Saturday, March 15, 2014

From the Automobile Association of Great Britain comes this cheeky idea for bike visibility...

Click here for more information on the campaign.

Lake Worth stretch of I-95 gets anti-skid surface due to... |

This is the area between 6th Avenue South and Lake Worth Road, essentially the area that is made up of the bridge over the Lake Worth High School parking lot. There will be an open house at City Hall this coming Tuesday when project officials will answer questions from residents. This will run from 4 to 6 p.m. Click title for link. This is why they are doing it in this area.
"The Florida Department of Transportation is installing the “high friction epoxy overlay” surface because of a study that found there were 148 crashes on the bridge from 2008-10, with 70 percent of them related to wet conditions.
“That is a significant number,’’ said Gilbert Soles, a DOT Safety Project Manager.
Soles said the DOT also did visual studies that found an unusually high number of vehicles changing lanes along that stretch of highway."

Coming up in two weeks!

Parade starting around noon on Sunday.

Facebook instant message conversation with Robert Waples from last night...

(Robert Waples in italics.)

Want to chat?

I will sit here and wait.

WOW nice change but your still not addressing the issue here

Well, now I am here I am watching a basketball game now.

Basketball at this hour?

I don't control the schedule of the Big Ten Tournament. I am a midwestern boy and follow my team.

Kewl but lets talk about your posting and your attacks on me....I know you post what you think but your allowing anons to go crazy and your responsible for your blog....Attorneys are already looking that this...If you do not like where I stand how about giving me a call and lets talk...but instead  you just are plain lame with your blog.

You didn't give your name on the last comment. There is something called the first amendment and I am sure that Mark Easton's attorneys are looking at your comment for slander and libel.

Funny you think that you can justify....Mark can publish what he wants as he is the press.  HOWEVER Your blog and frankly LYNNS is under scrutiny

They are the same thing. It's not my problem that you have to justify your stance with Lynn, Katie and Jennifer.

OH not the case at all...I only justify my case with myself.   If you have something to say to me say it to my face and not hide behind a blog.  I have had the same fight with Lynn so now its your turn.

Well, then, tell me how that NAPC meeting went today.And all this is fair game for the blog, btw

You can ask your own prsident

She has nothing to do with this.And it is not a "College Park" issue we are dealing with, it is a city issue.

Bullshit she has everything to do with this.

Calm down Mr. Waples.

Why do you say Calm Down?

Because you used a swear word

Bullshit is a swear word OMG LOL have you watched TV lately?  LOL ok now I'm just you want to sit down and have a conversation?

I guess that is what you are used to dealing with. Life is too short.

Read before you type and answer the question

I am open to having a conversation, but not right now. You can call me tomorrow if you wish.

I do not want to call you I would like to sit face to face and have a conversation...Actually I think you extended that offer a long time ago.

My door is always open and I am usually at home. You are welcome anytime. And I probably did that. I would hate to deal with what you have to deal with.

KK I'm kewl with that and would love to hear your side and my side so we can really get to know each other.  Lets just have the chat we need to have and find the common ground and know that we both have people that want to bash the crap out of us.  If that is a deal I would love to see you on Sunday if you don't have plans

All this is blog eligible by the way.Sunday is fine.Anytime.

I would prefer that you blog after the chat and then we see where it goes.....Agreed that you have a blog but lets have some common courtesy first.  You have the "copy" but lets have the chat first.

I am coming into this conversation convinced that you do not have a spine.

Yea I got that from your anon posting as the IP Address do tell a lot.  BUT if you want to be insulting that is fine are we up for this or not?

You are welcome any time. Sunday is fine. Pick a time.

1PM is that good for you I know where you live and happy to see your gardens

In or out Wes I need to plan my weekend of Volunteering

I will meet with you but I need a third person here to validate our conversation. Nadine comes to mind.

Well that would explain what Nadine is IMing me.

Just a suggestion, it could be anyone.

No you and me and if you can not stand man to man then what should I think of you.


NO you and I say at ToJays

We need someone else here to hear what we say.

Why?  what are you afraid of?

I don't trust the people you report to.

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It doesn't have to be Nadine and you need to get over the "people over here thing." If it's alright with you, my partner and I would like to watch TV right now and not deal with these matters at this time. Is that o.k.?

KK I so agree and please enjoy your night.....I will be looking forward to when you want to face to face.  Love and Hugs

We are on for 1 o'clock Sunday if you and I can agree on someone else being there.

No You and me as it just seems you want to coward out.

Look in the mirror Mr. Waples, please. Good night. Let's keep that 1 p.m. time on Sunday intact. We can record on video if you wish. That is impartial.

Again what are you afraid of Wes but good night.

Not afraid of anything and you shouldn't be either. The truth sets you free. I'll set up my camera and we will have a chat and can share it with the world. Love the transparency!

Actually that is true but why would I trust you to not edit it to your own advantage?

I won't edit and never do, whatever happens happens.

KK that could actually be a little fun....

Keep that in mind and for now I bid you adieu

Just remember what you said to me a few years ago which would be "we have a lot more in common"

We do, but I haven't seen a lot of evidence of that. Looking forward to Sunday. G'night.

I was just thinking Wes if your so chicken to meet me face to face and then post more stupid stuff.  Your nothing but chicken.....In public or NOTHING and if we are going to through insults if you can not meet me in public your the one with out a spine.

In public? How is being on a video that can broadcast around the world not being public? Please, I am not playing who gets the last word in. Good night Mr. Waples.

Keeping things in perspective...

Barge dispute leaves West Palm Beach residents with eyesore |

This is on one of our bike rides along Flagler Drive. It reminds me of the derelict vessels that we had sitting off of Bryant Park for so long. They've been gone a while now, thanks to a grant from the state to pay for their removal. Those vessels were there for years. One more improvement to Lake Worth and an accomplishment for this administration and City Commission. Click title for link to the Eliot Kleinberg article.
For four months, people living near tiny Summa Beach park, along the Intracoastal Waterway at the south end of West Palm Beach, have stared at a derelict 150-by-45-foot barge.
Now barge owner Eric Ornstein is set to send a tugboat late next week to haul the thing back to Martin County.

