Friday, November 5, 2021

A brief note about the new graphic for the masthead of the blog. . .

The new masthead is from a Sanborn Fire Insurance Map c. 1940 showing the vicinage about the Lake Worth Beach Casino building.

Noteworthy is the placement of A1A east of the building along the beachfront, location of the tunnel to the beach under the road, and the proximity of the Lake Worth Lagoon coastline to the building and pool complex. Due in large part to the damage caused by the 1947 hurricane and general post-World War II growth, A1A was relocated on extensive fill west of the building which is now the parking area. The re-alignment of the road also created opportunity for new land west of the relocated A1A (Ocean Boulevard) north of Lake Avenue.

This is also many years prior to the current bridge over the Intracoastal Waterway (constructed in 1973). Its alignment was to the south of the previous bridge. Other changes are the smaller size and location of the pool. The shaded portion of the building extending to the west contained locker rooms and was demolished sometime in the early 1970s after construction of the larger pool south of the complex.

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March 22, 1927:

January 12, 1932:

January 26, 1932: