Saturday, February 17, 2018

ATTENTION: Customers of Lake Clarke Shores and Palm Springs Water Utility under BOIL WATER NOTICE.

IN EFFECT 2/16/2018.

“The Town of Lake Clarke Shores is a consecutive system fed by Village of Palm Springs. BOIL WATER NOTICE will be in effect until further sampling is complete to rescind this notice.”

Please click on this link to download the precautionary “Boil Water Notice Guidelines” during this time.

Here is a map of the region for reference:
Press and news media: To locate the Village of Palm Springs and the Town of Lake Clarke Shores
click on this link.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Pinned Post: The 2018 State of the City Address is “Worth Noting”.

The video of Mayor Pam Triolo is below.

A “Pinned Post” is one kept at, or near, the top of
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Meet your elected leaders in the City of Lake Worth.

Enjoy watching Mayor Pam Triolo’s State of the City Address at your leisure, either today or watch in segments over the next couple of days, just come back to this blog and pick up watching where you left off.

And please scroll down for more new goings-on in and around this highly interesting and vibrant little City of Lake Worth.

As always, Thank You for visiting once again today.

Enjoy the video:

Thursday, February 15, 2018

A Tweet from Dr. Robert Avossa yesterday.

Mr. Ryan Hartman took a $500 campaign contribution from a paint manufacturer in New York State.

If you would like to look over campaign treasurer reports from the present 2017–2018 election season and even go as far back as 2015 to the PAC “Save Our Neighborhood, Inc.” click on this link to the City of Lake Worth’s website.

One of the more interesting campaign contributions was one to Mr. Ryan Hartman recorded on New Years Eve in 2015. At the time Mr. Hartman was a candidate for the District 1 seat; he was challenging Commissioner Scott Maxwell. Mr. Hartman lost that election.

This campaign contribution came in during the
2015 Christmas and holiday season.

Click on image to enlarge:
“While Golden products are generally safe, some artists may have skin irritation with repeated exposure. In this case, the use of protective gloves or creams is recommended.”

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Tonight is a neighborhood meeting and everyone is invited to attend.

Meet at the Blue Front BBQ located at 1132 N. Dixie Hwy. The meeting will begin at 7:00 and will include an update from PBSO District 14.

To learn more about the Mango Groves Neighborhood Association click on this link.

For more details about this meeting tonight
click on the image, “It’s Mango Season!”
By the way, Cpt. Todd Baer said recently crime has dropped significantly, “[I]ncluding every single property crime. . . . We [PBSO] play a role in that but there’s much more to it as you [Lake Worth City Commission] all know. The City plays a huge role, the economy, so many other factors but it’s encouraging to see [crime decrease].”

And one last thing about Blue Front BBQ: It’s more than just excellent BBQ, it’s a step back in time.

When you drive down Dixie Hwy. can you see the resemblance to the former Kristine’s?
This structure on Dixie Hwy., now the Blue Front BBQ, is one of the few survivors of restaurants and what’s called “highway architecture, used to lure in customers passing through our City prior to the construction of I-95.

Please join me Friday night for an “ART Studio Talk”. An informal gathering to talk about The Cottages of Lake Worth.

Yours Truly, Wes, will be in Downtown Lake Worth tomorrow night, beginning around 6:30, at the ART Studio Café located at 16 South ‘J’ St. and everyone is cordially invited.

Oh. And if you haven’t been to ‘J’ St. in
the City of Lake Worth in a while. . .
This street has changed quite a lot since “Mr. Ned Racine”, aka actor William Hurt, walked down
‘J’ Street 37 years ago.

Why not come on down to the ART Studio Café and check out Jumpin
‘J’ Street for yourself?

This “ART Studio Talk” will be a very informal one. Just people standing around and sitting down in chairs and we’ll all talk about “The Cottages of Lake Worth”, The Cottages book as well, and we’ll talk about 20th Century history in this little City of Lake Worth too: the Planes, Trains and Automobiles that have had such a huge impact on this City.

Oh. And by the way. . .

Below is the Honorable Congresswoman Lois Frankel at her Congressional office in Washington, D.C. recently with smiling staff and interns. Now look real closely at the table with the books. Do you see anything familiar? If not, click on the image to enlarge.

Do you see it now? It’s The Cottages of Lake Worth hardcover book!  
To see the district map and more information about Congresswoman Lois Frankel click on this link.

So. Is it true what you heard, “Lake Worth
is the next Delray Beach”?

No. That is not true at all and I explained why last month at an event in — of all places — the fine City of Delray Beach. To read more about comparing “apples to oranges”:

And who would have thought when the exits off I-95 were decided upon, those decisions would have such a dramatic effect on the future of cities such as the City of Lake Worth and the City of Delray Beach.

