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Ricky Gervais

College Park - Your Decrepit Water Pipes at Work

Our 2 inch leaky waterlines in the city do not transport the same sparkling, fresh and chlorinated water from the water plant to our faucets. The city must periodically, seems like weekly or more often, flush the hydrants to increase the chlorine to acceptable levels. This wasteful practice is necessary to prevent us from having to boil our water before using it. We, in College Park, happen to be in the area of the city farthest from the water plant and at a dead end in the system. This is something that the LW2020 program plans to address.

Does this sound at all familiar?

Helping Keep Lake Worth Dysfunction Junction for 40+ years

Dennis Dorsey, former Lake Worth Mayor/Commissioner, currently an Atlantis resident, is treasurer of the Citizens Against Unfair Taxation PAC. A group that is determined to keep Lake Worth in the stone age.

The importance of infrastructure repair and re-investment...the water crisis in Toledo, Ohio

Serious article from titled "How crony capitalism and deregulation poisoned Toledo's water supply."  Turns out that the Mayor gave a premature "all clear", went on television and drink water out of the tap. The problem could have been prevented through investment in the city's infrastructure, but tax cuts were more of a priority. Here are some of the details. Please read the entire article.
Crumbling Infrastructure
Toledo’s main water intake and water treatment plant hasn’t been updated since 1941. The city was half its current size at the time current water infrastructure was built. The Ohio EPA has threatened to take over the water treatment plant in the past, citing a lack of care given to longstanding documented problems.
“We obviously have very strong concerns about the operability and the long-term capability of that plant,” Ohio EPA director Craig Butler told the Toledo Blade.
It would cost roughly $300 million to provide needed repairs to the water plant that ensure future algal blooms wouldn’t endanger the city’s drinking water. But rather than fund local infrastructure, Gov. Kasich, elected in the Tea Party wave of 2010, decided to give state tax dollars to the rich. Kasich's proposed income tax cuts come at a cost of $2.2 billion, which is almost eight times the cost of a new water treatment plant in Toledo. When Kasich first took office, he offered $400 million in state tax incentives for Sears to relocate its headquarters from Illinois to Ohio in late 2011. (Sears declined the offer.) By bending over backwards to give handouts to corporations and the ultra-rich, Kasich has seriously deprived local and county governments of badly-needed funding for infrastructure upgrades.
More Cuts to Local Governments
In the first budget he signed after being elected, Kasich cut aid to local and county governments by over $1 billion. Lucas County, which houses Toledo, has its state-based aid cut by $70 million in the last biennial budget. All of these cuts juxtaposed with Kasich's welfare for corporations and the rich makes it easy to connect the dots in what Kasich's true funding priorities are. Gov. Kasich'sincome tax proposal, which the legislature recently passed, cuts taxes for the wealthiest 1 percent by over $10,000 per year, and raises taxes on the bottom 20 percent of Ohioans by an average of $63. After his elimination of Ohio’s estate tax for the wealthiest families, cuts are expected to deepen in coming years.
Contrast Toledo’s crumbling water system with infrastructure in San Francisco, which prioritizes upgrades to its water infrastructure. The city’s Water System Improvement Program, or WSIP, was launched in 2007 and has since replaced more than 280 miles of pipeline, built new dams and reservoirs and put 11,000 people to work. WSIP’s current water system upgrades can be viewed here. The $4.6 billion project is at 80 percent completion.
If it weren't for hydrant flushing on a regular basis throughout the city, we would be under a boil water order. Add to that the waste of treated drinking water when the resource is scarce and it just doesn't make sense. Part of the Lake Worth 2020 plan will address replacing the city's water distribution pipes and fixing roads in the wake of the replacements. Here is what one of our pipes looks like in Lake Worth.

Transit ORIENTed Development - Thailand Market

These videos have been around the Internet for a while. Worth watching if you haven't seen this before. I'm finding these posted in relation to All Aboard Florida. Somehow I don't think this sort of thing would be allowed in the United States.

