Saturday, January 16, 2021

Democracy is Undeterred...

In the wake of the mayhem at the Capitol, here are the addresses where thank you letters can be sent to custodial staff:

AFSCME Local 626

Ford House Office Building

2nd Street Southwest

Washington, DC 20024


Architect of the Capitol

US Capitol

Room SB-16

Washington, DC 20515

You can also email thank you letters to the union, AFSCME Local 626, at or to the Architect of the Capitol at

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Bryant Park Neighborhood Newsletter 01 16 21

 Friends and Neighbors,

We hope you're all having an excellent start to the new year! There are many concerns over a wide variety of topics surrounding our neighborhood so let's get to it:

Upcoming Bryant Park Neighborhood Association Meeting: Monday, January 25 @ 7:00pm via Zoom. Please mark your calendars. Invite to follow.

Upcoming March Elections For Mayor And Commission Seats In Districts 1, 2 and 3:

It's Election Time again in the City Of Lake Worth Beach.

Debates with the candidates will be held soon by the NAPC, (Neighborhood Association Presidents Council)  in 4 separate presentations. To maintain the secrecy of the questions, all 4 will be presented publicly through the NAPC YouTube channel after they have been recorded.

It is also traditional for the various neighborhoods throughout the city to hold their own debates, forums, and Neighborhood Association meet and greets with the candidates. Bryant Park, being the first neighborhood association many years ago to hold their own debates, will be doing so again this year. As there are quite a few candidates this year, 13 in all for Mayor and Commissioners for Districts 1, 2, and 3, the debates will have to be broken into 2 or more sessions, and will be held via Zoom at the end of February, dates to be determined.

Neighborhood members are asked to submit your questions for the candidates via email in advance of the debates. 

Also NAPC related:

The NAPC has extra money in their coffers and are asking for ideas on how to spend it. Please let us know if you have any ideas!

Gulfstream Hotel: 

Due to the pandemic situation, the buyers are still trying to secure all the necessary financing, so for the time being there is not much new to report unfortunately. The city is helping and working with them.

A City Parking study for South L and South M Streets and the downtown area, has been paid for by the city, but no results are yet available. Due to the concerns from residents in the Gulfstream Condominiums regarding costs to continue parking on the property owned by the Gulfstream Hotel, a lawsuit has been started involving the City of Lake Worth Beach. The condos will be meeting with the City soon.

Historic 17 South M Street House Tentatively Being Moved to Bryant Park:

Voted on 4 to 1 at the last commission meeting with no input from the residents of the city or neighborhood. Herman Robinson was the one dissenting vote. What does this mean for us?

The City Manager has secured the needed funding to begin the initial plans to move this historic and recently refurbished structure. However, specifically where it will move has not yet been determined. The City Manager has suggested Bryant Park, in the area near the jetty to be used potentially for community events and organization activities. However, he has been made aware that our Neighborhood Association has not been included in any conversations about this proposed move, and that we would expect such an opportunity.

Our District 4 Commissioner, Herman Robinson, is concerned with this very significant and noticeable move that would be seen by all city residents and visitors alike. He has brought those concerns to the full commission to ensure that an appropriate location selection is considered to maintain neighbors' views and to be best utilized and appreciated.

Is this concerning to you? If so, please reach out to us.

Ocean Breeze and North Ocean Breeze:

There has been some concern among neighbors this week about the street name of Ocean Breeze being changed to South Ocean Breeze largely due to a new sign that has been erected at Lake Ave and Ocean Breeze that has added "S" before the street name. This is not an official or city sanctioned change.

An authorized change by the city and subsequently with the post office requires an official vote. The city commission had conducted a vote to change North O street to North Ocean Breeze, as the result of the Parrot Cove Neighborhood Association requesting it.

However, the idea of changing Ocean Breeze to South Ocean Breeze has not been requested by our Neighborhood Association, nor brought up by the City Commission. According to District 4 Commissioner Herman Robinson, the city has no plans to put it up for a vote.