The photograph below (courtesy of Lake Worth’s Neighborhood Assoc. Presidents’ Council [NAPC] president Jon Faust) is of the vice president of the Delray Beach Historical Society giving the introduction prior to “The Cottages of Lake Worth” presentation on January 30th.

Meet Michelle Donahue.
Michelle Donahue said, as quoted by Mary Kate Leming in The Coastal Star, “For me, we’re standing on the shoulders of those who came before us.”

In memory of Dean Sherwin. He lives on in our memories and in our history as well. Sadly, Dean passed away before seeing this book get published.
It was due to volunteers such as Dean, his hard work and dedication, that the story of “The Cottages of Lake Worth” was finally told.

And lastly. . . if you do come down to ‘J’ St. this Friday, you don’t have to wear a suit and tie. Shorts, a T-shirt, and sandals are perfectly OK on Jumpin’ ‘J’ St.

Remember, this ART Studio Café talk is
in the City of Lake Worth!

Yes. Our City IS very much different
than Delray Beach!
Yours Truly at the Old School Square Fieldhouse in Delray Beach two weeks ago.

A view inside this tremendous community facility.
Credit: This photograph and the two above from the Delray Beach Historical Society’s “Heritage Lecture Series” were taken by Lake Worth photogra-
pher Jon Faust.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Lantana Mayor Dave Stewart.

Did you see that eye-catching banner headline
on the front page above the masthead of
The Palm Beach Post today!

And did you read the story buried in the ‘B’ Local section below the fold about Mayor Stewart!

And did you know the Post was put up ‘For Sale’ last year? Click on this link to learn more.

By the way, Lantana Mayor Stewart was Florida Weekly’s “Best Local Politician” of 2017.

Photo from Florida Weekly,
“He looks like Ernest Hemingway, dresses like Jimmy Buffett, and has a Santa Claus twinkle in his eye. But make no mistake about it, Lantana Mayor David Stewart knows his stuff. His public explanations of what ordinances are all about are much appreciated. Layman’s terms may be spoken in his fishing village, but this mayor is
nobody’s fool.”

Famly Festival Season: It begins very soon in our vibrant City of Lake Worth. This year it begins on February 17th.

Find out more about the City of Lake Worth’s “Festival Season” below. But first. . .

What else is going on in this little City of Lake Worth? Click on this link for the City’s list of “Special Events” and you’ll discover things like there are only two (2) Beach Bonfires left in the 2017–2018 Season (this coming Friday, Feb.16th and one on Feb. 23rd).

After the last bonfire in February you and your famly will have to wait until November rolls around once again and all our wonderful, cheery, and mirthful Snowbirds return for another exciting Fall/Winter Season in South Florida.

Whilst on the topic
of famly fun. . .

The City of Lake Worth’s “Festival Season” begins in February every year and every single year it’s a big hit for famalies throughout Palm Beach County.

Everyone knows about the upcoming Street Painting Festival coming up on February 24th and 25th. But did you and your famly know about the popular Tree Festival this coming Saturday? Learn more about that below.

Following the Street Painting Festival there’s another famly-friendly festival. This one is called the Midnight Sun Festival. Last year The Palm Beach Post published a feature story about this and it was titled,
“Not Finnish? Not to worry; Midnight Sun Festival will appeal to all”.
To read the “special report” by reporter Michael Readling click on this link. Why has this festival become so famly-friendly? Tom Kuutti, the president of last year’s Midnight Sun Festival said:

“The biggest change is we wanted to a) involve more younger people and b) involve more Americans not of Finnish descent. We all went back and asked our kids, ‘what would make the festival more interesting to you and your girlfriend?’ and they all said ‘Give us our music.’ ”

Expect plenty of  music for the entire famly on
March 2nd to the 4th in Bryant Park!
Another excerpt from Mr. Readling’s special report: “The food is going to be absolutely terrific,” Kuutti said. “From the traditional foods to the large variety from other countries, it will all be very good.” This year’s event will be even better for the entire famly.

Now. About the upcoming Tree Festival!

It’s time to prepare everyone in the famly. Why? The City’s “Family-Friendly Tree Festival” is only 11 days away now, on Saturday, February 17th. Click on this link to learn more.

Everyone knows, you can’t have a
festival without famalies!

Have new neighbors in your neighborhood? A new familey maybe. Start making plans now and make sure to check out the TGIF section too.

Check out the Palm Beach Post’s “FAMLIES & FESTIVALS” insert every Friday.

