake Worth and Greenacres: Help PBSO eliminate graffiti in your neighborhood.

PBSO Graffiti Eradication Unit.


Take back your street, neighborhood,
community and parks.

Help PBSO District 14 (Lake Worth Beach) and District 16 (City of Greenacres) and help PBSO in unincorporated Palm Beach County as well (e.g., places like John Prince Park in suburban Lake Worth and Lake Osborne Estates). . .

  • If you see GRAFFITI IN PROGRESS call 911 immediately!
  • Non-emergency number: 561-688-3400.
  • Have a chronic graffiti problem? Call CrimeStoppers at 800-458-8477. Be eligible for a reward and remain anonymous.

How the PBSO Graffiti Eradication Unit came to be:

In early 2005 Sheriff Ric Bradshaw established this program to rapidly respond and remove graffiti within unincorporated Palm Beach County and select municipalities that now include the cities of Lake Worth, Greenacres, South Palm Beach and Palm Beach Shores.

It is very worth noting that Greenacres received high honors for “Safest Cities in Florida 2018” in Palm Beach County; however, the data from City of Lake Worth was late arriving to the judges showing a significant drop in crime.

The villages of Wellington and Royal Palm Beach — also patrolled by PBSO — were also ranked very high on the “Safest Cities” list as well.

Get signed up for “Critical Event” alerts in Lake Worth Beach.

You can get signed up today and it only takes a few moments. Continue reading to find out how. Here is information from the City:

Get up-to-the-minute information about severe weather, road closures, and much more.

Your safety is our top concern — That’s why the City of Lake Worth Beach wants to make sure you know about emergencies and incidents as they happen.

The City of Lake Worth Beach will begin to use an emergency communication service powered by Everbridge to make sure you know about issues that may affect your safety. This system allows the City to contact thousands of residents in seconds so you can find out about an emergency right away.

Receive important messages from the City of Lake Worth Beach via email, phone, and much more.

How Does It Work?

The process begins when the City of Lake Worth Beach issues a message about a potential safety hazard or concern. Next, the emergency notification system sends a message through your primary contact path. If you don’t confirm receipt of the message, the system will try to reach your second contact path and continues trying to reach you until you confirm receipt.

The success of this service relies on YOU.

Having your latest contact information is the only way to ensure that we can contact you in an emergency.

Please sign up online by clicking on this link. It only takes about a minute to enroll, or you can sign up by texting LAKEWORTHBCH to 888777 (message and data rates may apply).

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and participation in this important program!

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

City of Lake Worth Beach online system upgrades

The City of Lake Worth Beach Information Technology Department will be conducting an essential upgrade to the city's Naviline and Click2Gov online services starting Friday, December 13th at 6pm and continuing through Saturday, December 14th at 6pm. To facilitate the upgrade all systems using the service including: Code Compliance, Building Permits, and Business Licenses will be unavailable during the upgrade window. Following the upgrade all services will return as before. Utility bill payments and the City webpage will be unaffected by this downtime.

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Guatemalan Maya Center in Lake Worth Beach needs help for Christmas.

This LOCAL community news is published in this week’s LOCAL Lake Worth Herald. Do you have community news you would like to share? At the end of this blog post today is how to contact the editor at the LOCAL community Herald.

Here is the news about the Guatemalan Maya Center:

It’s that time of year again where we can share the joy of the holidays by providing for our children who need it the most.

The director, assistant director, staff and volunteers of the Guatemalan Maya Center are urgently requesting a generous donation in response to the growing community’s need.

The Center has had an increased request from mothers having access to enough holiday food and age appropriate toys for their children. This increase has doubled from last year.

No mother wants to be faced with the devastating prospect of having little or nothing being on the holiday table. No mother ever wants to be in the position of having to dry a child’s tears because their child thought they were not good enough for Santa to come. No one wants to know they could have helped but didn’t.

Donations may be in the form of toys, gift cards, and/or tax deductible monetary contribution made payable to the Guatemalan Maya Center. All direct contributions will be used to continue the good works of the center for hopefully another 30 years.

For more information contact Lucia Barnes at the Guatemalan Maya Center. The Center is located at 430 North G Street in Lake Worth Beach and is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., phone 561-547-0085.

Do you have LOCAL community news to share?

The Lake Worth Herald Press is located at 1313 Central Terrace in Lake Worth Beach. For subscription rates use this link. To contact the editor call 561-585-9387; email:

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Real estate news from the City of Lake Worth Beach.