It gets even worse about the Lionfish; now it's the Terminator

Click title for link to the Sun-Sentinel story. Apparently, divers are making a difference as they see smaller lionfish populations in areas that are popular for diving. Many divers hold lionfish "derbies" to see how many and how large of this invasive species they can catch.
A new study from a Oregon State University scientist examined the behavior of red lionfish in the Bahamas and found they are capable of simply wiping out the local population of a species. A news release from the university dubbed the lionfish the "Terminator" species.
Typically, a marine predator will eat a particular kind of fish while they are abundant and then leave after the remaining ones hide themselves away in crevices or vegetation. Not the lionfish.
"It's now clear they will hunt successfully even when only a few fish are present," said the author of the study, Kurt Ingeman, a doctoral student who presented his results at a meeting of the Ecological Society of America. "This behavior is unusual and alarming."

Just letting you know...

From the story, click title for link:
Earlier this week, several pieces of heavy equipment, including a dump truck and water pump, located at the construction site of a Mcdonalds restaurant off 29th and Powell in S.E. Portland, were sabotaged by having bleached poured into their fuel tanks.
Through the hyper exploitation of an ever growing precarious workforce, the wholesale slaughter of billions of sentient animals, and the destruction of ecosystems and wild spaces--Mcdonalds has always been a global symbol of capitalist exploitation and ecological destruction. Mcdonalds also acted as a sponsor of the FIFA World Cup in Brazil which has lead to the forced displacement of thousands of people and the implementation of economic austerity on an already hyper-impoverished area of the world. We act in solidarity with all those internationally who struggle against austerity and imperialism; for a world without borders, prisons, and nations states.
This simple, easily reproducible act, is dedicated to the 5E3 prisoners Amelie, Carlos, and Fallon and to the silent ones on the run and in forced exile.
-some anarchists

Excerpts from the Lake Worth Herald, front page above the fold, on Thursday, August 14, 2014:

  "Citizens Against Unfair Taxation, a Political Action Committee registered with the Supervisor of Elections of Palm Beach County found another bump in the road today. A local resident has sent a complaint to the Florida Elections Commission alleging various violations of Florida Statutes involving the PAC.
     The resident alleges the PAC in not properly formed and therefore is not permitted to make expenditures or accept contributions."

To read the entire article go to The Lake Worth Herald homepage at

Friday, August 15, 2014

Coming Next Friday to the Lake Worth Playhouse

From Historic Boynton Beach on Facebook

Pictures of U.S. 1 going through the Boynton Beach area from the late 1950s to the early 1960s. This is when U.S.1 was the only way by vehicle, north and south, for longer distance travel through our area. Portions of Lake Worth would have looked similar to this during this time period.

How not to interact with the public, press or anyone for that matter.

Katie McGiveron is the chair of the Citizen's Against Unfair Taxation PAC. This is the PAC that recently had a complaint submitted to the Elections Commission according to this week's Lake Worth Herald.
This is the group associated with these red and white signs scattered about the city:

Downtown West Palm Beach’s success feted at “summit” | West Palm Beat

Raphael Clemente gave a summary speech about the progress made in downtown West Palm Beach over the years and I heard that it was well received by those in attendance. Click title for link for Eliot Kleinberg's take on the event.
Five years ago, downtown West Palm Beach was “a pretty good place, but we didn’t have a great place,” Raphael Clemente told Tuesday night’s Downtown Development Authority “downtown summit.”
But then the city knocked down its old library and opened up the waterfront, cleaned up streets and alleys, improved safety, and actively recruited businesses, Clemente, the DDA’s executive director, told residents, business owners, civic and government leaders and other downtown stakeholders who gathered at Palm Beach Dramaworks.
In the past, “we were saying ‘welcome,’ but we weren’t as welcoming as we needed to be,” Clemente said. “We saw a lot of businesses leave. Major destinations, main corners; empty sidewalks.”
And, he said, “our waterfront was an asset that that wasn’t being used to its maximum potential.”
So, Clemente said, “we worked to make the place better.”

From yet another loyal and concerned reader comes this:

Any ordinary time I would not have a problem identifying myself. These are not ordinary times. Not in Lake Worth leading up to our vote that can't happen too soon. I'm a real big fan of Rush Limbaugh and have been for years (I know you are most definitely not a fan) and he's gone on for years about the 'low-information voter.' Who would have thunk those low-information voters would be my neighbors on one of the most wealthy and educated neighborhoods in my city. 