Cynthia Occelli

"For a seed to achieve its greatest expression, it must come completely undone. The shell cracks, its insides come out and everything changes. To someone who doesn't understand growth, it would look like complete destruction."

Cerabino: Wellington official learns the hard way about... |

She ended up resigning and is writing a check to the Anti-Defamation League. She appears sorry that her gesture trivialized the horrors of Nazi Germany. Of course, Frank Cerabino has some interesting observations in this article. Click title for link.
 We’ve learned an important decorum tip for local governmental officials this past week.
Saying “Heil Hitler” while giving a Nazi salute during a public meeting is a sure-fire first step for writing your resignation letter.
That’s what happened to Marcia Radosevich, who went the full Adolf Hitler route during a recent meeting of Wellington’s Planning, Zoning & Adjustment Board meeting.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Editorial from this week's Lake Worth Herald, as it appeared...

From: The Lake Worth Herald
Mark Easton, President & Publisher
March 13, 2014

Editorial {excerpt}

"An Opportunity to Fight Progress"

     Maybe John Prince Park has too many hurdles to jump to be considered a viable location for a baseball stadium, but Lake Worth staff, the Neighborhood Association Presidents Council, the Lake Worth City Commission and others who support the stadium in John Prince Park, or somewhere nearby are on the on [sic] the right track.
     The economic benefits are far reaching, having a positive effect on every city, town or community within miles.
     Several people from Lake Worth appeared before the County Commission to ask the commission to consider John Prince Park with the exception of the NAPC who spoke of "Central Palm Beach County", weakening the plea from the rest.
     It is too bad this deviation from location added a slight ripple to some very positive presentations. Mary Lindsey, representing the NAPC had to choose words carefully and couldn't say John Prince Park because one NAPC member president [Robert Waples, ROLOH Neighborhood Association President] is for a stadium in the area, just not John Prince Park.
     There is no argument about the economic impact, the opportunities for our youth, or anything else except this one little enclave may see stadium lights. There might be more traffic within a mile of their home, they might hear people enjoying themselves.
     Well, the stadium lights won't burn any brighter than the lights on the softball fields located in the same place. There won't be any more noise than the trains and traffic on I-95 bring to their neighborhood. Nope, it's just an opportunity for a few people to fight progress in Lake Worth. When a local businessman stood before the Lake Worth Commission and supported the resolution to explore the possibilities, they said from the chambers "of course you do, you will make a profit". Well, I bet if none of the restaurants made profits in Lake Worth, this same little group that fights to keep it the "quaint little town" will be complaining about all the empty buildings on Lake and Lucerne [Avenues]. They are always against anything this commission suggests, automatically. And now they have sucked another [Robert Waples] into their fold, what a shame.

In preparation for the NAPC meeting tonight...

Guest Bartender at the Mad Hatter 1532 N Dixie Hwy. 3/17, 6 to 8 p.m.

Yes, that is right. Yours truly will be the guest bartender for St. Patrick's Day at the Mad Hatter. That's me pictured with Tim Rice, one of the owners of the establishment.
Come by and say "Hi", stay for a while and enjoy an adult beverage if you wish. You might just see some of your neighbors. Everyone is welcome and it's a great way to celebrate Pride Month in Lake Worth!

St. Patrick's Day Parade

Top O' the Morning to you all!

As true Sons and Daughters of Erin, (even if just for a day) you are all aware of the upcoming St. Patrick's Day parade on Sunday, March 16th. The NAPC will be marching in the parade along with anyone from any of the Neighborhoods that would like to join us. The Thursday Night Pedalers will be riding as well. Chip Guthrie will be driving the "Punkinator" and pulling a flatbed trailer for us to decorate accordingly. As it happens, the "Punkinator" is already bright Irish orange, so all we have to add is lots of green glittery leprechauny 4 leaf lucky clover kinda stuff to the trailer.

Chip has borrowed the flatbed and he will have it Friday night. So the decorating will happen on Saturday with final touches applied Sunday morning - because there can never be enough green leprechauny stuff on a float! The decorating will happen in the fenced in parking area behind Potty Doctor, Dixie between 5th and 6th Ave North. Please scrounge through your parade supply cabinets (You all DO have one of those don't you?) and pull out everything that's lucky, green, gold or Irish! Anything even semi related to a pot of gold or the rainbow where it hides is also good, especially since we will be decorating for the PrideFest parade a week later and rainbows are definitely called for in that parade!

Line up for the St. Patrick's Day parade will be Noon-ish on Sunday on M Street between Lake Ave and 1st Ave South (between Too-Jay's and the old Chamber Building) Look for the Punkinator and the NAPC banner. We may be able to rig something on the flatbed to allow us to hang the street banners from the Front Porch. I'll leave that to the craftier minds among us to figure out!

Hope to see you Saturday and definitely on Sunday!

Mary O'Lindsey

Dan Cary’s passing

State and Treasure Coast planning legend Dan Cary passed away March 6th at the age of 64 after a long fight against leukemia.  He was the Executive Director of the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council from 1985 – 1994, during which time Treasure Coast became a leader in the implementation and promotion of New Urbanism and Smart Growth development approaches.  

From 1995 – 1999, he served as the Director of the Planning Department of the South Florida Water Management District and helped manage the development of the Everglades Restoration Plan, oversaw regional water supply plans, a wide variety of environmental water resource protection and restoration efforts, and pioneered planning partnerships with local governments, such as the joint development of the Palm Beach County Ag Reserve Master Plan.  

From 1999 – 2003, he served as the West Palm Beach Director of Planning and led the effort of implementing the City’s Downtown Revitalization Master Plan. In 2005, he received the Seaside Award for his early efforts in promoting New Urbanism and traditional town planning, and became a Fellow of The Seaside Institute. 

Memorial services will be held this Saturday, March 15th, at the First Baptist Church of Stuart located on 201 SW Ocean Boulevard in downtown Stuart.  Visitation begins at 2pm.   The Church Service starts at 3pm, with burial following the church service.  Following burial, a reception will be held at the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council offices, 421 SW Camden Avenue, Stuart, Florida (on street parking available around the block, Kiwanis parking lot two blocks east of the building). 

