Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Palm Tran bus Rt. 62 is returning to the beach in Lake Worth Beach!

Mayor Pam Triolo and Vice Mayor Andy Amoroso have been working very hard for a very long time to bring back the public bus service to the public ocean beach and with the City agreeing to commit 250K to alter the traffic infrastructure and construct a new bus stop/shelter both the County Commission and Palm Tran are on board with the plan as well.

This information about extending bus Rt. 62 was provided by Public Works Dir. Jamie Brown at the work session last evening on discussion of sales tax proceeds (see video below).

Rt. 62 serves Wellington, Greenacres, Palm Springs, Palm Beach State College and all areas in between on Lake Worth Rd. In Lake Worth Beach the bus makes the turnaround on Dixie Hwy. near City Hall (except on Sundays when the turnaround is at Golfview Rd. just west of the Robert Harris Bridge). To download the existing Rt. 62 map and schedules click on this link. Connections with Rt. 62 are routes 1 (serving Dixie Hwy.), 40, 43, 46, 52, 61, 63, and 64.

With a new Palm Tran bus stop at the beach in LWB many more from the public will have public access to the ocean, e.g., Royal Palm Beach and West Palm Beach of which neither municipality actually has a beach for their residents to enjoy.

Two hundred and fifty thousand dollars according to Dir. Brown is the very high end of the cost estimate and he believes the cost to the City will be much lower. Changes will have to made to widen the circle traffic flow at the north corner of the Casino building and then the bus will proceed west off the dune towards A1A to a dedicated bus stop with a shelter and retaining wall next to the County’s Kreusler Park.

Mayor Triolo sees a huge benefit for the City in promoting a bus service to the beach and she explains so in the video. This discussion lasts just about ten minutes and strongly encourage everyone interested in public transportation to hear the entire discussion:

Monday, August 19, 2019

Elected leaders setting the bar high in Greenacres: Making education, families and children a high priority.

Just recently we learned the City Council led by the honorable Mayor Joel Flores and the administration in the City of Greenacres deserve a lot of credit for creating one of the best After School and camp programs in the United States and the honor of receiving Florida Gold Seal Designation as well. Here is recent news published on the front page in the Coastal and Greenacres Observer headlined, “Greenacres After School Program Receives National Accreditation”:

The Council on Accreditation (COA) has proudly recognized the City of Greenacres After School and Camp Programs (a licensed, year-round, K-12 grade program) as an outstanding provider.

National accreditation demonstrates that the program successfully implements high performance standards and delivers the highest quality services to all of its children, youth and families. In addition to this achievement, the City of Greenacres After School Program was expedited through the Pre-Commission Review Report (PCR) process as a result of not receiving any out of compliance ratings in any of the fundamental practice or core standards.

The assessors were extremely impressed with the City’s operations, extended learning and enrichment programs, community partnerships and resources available. They travel all over and country, and even internationally, and claimed it was one of the best programs they have ever assessed.

COA accreditation allows the City to obtain the Florida Gold Seal Designation, that provides for a higher per child/per day, rate of reimbursement, from the Early Learning Coalition. For more information on the program visit the City’s website at www.greenacresfl.gov or call 561-642-2193.

The COA is an independent not-for-profit international accreditor providing a full continuum of community-based behavioral health care and human service organizations.

Congratulations to the City of Greenacres!

To learn more about the City of Greenacres click on this link.

And in other recent news Greenacres reopened their renovated gymnasium at the City’s Community Center at 501 Swain Blvd. You can learn more about that on the Greenacres official Facebook page.

For more information about all the public parks in Greeenacres, including helpful maps and directions, click on this link.

The Coastal and Greenacres Observer is a FREE weekly publication published by the Lake Worth Herald Press, Inc. To download the Observer click on this link and then use the Options tab to download the PDF. For more information contact the editor at 561-585-9387 or send an email to: Editor@lwherald.com

Heeding the advice below can save you a lot of time, money, and effort.

Are you considering a new project here in Lake Worth Beach? Or are you considering a renovation? A new restaurant? A new retail opportunity?

If so, you need to learn about the Neighborhood Assoc. Presidents’ Council (NAPC). Find out
more about the NAPC below.

They can help you engage the neighborhood and the public prior to or even after approaching the City staff with your idea. The NAPC can help you engage the neighbors and neighborhood, provide as much information available at the time to the public, and maybe even quell the rumor mill from churning out one rumor after another.

How do I know this can actually be accomplished? Because there is a lot of proof that this approach works. Use this link for just one example:

The Planning and Zoning Board approved the site plan unanimously and recommended the rezoning request be approved by the City Commission. These approvals were made with conditions which addressed many of the issues which had been discussed between the developer, the City and the neighborhood beforehand.

In the excerpt above, the words ‘and the neighborhood beforehand’ are what one needs to focus on.

So “beforehand” consider approaching the NAPC. What you’ll discover is that sometimes the neighborhood understands their neighborhood much better than the City does. For the NAPC website click on this link, for their Facebook page use this link, or send an email to: napcinfo@gmail.com