Saturday, September 16, 2017

Spread the word, “Together We Stand Democratic Club” tomorrow at 4:00.

Meet at Fire Station #3, corner of 49th St. and
Broadway in West Palm Beach.
“Featuring Lake Worth City Commissioner Omari Hardy”. FYI, besides the glaring typo in this announcement, our District 2 commissioner’s
last name is “Hardy” with a

UPDATE: Excitement builds, ITLAPD in Lake Worth. But Editor at Post hints at another downer editorial. City officials respond, “Arrrrghh. Make our day.”


ITLAPD is on the City of Lake Worth’s
Commission agenda next Tuesday.

To see and read this for yourself, use this link and then,

  • Scroll down for “September 19, Regular Meeting”.
  • Then click on “Agenda & Backup”.
  • When download is complete go to page 61.
  • Read entire agenda item 6B, “Proclamation declaring September 19, 2017, as International Talk like a Pirate Day”.
  • Please share with your friends and neighbors!
If ITLAPD upsets you, remember that Modern Health Concepts (MHC; not to confused with THC) is opening a new medical marijuana dispensary later this month. Use this link to learn more, call 877-303-0741, or if you happen to be driving around our vibrant City take a look at 1125 N. Dixie Hwy (MHC is located on the west side of Dixie between a crematorium and an elementary charter school on the east side of Dixie).

Continue reading for the news from yesterday, and learn more about the City of Lake Worth’s ITLAPD event next week.

Two former Lake Worth City commissioners at the urging of The Palm Beach Post editor, still stinging from the medical marijuana debacle last week, fired off angry letters to President Donald Trump today calling on the City of Lake Worth to cancel next week’s International Talk Like A Pirate Day (ITLAPD) festivities (learn more about ITLAPD below). The letter said in part,
Dear Mr. President . . . to have ITLAPD continue is nothing short of malfeasance, misfeasance, badfeasance, evilfeasance, and smellyfeasance . . . save your legacy and eliminate ITLAPD forever from our American shores.
If you didn’t know, ITLAPD is on September 19th every year. Just by coincidence, the next regular City Commission meeting is next Tuesday, September 19th. Protests are planned by anti-ITLAPD groups and the pro-ITLAPD groups are said to be rallying as well.

Stay tuned for more on this
developing situation.

To learn more about ITLAPD please continue reading and Thank You for visiting today.

“The ITLAPD Proclamation”
in our City of Lake Worth is
only four days away!

Just don’t expect EVERYONE (see below) to be in the mood when you say, “Arrrrrr, Ye Bilge Rat!”

The excerpt below is from a hilariously funny and quite clever news article by former Post reporter Willie Howard in September 2012 titled, “ ‘Talk like a pirate day’ in Lake Worth has some up in arms”:

[R]esident Lynda Mahoney said the pirate day proclamation sounded “juvenile, nonsensical — a day that might occur in a kindergarten class.”
     She said the city should not waste time on such foolishness because it has serious problems. [City Manager Michael] Bornstein responded in part with a quote from Mahatma Gandhi: “If I had no sense of humor, I would long ago have committed suicide.”
     “I’m so sorry you find this fun, silly proclamation anything more than that,” Bornstein wrote in his response to [former commissioner JoAnn] Golden. “I could easily become consumed with a sense of over correctness in almost everything involved in government. However, I refuse to become devoid of all the wonderful human emotions including, most importantly, humor.

A proclamation for ITLAPD went off without a
hitch at the City Commission last year.

Former District 4 Commissioner Ryan Maier
won “Best Pirate Hat”!

The “gadfly”,* Chris McVoy, PhD, later lost his
bid for re-election.

 [FF to 1 minute 15 second mark for ITLAPD proclamation]

To learn more interesting facts about ITLAPD use this link to Wikipedia. Below is a short and informative video; learn more tips how to “Talk Like A Pirate”.

Remember, there will be no merriment and the beatings will continue until morale improves!

*The term “gadfly” when referring to an elected official is pretty harsh. But that’s what the editor at the Post called McVoy in his endorsement for now-District 2 Commissioner Omari Hardy in the elections last March.

Remember, your official news source about the little City of Lake Worth IS our little City of Lake Worth.

Below is a recently issued, important City of Lake Worth YouTube video.

Our Asst. Dir. of Leisure Services on our City’s parks.
Municipal offices will re-open on Monday. Use this link for more information. Next Tuesday’s ITLAPD proclamation at the City Commission is a go!

For example, many of the news reports in The Palm Beach Post to date, post-Hurricane Irma, have been copy & paste, reworded press releases and updates from the City of Lake Worth.

Below is a message from the spectacular Lauren Bennett, the City’s Asst. Dir of Leisure Services.

But first, here is a short excerpt from Lake Worth’s Post-Hurricane Update #31 datelined yesterday,
Sept. 15th:

Post-Hurricane Irma, Day 5, was another good day. Lake Worth Electric Utility was able to energize 5 more system circuits, that means out of the 41 circuits within the Lake Worth Electric service area, 1 circuit is left to re-energize.
     Approximately 84% of the system has been restored, which equates to 22,122 customers. This leaves 4,288 customer outages. For those of you still without power, please be patient, we are on our way. Today, post-Hurricane Irma Day 6 we’ll hit it again, continuing to restore power.

To contact the Lake Worth Electric Utility
by phone, call 561-586-1695.

Without further ado, Lauren Bennett.

Please share this message with
your friends and neighbors.

Meteorology is science too. Should public hurricane and tornado warnings use kilometers instead of miles?

“On issue of sea level rise, use inches instead of the metric system for public to better understand?”

A blog post from 8 months ago (see below, “Without further ado. . .”) continues to draw a lot of attention.

And a lot of ire as well.

Since last January a former Lake Worth commissioner with a science degree from Cornell lost his re-election bid to a young newcomer in politics. The blog post below had zero effect on the outcome. However, it was after seeing a political mailer from Chris McVoy, PhD, reminding the public once again about his efforts to battle sea level rise (SLR), a question came to mind:

“Does the public in our City understand the issue of SLR any better since McVoy was first elected in 2010? Or not?”

True. Our country no longer uses the “Imperial Standard” of measurement. In the comment section below was taken to task and quite deservedly so. But if I may, a few questions:
  • Almost everyone in South Florida knows how many miles Cuba is from Key West. But how many can calculate that into kilometers? (On the fly, the number 1.6 is a good way but how many people know that?)
  • Local weather reporters, using information gleaned from the National Weather Service (again, science), doesn’t use the metric system to let us know how much rainfall there was or to be expected.
  • There’s a proposal to sink the USS Clamagore “in about 75 feet of water”. Should the reporter have used the metric system?
  • An outfall pipe off the coast of our City may become very big news. McVoy talked about that and referred to the pipe being “¾-mile long”. Why didn’t he use the metric system?
  • Our Beach in Lake Worth is approximately 1,100′ long. Quick. Convert that into meters!
  • Should all future hurricane warnings and risks be cited in kilometers?
  • It’s very important to map turtle nests along our coast. Are all these locations/coordinates being collected using the metric system or in lengths and distances of feet?
Encourage everyone to read the blog post that follows and the comments as well. Disagree if you wish as many have done so already. For those of you unaware, you’ll find my email address in the right-hand column. Try and not use foul words please.

Without further ado. . .

Chris McVoy, PhD, knows how to calculate millimeters into inches, but do you know how? For City of Lake Worth residents puzzled about sea level rise, technical jargon, and not well-acquainted with the metric system use this link. For example,
3 millimeters (mm)  =  ≈⅛th of an inch or 0.125% of 1 [stand corrected; see comment section below] using the standard of measurement in the United States since July 4th, 1776, called the Imperial Standard.
When you hear about sea level rise from McVoy’s campaign material, is that issue more important than the ones that affect your daily life, like our roads, potholes, street lighting, and public safety? Or should the cry from the public be, “Keep It Local!”?

Lake Worth elections can be very entertaining for the rest of Palm Beach County, especially the skill and political savvy displayed by some elected’s to skirt, duck, or otherwise avoid the actual issues the City has to deal with.

