Saturday, January 4, 2020

Lake Worth Beach launches new website.


City of Lake Worth Beach
7 North Dixie Highway
Lake Worth Beach, FL 33460

Contact: Ben Kerr
Phone: 561-586-1631

Lake Worth Beach — The City of Lake Worth Beach has launched its new and improved City website. Following an initial update in June of 2019 the City’s webmaster continued to work with departments and users to further improve the website including switching to a new and more versatile platform. On December 31st the new website launched as planned and provides an easier to navigate repository of information users need to know about the City of Lake Worth Beach.

Further developments are planned to ensure the website continues to remain relevant and useful for residents, visitors, and businesses while adhering to best practices and modern principles of effective web design.

Please contact Ben Kerr, the City of Lake Worth Beach Public Information Officer with any questions or comments.

Located in Central Palm Beach County, Lake Worth Beach is a dynamic, multi-cultural City with an individualistic style. People are drawn to the City by its acceptance of different cultures and lifestyles, historic districts, hip downtown and colorful arts district.

Sunday (tomorrow!) is a big day in Lake Worth Beach for public transportation.

So many in the public — especially those who use Palm Tran bus services — have been awaiting this news for a long, long time.

Palm Tran bus route 62 returns to the beach in Lake Worth Beach.

Here is the news from Palm Tran on Twitter (tweet will load momentarily):

There used to be a bus stop at the former Casino building but that service was discontinued about a decade ago during the ‘renovation’. Bus service east of Dixie Hwy. on Lake and Lucerne avenues ended soon afterwards. The restoration of Palm Tran bus service to the beach is a big deal.

Quick Quiz: Why doesn’t Palm Tran have a bus that goes to the beach in West Palm Beach?

Answer: Because West Palm Beach doesn’t have a beach. WPB never had a beach but they always wished they did. But they don’t ergo why there is no bus to a beach in West Palm Beach.

Here is the Sunday schedule so you can plan your Palm Tran bus trip to the beach in Lake Worth Beach (times in boldface are p.m.).

Click on schedule to enlarge:

For the new Rt. 62 bus schedule on Monday–Friday and Saturday’s schedule click on this link. The bus fare is $2 each way. The Palm Tran bus drivers are preternaturally helpful and courteous and will gladly help you and your friends for a trip to the beach. Now every day of the week!

Can you bring along pets, a beach umbrella or barbecue grill onto the Palm Tran bus? No! You cannot take these items onto a public bus.

But you can take on the bus to the beach food and beverages in sealed containers (but may not be consumed on the bus). Also allowed per Palm Tran, “Coolers, beach towels, flotation devices and other beach accessories may be brought as long as they fit on your lap or directly in front of you.”

Click on this link for more information from Palm Tran.

Deep Green Resistance (DGR) takes an alternate view on “Green” energy.

Please Note. The video below may be disturbing for some viewers. You’ve been warned.

Very important: The following blog post is not an endorsement for DGR or for tactics such as “Decisive Ecological Warfare”. But for many of the public in places like Palm Beach County searching for new ideas, disturbed by western sprawl, and disappointed with the leaderless and languishing environmentalist community in South Florida then DGR may be what you are looking for.

One of the more outspoken members of DGR is Lierre Keith and over the years she has drawn a tremendous amount of traffic to this blog. Why? Perhaps because within the “radical space” Keith is a most unwelcome voice.

Once again, some may find the
video below very disturbing.

Others may find it provocative. Draw your own conclusions. The video was first posted on this blog in 2014 and many times since. At the 54 second mark in the video a member of DGR says:

“Today we’re going to introduce you to some ideas that you’re probably familiar with as environmentalists. But we might also be talking about some things that are surprising or even shocking to some of you.

Two members [Max Wilbert and Cameron Foley] of Deep Green Resistance talk about green energy alternatives that have created unintended consequences, for example, they mention 1.2 million Tibetans forced to work in Chinese mines, massive strip mining operations all over the planet, pollution, toxic runoff, and enormous amounts of greenhouse gases produced by heavy-duty hauling and digging equipment and the machinery used for mining in the search for rare earth metals, copper, and for the production of steel, and bird deaths at California’s Ivanpah concentrated solar field project. Mr. Wilbert says in the video below,

There is no way to produce industrial technology without industrial devastation. Green technology requires global trade, global exploitation, global destruction of the land, air and the water. You just can’t do it any other way. It’s impossible.

Wilbert and Foley take a sobering view of modern-day environmentalism and call out some groups by name, including the Sierra Club. Although they don’t mention the Anarchist community (EarthFirst!) here in the City of Lake Worth by name, they do talk about their failed pipeline protest in Texas at the 44:00 mark and question whether protesting is getting results or just draining money and resources from other environmental causes.

Once again, Max Wilbert from DGR says in the video:

“. . . we might also be talking about some things that are surprising or even shocking to some of you.”

End of discussion about DGR and solar energy. Very interesting is it not? Has it changed your view of solar energy?