Bonnie C. Landry, AICP, CNU-A
Senior Planner
Martin County MPO

West Palm Beach, Mexican town now “sister cities”

Eliot Kleinberg reports on a visit by representatives of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico to West Palm Beach. Both cities will be joining as sister cities. Click title for link. Interesting to note that the town is known for its Baroque/Neoclassical architecture, that is credited, in part, for saving the city from becoming a ghost town in the early part of the 20th century. West Palm Beach's other sister city is Budva, Montenegro.

According to Wikipedia, Lake Worth has four sister cities:

I don't think that Wikipedia should be considered an official source for this sort of information. To my knowledge, the only official sister city relationships that Lake Worth has are Lappeenranta, Finland and Saint-Marc, Haiti. The other two were more figments of a former Commissioner's imagination and used to justify world travel on the city's dime. Below is the roster for the Sister City Board as it appears today on the city's website.

I don't think they meet regularly and the only active person on the board is former Commissioner Retha Lowe. Two of the appointees terms appear to have lapsed. I am sure that Commissioner McVoy could give us an update, as involved as he is.

Wellington could vote March 25 to remove planning board member...

That planning board member in Wellington is feeling some heat about this gesture. Click title for link to a video of the moment.
Marcia Radosevich, who sits on Wellington’s Planning, Zoning & Adjustment Board, made the gesture while the panel discussed village staff members’ authority to approve applications for development projects.Read More
“It’s a highly emotional issue, and you don’t just throw that out there,” Councilwoman Anne Gerwig said. “I don’t know how you undo something like that.”
Radosevich’s gesture — seemingly made in jest — was directed at Tim Stillings, the village’s planning and development services director, during a meeting held March 5.
And Jose Lambiet schools Dr. Radosevich in what the salute meant and that doing what she did in contemporary Germany will get you three years in jail.

Palm Beach County hotel occupancy looks to set record in...

No word from the owners of the Ixora or Silver Lions motels on how their occupancy rate was for the month of February, but it seems that Palm Beach County was the place to be. With an occupancy rate of around 90%, surely there is room in this marketplace for more hotel rooms, especially in the central Palm Beach County area. Let's hope that all the mummering going on about the Gulfstream turns out to be for real. Click title for link.
In the latest sign that Palm Beach County tourism continues to grow, hoteliers should set a new occupancy record for February stays.
Tourism Development Council Executive Director Glenn Jergensen said Thursday that projections are on track for a new record of 89.9 percent occupancy in February, because the last three weeks of February were higher than 90 percent. The agency estimated the monthly figure based on weekly reports.
“The performance numbers are all huge,” Jergensen said.That would top the record set in 2005 of 89.8 percent.

Scripps Florida chemists take step in replacing oil with...

Scripps researchers are coming up with discoveries which may lead to natural gas to take a liquid form. It could be used in a wider variety of applications and be easier to transport. Click title for link to article.
Theoretically, natural gas could replace oil as the main ingredient in diesel fuel, gasoline and plastics.
Practically, converting natural gas into a versatile liquid has proven costly and complicated.
Chemists at Scripps Florida say their breakthrough in energy science could make the United States’ ample reserves of natural gas more valuable. In a paper published Thursday in the journal Science, Scripps Florida scientists describe a process using clever chemistry and inexpensive metals to turn the plentiful gas into a liquid replacement for petroleum.

Entrepreneurs encourage West Palm Beach leaders to work to... |

A series of sessions, referred to as "Forward City", took place in West Palm Beach and Miami this week. It focused on how cities can create an environment for entrepreneurship. Our former Commissioner and international business consultant would have been right at home here, but there is no mention of her being there. Quality of life factors high in the equation. Click title for link. From the article:
 P3 Global Management founder Sergio Fernandez de Cordova, a member of the United Nations’ Global Entrepreneurs Council who has worked with West Palm Beach leaders on an upcoming bike sharing program, said a city that wants to attract creative business people needs to highlight what it has: businesses, resources, access to information. And the weather and water access doesn’t hurt, he said.
“Where do you want to live,” he said. “What do you want to do there?”
An entrepreneurial city has a good education system, urban centers, space to grow, technology, transportation.
“It’s about home first,” he said.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Gentrification: Progress Or Destruction? And for Whom?

Trespass much?

Click here for link to the State Statute.  Here are some key sections.
(d) The offender commits a felony of the third degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084, if the property trespassed is a construction site that is:
1. Greater than 1 acre in area and is legally posted and identified in substantially the following manner: “THIS AREA IS A DESIGNATED CONSTRUCTION SITE, AND ANYONE WHO TRESPASSES ON THIS PROPERTY COMMITS A FELONY.”; or
2. One acre or less in area and is identified as such with a sign that appears prominently, in letters of not less than 2 inches in height, and reads in substantially the following manner: “THIS AREA IS A DESIGNATED CONSTRUCTION SITE, AND ANYONE WHO TRESPASSES ON THIS PROPERTY COMMITS A FELONY.” The sign shall be placed at the location on the property where the permits for construction are located. For construction sites of 1 acre or less as provided in this subparagraph, it shall not be necessary to give notice by posting as defined in s. 810.011(5).

Former Governor Reubin Askew...

From the Wolfson Archives:
Published on Mar 13, 2014
Reubin Askew, governor of Florida from 1971-1979, known as "Reubin the Good," died earlier today in Tallahassee. Our clip records Askew at the dedication of Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park on March 12, 1974.

Askew, remembered as one of Florida's best governors, is remembered for his advocacy of civil rights, transparency in government, and the bond of trust that he established with his fellow Floridians.

Steve Bosquet's obituary of Askew in the Miami Herald traces Askew's tenure as governor in detail. It can be accessed at

Wellington Lacks Jurisdiction Over ‘Sober Houses’

Good overview of the regulatory issues surrounding sober houses by the Town Crier. This is how they handle the issue in Wellington. Click title for link. This is what their attorney says about the legal landscape.
The answer, Village Attorney Laurie Cohen said, is not much — at least not without additional state or federal legislation.
“The law says that persons who are in recovery have a disability,” she said. “They have the right to use and enjoy a property. We are not permitted, by federal law, to enact laws that intentionally discriminate against people in recovery or have the effect of discriminating against people in recovery.”
Cohen said that Wellington is doing its best to regulate the sober houses while avoiding lawsuits for discrimination.

