Saturday, April 28, 2012

No cruise, but clear course

The "all-but-rebuilt historic building's..." - then later on Mr. Marra acknowledges the Office of Inspector General's finding that it was purposefully mis-categorized as not being a "substantial improvement" - done to circumvent code-related issues.  Then he moves quickly on to how lovely everything is.  Can the PBP ever get a clue?  Maybe one of the tenants should be a store that specializes in the sale of clues?

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Lake Worth sets meeting to discuss internal auditor

Finally, the City Commission is getting around to this requirement as laid out in the Charter.  Let's hope whoever it is, the Commission gives free reign to search and find the truth among all the numbers lurking in city hall!  Click title for link  to article.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Oh, Commissioner Mulvehill, play it again please...

Overhaul of Lake Worth beach casino building nearly complete

Willie and Suzanne have a slobber-fest over the NEW - not refurbished, not restored, not "historic" - Casino building.  How green is the building really??  How can it be "under budget" when so much was value-engineered out of the building?  Even Commissioner McVoy acknowledged that the city was NOT getting the state-of-the art building it wanted.  Oh, and how is the city's lawsuit going with Greater Bay Mr. McNamara?  Where does the $800,000 spent to defend the city's indefensible position fit in to this "under budget" project?  Click title for link.