Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Commissioner McVoy’s broken promise to “pivot” and focus on at-risk neighborhoods: TALKING THE TALK but not WALKING THE WALK.

Just two weeks away, March 14th, is the day the public gets to be heard. Is it about time to pivot as a City and elect new representation for District 2?

What Commissioner Chris McVoy said about children, families, and “at-risk neighborhoods” at a City Commission meeting in May 2015 will surprise a lot of people.

McVoy has a PhD. He reminds people all the time about that. He also is proud of his critical thinking skills as well. But when McVoy’s critical thinking is most sorely needed he becomes the obstructionist instead. However, following his re-election in 2015 this is what he said:

“It’s not an option for everybody to simply move. So we can’t walk away from things . . . I would like us to really focus on what are ways that we can change our neighborhoods, particularly the more at-risk ones in ways that people who continue to live in them, those kids growing up will do better.”

Following that statement many in the City were excited to hear that McVoy was (or claimed to be) on board with the process of helping many of our too-long-neglected neighborhoods in the City of Lake Worth. Inadequate street lighting back then, missing fire hydrants, broken sidewalks, and potholes are a few issues that come to mind. It’s these substandard conditions that increase the crime rate, emergency calls to PBSO, and create all sorts of havoc and disruption for the community.

Back then we all welcomed McVoy’s “pivot” to this very important debate but in the 21+ months following his words from May of 2015 have not matched his actions. For instance, only a few months later the City’s residents were given this news:

Think about who would be affected most by a spike in electric rates (Commissioner Ryan Maier has opted not to run for re-election on March 14th).

Remember what McVoy said in 2015. Remember all the potholes and the poor roads you avoid going about your day in this City. And also remember McVoy was first elected in 2010. Then ask yourself this question: Is this the right person to be representing District 2 in Lake Worth going forward?

Remember. Election day is March 14th. Just 2 weeks away now.