Residents give ‘ode’ as a gift to Lake Worth

Nice article by Eliot Kleinberg about Mel and Vinnie's gift of "Feels Like Home to Me" to the city at the last Commission meeting. Click title for link. For those of you that missed it, this is the song along with pictures of Lake Worth that made it into a YouTube video.

Capture of Nile crocodile adds to Everglades invasion risk

They are starting a criminal investigation into who and how this type of crocodile was introduced to the Everglades. Click title for link to article. I wonder if they eat Burmese pythons?
The ante just went up on threats from exotic invaders in the Everglades with the capture of a Nile crocodile Sunday.
Although American crocodiles — rare and shy of humans — are occasionally seen in the northern Florida Keys, only a few Nile crocodiles have been spotted and captured in the Everglades. Nile crocodiles are much more aggressive, prefer larger prey and responsible for the deaths of hundreds of people in Africa every year.
Nile and American crocodiles average 13 to 16 feet and can weigh more than 1,000 pounds. However, it is not uncommon for male Nile crocodiles to reach 20 feet and weight 2,000 pounds.

Appeal denied but man lift may rise on Royal Poinciana Way

He was able to raise the lift in back of Cucina dell'Arte last week, but wanted to use town right-of-way for another demonstration of what 43 feet will look like. It turns out he is able to use the lift by occupying two parking spaces and the town will look the other way. Cooley continues to use the term "canyons of darkness" to summarize the effect of the PUD-5 zoning which is the subject of a referendum later this month. Click title for link.

Editorial: Bid to keep spring training in Palm Beach County a...

The Palm Beach Post only sees the obstacles and few opportunities in this editorial. I agree that the hill is steep concerning the legislative changes necessary to allow for the proper financing of the stadium. I guess that the rest of us can keep dreaming and work to retain those two teams in Palm Beach County. Click title for link.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Accusations made yesterday, deleted today?

Not fast enough apparently.

VIDEO: Hitler salute from Wellington planning board member draws criticism

And  meanwhile, out in Wellington, we have planning board members going wild. The salute was made in response to staff having more power to review projects. Click title for link.

Lake Worth Earth Day Fest 2014

Earth Day Fest returns to downtown Lake Worth on Saturday, April 26th featuring family fun, kids’ games, make and take crafts, tree giveaway, eco-exhibits, artists, and an exciting line up of live acoustic and jam bands.

The festival runs from noon – 9 PM with featuring children’s activities from noon to 5 PM including Earth Ball Games, a scavenger hunt and an a “all-in” drum circle. Plan on a day of celebration, music, green exhibits, art sale, healthy food and earth-friendly fun. The Cultural Plaza is located at Lake Avenue and M Street across from the Lake Worth library. Admission is free.

Exhibits will range from county wide water conservation projects to solar energy, home gardening, rain barrels and Florida wildlife.

The tree giveaway is being organized by the Lake Worth Tree Board.

There is still space available for vendors. The application should be filled in and returned to Andy Amoroso at Call him for further information at (561) 398-8340.

Vendor space:
Food vendors - $45
Retail vendors - $35
Eco-exhibitors and non-profit organization - FREE

Lake Worth’s Earth Day Fest is sponsored by Kiwanis Club of Lake Worth, the Downtown Cultural Alliance and the City of Lake Worth.

Channel 25's report on the spring training stadium...

Click title for link. This one focuses on the economic impact of the stadium and also talks about what possible impacts it would have if placed in John Prince Park. However, the Mayor is focused on a central Palm Beach County location, not necessarily only in the park. Something to think about.

Channel 12's eye-popping piece on March municipal elections...

Click title for link. All sorts of investigative report resources went into this report to determine that 36 of the 38 municipalities in Palm Beach County have their elections in March. The other two have them in February. No one has an election in November anymore since Lake Worth went back to March elections from the vote taken in 2012. There really isn't a story here. March elections make sense for municipalities since their issues can be discussed without static and interference from state and national races. Mayor Triolo does a good job here talking about the differences and the good things that are going on here. But why would Channel 12 think having everyone vote in November for every level of government be a good thing?

Florida considers bills to regulate short-term vacation rentals «

Legislative changes are in the works to address the ability of local governments to regulate short-term rentals. A recent state law prohibited communities from further regulating these establishments with regulations other than what they already have on the books. There are house and senate bills being discussed during this session that will attempt to address this matter. Click title for link.
Unlike hotels, which are zoned as commercial properties, vacation rentals aren’t subject to bed taxes, but, depending on location, licensing and some taxes may apply.
But that could change.
Two measures in the Legislature basically eliminate a provision in a 2011 law prohibiting local governments from imposing rules and regulations that restrict short-term vacation rentals.
HB 307 is sponsored by state Rep. Travis Hutson, R-Elkton, and Rep. Daphne Campbell, D-Miami. Sen. John Thrasher, R-St. Augustine, sponsors SB 356.

Downtown Delray dumpsters cause a stink - Sun Sentinel

Downtown Delray Beach is awash in its own garbage in the alleys behind Atlantic Avenue restaurants. Some dumpsters are on city property and even they do not have the proper enclosures. There are problems on private property too. Waste generation was a concern during the review of the Atlantic Crossings project by Veterans Park. Anyway, things seem to be a smelly mess and it is going to be a while before things can be adequately addressed. Click title for link.
Delray's Community Improvement Assistant Director Al Berg said he surveyed the downtown trash problem and found more than 40 trash bins that didn't comply with city rules.
The dumpsters weren't secured in the required enclosure causing trash to spew out into the street, littering Delray's main attraction.
"We are looking at a massive problem," he said. "I am embarrassed by this."

Special Designated Arson Prosecutor appointed to Palm Beach...

A surprising 133 arson related cases were recorded in Palm Beach County during 2013. Some of these cases are still unresolved and doesn't include statistics of municipalities, like West Palm Beach, that have their own fire rescue units. The state attorney's office will now have more expertise in the area to work with fire rescue personnel and be able to try cases more proficiently. Click title for link.
Marcus [Special Designated Arson Prosecutor Marcus] said she took a 40-hour course on cause and origin of fires and at the State Fire College and is now in a post-blast detonation class with the FBI which is hosted in Palm Beach County. Marcus said she has worked at the state attorney’s office for four years since she graduated from law school at the University of Florida.