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A recent press release issued by the City’s public information officer (PIO):

Lake Worth Beach — In-Rel Properties, Inc., a long-term Lake Worth Beach resident has relocated its offices to downtown. This real estate investment firm recently purchased and renovated the former Chase Bank Building at 200 Lake Avenue, a two-story structure comprised of approximately twelve thousand square feet.

According to a company spokesperson:

“In-Rel has spent the last two years searching for new headquarter offices. Concerned by the possibility of leaving this wonderful area, we were elated to find this opportunity to remain in Lake Worth Beach. We brought new life to a significant downtown property, contributed towards preserving the local vibe, and secured facilities that will support our growth for years to come.”

In-Rel has now restored the building’s mid-century modern design, a subtle blend of 1950’s Art Deco and futuristic styles. The project preserved downtown’s culture, showing respect for the artistic community, while repurposing the property for new commercial uses. The avant-garde architecture is highly flexible. The interior offers generous open floor plates and high ceilings, making it easy to build out creative, modern, and functional spaces.

The building is situated between Lake Avenue and Lucerne Avenue, just west of the Intracoastal Waterway Bridge. It is in the heart of downtown Lake Worth Beach and within minutes of the Palm Beach Island communities across the bridge. This locale is ideal for a variety of office and retail tenants, including medical, wealth management, boutique law firm, wellness, art gallery, gourmet food market, and restaurant uses.

In-Rel now occupies the building’s top floor and has made up to six thousand square feet on the ground floor available for lease. A quick visit to In-Rel’s offices reveals the exciting possibilities for the use of the available space.

End of press release.

For more information about In-Rel Properties use this link.

The City’s PIO in Lake Worth Beach is Mr. Ben Kerr. For media inquiries contact Mr. Kerr at 561-586-1631; email:

About Lake Worth Beach:

Located in Central Palm Beach County, Lake Worth Beach is a dynamic, multi-cultural city with an individualistic style. People are drawn to the City by its acceptance of different cultures and lifestyles, historic districts, hip downtown and colorful arts district.

Remember! Public safety is a top priority. If you are planning a beach day in Lake Worth Beach leave the plastic straws at home and pack plenty of sunscreen:

Monday, November 25, 2019

This Saturday in downtown Lake Worth Beach: It’s Small Business Saturday!

Make plans this Saturday to come on out and support your LOCAL shops and establishments! Also worth noting from 2:00–4:00 there will be a free concert in the Cultural Plaza featuring Sierra Lane.

And did you know. . .

The CRA is currently accepting applications for commercial grants.

The Lake Worth Beach CRA offers multiple grant programs which are meant to provide property owners with the opportunity to obtain assistance associated with the costs of doing enhancements and developing commercial properties within the CRA District. The CRA will provide matching funds to qualified applicants wishing to make significant upgrades to the exterior and interior of their property. Grants are also available to commercial developers that make major improvements to properties resulting in job creation. In addition, businesses within the CRA district can apply for micro-grants to be used for new or improved exterior signage.

For more information regarding the various grant programs please contact CRA Deputy Director Chris Dabros at 561 493-2550 or by email:

To learn more about the Lake Worth Beach CRA use this link.

Lake Worth BEACH! and Pier, 1977.

Notice all the parking available at the BEACH! back then. Compare that to the parking arrangement and traffic patterns at the ‘newly-renovated’ Casino complex. Back in the day it is was very easy to drive to the beach with an elderly person, the handicapped, and young children and find parking at the top of the dune. Unfortunately, a mundane day at the beach has sadly become much too hard for many people; many are forced to park further west and make the long trudge up the dune to their destination.

Florida history: “The Road to Beauty” (1965) — Film sponsored by the Florida Citrus Commission.

Below is a video from the State of Florida Archives. Advertising and promotion of Florida’s citrus industry has, shall we say, evolved over time. Here is an excerpt from the text of the article:

“Health maintenance techniques are demonstrated, including how to walk properly, dance as exercise, nutrition (such as citrus), and sports. The film then moves on to discuss career, marriage, and home life. A wife announces that she is pregnant and the couple promptly drinks some orange juice to celebrate.”

Sunday, November 24, 2019

“The Cottages of Lake Worth”: Book signing at The Book Cellar bookstore by renowned Palm Beach designer.

For more details about today’s event (Sun., Nov. 24th from 3:30–5:30), there is contact information following the press release (see below).