Here is what my neighbors have told me: 
- Their taxable rate if the bond passed would be on the appraisal value of their house. It's not. 
- I've been told that 3 mils is $30 on $1000. It's not. It's $3.
- I've been told the bond over 30 years could cost between $210-$225 million. I was really told that.
- I've been told the Casino building and beach property will be used as collateral. Not a bad idea actually but again, completely untrue.
- I was told by a neighbor returning from NY that potholes are everywhere and people learn to adjust. 
- I was told that there is no reason to repave Federal. Not kidding. Federal is a State road, not a city road. 
- I was told why fix roads when you have to keep doing it over and over. 
- I was told by a neighbor she would never give more money to the city as long as that 'crazy communist was still there, Karen whats her name.' She thought Cara Jennings was still a commissioner. She's not Thank God and my neighbor is happier now. 
- I have been told that all of the contractors have been selected for work once the bond passes. This is simply not the case.
- I have been told that people have read a 45 page "bond" document that proves to them that the whole program is a scam. I did some checking. The "bond" documents don't exist yet. What is the opposition taking around to my neighbors' doors?

I'm afraid the city has a very steep hill to climb if my educated and informed neighbors are believing this nonsense. Yet there it is. Be strong, as I will continue to be, and resolute in my decision to vote "yes" for the bond issue on August 26th.

Sincerely, from one of the boots on the ground. 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

"I was a lamb. Then I was thrown into a pit of wolves and I turned out to be the worst wolf of all,"

[Dennis] Dorsey said, laughing deeply.-- Quote from the Sun Sentinel, April 20, 1986.
Note: Atlantis-resident Dennis Dorsey is currently treasurer of the PAC Citizens Against Unfair Taxation. He, along with Katie Mcgiveron, are attempting to defeat the City's LW2020 Plan for infrastructure repairs.

Click here for a brief history of Lake Worth's volatile and dysfunctional political past.

One of the City's Presentations on the LW2020 Plan - District #3 from May 21st

The biggest change here is the lower projected bond millage rate to 3.14 from 3.4 due to a higher than expected increase in property taxes in the next tax year. When watching, point out any questions you may have as comments and we can chase down answers for you. Or you can email directly.

The Weekly Report from CAUT Central

Here it is! The latest treasurer's report from the Citizens Against Unfair Taxation (CAUT) available today. This is the P6 report for 8/2/14 to 8/8/14. CAUT is the PAC formed by Katie McGiveron and her trusty sidekick Atlantis resident Dennis Dorsey to thwart the LW2020 infrastructure improvement plan.

Two items of note on this latest report:
1) Katie's PAC has put in another order for yard signs ($644.48).
2) Katie has ordered more door hangers or a mailing for $500. Funny that is such a round amount. Guess it makes it easier to spend those $500 bills.

Note that these new "tracts" are printed locally in PBC; Dorsey's first order of door hangers (the ones with the apocalyptic images of the fall of civilization as we know it) were printed and shipped from Burbank, CA. She might have saved a lot of money ordering his door hangers from California but as she's demonstrated here, you really should buy local whenever you can.

Now this is VERY INTERESTING. So far Katie McGiveron and Atlantis resident Dennis Dorsey have raised $4,163 for his PAC. Ninety-eight percent (98%) of the money they have raised ($4,038.29) has come from three areas: the areas west of I-95, east of Federal, and the Lake Worth Towers. McGiveron, Dorsey and their CAUT PAC has raised a total of $125, or 3%, in Lake Worth east of I-95 and west of Federal; a very large area of Lake Worth that will greatly benefit from the City's LW2020 bond vote on August 26.

And, of course, there are the always amusing 'In-Kind' contributions (4) from Lynn Anderson and Lawrence McNamara that totaled $33.69. As amusing as that is they'll never top Katie McGiveron's In-Kind contribution on 7/27 for $1.17. That's right, 117 pennies. Or two rolls of pennies with an additional 17 pennies from a third roll.

More CAUT PAC analysis later. Now about what happened yesterday at the Lake Worth Towers. The City was scheduled to give a LW2020 presentation to the residents of the Towers last night. At the last minute it was inexplicably cancelled without a reason given. Those of you familiar with Lake Worth history know the other name for the Lake Worth Towers, the tallest building in Lake Worth, is derisively referred to as Dennis Dorsey's Waiting Room. Was there some arm twisting? It certainly does merit an inquisitive phone call or five.