Western Communities Council hires lobbyist to push State Road...

Royal Palm Beach Mayor Mattioli, re-elected in yesterday's election, wants the road to be built, along with other western community leaders. However, West Palm Beach Mayor Muoio doesn't want the extension and cites environmental concerns related to the city's water catchment area. This should get interesting as everyone is lining up support for their version of the future. Click title for link.
The Western Communities Council, a collection of governing bodies of western Palm Beach County communities, wants to lobby the federal government to pay for the project. U.S. Reps. Lois Frankel, D-West Palm Beach, and Alcee Hastings, D-Miramar, signed letters supporting West Palm Beach’s environmental concerns, a move that angered some Village Council members.
“This road will be built and funded,” Mayor Matty Mattioli [Mayor, Village of Royal Palm Beach Council] said in December. “Why are we going through all this crap? Because of the jackasses in West Palm Beach.”

Sea-wall rebuild wouldn’t close road

The Town of Palm Beach is concerned about traffic flow around the island later this year as work progresses on the northern bridge. It's trying to limit traffic tie-ups in other areas that will be affected by other projects, like this seawall repair by the Palm Beach Country Club. It seems that they will be able to work things out. Click title for link.
More certain information about the schedule and cost of the sea-wall reconstruction will be available in April, Brazil [Palm Beach Public Works Director Paul Brazil] said.
The sea wall is not in imminent danger of failure, he said. But he said he cannot guarantee that the wall would withstand a major storm if one slams into the town this hurricane season.
The town relies on the 57-year-old wall to protect a section of North Ocean Boulevard, which is a storm evacuation route. The country club relies on the wall to protect its property and has said it would strongly oppose postponing the project until next year.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tomorrow Night - Dixie Hwy. Merchants Association Meeting 6:30 p.m.

See you all on Wed. At Chase the Fox at 6:30  Chase The Fox Resale - Lake Worth Florida 318 N. Dixie.

Please do your best to be on time and to encourage any neighboring business owners to attend.

Also Please be sure to visit Facebook and join our private group page
....and share our public page

Raquel McInnis
LW DH MA Secretary

Oh where, oh where have my candidates gone?


Palm Beach County commissioners want state lawmakers to help...

The Palm Beach Post's summary of what happened today during the County Commission meeting. Click title for link. This is a little more detail regarding the legislative necessities and funding requirements.

But commissioners agreed the first step is for the state legislature to tweak the rules on how local governments can use $50 million that was set aside last April for spring training facilities.
There are too many restrictions in the current language from making a two-team facility work in Palm Beach County, county staff said.
As of now, the county would have $50 million — from state and local bed-tax money — in 2014 to build a spring training stadium, county staff said. But the teams have told county officials that a two-team facility could cost up to $140 million.

Sales-tax hike will not go to voters in Nov., PBC Commission agrees

No sales tax hike to pay for roads and infrastructure according to the Palm Beach County Commission. Had they voted to place it on the ballot, and if the measure would have passed this coming November, the money would be divvied up between the County (60%) and the other 38 municipalities getting a proportionate share based upon population. Perhaps some of our Lake Worth 2020 projects could have been funded this way? Not now, anyway. Click title for link.

Two Upcoming Pioneers of Jewell Book Signings with Ted Brownstein

There will be two events, powerpoint slide show and book signings for Pioneers of Jewell this coming week

Quaker Meeting House, 823 N A St, Lake Worth, Sunday, March 16, 9:30 AM

Parrot Cove Neighborhood Association, Monday, March 17, 7 PM , Believers' Victory Church, 918 North Lakeside Drive.


Book Summary:

In 1885, Samuel and Fannie James, an African American couple, reported to be ex-slaves, fled the increasing racial polarization of Northern and Central Florida for the sparsely settled everglades frontier. They were the first to settle in the area that would later become the City of Lake Worth, arriving with just the clothes on their backs and $50 in their pockets. While local history buffs may have heard their names, until now virtually nothing was known of their doings, character, or relations with others in what was then known as Jewell, Florida.  Their story is explored in Pioneers of Jewell in the context of their times. Details of their land dispute with Dr. Harry Stites, their friendship with original Barefoot Mailman Edwin R. Bradley and the quirkiness of hermit Michael Merkle are told for the first time. This motley collection of settlers braved the swamps, the floods, the mosquitos and the isolation to pave the way for later development.

Palm Beach County Commission Meeting -- March 11th - Review of Spring Training Baseball Issue

As soon as the video is archived from Palm Beach County Channel 20, I will share the link from this morning's meeting. Audrey Wolf, Director of Facilities Development and Operations for the County, made a presentation before the Board of County Commissioners. Above is a portion of the County Commission agenda that summarizes the topic. She prepared a thorough PowerPoint presentation on the challenges and parameters that need to be examined to keep baseball in what was referred to as the southeast Florida corridor. Two teams are assessing Palm Beach County locations, the Houston Astros and the Washington Nationals.

There are many hurdles to overcome. The chief ones involve financing for the stadium, which will require changes in state legislation to cover what may be up to half the cost of the project. The amount of money from local sources would make up the difference, which could ultimately include a special district assessment on commercial property throughout the County. It is thought that the teams would contribute 5 to 10% of the total cost. They would also determine the site as well as be responsible for the construction of the stadium.

A Lake Worth contingent was present at the meeting, led by Mayor Triolo, who talked about the attractiveness of an east/central Palm Beach County location and referred to the resolution the City Commission passed at last week's City Commission meeting. County Commissioner Vanna expressed her opinion that the John Prince Park location still be a consideration and should remain on the list. It was stressed that the teams are analyzing the attributes of all of the potential sites, most of which are in municipalities. Mayor Taylor mentioned a 100 acre site at the corner of 45th Street and Haverhill Road that is in her district.

We will likely have an update within the next 30 days on the legislative changes needed and perhaps word from the teams on their preferred locations. There is a strategic interest in keeping spring baseball alive in south Florida and it was mentioned, more than once, how this decision may play into whether the county is able to keep its existing two teams in Jupiter.

