Thursday, October 13, 2016

A recent letter to "Dear Editor" published in The Lake Worth Herald

"Dear Editor: Enclosed is my subscription payment for another year. I've been away from Lake Worth since about 1946, a year after leaving Naval service, where I served in Manila and Corregidor, rousing the last of the Japanese off the island. I graduated from Lake Worth High School in 1941 where I served as Senior Class President and editor of "Hi Times" paper. I had a desk in the office of The Lake Worth Herald on North Dixie, and guidance from Karl Easton and the lady who owned the paper. Mr. Sentell (?) was a printer in the press room. Great memories. I left Lake Worth in the spring of 1947 to attend Penn State College. There I met a wonderful young lady, a teacher, Mae Jean Fordyce. We were married on April 15, 1948 and celebrated our 68th anniversary last April 15. We had a daughter, Julie, also a teacher in Va. schools, who died several years ago. I had a degree from Penn State in mechanical engineering, worked for several years for foundries in Ohio and New York, then went on the road as a consultant for 15 years. I finished my career as a manager and senior vice president of a blast furnace plant in Buffalo, retiring in 1983. My wife is in a nursing home now and I will join her in a few weeks. We’ve had a good life, except for losing our daughter. I enjoy The Lake Worth Herald. All the weekly papers in this area were closed recently. The Buffalo News bought them out of bankruptcy, but no word on what’s next.

Thanks for your patience!


Theodore M. Frazell"

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