ATTENTION: Go to your local newsstand and pick up the Lake Worth Herald today.

Meeting of Lake Worth Dixie Highway Merchants Association at McMow Art Glass. City presentation - Last night

More people finding out about LW2020

A comment left under the last from Dee M. that deserves attention...

What's being missed in all the noise is this. Everyone, even John Rinaldi and Bob Lepa agree, the infrastructure in Lake Worth needs to be fixed.


In order for the streets to be fixed it will take an enormous amount of money. This money can be raised one of two ways:

Taxes or Bonds. Period. 

If the bond is passed that money is by 'Covenant' dedicated to infrastructure. Period. The lender's require this protection. 

If the bond fails the work still needs to be done. If you vote against the bond, YOU ARE SIGNALING THE CITY TO RAISE YOUR TAXES. 

Money raised by tax increases GOES INTO THE GENERAL FUND. Money in the General Fund can be USED FOR ANYTHING. 

If your issue with the bond is TRUST, and the work NEEDS TO BE DONE, do you then vote against the bond agreeing to a TAX INCREASE? Or do you vote FOR THE BOND ensuring the money is used for what it is intended? 

Many of you voted for Anarchists and they raided YOUR General Fund. 

It could happen again.

In conclusion: If you are a taxpayer in Lake Worth your choice on August 26 is the LW2020 Bond Plan or higher taxes next year, and every year thereafter for the foreseeable future.

All Aboard promises quiet zones before trains are running

Lake Worth will be getting quiet zones on the FEC, which will include freight trains! That should be a big quality of life improvement for many who live near the corridor. For at least four years, I lived at 7th Avenue South and H Street. Click title for link.
The company [All Aboard Florida] said it will invest $60 million in a series of safety improvements at crossings on the Florida East Coast Railway tracks from Miami to West Palm Beach. Transportation planners in Palm Beach and Broward counties have set aside $10.8 million to cover additional safety upgrades that are also needed for the quiet zone. Palm Beach County has pledged $6.6 million to help cover the cost of those improvements.
All Aboard Florida officials said an analysis completed by the company found local governments have set aside enough money to pay for quiet zone improvements. The company has agreed to construct and design the quiet zone improvements at the same time it completes its safety upgrades, resulting in a significant savings for taxpayers, officials said.
“Creating what will be the safest railroad in America has always been at the top of our list of priorities, and with the cooperation of the agencies that we have been working with for now over a year, we can also boast that we will have perhaps the quietest railroad in America as well,” said Michael Reininger, All Aboard’s president and chief development officer.

Town agrees to stick with Midtown Beach plan, despite objections

The Town of Palm Beach considers different qualities of sand in its efforts for beach renourishment. Click title for link to article. The Lake Worth beach may eventually get some sand from what they refer to as "Reach 8" - that is renourishment around the Phipps Ocean Park area.
Despite strong objections from South End residents regarding sand quality and quantity, the Town Council agreed Tuesday to move forward with plans for Midtown Beach nourishment and interim protection for southern beaches.
Last month, the council approved a $17.6 million project to place about 918,500 cubic yards of sand on Midtown Beach, and of that amount, truck haul about 130,000 cubic yards to the South End for partial nourishment at Phipps Ocean Park and dune restoration in Reach 8.
Some residents think the town would provide better protection using inland mined sand for the 42,000 cubic yards of dune restoration in Reach 8 instead of a finer grain size sand dredged from a borrow area off Singer Island.
[Later in article]
The council decided some protection is better than no protection and that it’s more financially responsible to use sand dredged offshore than mined inland.
“We understand that it’s not going to do the trick,” said council member Richard Kleid. “I’m nervous if we have a storm and do nothing we could really be criticized. We have to go forward with the program and hope we don’t have a big storm.”

Remember this local talent?

Imagine John Rinaldi and Bob Lepa doing this in synchronicity

Don't miss the special gift at 3:34 :)

From the Bard of Avon comes this...

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

From Dee McNamara to the World: "Laurence and I would like to come and do dinner at your place." (as received)

Page 6A Palm Beach Post reports Lake Worth Florida's 35% property tax increase,rents!

Dee McNamara

Commission intends to give themselves $800,000,-  cash, 
of the $63,500,000 Bond  they want to shove down Taxpayers' throats,if we vote to give them the $63,500,000,- double our Annual Budget,

to use to make improvements in their districts!????
You must pay all they tell you to.