Monday FILM NIGHT: Kenneth Clark’s Civilisation - Grandeur and Obedience/The Smile of Reason (1969)

On Monday, March 17th, at 6pm in the Rosenthal Lecture Room at the Preservation Foundation of Palm Beach’s offices, Kenneth Clark’s Civilisation - Grandeur and Obedience/The Smile of Reason (1969) will be shown.

The showing is FREE to all.  However, only reserved seating is available.  Those who wish to attend must call 561.832.0731, ext. 110 to reserve a seat.  Email responses are not accepted.

Kenneth Clark's eloquent and deeply personal documentary exploring the cultural heritage of the western world was groundbreaking television when first broadcast by the BBC in 1969. The lavish series was hailed as a masterpiece when it was first shown. With its use of exotic locations, and its engaging presenter with his idiosyncratic style, it influenced much of what was to follow. Clark did not just examine 'art', but wanted to reveal the spiritual and humanistic motives behind its creation.

Here Clark examines the Rome of Michelangelo and Bernini, where he tells of the Catholic Church's fight against the Protestant north - the Counter-Reformation - and the Church's new splendor symbolized by the architectural glory of St. Peter’s. Clark then moves to the Age of Enlightenment, tracing it from the polite conversations of the elegant Parisian salons of the 18th century to subsequent revolutionary politics, the great European palaces of Blenheim and Versailles, and finally Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello.

Time called it “the most distinguished cultural series” and Terry Teachout in The Wall Street Journal said “the day that PBS replays Civilisation in prime time is the day I'll breathe a little easier about the prospects for the preservation of the art that Kenneth Clark championed so eloquently - and unapologetically.”

The Foundation’s Executive Director Alexander C. Ives will present a short introduction, linking the film with the causes and work of the Preservation Foundation.
The showing will begin at 6pm.
Please note, doors lock at 6:15pm.

Refreshments will be provided.
As with all events, the Preservation Foundation expects attendees to act respectfully.  We reserve the right to turn away anyone.

Six big issues before the Palm Beach County Commission today

Three items are of particular interest: Click title for link. From the article:
Sales-tax increase: Consideration of a proposal to put a question on the Nov. 4 ballot asking voters in the county and all its municipalities whether they want to increase the sales tax in the county from 6 cents to 6.5 cents per dollar. The three-year increase would generate an estimated $110 million a year, which would be split among the county government and the municipalities.
Baseball: Update on efforts to attract and retain major league spring training in South Florida, including building a two-team spring training facility in the county and how to cover a projected shortfall if the county does build.
Seven50: Presentation from the county attorney’s office about a long-range regional planning blueprint, known as the Seven50 plan. The plan drawn opposition from some residents.

Cottage for Sale | Lake Worth every minute

Nice post by AnnaMaria Windisch-Hunt on the abundance of cottages available here in Lake Worth, along with a nice reminder of our quirkiness. Click title for link.

Two years later, Lake Worth zombie foreclosure lives on

The article is about a home in "suburban" Lake Worth, but we also have our share of zombie foreclosures. Worth reading as there are both "vampire and zombie" foreclosures that weigh on the recovering economy. Click title for link.
This whole situation has gone on beyond a reasonable time for remedy and is now well beyond the point of an eye sore,” said neighbor Mike Herndon. “It has reached the point that this property has become a hazard to the public and surrounding homes.”
In May, Palm Beach County put a $50-a-day lien on the home until it was secured and cleaned up.
Today, the Irvine, Calif.-based company RealtyTrac will discuss so-called “zombie” foreclosures at a national conference in Cleveland. Palm Beach County was second only to Detroit for its number of vacant and foreclosed homes in 2013.

Environmentalist questions St. Lucie river estuary flow way project - BizPac Review

The plan to fix the problem might not be practical due to the cost of land assembly. There may be other ways to achieve that goal. Click title for link to article.
“The first problem with the flow way is that it would go through the heart of what is the most productive, and therefore most expensive, land in the (Everglades Agricultural Area) and probably in the United States,” Reed [Nathaniel P. “Nat” Reed] said.
The estimated cost of the land needed to purchase is $300 million to $400 million, plus undetermined engineering and construction costs.
Add another $2 billion to that tally to move roads, bridges, canals and utility lines, according to Reed.

Monday, March 10, 2014


Re-Posted on 3/10/14 - tomorrow would have been Election Day in Lake Worth.



4:52 p.m. - 6:15 p.m.


Pam Triolo, Mayor
Scott Maxwell, Vice Mayor
Christopher McVoy, Commissioner
Andy Amoroso, Commissioner
Michael Bornstein, City Manager
Glen Torciva, Esquire, Interim City Attorney
Brian Joslyn, Esquire, Outside Counsel

[People mentioned, other than listed "In Attendance", in order of mention: Mr. Karns, Cara Jennings, Mr. McNamara, Mr. McCally (phonetic), Anabeth Carson, Mr. Magnis (phonetic), Mr. Exline (phonetic)]