Of course, there’s always issues like our Casino that haunt our City going all the way back to 2010, the year McVoy was first elected.

Lake Worth, if you didn’t know, is just one of 39 cities in Palm Beach County. With under 40,000 residents and about 6 square miles it does stand out in a very big way: The City has more than its share of difficult problems to address. And it doesn’t help matters when one City commissioner in particular tries over and over again to distract the community.

One of the ways McVoy tries to distract the community is to bring up issues like “sea level rise” (SLR), comparing Lake Worth to much larger cities like Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, and Hoboken, NJ. It’s no secret Lake Worth is not to scale of those cities. And doesn’t Palm Beach County have a “czar” to monitor sea levels?

Although a timely topic, many in Lake Worth are very concerned that SLR is being used as a “wedge issue to distract the community from things like our crumbling roads and potholes, street lighting, and public safety. In 2014 this tactic did work when McVoy campaigned against the LW2020 bond to fix our roads. By just 25 votes that referendum failed.

Anyhow, now there’s this from a reader of this blog, something discovered on the City’s Wikipedia page* that was recently added:
“The [Lake Worth] pier is home to a tide gauge with a sporadic history, showing an above average rate of sea level rise.[18]”
Here is footnote 18:
“Mean Sea Level Trend 8722670 Lake Worth Pier”. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Retrieved December 30, 2016. [emphasis added]
However, for some perspective about the image below cited on the City’s Wikipedia page:
3.56 millimeters = approximately ⅛th of one (1) inch.
The following image is from this website:

McVoy has a PhD and he reminds people all the time about that. However, can we please stick to the “Imperial system” of inches for everyone to understand, instead of using the metric system?

*Please note: When visiting the City’s Wikipedia page always look at the very bottom of the page for a line like this, “This page was last modified. . .”, and jot down the date and time. That way you know when the page was last updated, edited, or otherwise altered the next time you visit this Wikipedia site.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Update on post-Hurricane Irma cleanup operations in little City of Lake Worth.

“Jamie Brown, the Director of Public Services for the City of Lake Worth gives a community update on the monumental efforts underway by the Public Services Depart. in an effort to get Lake Worth looking beautiful again.”

To read the City of Lake Worth’s Post-Hurricane Irma Update #27 in its entirety use this link.

Very important information for today,
Friday, September 15th:

A regular pickup schedule will be followed. A hurricane-related vegetation amnesty will be in place allowing 6 cubic yards (cu yd) rather than the usual 4 cu yd of vegetation; this is equal to roughly 3 regular refrigerators in size. Vegetation must be cut to lengths not exceeding 3′. Stumps must be less than 15″ in diameter. Please place all vegetation on the ground separated from any other debris.

Do not use the Green and Black vegetation container. There will be NO recycling pickup this week.

Today we will be picking up garbage in Zones 1 & 2 and vegetation in Zone 3. Remember, NO recycling this week and don’t use the vegetation containers. Please put vegetation on the ground in a pile separate from other debris.

Annual event: “Lake Worth Has Talent Show Announces Auditions”.

Below is news in The Lake Worth Herald. Have you ever seen Jamie Brown’s performance of the Blues classic Soulshine* from last year’s Lake Worth Has Talent show? The video is below.

Here’s the news in the Herald:

This year, Lake Worth Has Talent will hold open auditions on September 23 and 24 from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. The auditions will be held on a first come first served basis at the Lake Worth Playhouse.
     The talent contest will be held November 5 at 6:30 p.m.

For more community news, subscribe to
our LOCAL newspaper:
Or pick up the print edition for just ¢50 at the
’s newsstand at 600 Lake Ave. in
our vibrant Downtown.

Below is Jamie Brown’s performance at the Lake Worth Has Talent show in November 2016. If you didn’t know, Jamie is the City’s Director of Public Services.

Mark Easton, the publisher of The Lake Worth Herald, had to quickly switch cameras to get this performance of the Blues classic, Soulshine:

*“Soulshine” is a song recorded by The Allman Brothers Band and released on their 1994 album Where It All Begins, written by guitarist Warren Haynes with vocals by Gregg Allman. Song’s title originates from Haynes’ nickname, given by his father. Although never released as a single, it still remains one of the Allmans’ best known songs among fans and concert-goers.