Designer Carleton Varney will talk about his books: Mr. Color and Rooms to Remember. He will also offer his endorsement of The Cottages of Lake Worth book. Mr. Varney will sign his books and authors of the Cottages of Lake Worth book will be there to sign that book as well.

Press release follows.

Lake Worth Beach, FL — The Book Cellar bookstore, located at 801 Lake Ave., is pleased to host a book signing and cottage talk on Sunday, November 24th [TODAY] from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. Carleton Varney will be signing his books: Mr. Color and Rooms to Remember. The authors of Living Large in Small Spaces: The Cottages of Lake Worth will also be signing the book published by the not-for-profit Cottages of Lake Worth, Inc.

Books on display at The Book Cellar.

Varney, a well-known decorator and author, is president of Dorothy Draper & Company. His designs reflect his love of bright colors and patterns and grace many celebrity homes, hotels, ships, and public buildings. His design sites include the Vice President’s residence in Washington, D.C., the Greenbrier Hotel in West Virginia and The Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island to name just a few. Varney has written many books and syndicated columns; he also lectures and designs a wide range of products.

Mr. Carleton Varney (image provided courtesy of Dorothy Draper & Company, Inc.).

Varney will present a talk on the cottages of Lake Worth Beach. These small homes, usually less than 1,000 square feet on 25′ lots, reflect many architectural styles — craftsman, mission, frame vernacular, art deco, and art moderne. Their exteriors may be viewed by a self-guided tour pamphlet published by The Cottages of Lake worth Inc. and their interiors may be seen on alternate years via an “Inside the Cottages” tour. The next tour is scheduled for January 2021. 

You don’t have to wait for the upcoming tour to explore the cottages with the book Living Large in Small Spaces: The Cottages of Lake Worth. This hardcover book takes you inside the cottages and their gardens with professional color photographs and accompanying text profiles. Whether you are looking for decorating and gardening ideas or just want to enjoy looking at the beauty of these hidden gems, the authors Janice Snearer, Wes Blackman and photographer Taylor Jones will be available to sign your book and answer any questions.

The Cottages of Lake Worth Inc. is a non-profit, community-based organization that was formed in 2013 to promote the unique housing stock of over one thousand unique cottages in Lake Worth Beach.

For additional information about the upcoming event next Sunday contact Wes Blackman at 561-308-0364; email:

Refreshments will be available for purchase at The Book Cellar bookstore.

Friday, November 22, 2019

Lake Worth Beach sounds off: “[S]ay ‘yes’ to a pool, but ‘no’ to a pool at the beach.”

The following is a call to action, a Letter to the Editor published in The Lake Worth Herald:

Dear Editor,

I do not understand why so many people think that the only place for a City pool is at the beach. Our town has a lot more to offer than just a beach, which is wonderful, and should be developed as a beach!

I am suggesting that the City build an aquatic/recreation complex at the south end of town, near the gym. This location puts the pool near the recreation headquarters and near the home of our summer camp. Swim lessons could be offered. Plenty of room for [FREE] parking. Nighttime event lighting would not bother the sea turtles. A state of the art recreation complex including a pool and splash area would appeal to City residents of all ages. Who wouldn’t want to relax in the pool after a soccer game or other athletic event?

Instead of crowding our lovely beach let’s spread out our City attractions and develop an underutilized area into a modern and exciting complex in the south end of town.

Just because we had a pool at the beach in the past doesn’t mean that the beach is the best location for a pool today. I propose that we say “yes” to a pool, but “no” to a pool at the beach.

Lake Worth Beach — we’re more than a beach — let’s make it happen.

Cindy Ansell

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To contact the editor send an email to, call 561-585-9387, or send a letter to: 1313 Central Terrace, Lake Worth Beach, FL 33460

Thursday, November 14, 2019

“A Florida Divided”

The image below is from the Facebook page,
Historic Florida X”.

Click on image to enlarge:
Learn why Florida was divided “by a line
drawn down the center of the state”:

“During WW II, Florida had many flying training bases with Navy and Army separated by a line drawn down the center of the state; Navy, Marine and Coast Guard bases on the east side, Army Air Forces on west side. If there had been no separation, mid-air collisions would have been much higher due to Inter-service rivalry between young men flying high powered, expensive machines and would have been worse than at Army-Navy football games. [emphasis added] Separation line was enforced by Gen. Hap Arnold, Chief of Army Air Forces.”