COMMISSIONER AMOROSO: Okay. My next question would be for clarification. Commissioner McVoy, you opened the door on something I had no clue what we're talking about. There was a lawsuit against Commissioner McVoy before he was Commissioner because he was part of the PAC?
COMMISSIONER AMOROSO: Please, can you enlighten us on that because I know nothing about that.
MR. JOSLYN: There was a referendum. Let me back up. There was a lawsuit involving a group called Save Our Neighborhood over another project here in town.
MR. JOSLYN: I don't even remember. It was a multi-family of some sort or another but it was only on two different parcels or three different parcels of property. There's a state law that says you don't get to have a referendum election for zoning or land use decisions that affect five or fewer parcels. So the City took the position that referendum that was being attempted by the Save Our Neighborhood people was no good because it only affected four parcels or fewer than five. We defended that lawsuit at trial. The judge whacked us on it. Said no, you're wrong, this clearly affects more than five parcels because the traffic is going to impact the neighborhood and blah, blah, blah. We took it up to the Appellate Court and won the case at the Appellate Court. They reversed and said no, five or fewer parcels means five or fewer parcels.
     So while that case was on appeal this project comes up, the contract is signed, and the referendum is attempted.
MR. JOSLYN: Different group pretty much. I mean the same basic supported public but different group of people involved organizing the thing. And so that when the We Love Lake Worth referendum came out the beaches is one parcel. It's one town owned parcel. So Mr. Karns hired us to challenge the referendum on the same basis we were challenging the Save Our Neighborhood case and a lawsuit was filed and it turns out after the fact that Mr. Karns didn't have City Commission approval to hire or authorize the lawsuit and there was some City, I've seen minutes from this entire period of time where he was taken to task for not seeking Commission approval for this. And there was a huge cry in the City about the City is suing its own residents, you know, over these decisions that should be made part of the public when state law says no. And there's a set of minutes where Cara Jennings says well you shouldn't sue the town, you shouldn't sue the citizens, you should sue to set aside the state statute to Mr. Karns. Okay? So this lawsuit was going on against Mr. McVoy's group and against -- and the reason it was named, the individuals were named is because they didn't incorporate so it was a group, a political action group. These are the people. They weren't being sued for money or anything. They were being sued to stop this referendum.
     There was a second lawsuit by Mr. McNamara joined by somebody else, I'll think of it in a minute, challenging the lease that was part of the Greater Bay deal and we were defending that lawsuit as well while all this stuff was going on. 

MAYOR TRIOLO: Oh, go ahead, Commissioner. McCally (phonetic)? Is it McCally?
MR. JOSLYN: Yes, that's who it was.
VICE MAYOR MAXWELL: This is actually fascinating for me because I'm having trouble putting all these pieces together. It sounds like all the same players were involved in different PACs that were either suing the City or getting sued by the City, tinkering with zoning, tinkering with land use regulations, tinkering with the beach and now we've got this lawsuit. Is that what I'm hearing?
MR. JOSLYN: I got involved with this City -- I'll give you short long answer. I got involved representing the City in connection with the Lucerne project when Mr. McNamara, Ms. Jennings, Anabeth Carson and a number of others filed suit against the City under the wrong statute to stop the project. We pointed out to them that it was the wrong statute, that they didn't have a right, that they had missed their time limits and their case is going to be thrown out. They continued to press it for another year and a half. We finally got the case thrown out and we got a sanction attorney's fee award against Mr. McNamara and his attorney. And we recorded the judgment and within two days I was called by a closing agent, Mr. Magnis (phonetic) on some property he owned and the closing agent said they had a check for me and where did they need to send it? I needed to give them a satisfaction of judgment.

     While that case was on appeal because the attorney didn't want to pay his share of the award, Mr. Exline (phonetic) filed suit against the City over the sale of the First Union site with McNamara in the background, Anabeth Carson and a number of these other people alleging that there were Sunshine Law violations involved in that. That was another two-year deal that we finally got thrown out by summary judgment. Okay? While that case was going on, the Save Our Neighborhood thing came up. And then while this was going on in the process of after the contract was signed and before the contract two years later was terminated, these other two lawsuits popped up. It's all the same -- not the same people but they're all sort of aligned.
MAYOR TRIOLO: Commissioner McVoy?
COMMISSIONER MCVOY: Yeah. I think as somebody who was involved in one of them I think I might have a bit more insight into who the people were and I think your statement that it was all the same people or kind of the same people is a little bit disingenuous. The only thing that's the same people is your office has been making money off of every single lawsuit all along the way.
MR. JOSLYN: Well we've also won every single lawsuit all along the way.
COMMISSIONER MCVOY: Maybe so but there is an issue there that is somewhat of concern.
MAYOR TRIOLO: He didn't file the lawsuits.


Commentary: Another chance for Riviera Beach to overcome... |

Rhonda Swan, of the Palm Beach Post, reviews the political landscape in Riviera Beach in a thorough manner. She even mentions Fane Lozman, who has been a High Noon in Lake Worth guest. He had his houseboat confiscated by the city, which led to a successful Supreme Court decision on his behalf. He is still seeking compensation for its loss. But Ms. Swan exposes other aspects of what has gone on and continues to go on in Riviera Beach. She lays most of the blame on residents who either do not come out to vote, or continue to vote for the same people that have caused the city problems before. Click title for link to a lengthy article.

Living the Dream in Lake Worth Mousepad from

Click title for link to order your own "customizable" mouse pad and start really "Living the Dream in Lake Worth" - more officially and outwardly than before.

50-year South Florida growth plan raises a ruckus |

Hysteria prevails with some people about the Seven50 plan that is making its final round through the local government review process. Michael Busha, Executive Director of Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council, had to take to writing an 11 page memo which outlines the myths and facts about the program. It is a comprehensive planning tool that looks at regional issues over the next 50 years. A period of time during which this area might add another 3 million people.

This is what the Palm Beach County attorney's office had to say about it. It looks like another group of malcontents will be at the County Commission meeting tomorrow. Click title for link.
Palm Beach County Attorney Denise Nieman and Bob Banks, the county’s chief land-use attorney, said they’ve read all of the Seven50 documents related to the county’s participation and none of the documents support Frey’s [Phyllis Frey] claims.
“The county has not and cannot delegate away its legislative authority regarding comprehensive planning by participating in the Seven50 planning process,’’ Banks wrote in a memo to commissioners. He also cited passage “III c” in the memorandum of understanding stating that “Nothing … shall obligate the signatories to expend appropriations, obligate funds or enter into any contract or other agreement.”
Frey said two attorneys in the coalition support her contention, but she would not identify the attorneys or make them available to a reporter.
The vast majority of local governments in the seven-county area – more than 120 – have signed on to participate in Seven50.

FSU Backs Bill for Immigrant Tuition |

This is interesting to note. Do you remember when immigration was one of the central issues in Lake Worth? Click title for link.
Outgoing Florida State University President Eric Barron said Friday that the school supports measures in the Legislature to allow certain undocumented students to be eligible for in-state tuition.
A proposal (HB 851) that would exempt from out-of-state tuition students who attend Florida high schools for three consecutive years, as well as military veterans who reside in the state, has already received support from two House committees.
"The university has taken a position that we should be educating, and the doors open to, any of the students that are graduating," Barron said while giving departing comments to the FSU board of trustees. "Nothing is better for the state of Florida than to see truly bright students have an opportunity and succeed."

