Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Take heed all you "vultures"* working to improve your neighborhood or that vacant lot in the little City of Lake Worth

Listen to former Commissioner JoAnn Golden in June 2012 which followed her election loss to Commissioner Andy Amoroso (proceed to the 1:40 mark to hear for yourself):

". . . the vultures are back wanting to suck the life out of every possible cubic foot of Lake Worth's sky, water, sea, land, anything they can get."Mr. Tom McGow, a chronicler of previous commissions in the City of Lake Worth, wrote this the very day after another City Commission meeting on September 1, 2009:

"While listening to last night’s City Commission meeting from home I was appalled to hear Vice Mayor Golden state, 'We all have to get used to change. Manny has to get used to living in a ghetto until things pick up around here.', or words to that effect. She was referring to a resident who spoke earlier in the meeting citing the deterioration of his neighborhood."
Image of then-Vice Mayor Golden produced by Tom McGow in 2009. Remember when it seemed like nothing would ever "pick up around here"?

*Who would the "vultures" (undefined) be?