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

News in Lake Worth Herald: Lake Clarke Shores holding municipal elections on March 17th.

Do you know where the Town of Lake Clarke Shores is located?

Regular readers of LOCAL newspapers such as The Lake Worth Herald are informed each week about nearby news and developments in other LOCAL municipalities in coastal Central Palm Beach County. To become a subscriber to the Herald that information is at the end of this blog post today.

Lake Clarke Shores (see map below) is located west of City of Lake Worth Beach and east of Village of Palm Springs. West Palm Beach, a municipality that DOES NOT have a beach, is also in the vicinity of Lake Clarke Shores.

Click on map to enlarge:

The un-shaded areas in the map above are unincorporated (suburban) Palm Beach County.

Here is the news that appears in this week’s Herald:


The Town of Lake Clarke Shores, 1701 Barbados Road, Lake Clarke Shores, Florida, 33406, will hold a General Election on March 17, 2020 for the purpose of electing Council Members from Groups 3, 4 & 5 for a term of two (2) years. The polls will be open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. If a Runoff Election is necessary, it will be held on March 31, 2020, utilizing the same times and precincts identified below. Candidates for Council Member must reside in the Town of Lake Clarke Shores. Candidate qualifying is from NOON November 19, 2019 to NOON December 3, 2019. Voter registration book closing is February 18, 2020 for the General Election. No person will be permitted to vote unless he or she is registered in Palm Beach County and residing in the Town of Lake Clarke Shores, Precinct #3014 & #2127.

Mary Pinkerman, CMC
Town Clerk

To learn more about the Town Council of Lake Clarke Shores click on this link.

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The Herald is still just ¢50! The newsroom is located at 1313 Central Terrace in Lake Worth Beach. For subscription prices use this link. To contact the editor call 561-585-9387 or send an email to

Monday, November 4, 2019

Neighborhood meeting tonight: Two timely guest speakers and two timely topics.

Come on out and meet Lake Worth Beach Vice Mayor Andy Amoroso at the College Park Neighborhood Assoc.! This is a public meeting. Everyone from the public in encouraged to attend.

This meeting will be held from 6:30–8:30 at The Beach Club bistro located at #1 7th Ave. North (at the LWB municipal golf course).

Also guest speaking tonight will be Mr. Felipe Lofaso, the Asst. Dir. of Public Works.

Vice Mayor Amoroso will talk about the ubiquitous Airbnb’s in Lake Worth Beach and the regulations pertaining to this practice and Mr. Lofaso will give the public updates on upcoming road improvement projects.

The College Park neighborhood is one of sixteen unique neighborhoods in the City, a member of the greater Neighborhood Assoc. Presidents’ Council. To learn more about each of these special neighborhoods and where they are located click on this link.

Friday, November 1, 2019

A reminder. Have you gotten a phone call from Gooz Adalwin Kenneth?

If you ever happen to receive a phone call from someone named Gooz or anyone else claiming to be from the Lake Worth Electric Utility and threatening to “shut the power off unless a payment is made immediately”:

“It’s a SCAM!”

Hang up immediately!

See your instructions below.

If you did happen to get one of these scam phone calls and you do get scammed, hopefully your first call wasn’t to the press or news media. Why? Because they cannot help you.

Here is what to do:

If someone calls saying they’re from the Lake Worth Electric Utility and threatens to “shut the power off unless a payment is made immediately with a Green Dot MoneyPak card or personal credit card” HANG UP THE PHONE IMMEDIATELY AND CALL 561-533-7300 (or make a Suspicious Incident Report with PBSO: call 561-688-3400).

More good advice (please refer to
newspaper clipping below):

Do you ride a stolen scooter? Warning: Do not call PBSO for help or use a screwdriver to tinker with the engine. The one caveat is, unless you have a fire extinguisher very close nearby with the arrow in the indicator pointing to the green. If it’s pointing to the red it won’t do much good if the scooter catches fire.

And please be suspicious of emails or phone calls from somebody in Africa or Turkey, or anyone with an odd name like “Gooz” asking for money. Why?

It’s a SCAM!

Also. . .

  • Don’t let “a homegirl” you meet at McDonald’s take car keys for a vehicle you don’t own.
  • Don’t engage mentally ill neighbors. Just walk away.
  • Have someone watch your home while on vacation for a week.
  • Leaving windows open while you take a stroll to the park with your children is also not advised.