People’s kindness: Part of the Hurricane Irma experience is the kindness of people.

After this electrical outage we will really enjoy our air conditioning and be grateful our City of Lake Worth homes and businesses are still standing. Remember to be kind to City employees doing their jobs, e.g., officers in the Code Enforcement Dept. working so hard to save our ficus trees and reminding residents it’s better to work together and settle disputes instead of getting the City, press and media involved.

Here is a message being spread on Facebook,
“My Dear Lake Worth Family”:

If you are able: please ask linemen, cable guys, servicemen or landscape folks if you can help them. Reports of guys not having much food (water, gas, electricity just like us) because everything is closed or they can’t wait in long lines. They’ll be working overtime to restore our lives back to normal. Food, drinks, and snacks are much appreciated. Please copy/paste this message and share.”

and lastly. . .

“Instead of complaining, help out and be part of a solution, not a problem.”

Thursday, September 14, 2017

More news from the little City of Lake Worth about electrical outages.

“Asst. Electric Utility Director, Walt Gill, gives an in-depth update of how local and national crews have assembled to get Lake Worth electrical service fully restored.”

Pinned Post* all day today. Updates from the little City of Lake Worth on electric outages and progress to date.

Scroll down for Special Update #24 below. A MUST READ!

First, in case you missed this, a message from Mr. Ed Liberty, Director of Lake Worth Electric Utility:

“Outage update following Hurricane Irma for City of Lake Worth Electric Utilities following loss of power on Sunday, September 10th.”

Use this link to read Hurricane Irma Update #21 from the City and please share this information with the media, local press beat reporters, and with your friends and neighbors as well.

UPDATE: For update #22
use this link:

“Notes from Walt Gill, Asst. Director of Lake Worth Electric Utility. ‘Day 2 [Sept. 13th] was a good day.’ ”

Update #24 [dated 9/13]; excerpt:

The Lake Worth Electric Service Territory covers 12.5 square miles and contains a total of 41 system circuits. Crews have been able to re-energize 26 of these circuits, leaving 15 circuits left to energize.
     Approximately 48% of the system has been restored, which equates to 12,589 customers. This leaves 13,821 customer outages. Key pick-ups today [yesterday, Sept. 13th]:
  • Second 138kV Feed from FPL into our single [as in 1] Tie Line.
  • Second half of Palm Beach State College, JFK Charter, Barton Elementary, South Grade Elementary, Lake Worth Middle School.
  • Solar Field was connected to the system and producing mWs again.
  • South West County Medical Park, the last 3 substations in the northeast quadrant, 2½ north central city circuits, southwest county circuit including RaceTrac and Speedway gas stations at Congress Ave. and Lake Worth Rd.
  • West central county including Bodegon and Wawa gas station at Congress Ave. and Lake Worth Rd.
Tomorrow [today, Thursday 9/14], between our City crews and mutual aid crews there will be a total of 101 linemen and 8 tree crews (16 men), on the ground continuing to restore power.

Have you tried using the Lake Worth Power Tracker yet? You can watch in real time as the City of
Lake Worth gets powered up again!

*A “Pinned Post” is one kept at or near the top of the blog for a period of time as determined by Yours Truly. As always, Thank You for visiting today and hope your electric power is restored shortly in the Lake Worth Electric Utility service area.

Please pardon this short break from Hurricane Irma coverage.

“On Your Mark. Get Set. Not Yet . . . GO!”

Hope you enjoyed this short intermission.

Wes’ little bit of Lake Worth news and please take note: Be very suspicious of rumors and speculation.

UPDATE: Well. Now it’s Day 4 and The Obtuse Blogger (TOB; see below) is still not back on the Internet. TOB’s been offline since Sept. 10th. If you didn’t know any better, if you happen to read that blog, you would think Hurricane Irma was still on its way. One would think with all her ‘conservative’ connections, she could find somebody, anybody, to give her access to the Internet. Anyhow. . .