March 10, 1962: Yanks play first spring training game in Lauderdale - On this day in Florida history - Florida History Network

Check out the recounting of when the New York Yankees spring training home was Ft. Lauderdale. Click title for link. From the article:
The New York Yankees played their first game at the new Fort Lauderdale Stadium in 1962 after moving their spring training headquarters from St. Petersburg. The team stayed in the city until 1995 before moving to Tampa. The Baltimore Orioles took over the stadium afterward and played until 2009 before moving to Sarasota. Fort Lauderdale Stadium has not hosted a major league baseball game since then. In fact, after more than a century of spring training baseball in Dade and Broward counties, the annual ritual has ceased to exist south of Jupiter, the shared headquarters of the Miami Marlins and St. Louis Cardinals, located 61 miles north of Fort Lauderdale and 88 miles north of Miami in northern Palm Beach County. 
And then this colorful recollection of the excitement surrounding the team, stadium and players back-in-the-day:
 Fort Lauderdale Stadium, built to resemble Yankee Stadium, "was a jewel among sludge," Pearlman wrote.  Local dealer Slaton Chevrolet gave each player a free car to drive. Pubs and nightclubs let them drink for free. Bikini-clad groupies combed the city, hoping to meet players.
Later, of course, came George Steinbrenner, Thurman Munson, Lou Piniella, Reggie Jackson. "You know what was great about Fort Lauderdale stadium? It was that we were genuinely beloved," asked early-80s catcher Rick Cerone. 

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Benefits of Cycling

Residents of Lake Osborne Heights (ROLOH)

ROLOH Meeting scheduled for March 11th has been moved to March 18th please let our ROLOH neighborhood know. THANKS

Rob Ford Messes Up Daylight Saving Time

Oops! The embattled Mayor of Toronto tweeted to his Twitter followers the opposite instructions for Daylight Saving Time last night. Eventually, the message was taken down and replaced with the correct information, but not soon enough for the Twitterverse to respond to the error. Some are particularly funny. Click title for link.

Low-Income Apartment Complex for LGBT Seniors Opens in Philadelphia |

I am sure there is or will be a strong market in south Florida for this type of housing in the future. Click title for link.

Two Web Finds

One is You can search many statistics by zip code, from percent of poverty to percent of property ownership, even to the concentration of certain nationalities. Here is one map of the general Lake Worth area showing the percentage of French Canadians, of all things.
You can see the dangerous concentration of our French Canadian friends near the home of the other blogger. Perhaps this fuels her disdain for this group.
It also provides rankings in various categories compared to other zip codes. Fun to play around with.

The second one is a fun virtual subway design game on how to create an efficient transit system design. You start by linking three stations with various lines and tunnels - which are limited by the game so you have to use them strategically. As population grows, new stations appear that have to be linked to the existing system. Eventually, you are given the opportunity to add higher capacity trains to serve the ridership. Be careful as the riders get angry if they have to wait a while for a train. You can see them lining up and getting agitated at backlogged station. If too many get angry, the game ends and you can try again. This is what they are calling an alpha version that works in your browser. A fuller-fledged version is being worked on that will have more options and eventually be a stand alone software game. Enjoy!

Lake Worth|

Check out the VisitFlorida website page for Lake Worth. Click title for link. For all the ballyhooed prospect of the Casino building drawing tourists, there is no mention of the new facility or any pictures of the renovated beach. The only beach mentioned in Lake Worth is Kreusler (the Palm Beach County park immediately north of the city's beach property)..

Deerfield Beach and Jupiter are listed as area beaches. Remember, this is the official state of Florida tourism website.

Good news and bad news here and I will give you the bad news first. The pics (the few that there are) are dated and include a rave review and picture of The Cottage, which locals know has been closed since last summer.

The good news is that they do offer you an opportunity to upload pictures yourself of your community.
So, collectively, let's remedy this situation and flood the site with current Lake Worth pictures, from the beach to the Street Painting Festival. Let's see if we can solve this information deficit.

Alligator hunt approved for Loxahatchee wildlife refuge - Sun Sentinel

Surprising. They expect a lot of demand for the initial 11 permits, but that number could be expanded over time. There seems to be different points of view about whether hunting should even be permitted in wildlife "refuges", but this seems to be a trend that is taking hold in other wildlife areas. Click title for link.
The hunt, expected to begin in August, will allow a maximum of 11 hunters to kill a total of 22 alligators, a modest beginning for what supporters and opponents expect will be an expanded hunt in coming years.
Newton Cook, executive director of United Waterfowlers of Florida, which supports the hunt, said he expected competition for the few permits to be fierce.
"There will be hundreds of applications," he said. "There's a lot of really big gators in there that haven't been hunted, and people want to go where the big gators are."

Daylight Savings Time (DST) 2014 in Florida and Elsewhere: A Brief History | FlaglerLive

Click title for link to article about Daylight Saving Time (note there is no "s"). After reading the article, you will likely agree that there has been little savings, but a little more consumer consumption and miles driven. I have heard that the Florida state legislature may be getting ride of the practice statewide this year during their session currently underway. From the article, this brought back some memories:
[…]Richard Nixon infamously mandated year-round daylight saving in 1974 and 1975. This decision did not soften the blow of the OPEC oil embargo, but it did put school children on pitch-black streets every morning until the plan was scaled back. A Department of Transportation study concluded that Nixon’s experiment yielded no definitive fuel saving. It optimistically speculated, however, that daylight saving might one day help us conserve as many as 100,000 barrels of oil a day. Based on that projection and the hope of reducing street crime, in 1986 and again this year Congress extended daylight saving by a month. But there has been no corresponding reduction in oil consumption or crime.”
I was one of those kids in the mid 1970s, during the first oil crisis, that stood at the bus stop in total darkness. The plan was initiated in winter and there were many frigid mornings with which we would have never experienced without the change. The thought was that people would use less energy with it being lighter, later, but they probably used more in the morning in exchange. This was also the era of the 55 mile per hour speed limit.

Surprising Find on the City's Website: Useful Information!

 Click title for actual FDOT News Release