Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lake Worth High School needs help - forwarded by Robert Waples

Lake Worth High School is in desperate need of track and field sports equipment.  The school doesn't have enough funding to buy a new one.  The high jump pit is dangerous and not usable.  They are trying to collect funds for this before January 25, as they need to order one and have it arrive before the first home track meet February 24.  Your help, even in very small amounts, would greatly be appreciated.  Small amounts gathered together can do it. One of the high jumpers was 3rd in the county last year as a freshman, and now will be at a huge disadvantage without the equipment to practice on.

Please contact their athletic director, Seth Groveman, 561-533-6318 or  or send donations to
Lake Worth High School Athletics
1701 Lake Worth Road
Lake Worth FL 33460
ATT: Seth Groveman
Please specify on the donation it is for the high jump.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

PBSO: Suspected bank robber caught in Lake Worth after two car crashes during chase

Click title for link to PBP article.

Department of Administrative Hearings: Sunset Drive Holdings, LLC and La Sonna Hayes-Tomanek vs. Department of Community Affairs and City of Lake Worth:

The hearing on this matter was held today via teleconference.  Click here for most recent City of Lake Worth response related to the hearing.  You may be interested in knowing that I served as an expert witness in land planning for the petitioners (btw - the City objected to this but was overruled by the judge).  Nothing was decided at the hearing today.  The judge and the participants believe that a decision can be rendered within 30 days.

The petitioners are challenging DCA's finding that the City's Comprehensive is "in compliance" based largely on how height was added to the Comprehensive Plan review and approval process.  If the administrative hearing judge agrees with the evidence and the arguments presented by the petitioners, then the City will have to repeat the first reading of the Comprehensive Plan - with the possibility of re-visiting the three story height limitation imposed on properties with a residential land use designation citywide.  Other changes could happen as a result of a new Objections, Recommendations and Comments (ORC) report issued by the Department of Community Affairs.  If the administrative hearing judge finds in favor of the City, the "in compliance" finding will stand.

I'll let you know when there is further news on the matter.

Census: Long-distance moves in US hit record low

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Power is out in College Park again.

It was out for about an hour this morning.  I am sure the city will use the palm frond or small animal defense.

It turns out the city was trimming branches near power lines and shuts off the power in the area when they are doing it.  Of course, this is done without notifying the residents when and where this is going to happen.

Evening meetings approved for Palm Beach County Commission, to ease attendance by working public

Click title for link to PBP article. Interesting that the County has identified the need for evening meetings to accommodate the working public. In the meantime, Lake Worth increases the number of day time meetings making it difficult for the public - and members of the City Commission - to attend if they have a full time job. And, more and more, it seems that meetings are irrelevant since DECREES can be made by the City Manager, Mayor or other Commissioners and have the full force and effect of law.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

FYI - from a contact in Palm Beach

Publix will not open a temporary Palm Beach store for the 8 months while it builds its new store

A representative of Publix Supermarkets announced today at Town Council that the company will not be opening a temporary store for the 8 months it will take them to build their new one.

This spring, Publix will completely demolish their Palm Beach store.  In its place they will expand their parking lot and create a larger store.

The project would approximately begin on April 25, 2011 and finish by December 18, 2011.

The project required 12 variance approvals by the Town of Palm Beach.  In granting those variances, the Town of Palm Beach made it a condition that Publix make their “best efforts” to find a spot for a temporary store.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Lake Worth Interlocal Agreement with County re Ethics Commission.

On tomorrow's Palm Beach County Board of County Commission agenda (1/11/10). Note that the Ethics Commission will not enforce any separate ethics standards adopted by the City that exceed the terms of the County Ordinance.  Therefore, any violation of the reporting of $100 or more in campaign contributions would be enforced by the city since it's not covered in the County's ordinance.  Click here for copy of item

Lake Worth's Model of Democracy:

Lake Worth plans to raze historic shuffleboard courts, build park

Click title for link to PBP article. When was this item ever on a City Commission agenda? Was the Planning and Zoning Board ever consulted? Here is what the city's Code of Oridnances says about the role of the Planning and Zoning Board: Duties and authority.
The duties and authority of the city planning and zoning board shall be primarily to suggest plans for the arrangement of the city with reference to its general improvement, growth demands, and the extension, improvement and changes in public utilities and city works; also with reference to transportation, streets, alleys, sidewalks, highways, waterfronts, seawalls, docks, wharves, public buildings, parks, playgrounds, city-owned property, and other such matters as may be of a municipal nature or lawfully under municipal jurisdiction. However, the duties and authority of the city planning and zoning board shall not include any matter which is the responsibility of one (1) or more other city boards, unless the city commission specifically refers such matter to the planning and zoning board for recommendation. The city planning and zoning board shall be designated the local planning agency, pursuant to chapter 163, Florida Statutes. The planning and zoning board shall review and recommend to the city commission on all changes to the comprehensive plan and zoning ordinance.Any plans proposed by the city planning and zoning board shall be submitted to the city commission and may be submitted to the electors of the city, either by the city commission or under the initiative provisions of the city Charter, and, if adopted, shall be followed by the municipality and its officers in the permanent improvement and development of the city until modified or amended at some subsequent election. Plans and suggestions of the city planning and zoning board which are not submitted to the electors of the city shall be considered by the city commission and be approved, modified or rejected.
Are we at a point now where public input is so discouraged that elected and appointed officials rule by DECREE? We have been shown how to create a new "task force" - aka an appointed board - by DECREE. Is this what democracy has become in Lake Worth? Can anyone show me when this item appeared on a City Commission agenda when they could actually vote on it? It can't be at a work session.  What about all the money the city spent on upgrades to the restrooms, the roof, the parking lot, etc.?