If anyone is still concerned, the BPNA Board members voted unanimously to send a letter to the city commission clearly stating our opposition to any name change. Our neighbor, Jane Thomas, is also working on a petition and if you'd like more information on that please contact her directly-

Birthday Cake Castle: 

You may have noticed the large event held at the home in early December, and you may have also seen commercial grade catering equipment on the property. Be assured, the city is aware of what they have been up to. While the owners of this home intended to run a destination location for outdoor events, this property is located in a Residentially Zoned area, they Do Not have a business license, and the city says they have no plans to grant them one. 

To even be considered, they would have to receive a zoning variance to Commercial Zoning by way of the Historic Preservation Board and city staff recommendation, and then finalized by a City Commission vote with public and neighborhood association input and support...all very unlikely.

The home is on our neighborhood border with the South Palm Park Neighborhood, and they too have notified the city of their concerns including noise, traffic, and parking. If this is concerning to you, please attend a commission meeting and take the opportunity to speak at the public input portion of the meeting or consider writing to your commissioners.

Next Regular City Commission meeting Tuesday, January 19, 2021:

Neighborhood Improvements and Safety Updates-

Your Neighborhood Association asked, and the city responded. More sidewalks are being repaired! However, traffic issues continue as we've heard new concerns over increased speeding and wrong way driving on 5th Ave S & S Lakeside. The city says they will be erecting new reflective poles and other traffic calming devices in this area to reinforce the single direction flow of traffic. 

We feel that we have noticed an increased Sheriff's presence in the area, again, because our local neighborhoods have let the City and PBSO leadership know, which is helpful, but we know many of us have seen more wrong way driving lately and there is still room for improvement.

Road Improvements are still a challenge, regarding 1st and 2nd Avenues surrounding the Gulfstream property as the city plans to make upgrades there once redevelopment has begun and not before then. Still, we have been asking for those and other nearby areas to be reconsidered for a sooner update.

*Our commissioner Herman Robinson laid out his new year's resolutions and hopes for the city of Lake Worth Beach and it is definitely worth a read. Check it out here:

PBSO Update:   

Heightened crime data during the holidays including a couple of shootings in other neighborhoods in LWB, plus unfortunately another shooting this week off of 17th Avenue North. According to Capt. Baer's latest update, "It was domestic violence where there was a specific victim." Also from his latest newsletter:

 "We conducted a prostitution operation yesterday. Five prostitutes were charged with offering to commit prostitution.

 *Community Policing: Hopefully you are seeing and interacting with our deputies out there. They have been doing more park, walk and talk activity and we have been using other vehicles such as bicycles and ATV’s which make us more approachable. Lt. Lavigna and I had a good meeting last night with local pastors from south end churches."

Trends include:

• Burglaries to Vehicles
• Robberies to Persons
• Shootings – In LWB and many other cities countywide
• Business Burglaries – Looking for tools

COVID-19 Vaccine: 

Via the City newsletter- "As we embark on the journey of a New Year there is long awaited news about the next step in our fight against COVID-19, the vaccines are starting to become available in Palm Beach County. To ensure that the vaccine goes where it is most needed first, Governor DeSantis has ordered (EO 20-315) that the first wave of vaccines will go to individuals in the following priority groups:Long-term care facility residents and staff.Persons 65 years of age and older.Health care personnel with direct patient contact.Persons deemed to be extremely vulnerable to COVID-19 by hospital providers.The Florida Department of Health will be distributing the vaccine by appointment only and strictly to those who meet the requirements in the Governor's order. If you, or a loved one, is in one of the priority groups you can make an appointment by emailing In your email you must include the name, phone number, and date of birth of the person who will be receiving the vaccine. Questions about the vaccine should be directed to your primary care provider.

Further information about the vaccine can be found at these resources:

If you have questions about COVID-19 you should contact 1-866-779-6121 or email

The City of Lake Worth Beach will continue to work with our partners at Palm Beach County and the Florida Department of Health to ensure our residents remain healthy during this pandemic, however the City is not involved in the deployment and administration of the vaccine.