“You guys all stay safe down there. Thinking about all my old friends in Lake Worth!”
Quote, Tom McGow, Sept. 6th, 2017 (learn more about Mr. McGow below).

As of Thursday, Sept. 14th, at 5:30 a.m., still do not have electricity in my neighborhood in this little City of Lake Worth, but am very happy to hear many others are getting their lights turned on.

If you’re not following the City on Twitter,
well, you should: @LakeWorthpbc

Why? Because there’s a lot of good news being reported by the City. Also try using the Twitter “hashtag” Lake Worth too: #lakeworth
“everywhere i turn i see more power crews in #lakeworth”
This is a trying time for many people, a very real hardship. But please know the City is doing everything they can to restore power to your neighborhood. And if you know what is happening — and have been following the updates (now up to #21) from the City of Lake Worth — please inform your friends and neighbors what is going on as well.

And. . . there are plenty of rumors going around as well. Especially from a certain condo community west of I-95, which is nothing new of course.

Do you remember the rumor back in the day when the Army Corps of Engineers was going to “reconfigure” Lake Osborne into the shape of a dolphin?
The Army Corps of Engineers announced today that they plan to dredge and reconfigure Lake Osborne as part of a federal mandate to return lakes and waterways to their “pre-development” state.
That rumor was untrue. Lake Osborne was never reshaped into a dolphin. The lesson is be very careful of rumors and wild speculation. However, reconfiguring the lake into the shape of a mammal seemed like a good idea to some people at the time, according to Mr. Tom McGow:

“Local resident ■■■■ ■■■■■■■■ [aka, TOB], who lives close to the lake, added, ‘I like it!
Oh, by the way, our Downtown Publix has power and is open for business following Hurricane Irma! Now for another look back in time, readPublix Works” by the inimitable Mr. McGow from back
in April 2010, prior to construction of our
treasured City supermarket.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

News from Assistant Lake Worth City Manager Juan Ruiz:

Triathlon Update — Unfortunately, we need to cancel the Bill Bone Tropical Triathlon scheduled for this Sunday. The City Beach complex is closed until further notice with no ETA for re-opening.

We will be posting updated information as soon as it becomes available. Thank you and apologize for the inconvenience.

A message on Facebook from City of Lake Worth Commissioner Andy Amoroso:

From yesterday evening:
What’s the message from the City of Lake Worth’s official Facebook page? There isn’t one. Lake Worth is not using this communication tool. But cities like Greenacres are.

“SFWMD Settles Lawsuit, Moves Forward with Infrastructure to Benefit St. Lucie Estuary.”

For more information contact Mr. Randy Smith, media relations at South Florida Water Management District* (SFWMD): 561-682-2800 (cell: 561-389-3386); email:

Press Release:

“Settlement gets Lake Point Restoration
public-private partnership back on track
to store water from Lake Okeechobee.”

Port Mayaca, FL — The South Florida Water Management District today approved a legal settlement with the owners of the Lake Point Restoration project in western Martin County.

“This settlement gets a solid environmental project back on track,” said SFWMD Governing Board Chairman Dan O'Keefe.

     The District will receive full ownership of the mined property and will be able to build a storage project that could hold approximately 3,000 to 4,000 acre-feet of Lake Okeechobee water that would otherwise be bound for the St. Lucie Estuary. Additionally, the settlement allows the District to buy needed rock for infrastructure maintenance purposes at a fair market price.
     The Lake Point Restoration project is a public-private partnership approved by both the SFWMD in 2008 and Martin County in 2009 on land initially slated for residential development adjacent to Lake Okeechobee.

*The South Florida Water Management District is a regional governmental agency that manages the water resources in the southern part of the state. It is the oldest and largest of the state’s five water management districts. Our mission is to protect South Florida’s water resources by balancing and improving flood control, water supply, water quality and natural systems.

The City of Lake Worth needs an official Facebook page ASAP. No more time for delay.

Wouldn’t you like to get alerts and updated information from the City of Lake Worth on Facebook? For example, official announcements, storm updates, press releases, and news like a “Planned Power Outage”?

The public in Greenacres is getting updates, new information, and the latest news about Hurricane Irma from the official City of Greenacres’ Facebook page. Here’s news posted on the Greenacres Facebook page recently:

“New Flood Maps will be
in effect October 5, 2017.”

There’s just too much information the public needs. How many more people could learn about the City’s Neighborhood Road Program? The City is Live Streaming Commission meetings? Neighborhood meetings? Hurricane warnings?

In a big way, the City of Greenacres is now bypassing the press and media, and communicating directly with the public using social media:
Message on City of Greenacres’ Facebook Page. “New Flood Maps will be in effect October 5, 2017. The new Flood Maps now include several areas within the City to be in a special flood hazard area called Flood Zone AE. View the new flood hazard maps online to check if your property’s flood zone has changed.”

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Electric Outage: Latest news from the City of Lake Worth.

Below is Update #19 from our
Lake Worth Electric Utility.

First, from yesterday, a message from
Lake Worth Mayor Pam Triolo:

From the City of Lake Worth,
As of Tuesday, Sept. 12th: “We currently have
24,510 customers still without power.

To see the Lake Worth Electric Utility Service Area map use this link. Many areas in the Village of Palm Springs and in the Lake Worth Corridor (unincorporated PBC) are within the Lake Worth Utility service area as well.

Excerpt from Update #19 (link to Update #20 below & more information):

“We understand that the first day of restoration doesn’t always look like anything has been happening due to our crews trying to damage assess the system, having to navigate roadways littered with fallen trees, debris, etc.

At the same time they have to be as safe as possible and try to start bringing our customers back into the system. Our tree crews are diligently working their way through the system trying to clear trees from lines which is a critical step in the restoration process. Meanwhile, our mutual aid help is mobilizing from where they had to wait out the storm, to get here as fast and safely as possible, so that they can begin to assist in the restoration process.

As we move into day 2 our crews and our mutual aid crews will begin working together to start to restore our customers and critical infrastructures. It will start out slow but as restoration processes are followed and plans are strictly adhered to, based on the damage assessments, the process begins to speed up, and more and more customers will start having their power restored.

Rest assured, we will not stop until the last customer comes on-line. Customers can aid in restoration by ensuring roadways are kept clear allowing crews to travel unobstructed.

Time Estimates.

There are many rumors about restoration times, no time is being given as there are so many factors in play, some of these are within our control but others, such as the FPL tie in line are not. You can be sure that we will not keep you without power one second longer than is necessary.


Please treat any and all downed wires near an electrical pole as Live and extremely dangerous. Do not try to move or repair these but instead contact the Electric Utilities emergency phone number (877-454-4480) and allow our crews to handle the situation.

Do not plug your generator into the mains power. This can cause damage to the system and is extremely dangerous to crews working to restore your power. Plug appliances into the generator directly. Also under no circumstances should you attempt to run your generator indoors.

Thank you for your patience and support through the storm. As we begin recovery our crews are working hard to minimize your time without power.”

To follow the City of Lake Worth’s updates and much more information go to the City’s official website and you can also follow on Twitter:
  • LakeWorthpbc
  • LakeWorthCasino

Stay tuned to this blog as well for more information.

Thank You for visiting today.

More Updates:

  • “Electric mutual aid crews from Illinois and Oklahoma have arrived, more en route from Alabama. Crews working through the night. No ETA on restoration yet.”
  • For Update #20 use this link

Monday, September 11, 2017

Latest update from City of Lake Worth Electric Utilities: Outages and more information.

From Hurricane Irma
Update #17:

Electric Distribution System

Our electric system is currently experiencing numerous outages city wide with only 3 circuits in operation and servicing approximately 1,500 customers. Our crews worked diligently and with great resolve throughout the storm to try and clear outages as they were occurring. However as the storm winds increased on Sunday afternoon we had to limit our outdoor work due to safety concerns. 

Causes for outages include trees down across phases, damage due to customer roof failures, flying debris contacting wires, vegetation/tree contacts, pole fires, and failure of electric components on poles. There is at least one report of damage that appears to be tornado related with many blocks of the system affected. 