Also good advice is this: If someone named “Gooz Adalwin Kenneth” calls and/or sends you an email from Turkey asking for money there are better options than taking a PBSO deputy off the street to handle your issue. Like learning how to screen your emails and phone calls better.

The ‘crimes’ in the image below are from an actual “Lake Worth Crime Blotter” published in a former tabloid that littered our City 3½ years ago.

Hard to believe but it’s true!

Click on image to enlarge.

Note: This tabloid is not to be confused with
The Lake Worth Herald, the City’s newspaper “Established in 1912”

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Found this Lake Worth Beach postcard of the “Tropical Inn”.

The “Tropical Inn” (see below) location is described as follows:  

“Lake Worth FL Hotel Tropical Inn Federal Highway and Lucerne, opposite the City Hall. Enjoy the comfort of a hotel with home atmosphere. Modern hotel rooms with private bath. Short distance to beach, fishing, 18-hole golf course and shopping district. Owner Management Mr. and Mrs. Harold Chamberlain.

By the description, it would seem to be the property north of the current City Hall annex at the Downtown Cultural Plaza (the former City Hall), or perhaps across the street to the east. The current City Hall used to be the City’s Municipal Auditorium.

Click on postcard to enlarge, the “Tropical Inn”:

Prior to I-95 our main roadways such as Dixie Hwy. in the City of Lake Worth looked very different. It was called the “Mom & Pop” era of motels and eateries for visitors and tourists.

Monday, October 28, 2019

Hanging out in Lake Worth Beach.

A lot of us in the service economy work from home. While it can be convenient, comfortable and cost-effective can also be a bit mundane. Sometimes you need to break out of routine for a fresh perspective.

For two days late last week I ventured out in my 1969 Corvair for a drive around town and found two different places to hang out and work with free parking nearby. The first day ended up at the Book Cellar Bookstore located at the corner of J Street and Lake Ave. Then the next day went to Starbucks on Dixie Hwy. near City Hall. There are stark differences and similarities with both locations.

Click on photos to enlarge:

Here is the Corvair parked outside The Book Cellar on J Street. And it’s FREE parking!

Now on to Starbucks. . .

Parked outside Starbucks. The Palm Tran bus stop on Lucerne Ave. and Lake Worth Beach City Hall are in the background.

The Book Cellar besides selling books in its retail area also has a café that takes up the other half of the space. They offer coffee, tea, wine and even beer. You can also get snack plates with cheese, fruit, avocado toast and other goodies. I set up my mobile office with tablet, Bluetooth keyboard and headphones. Staying grounded in the analog world also brought along files for various projects, a notebook with paper and pens. During my two and a half hours working ordered two iced teas, one mint and the other ginger for $4 total and a $2 tip.

Whereas The Book Cellar is quiet like you’d expect a bookstore to be Starbucks is quite different. There is a constant din in Starbucks with people communicating and drinks being made for walk-in customers and the drive-thru too. The constant hum and chatter in Starbucks provides its own mutable setting and a level of privacy.

And a very nice service at Starbucks is ordering ahead of your arrival using the Starbucks app.

Depending on your mood both The Book Cellar and Starbucks are both very good temporary work stations.

Would encourage everyone to buy LOCAL and support LOCAL business like The Book Cellar bookstore. Plan a morning, afternoon or evening some day soon for a business outing outside the home for a change of pace. And having a new Starbucks nearby is also a big plus if you prefer a place with more buzz and activity for a few hours.

The Book Cellar is open 10:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m. on Sunday and Monday, 9:00 a.m.–8:00 in the evening on Tuesday–Thursday, then 9:00 a.m.–9:00 p.m. on Friday and Saturday. The phone number is 561-452-5456 and on Twitter as well.

For more information about the Starbucks on Dixie Hwy. in Lake Worth Beach click on this link.

Hope you enjoyed reading about ‘Hanging out in Lake Worth Beach!’

Saturday, October 26, 2019

21st Annual Bill Bone Tropical Triathlon

Over 350 athletes are set to compete in the 21st Annual Bill Bone Tropical Triathlon, scheduled to take place on Sunday, October 27, 2019 at Lake Worth Beach. Bill Bone has once again stepped up to claim the title sponsorship of this great community event.