Although the deployment of the vaccine is the beginning of the end, COVID-19 remains a threat. Residents should continue to follow the guidance from the CDC for their own safety and the safety of those around them.

Continue to social distance, wear a mask, and wash your hands regularly."

MLK events:  Please see attached flyer for additional info 

Lake Worth Kiwanis Club needs help to get the word out about this year's events. Due to Covid, note that the annual breakfast is now a brunch, to be held outside at Bryant Park by the Bandshell at 11 am on MLK Monday (January 18th).

There is a Candlelight March at 4:30 pm.

No dinner is planned, but a Commemorative Program will begin at 5:30 pm at the Cultural Plaza.

Masks required for all events. Please see attached flyer and feel free to share and post. Keep an eye on the Kiwanis Facebook page for further information.

CRA Updates: 

Tax Workshop presented by the SBA & SBDC – Fort MyersNavigating Taxes during Unprecedented TimesWednesday, January 20, 2021 from 11:00am to 12:30pm 

Call for Volunteers:

Via an email sent to Lake Worth Beach NAPC- 
"In a partnership between The City of Lake Worth Beach and The School District of Palm Beach County, The Mayor's Education Taskforce is requesting citizen input and support for our LWB schools. The goal of this committee is to strengthen the connections between our schools, principals, city and community. Participants will have the opportunity to hear from the SDPBC leadership and work on developing additional supports for our schools and students. This taskforce is particularly important due to the impact that the COVID pandemic and distance learning/teaching is having on our children. We will meet virtually until it is safe to meet in person, once a month, beginning in February.
If you are interested in participating please email
Thank you very much. I am also available to answer any questions that you may have."

Erica Whitfield, School Board Member, District 4

New & Upcoming Events from Leisure Services: Please see attached flyers for more info

Via an email from the Department of Leisure Services head Lauren Bennett:
  • We are currently accepting registration for Adult Basketball, Youth Basketball Clinics and Flag football. Registration can be found at 

  • Registration is also open for Youth Baseball and Softball. Please visit for more info. 
  • Season has started for Youth Soccer but we still have a few spots left. For more information please call Nick at (561) 221-1595 

  • Save the Date- City staff are working on a Family Date Night on Saturday, February 13th. More details to come soon. 
  • We will be hosting a socially distanced Kids’ Field Day on February 27th. We sure hope to see a lot of participation 😊 

  • The LWB Library is now renting wifi hot spots! Details below:

Check out a TMobile Hot Spot from the Lake Worth Beach City Library. If you have a City Library card you can check out a hot spot for 2 weeks to use at home or on the go.

Mobile hotspots can connect more than just a laptop to the web. They’ll work with a tablet, a camera, and pretty much any other Wi-Fi enabled device. With a mobile hot spot, you can bring Wi-Fi with you wherever you go.

A fully charged mobile hot spot’s battery can provide up to 17 hours of service. Video streaming and Zoom applications may drain the battery at a faster rate.

The Library’s mobile hot spots are provided through a 1 year grant from SEFLIN (South East Florida Library and Information Network).

* ** ** ** ** ** *
With all the changes going on in the neighborhood and the city we hope that you will join us in voicing your opinion and getting involved with local issues that matter to you. As always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas for the neighborhood. Thanks for reading!


Courtney Kline, Secretary and Marshall Pass, President
Bryant Park Neighborhood Association

Bryant Park Neighborhood Association

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Artists to Begin Work on Lake Worth Beach’s Osborne Community “Unity Wall” During MLK Weekend

Wall with a history of separating white from black communities to be turned into a symbol of unity.

WHAT: The Whispering Palm Neighborhood Association and Healthier Lake Worth Beach, a Palm Health Foundation initiative, has come together to repaint and revitalize the Lake Worth Beach Unity Wall. This wall is a 1,100-foot cinder block wall that runs along Wingfield Street in the South end of Lake Worth Beach. There was a time when this wall represented separation. Today this wall will forever stand for people of all races and cultures coming together to break down the walls and barriers of hate, injustice.

Built in 1954, the wall served as an unofficial border between residents of the "Osborne Colored Addition" and their white neighbors in the Whispering Palms community at the city's south end. In 1954,the city's zoning code required Black residents to live in the Osborne subdivision. It remained that way until 1969. "For today’s generation and society, that wall does not represent segregation anymore,"said Retha Lowe, the city's first Black commissioner and a lifelong resident of the Osborne community.."It’s about bringing our city together — all types of people. That's what it represents today for our community — a wall of unity.”

WHEN: Saturday, January 16, 2021 from 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Work on the wall will continue each Saturday over the next six to eight weeks until the project is complete.

WHERE: Wingfield Street, near the corner of 12 th Avenue South, in Lake Worth Beach. The Unity Wall extends almost 4 blocks on Winfield Street in the Osborne Community in the city of Lake Worth Beach.

Sunday, January 10, 2021

LETTER FROM FIRE-RESCUE CHIEF, DARREL DONATTO re Vaccine for Town of Palm Beach Residents

 Dear Palm Beach Residents,

The past nine months have been unprecedented times for all of us. The SARS-CoV-2 virus and the COVID-19 disease that it produces have been both debilitating and deadly to many people, including those right here in our community. I had COVID back in September and spent some time in the hospital because of it.

The availability of a vaccine is excellent news for everyone. The vaccine has been developed faster than ever before and is being distributed as quickly as production allows.

In 2009, Palm Beach Fire Rescue developed and executed a plan to vaccinate our community for the Swine Flu through what is known as a Closed POD or point of distribution. Those plans were incredibly successful and resulted in us being prepared to do the same for COVID-19. We began our planning to administer the COVID-19 vaccine back in April, anticipating a vaccine becoming available at the end of January or beginning of February. On December 30, 2020, we contacted the Department of Health, and to our delight, we were able to secure 1,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine to be administered through our Closed POD.

Vaccinating our community for COVID-19 is not something we had to do, but rather, something we wanted to do, something that we felt was the right thing to do for our community. From the moment we received those doses, we knew that some people in our community were going to be upset, but we hoped and prayed for everyone’s understanding. About 5,000 people in Palm Beach are 65 years of age or older, and we only had 1,000 doses. We wanted to do for one what we could not do for all. So, despite knowing there would be some disappointed people, we executed our Closed POD plan.

We studied the way others across the country were doing what we wanted to and quickly realized that the most effective and most efficient systems used an online appointment system. We chose a system that could handle a large volume of traffic in a very short period of time, and that was certified as HIPPA compliant to protect the privacy of those using the system. While not perfect, it was the best solution to accomplish our goal of vaccinating as many people as we could as fast as we could. It has worked perfectly, despite some feeling otherwise because they did not get an appointment.

The community should know, the terrific men and women of Palm Beach Fire Rescue have stepped up in a big way to vaccinate our community. I am so proud of them and the work they are doing. We have received many compliments on how kind and caring our firefighters are, how efficient our system is, and how much what Fire Rescue is doing is appreciated. However, we have also received a few complaints because people were unable to get appointments. I wish that we had enough vaccines for everyone today, but we do not. That said, I am thankful for the vaccines we have been able to administer.

We are working tirelessly to bring more vaccines to all of Palm Beach County, vaccinate more residents of our community, and help other Fire-Rescue departments do the same thing we are doing in their communities.

There will be more vaccines available in the days to come. Everyone who wants one will eventually have access to a COVID-19 vaccine. Please be as patient as possible. Please continue to practice social distancing and wear a face mask. And, please know that the men and women of Palm Beach Fire Rescue care about you and will do everything we can to help you as fast as they can.


Darrel Donatto, Fire-Rescue Chief

Town of Palm Beach Fire Rescue