Dee McNamara,one of the many highest tax payers of lake Worth.

property values up 13 1/2 %  but:urence and I made the house impeccable, 
a monied element is showing up at my Open Houses,among others 2 Swiss architects , with a Contract for jobs in Florida,opening an Office in the area, heard Lake Worth Art Center of palm Beach County. A lady with her husband moving down to Florida(in Lily Pulitzer dress and Celine,French bag, and architects' brother, rented 710 N.lakeside Drive(no view) for $3000,- a month!,
till she finds a house she wants to buy with water view .
I  need to do two OPEN HOUSES  from September on,  as the number of prospects is increases,of a better financial level.Patience will get us the highest possible price as they increase with the re-opening of the Gulfstream Hotel. I make the house sound very gracious, impressive,having been British tutored helps!Laurence and I organized a PAC to beat that Bond,our signs to vote AGAINST THE BOND,

PAC:Citizens Against Unfair Taxation abbreviated to :CAUT for contributions.I hope Jerry gets the fab job in popular Key Largo.

Laurence and I would like to come and do dinner at your place.
When is a good time?
Good luck,

Another time and place to check out the Lake Worth 2020 Plan

Learn more about Lake Worth 2020 at Lake Worth Playhouse August 22nd

Join friends and neighbors for more information about Lake Worth 2020 at the Lake Worth Playhouse on Friday, August 22 at 7pm. Materials will be available and City staff will be on hand to answer questions.
Lake Worth Playhouse is located at 713 Lake Avenue.

Benny's on the Beach at Lake Worth Beach

Outstanding review of Benny's on the Beach along with some good quotes from their new chef. The article appeared in the Palm Beach Post today on page D2 of the print edition. Click title for link.

This is a picture taken last week of me and two friends from Michigan. It was my first time visiting John G's since they moved to their new location at Plaza del Mar in Manalapan. Food's the same, but the atmosphere is not the same. Notice that they still.are using the same sign and are clinging to the fact that they are on the beach. Not quite. The food and service were as I remembered it. It also appeared to have retained many of the same customers.

One more thing about the picture, the gentleman on the left's grandparents had a jewelry shop next to the Little Owl Bar on Dixie Hwy. This was back in the 60s and 70s. They lived above the store. Now, the area in front of their store location is a patio area for the bar. He spent a lot of time here growing up and it was interesting to hear his recollections on what Lake Worth was like back when.

Handicapped renters left with no electricity after landlord is jailed

Click title for link for a Brian Entin story about power being shut off at the Breezeway Motel. In contains a video that includes City Manager Bornstein coming to the rescue in a very compassionate way. It has a happy ending, but it may just be temporary. Nice to see some flexibility on the part of the city.

"It's not that I hate Lake Worth." McGiveron said.

Katie McGiveron is the head of the Citizens Against Unfair Taxation (CAUT), the County PAC formed in opposition to the bond issue, along with Atlantis resident Dennis Dorsey. Suddenly, we can connect the dots and begin to see the real motivations of this group. It should be noted that one of the largest parks in Palm Beach County lays at this neighborhood's edge.

Excerpt from "Florida: First and Last Frontier" from 1976

Video courtesy of the State Archives of Florida.

Some good news coming to your door...

It's enough to make Babs and Judy sign for us!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

All Hail!

Point of View: Bonds are Lake Worth’s best option |

Congratulations Herman Robinson for getting through the noise and getting your point across. Bravo! Look for his letter in tomorrow's paper. Click title for link.
Our Hero

Looking for Lake Worth citizens to help our City going forward!

The Finance Advisory Board is looking for members. You can help the City promote transparency in the City’s budget process and allow for additional citizen input on major financial decisions affecting the City.

Members serve three year terms.

Meeting are held the 2nd Monday of each month at 6:00 PM in the City Hall conference room (7 North Dixie Highway).

You can contact Finance Advisory member Robert Guyer directly at, for more information.

Thank you. 

It’s not too late to get an absentee ballot!

Request one online at or call the Supervisor of Elections office at 561-656-6200. Absentee ballots must be received by the Supervisor’s office by 7 p.m. on Election Day. They can be mailed or returned in person, but cannot be turned in at your polling place.