The race starts at 7:15am. Male and Female triathletes ages 14 to 80, representing all experience levels come to compete from all over the state of Florida. Lake Worth Beach is the starting point of the race, where triathletes complete a quarter mile swim, followed by a 13 mile bike, taking them along Federal Highway and through downtown, followed by a 3.1 mile run over the intracoastal bridge and through Bryant Park area before heading back to the beach for the finish line.

Packet Pick-up will take place the day before, which is Saturday, October 26th, under the pavilion in front of the pier from 2pm-6pm at our beautiful beach. The Bill Bone Tropical Triathlon is sanctioned by USA Triathlon. Registration is available at This event benefits Lake Worth High JROTC.

To facilitate the safety of the athletes, certain streets will be temporarily restricted from 7:00am-10:00am. Those streets include:

•Lake Avenue from Dixie Highway to A1A
•Lucerne Avenue from A1A to Dixie Highway
•Federal Highway from 12th Avenue South to Wellesley Drive
•J,K,L,M North O, Ocean breeze from 1st Avenue South to 2nd Avenue North
•Palmway from 2nd Avenue North to 5th Avenue South
•Traffic over the Robert Harris Bridge will be detoured north to Southern Blvd. and south to Ocean Avenue bridges.

The City of Lake Worth Beach and the producers of the Bill Bone Tropical Triathlon would like to thank you in advance for your support and hospitality to the athletes and their families.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

BREAKING: The real BEACH plan, kept secret til now, finally exposed in Lake Worth Beach.

No way! Not on my watch. Keep your HANDS OFF OUR BEACH in LDub! Don’t change a thing!

Are you a member of the SRS platoon? Did you take your sign down? Put that thing back out in the front yard! Hurry!

And don’t forget about the pool either. “We don’t care if its condemned and crumbling because its ours! HANDS OFF all you vultures trying to fix our old, broken stuff!”

Hope everyone had a good laugh and, once again, Thank You for visiting today.

Editor Mary Kate Leming needs your input and ideas.

Leming is the editor of The Coastal Star, a premier LOCAL and FREE newspaper serving coastal Palm Beach County. Leming is looking for a solution to a vexing problem: Is there a way to deliver the print edition of the newspaper to readers without a plastic bag to protect it from the elements?

The printed newspaper itself presents few problems for the environment except for the fossil fuels needed to produce and deliver it. Newsprint is a low-quality paper and breaks down very quickly. But the plastic bag will last for decades. Is there a solution to this problem?

At the conclusion of the editorial are ways to contact the editor and publisher at The Coastal Star with your suggestions and comments.

Without further ado here are three excerpts from the editorial published in The Coastal Star:

Editor’s Note: Seeking a better option than plastic for paper deliveries

Plastic is everywhere.

I walk the beach most mornings and pick it up all along the way. I pull bottle caps and fast-food cups out of my front hedge with some regularity. The amount of discarded plastic I see is overwhelming.

This summer on a family vacation we visited Connecticut and Rhode Island and found ourselves impressed with how many places have banned single-use plastics.

and. . .

. . . I thought I should begin supporting some of the local groups pushing to ban single-use plastics, but then I saw that the town of Palm Beach was forced to rescind its single-use plastic ban after learning an appellate court had upheld the Florida Legislature’s preemption against local bans of plastic bags and polystyrene containers.

Oh, Florida.

Sadly, I wasn’t surprised.

So, I decided to look closely at my own consumption of single-use plastics and polystyrene containers. I found we do pretty well at home, but lousy at the office.

All the take-out food containers we throw in the trash each week (way too many) are bad enough, but each month The Coastal Star is inserted in a single-use plastic slip in hopes of keeping it dry when it’s delivered.

So what can we do about the plastic wrapping our newspaper?

We know digital-only publishing is not profitable. We’d go out of business in a heartbeat if we were digital-only. Same thing with becoming subscriber-based rather than being a total market publication. We must make a profit or we won’t be able to continue providing quality, locally produced journalism.

So, how else could we deliver our print newspaper? We’re open to ideas.

Using the U.S. Postal Service is one option The Coastal Star is weighing. But that’s not a cheap or easy route. We are working out the numbers, but so far it appears this delivery method cuts too deeply into our bottom line.

Every business has its challenges adapting to a changing world, and maybe no business is facing more challenges than newspapers. But that just makes the job more interesting.

in conclusion. . .

We’re all in this together, so we’re hopeful you’ll let us know your suggestions on how we keep our company viable, but eliminate the plastic.

To make suggestions, email me at or publisher Jerry Lower at

— Mary Kate Leming, Editor

To read the entire editorial published in The Coastal Star click on this link.

To follow the editor on Twitter use this link.

Support LOCAL journalism and support LOCAL newspapers!

Have you seen the latest print edition of The Coastal Star?

You can pick it up at the popular newsstand in Lake Worth Beach called Studio 205. The proprietor is a man named Andy (see photo below). Stop by and say, “Hello, Andy!”

Studio 205 also has the latest Lake Worth Herald and the Coastal & Greenacres Observer available for customers.

Andy’s juice bar, restaurant and newsstand is at the northwest corner of Federal and 2nd Ave. North. The phone number is 561-533-5272. The store is open at 7:00 a.m. every day of the week and closes at 6:00 p.m. (on Sunday the store closes at 5:00 p.m.).

So. Why not stop by Studio 205 today or later on this week?

Click on image to enlarge.

Meet the proprietor, Andy.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Festival of Día de los Muertos in Lake Worth Beach. A festival like no other in South Florida.

Para más información o oportunidades
de venta llaman 561-493-2550.

Or contact Emily Theodossakos,
Marketing Program Manager by email:

Become a sponsor at this year’s
Day of the Dead festival!

This year’s 4th annual Día de los Muertos will be held on Saturday, November 2nd.

Playa Lake Worth es una ciudad acogedora y un verdadero punto de encuentro para las diferentes culturas.

[Lake Worth Beach is a welcoming city and a true meeting point of different cultures.]

Start getting ready all you face painters, vendors, dancers, musicians, entertainers, and all who wish to honor and celebrate those who have passed on.

The Day of the Dead is one of South and Central America’s most distinctive holidays, Día de los Muertos is considered a day of cheerful celebration rather than one of mourning.

Each November, LULA Lake Worth Arts presents a FREE day of fun for the whole family. This year Day of the Dead, as it is each year, will be celebrated on the first Saturday in November at The HATCH building located at 1121 Lucerne Avenue. The annual celebration will feature traditional foods, folkloric dances, traditional ofrendas, a procession, cultural arts and crafts and children’s activities.

Admission and parking to the festival and
exhibitions are always FREE.

Friday, October 18, 2019

Next month begins a fresh new season for The Town & Country Garden Club of Lake Worth Beach.

Topical news courtesy of this week’s Lake Worth Herald.

Support LOCAL small town journalism.
Support your LOCAL small town newspaper.

Your LOCAL Lake Worth Herald is still just ¢50! Do you have news, review subscription options, or would like to contact the editor at the Herald? Call 561-585-9387 or send an email to:

Here is just one of the many events listed and club news in this week’s paper:

The Town & Country Garden Club will open its 2019–2020 Season Monday, Oct. 14. The Town & Country Garden Club of Lake Worth Beach is a non-profit whose mission is to promote an interest in gardens, their design and management, and to cooperate in the protection of wildflowers, birds, native trees and shrubs, to encourage civic planning and to fund and award scholarships to individuals seeking education in horticulture and landscape design.

The Club welcomes new members. Annual dues are $30. Meetings include lunch and a guest speaker. There are several organized field trips throughout the season. The club meets the second Monday of every month October through May, 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., at the First Congregational Church, 1415 North K Street, Lake Worth Beach.

For more information contact Erin Allen at 561-312-5925 or

Also included in this week’s Herald is a more LOCAL school news, a feature story headlined, “Sacred Heart School Students Clean Up Lake Worth Beach”:

Approximately 65 Sacred Heart School fourth and seventh-grade students, staff, and parents walked from Sacred Heart School (4th and Federal Hwy.) to team up for the 2019 Sacred Heart School Conservation Beach Cleanup. “We are preparing our students to be the next generation of environmental stewards,” stated Interim Principal Tricia Duvall.

The group dispersed throughout the beach covering approximately one mile of coastline gathering trash and debris. The students noted that the majority of the garbage were bottle caps, bottles, clothes, and many cigarette butts.

and. . .

After the cleanup, the students enjoyed lunch and a visit from the Honorable Mayor Pam Triolo. The mayor thanked the students for coming out to keep the beach clean and invited them to continue with their conservation efforts.

The Lake Worth Herald and the FREE Coastal & Greenacres Observer are published by the Lake Worth Herald Press located at 1313 Central Terrace in Lake Worth Beach. To look over this week’s front page headlines click on this link.