Due to the significant extent of damage, darkness, coupled with high winds and rain we pulled the crews in Sunday evening to rest and stay safe. Fresh crews have begun work this morning and are out on the streets conducting damage assessments and restoring circuits to operation. This will be a methodical process using established priorities for public safety and minimum time to restore maximum numbers of customers.

Electric Transmission (aka Tie Line to FPL)

Our tie line to FPL was removed from service last night due to problems on the FPL system. We are currently in island operations relying on our own electric generation to support our system. The condition and possible damage to the tie line is unknown at this time. We are awaiting information from FPL with further information. The tie line was at least partially affected by a large billboard with flapping debris making repeated contract with the energized line.

Electric Generation (aka Power Plant)

4 of 5 “M” units are currently on-line providing auxiliary power to the power plant and the remaining electric distribution customers. The plant’s cooling towers were damaged due to high winds on Sunday afternoon and evening, the extent of the damage is currently being assessed. Our plan is to attempt to bring electric generating units on-line to support customer loads concurrent with the electric distribution system’s restoration.


Please treat any and all downed wires near an electrical pole as Live and extremely dangerous. Do not try to move or repair these but instead contact the Electric Utilities emergency phone number (877-454-4480) and allow our crews to handle the situation.

Do not plug your generator into the mains power. This can cause damage to the system and is extremely dangerous to crews working to restore your power. Plug appliances into the generator directly. Also under no circumstances should you attempt to run your generator indoors. 

Thank you for your patience and support through the storm. As we begin recovery our crews are working hard to minimize your time without power.

What to do if your Palm Beach Post newspaper print edition doesn’t get delivered because it’s too windy.

See below for the news concerning delivery of the Post print edition post-Hurricane Irma and windy conditions that followed.

If you didn’t know, the Sun Sentinel in Broward County publishes the Palm Beach Post newspaper:

[T]he Post downsized its newsroom by more than 30 percent in 2008 and 2009. At the same time it closed its printing press. The Post’s print edition is now printed in Broward County by the South Florida Sun-Sentinel and shipped north [by big trucks] to Palm Beach County for daily distribution.

Last year during Hurricane Matthew — not nearly the potential impact of Hurricane Irma — there were significant newspaper delivery delays; the large commercial trucks were stuck in Broward County until the storm passed.

If you’re concerned about upcoming delivery delays
of that newspaper call 800-926-POST.

By the way, the new subscription rate (which includes this year’s price spike for the print edition) for the Post’s “7 days Print + digital” is $56.99 for 1 month or $683.79 for the year and, “The first payment, for all new starts, will include a one-time nonrefundable activation fee up to $5.”* The daily edition in print costs $2 now. Sunday’s edition is $3.

[For the sake of comparison, The Lake Worth Herald print edition published weekly costs ¢50. A “12 Month Combination”, subscription to the online and print edition (delivered by U.S. mail), costs only $45.]

And lastly, have you ever thought of writing a
Letter to the Editor (LTE) at the Post?

It’s very easy and only takes 5–10 minutes to write an LTE. Learn how using this link.

Do you live in coastal Central Palm Beach County? In the City of Greenacres or Atlantis? The towns of Lake Clarke Shores, Hypoluxo, or Lantana? The Village of Palm Springs? Are you wondering why the City of Lake Worth gets featured every single week in the Local section of the Post and your city, town, or village doesn’t get featured?

Write an LTE and ask why your municipality
Map of coastal Central Palm Beach County courtesy of your Palm Beach County government.

UPDATE: The Saturday edition, Sept. 9th, was the Weekend Edition of the Post; there was no delivery of the print edition on Sunday, Sept. 10th or Monday, Sept. 11th. Tuesday should be when the print edition gets delivered once again.

*Also published in the Post as of Sept. 6th, 2017: “Home delivery customers [of The Palm Beach Post] will be charged up to an additional $3.99 premium day rate on February 26; May 14; September 17; November 23. Premium day charges will result in shortening the length of the billing period. Subscription types other than 7-day will receive Presidents’ Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day as part of their current subscription. Dates and prices are subject to change without notice.” [emphasis added]
A convenient place to pick up The Lake Worth Herald print edition is at the City’s newsstand located at 600 Lake Ave. in Downtown Lake Worth.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Latest Hurricane Irma Update from the little City of Lake Worth.

To see all the updates and much more information
use this link for the City of Lake Worth’s official
website and scroll down.
Hurricane Irma Special Update #13.
From the update:

Inside City of Lake Worth’s Emergency Operations Center we are monitoring the situation. People often wonder if we have more information than the general public but with hurricanes we are monitoring the same information provided as you. Currently emergency management staff are on a 6-hour rotating shifts to ensure that all positions are manned around the clock.

At this time we are feeling the effects of the outer bands of Irma, one of the effects from these bands is the increased risk of tornadoes in the area so please continue to be alert. The curfew will remain in place until further notice. PBSO will be strictly enforcing the curfew.

There is a likelihood of disruption to the electric grid but additional line crews have arrived in the City and any disruption will be dealt with promptly following the storm. During the storm crews will remain out as long as possible [until wind speeds reach 30 mph], even once recalled they will stay in the City so they can be on the ground instantly upon conditions improving.

Please note the Electric Utilities emergency phone numbers (561-586-1695; 877-454-4480) are only for electrical related emergencies. They are not able to answer any other questions and need the line to remain clear for electrical matters.

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“Together we can make it through whatever comes our way, we
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“Hurricane Updates” from the little City of Lake Worth.

To report electric outages and electrical emergencies call 561-586-1695 or 877-454-4480. DO NOT use these phone numbers today for any other reason.

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“As the storm approaches our crews will continue to work until 30mph sustained winds are recorded in the area, at which time it is no longer safe for them to continue working and they will return to base and wait until the storm passes before going out again.”

Ahead of Hurricane Irma: “Update from Electric Utilities”.

“Worth Noting” has your official updates from City of Lake Worth.

Use this link for “Hurricane Irma
Special Update #4”.

Emergency Call Center to report electric
outages and electrical emergencies:
561-586-1695; 877-454-4480.

“Last Friday [Sept. 1st] City of Lake Worth electric utilities began preparations for the hurricane and have continued to work throughout the week. In addition to the City’s own crews an additional 10 crews have been called up and are currently on their way from Alabama, Illinois and Oklahoma. This will put a total of 50 linemen in the City prior to the storm’s arrival. Prior to the storm you can help reduce the likelihood of damage to the electric infrastructure by tying down, picking up or securing any loose debris especially if near an electrical substation.

As the storm approaches our crews will continue to work until 30 mph sustained winds are recorded in the area, at which time it is no longer safe for to continue working and they will return to base and wait until the storm passes before going out again. Once the winds subside crews will be back at work to asses the system for damage and begin repairs. Restoration priority will go to circuits which run critical infrastructure (e.g., police and fire buildings, medical facilities, schools). During this period you will see crews on the streets and power beginning to return to affected areas.

Please remember that crews are leaving their families and homes in order to get your power back quickly and safely, be patient with them and allow them to do their job safely. At times you may see crews sitting and appearing to not be doing anything, this is most likely because they are waiting for a line to be made safe so they can carry out their repairs.

Please stay safe before and after the storm. Remember to NOT run your generator indoors and that all wires around poles and on the ground should be considered LIVE and dangerous.

If you have any utility issues please call 561-586-1695 or 877-454-4480. If you are a Lake Worth Electric Utility customer please DO NOT call FPL, they are unable to assist within our electrical service area.”

For Hurricane Irma and “12 Safety Tips from
the Lake Worth Electric Utility” use this link.

From Facebook, by State Senator Jeff Clemens: “Palm Beach Post owners Cox Communications: You suck.”

“[P]ublisher Tim Burke told the employees via email . . .”.

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To all Palm Beach Post employees: If you are in distress and think medical marijuana might help, please call Modern Health Concepts (MHC) at 877-303-0741. MHC is opening a new facility
soon in Lake Worth
, conveniently located
at 1125 N. Dixie Hwy.