August 12, 2014 12:18 PM Southern Bridge Out of Service

The bridge spans at the Southern Bridge are stuck in the upright position. The bridge will be closed until the issue can be resolved, unknown time frame.

August 12, 2014 1:20 PM


Gubernatorial candidate Nan Rich (start at one minute mark)

My friend and roommate through much of college writes this on Robin Williams passing...

A suicidal comedian is as absurd as life itself.
Even the longest healthiest life is brief.
You cast your demons out on stage and screen
Laughing in the face of life.
Which is so much scarier than death.

We try to be whole yet are often broken.
Punctured with holes that cannot be filled.
And even our patches begin to fray.
Those who are are afraid to die risk never living.
Yet those who walk on the edge of death 
Replace the subtle beauty of life with the rush of adrenaline.
The rewards of fame gild the living lily
Suffocate it and hide it from the sun.

An imperfect life is a whole life.
Your friend "Superman" fell.
He inspired us by not dying for as long as he could.
Thank you for living as long as you were able.
-Rev. Charlie Davis

Time and Schedule Changes in City's Presentations on LW2020 Plan

The time for the City's presentation of the Lake Worth 2020 Plan at the Playhouse on Friday, August 22nd has changed. It will now begin at 7 PM.

Also, the City's presentation scheduled for the Playhouse on Saturday, August 23rd at 1PM has been cancelled entirely. The City will still present at the College Park Special Meeting on Saturday starting at 5 PM. Location - First Congregational Church, 1415 North K St. Everyone is welcome.

Walk with us in support of Lake Worth 2020 and the bond issue on the August 26th ballot

Contact me at for more information.

Editorial: Approve much-needed road repair bond in Lake Worth |

MUST READ. I can't say much more than that. The Post comes out strongly in favor of the bond issue, while pointing out some caveats. Even with those, the editorial board comes to the correct conclusion. Click title for link. From the article:
But to prosper, the city needs to fix itself, and the cost of doing so will only grow if repairs are further delayed. The price tag for bringing Lake Worth into the 21st century is staggering, but this is a testament to just how long previous commissions have ignored the city’s basic needs. No one should expect road and sidewalk repairs alone to usher in a renaissance, but it is difficult to imagine one happening without them.
In addition to neighborhood repairs, the city plans to make important sewer and road upgrades along Boutwell Road in the city’s Park of Commerce. These are vital to attracting new businesses to the under-utilized stretch of commercial land, which has been neglected for decades and, consequently, has attracted virtually no private investment.
In a way, it’s a microcosm of a city that possesses so many attractive assets — a charming downtown, a public beach, waterfront parks, historic neighborhoods brimming with Old Florida charm — and yet has failed to improve its residents’ lives by fumbling or ignoring the hard decisions. This vote is a chance for the city to turn that disappointing history on its head.

Monday, August 11, 2014

What John Rinaldi Fails to Understand...

Both of these posts were done independently of each other, today on our own Facebook pages.
Apparently John Rinaldi is easily bored if not pounding on his keyboard, asking circular questions attorneys are known for and asking others to prove a negative. He took over with his posts on an established community information page, Lake Worth Voice, and was allowed to continue for a long time. That is until his repetitive posts with 100 comments underneath them crowded out a lot of information that people went there for to begin with. He was encouraged to create his own page which he refused to do. Now he has resorted to commenting on posts others make on their own Facebook account about how bored he is.

I linked the post from this blog about the city's interest rate assumptions and received the comment above from Mr. Rinaldi. This after he posted about the need to know the interest rate so I went and asked the city. They got back to me today. Mr. Rinaldi could have asked the same question to the city, but preferred asking it to the ether of the Internet. Now when we come up with an appropriate and conservative answer from the city, he is playing the role of a spoiled child.

Comment below on suggestions to cure Mr. Rinaldi's boredom.

Answer from City: What was the municipal bond interest rate assumed in the projections?

The interest rate that has been included in the estimates that the City has run is 5.5%.  This rate was estimated by Public Financial Management, the City’s financial advisor.

This is a conservative rate and was used for the following reasons:

1.       As we will be issuing 3 times over a 5 year period estimating what interest rates will be in 2015,  2017 or 2019 is difficult and consequently a conservative rate is prudent.

