Friday, May 4, 2012

From the 5/4 City Manager's Report: Derelict Vessels at Bryant Park Update

Public Services would like to give an update on the two derelict vessels that are located at the Intracoastal Waterways at Bryant Park. On Tuesday May 1, 2012 Lt. David Moss from the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, Fish and Wildlife and the Public Services Administration department will be meeting to discuss the removal of the derelict vessel per procedure.
Residents are asked to be patient and know that every effort is being made to remove unsightly vessels; nonetheless, Florida State and PBC statutes regarding the removal of derelict vessels need to be followed.  Click here for pictures.

Delray Beach: City plans aggressive marketing campaign for Innovation Corridor along Congress Avenue - South Florida

What the "Joneses" are up to...this is the sort of competitive environment we face as we attempt to develop the Lake Worth Park of Commerce.  Click title for interesting article.

Shanon Materio appointed new commissioner | West Palm Beat blog | The Palm Beach Post

Congratulations Shanon - you will serve West Palm Beach well!  I am sure that you being on that dais will promote more and better cooperation between WPB and LW.  Click title for link to article.

Good luck!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Interesting comment left under previous post...

I have an idea to present to Mr. Bornstein. Am a frequent user of Bryant Park; the park is a wonderful place to walk and exercise. But what to do with the eyesores in the lagoon? If nobody has the wherewithal to remove the abandoned vessels, why don't we have a public competition? How about we promote the city if they are going to be a permanent? "Welcome to Lake Worth", would be a good logo to paint on the sides of the vessels. How about, with the elections coming up, lease the vessels so politicians can paint their slogans on them? "Vote for me,..., I get things done." Any other ideas out there?


City Manager Michael Bornstein is the guest speaker at the Monday, May 7 Parrot Cove Neighborhood Association Meeting. The meeting will be at Believer's Victory Church, 10th Avenue North and North Lakeside Drive, at 7:00pm. 

Mr. Bornstein has just accepted the position as City Manager for Lake Worth after serving as City Manager of Lantana for 12 years. He will tell you more about himself, the issues facing Lake Worth and take questions from attendees.

Everyone is welcome - you don't have to be a member of the Parrot Cove Neighborhood Association or live in Parrot Cove.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

[CPNA] Important Message from PBSO

Dear Neighbors, The following message was received from PBSO Detective Monique Wilson and is being passed along as many Residents have expressed concern recently regarding criminal activity in College Park.

Dear College Park,

In the last couple months, College Park has experienced one attempted residential burglary (entry was not made), two residential burglaries where in both cases entry was made via unlocked doors located in the rear of the residences, and two vehicle burglaries where entry was made into vehicles via unlocked doors.

The residential burglaries occurred during daytime hours. One was on a Saturday afternoon. Both vehicle burglaries occurred sometime during the night.

The following action plan has been in place. Unmarked units patrol the College Park area on a routine basis. Subjects that College Park residents have concerns about have been identified. Criminal histories and computer checks have been completed on said subjects. Also, each subject has been run in our pawn system. Interviews and surveillance has been ongoing on said subjects. DNA and latent prints analysis on all cases have been expedited.

I would like to encourage residents to know thy neighbor and thy neighbor?s vehicles. Any suspicious person (s) and suspicious vehicle (s) should be immediately reported to the Palm Beach County Sheriff?s Office. We have identified two possible vehicles of interest: A yellow hummer and a white Ford Taurus. The subjects seen driving these vehicles are black males in their twenties.

I would also like to encourage residents to lock and secure all doors and windows to their vehicles and residences. If their vehicles and or residences have alarm systems, I highly recommend the use of them. Please take note of the serial numbers on your electronics and other equipment and photograph valuables that may not have a serial number. Whenever possible, secure that information and valuables you keep at home either in a safe or a safe and unexpected place. Using a safe deposit box at your bank may be something to consider for valuables you don't often use.

As always, Please call 911 in case of emergencies and call the PBSO Lake Worth District 14 Command Center at 586-1611 to report any suspicious activity. With collaborative effort, we can all help to reduce crime in the College Park neighborhood.

If anyone has information on any of the incidents or vehicles described above, or if anyone would like more information on how to protect their families and homes, Please contact me.

Thanks for your support,

Detective Monique Wilson
Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office
District 14- Property Crimes
(561) 202-9631 Desk
(561) 586-1774 Fax

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Jamie Brown hired to oversee Lake Worth public services

Another decisive action made by our new city title for link.