2.       This rate is an estimate for use in discussing the program. The final rate for each issue will be determined by the market at the time of issue.

3.       Each issue will be sold for the most advantageous rates that can be obtained at the time of issue.

4.       The ballot question asks for approval of a total amount of debt and the debt service for each issue will be determined by the marketplace rate at the time of issue.

And then there is this...

Additional Lake Worth 2020 projects can improve our neighborhoods.

In some neighborhoods, Lake Worth 2020 projects may include drainage improvements to alleviate flooding; new fire hydrants to enhance fire safety; sidewalks that would improve pedestrian safety; and lighting and traffic calming that can increase traffic safety.

All Palm Beach County Early Voting Locations

Gov. Rick Scott speaks to Haitian Evangelical Crusade |

Interesting campaign event, and apparently it is historical. Click title for link. From the article:
Gov. Rick Scott spoke Sunday to nearly 1,000 Haitian-Americans, touching on his escape from a childhood of poverty and touting his efforts to create jobs during his first term in office.
Scott’s eight-minute speech at the Haitian Evangelical Crusade marked the first time a sitting governor has addressed the 29-year-old gathering of an estimated 50 congregations countywide.
Bishop Mathieu Jean-Baptiste invited Scott to speak Sunday on the first day of the crusade, a rousing, chorus-filled debut for the eight-day event.
“I want to establish a relationship between the government of Florida and the Haitian people,” Jean-Baptiste said. “This is about our community getting involved more with the government and the government getting to know the community.”

The best explanation of the bond vote on August 26, less than a 2 minute read...

On August 26, 2014 Lake Worth Voters will go to the polls and decide whether or not the city should borrow funding for the 2020 plan. The borrow will be in the form of a General Obligation Bond (GOB). GOBs are the most common method used by municipalities to borrow money for improvements such as roadways, sidewalks and other infrastructure. The bond may be repaid by a number of methods, most commonly through property taxes.

In Lake Worth's case, the 2020 plan is a five year plan to improve infrastructure that has been neglected through the years. There is not enough money in the general fund to pay for these repairs and it will require a GOB to fund the plan.

The cost to implement the plan as it is drawn is over 80 million dollars. Some of the plan is for water and sewer utilities, for which there is about 20 million dollars in the Utility fund. The balance of the 80 million dollars, 63.5 million will have to be issued by a GOB.

Lake Worth's plan is to borrow the money in three "trunches", or withdrawals, saving interest on the money until it is withdrawn. The city is exploring grants available and any money obtained by grant will reduce the amount of money needed on the GOB.

If the bond issue passes and the full amount of the bond is borrowed, property owners would see a 3.1 mil increase on their tax bill. Any homesteaded properties that are below the taxable threshold in assessed value will not be taxed. Properties with values over the threshold will see the assessment on the tax bill.

If the bond issue is turned down by voters, the city will continue to maintain roadways as they have, some areas will remain without adequate fire protection, and sidewalks will remain in a state of disrepair or non-existence. The city does not have the money to keep up with maintenance or worn out infrastructure.

[Used with Permission of the Lake Worth Herald dated July 31, 2014.]

Martin Filler

"The form a city assumes as it evolves over time owes more to large-scale works of civil engineering - what we now call infrastructure - than almost any other factor save topography."

Sage Advice

Early voting begins on Monday, August 11.

For registered voters who cannot make it to the polls on August 26 or find it more convenient to vote earlier, early voting locations will be open between August 11 and August 24 every day from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Locations closest to Lake Worth are the Lantana Branch Library at 4020 Lantana Road (corner of Lawrence) and the Supervisor of Elections main office at 240 S Military Trail (corner of Gun Club Road).

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Reminder: A "mill" is one-THOUSANDTH of a dollar...

From the city's website:

What will it cost an “average” property owner?
If voters approve the $63.5 million General Obligation Bond, the city will repay this obligation through property tax revenues. Of course, increases in the millage rate (the tax rate per thousand dollars of taxable value) apply equally to every property owner. But the actual amount of property taxes paid by each owner depends upon the assessed value of the property minus the homestead deduction.
The city is estimating an additional 3.14 mills to fund the bond repayment to fix, improve and build the city's basic infrastructure. That is .00314 of a dollar.

Click here to use the city's calculator to see the impact to your tax bill should the bond issue pass. For many, there will be no change if under the taxable value threshold after exemptions. Check for yourself and be wary of those that come to your door and talk about outrageous increases in your bill. If you do pay tax to the city, a rule of thumb would will likely be $300 annually per $100,000 of taxable value according to the property appraiser's office.

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"Yes!" Peeps on the March FOR BONDS - August 26th

And the award for most appropriate re-use of political signage goes to...

Seen on South Federal Hwy, 800 block, east side of road.

Message to Slumlords, Old and New

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Sunday Hymn

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Lack of Crist-Rich debate marks Florida Democratic governor primary | Post On Politics

Crist continues to dodge Rich. I still can't support Mr. Crist in this race. Click title for link for the latest passing-in-the-night of the two Democratic party candidates on the campaign circuit. From the article:
When Crist and Rich showed up at the same candidate forum in Fort Lauderdale last week, their encounter played out much the way the entire Democratic primary race has so far.
“Nan, it’s good to see you,” Crist said as he made brief remarks. By the time Rich spoke an hour or so later, Crist had left to attend a campaign office opening nearby.
I hosted a phone back at my house for the Nan Rich campaign yesterday, the third! Here is part of the group after working the phones.

Town eyes process to get federal beach money |

When I moved to the area in 1989, Palm Beach did not have a "midtown" beach. In 1995, the first renourishment project gave the beach back to Palm Beach. Since then, it has continued with the projects every six or seven years. It is gearing up to do more itself and is now considering partnering with the Army Corps of Engineers as a way to share costs. This is made more critical due to the effects of sea level rise. Essentially, the town of Palm Beach pours money into the ocean, only to watch it wash out to sea and it will do so until it can't. Click title for link. Check out the total cost to-date of the program.

Including the first project in 1995, the Midtown beaches have been nourished three times. A fourth beach fill is planned for this winter costing $17.6 million and will include partial nourishment at Phipps Ocean Park/Reach 7 and dune restoration in Reach 8.
Of the $61 million spent on coastal protection construction projects from budget years 2001- 2013, the town has paid about 70.5 percent of the cost, the state has paid about 23 percent and the federal government has paid about 6.5 percent. (FEMA paid about $4 million for Hurricane Wilma damage in 2006).
“I don’t know exactly what the percentages might be for future federal cost-sharing — whether it’s 50-50 or 25-75 — but it’s likely to be millions of dollars of federal money,” Elwell said.
Federal money would lower the state’s share, Elwell said, but the town’s net cost still would go down.

Comcast Offers Six Months of Free Internet Service for Low-Income Families/Amnesty for Unpaid Bills

Comcast Offers Six Months of Free Internet Service for Low-Income Families/Amnesty for Unpaid Bills - FAMILIES MUST BE APPROVED FOR PROGRAM BY September 20
Comcast has renewed its commitment to the Internet Essentials program for the 2014 -15 school year by announcing yesterday that it will offer:

* Up to six months of free service for any new eligible family signing up for Internet Essentials broadband service and approved between Aug. 4 and Sept. 20. For more information:
English - 1-855-339-6124 or
Spanish - 1-855-339-6125 or
* Amnesty for certain low-income families that could qualify for Internet Essentials but have a past-due balance. Customers who have an outstanding bill that is more than a year old are now eligible for Internet Essentials, as long as they meet other eligibility criteria.
Internet Essentials, which was launched in 2011 to help narrow the digital divide, provides broadband service from Comcast for $9.95 a month plus tax and the option to buy an Internet-ready computer for less than $150, plus access to free digital literacy training in print, online and in-person.

The offer is open to families of students who are eligible for federally subsidized free/reduced-price meals-or who attend schools where at least 70 percent of students are eligible for free/reduced-price meals through the National School Lunch Program, including public, parochial, private and homeschooled students. Comcast has connected more than 350,000 families, or about 1.4 million low-income Americans, since the start of the program. Internet Essentials is offered in areas where Comcast provides service.
By offering up to six months of complimentary Internet Essentials service, along with an amnesty program, Comcast hopes to demonstrate to even more families that there is no better school "supply" than having broadband Internet at home. With it, kids can do their homework, parents can be more connected to their children's teachers and schools, and the entire family has access to resources that will help them all succeed.