It’s all about “FAMALIES”!
Remind the famly next door about the first festival coming up, the City of Lake Worth’s iconic and popular Tree Festival. It’s Famly-Friendly
and Famaly Fun!

Please do not become alarmed! Will there be a protest this week in the City of Lake Worth? It’s very possible. Even likely.

But there is nothing to fear! Please remain calm. At the end of this blog post is an explanation why you have nothing to fear and why after March 13th — just 27 days from now — everything will return to normal.

It’s very possible, even likely, there will be a protest this week against the Lake Worth Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) following this news last weekend.

However, besides the big signs, bullhorns and banging of pots and pans the only real danger are protesters causing a fender-bender by a distracted driver. SO PLEASE FOCUS ON SIGNALS AND INSTRUCTIONS FROM YOUR PBSO DEPUTIES!

Do not watch the protest from your car or whilst using a scooter! It’s very important to find a safe place to park unless you have three or more parking citations, in which case you’ll want to hightail it out of Lake Worth and quick!

Let’s not be like West Palm Beach where two young people were severely hurt and hospitalized after being struck by a vehicle at a protest. All of us can work together in this City of Lake Worth and protect everyone: the public and out-of-town protesters.

The only real danger these protesters present is to themselves. Some of these protesters are the very same ones who are up all night stealing and vandalizing political campaign signs.

So if you really want to help you can stop by Starbucks and pick up a small carton of coffee and a bag or box of cookies like those “large buttery, chewy cookies loaded with premium chocolate chunks” for those dreary-eyed protesters that didn’t get enough sleep the night prior. And don’t forget about extra cups, creamer, sweeteners, stirrers and recycled napkins.

Whilst on the topic of protests. . .

Just to reinforce the point about protests and public safety, what follows is a blog post from last week with more information:

“I’m furious”, said the elementary charter school principal to an eager and rapt reporter on the scene.

The word ‘furious’ used as an adjective means, “full of fury, violent passion, or rage; extremely angry; enraged . . . intensely violent”. [emphasis added]

Dear residents of this little City of Lake Worth: Please. Do not be alarmed. On a school day right after lunch expect a protest near the 1100 block of N. Dixie Hwy.

Do not worry or be concerned when you see the press and TV news vans racing up and down Dixie Hwy. looking for a place to park, then tripping and falling all over themselves looking for tiny little protesters to interview, all the while yelling at their crew and intern, “How do I look!”.

All of this ‘furious’ activity is completely
normal this time of year.

Why? Every year around the middle of January, typically 6–7 weeks before Election Day, the press and news media will try to arouse and create passion in the public, confusion too, and content “laced with not too subtle fear-mongering”, e.g., try to start protests and that sort of thing to keep the public rapt.

But all of this ‘furious’ news can be explained quite easily.

Click on this link to read a blog post titled, “Where O Where Have All the Protesters Gone?” and also note the image below.

There never was a ‘curfew’ in this City of Lake Worth in 2016. Note that this headline, of course, was published about 6 weeks before Election Day that year:
The word ‘curfew’ in the headline is an example of “loaded language” used to confuse the public. However, if you recall following Hurricane Irma last year, there was an actual curfew for a brief time in this City of Lake Worth.

So the recent ‘furious’ news about a charter school on Dixie Hwy. is to be completely expected. But whenever you happen to see ‘news’ such as this just relax and enjoy the show. Never get angry or upset. In fact, if you have the time stop at a dollar store and pick up some party favors and some ice too. There’s never enough of those at a protest. And don’t forget balloons for the kids!

However, if you’re familiar with the side story how this protest came to be in the first place, you can think about this topic for a bit and ask yourself some questions:
  • Do we really need an elementary charter school on Dixie Hwy.? On one of our main commercial corridors?
  • Why would anyone want to put a charter school so close to Dixie Hwy. anyhow?
  • Nearby that charter school is a store selling beer and cigarettes and there’s a bar also nearby that serves alcohol. Do you really want little children exposed to that?
But anyhow, after Election Day — this year it’s on March 13th — everything will return to normal and the ‘furious’ pre-Election Day news reporting will fade from memory. Or, well, as normal as things can be if you’re a newspaper reporter in Palm Beach County or even worse yet, working for ABC25 (WPBF).

Public event in the City of Lake Worth tonight: The Civil War Round Table of Palm Beach County presents:

“The Governor’s Odyssey:
William ‘Extra Billy’ Smith and
the Fall of the Confederacy.”

The “Civil War Round Table” is held in various venues monthly in Palm Beach County and once a year they hold their meeting in the City of Lake Worth. If the history of the Civil War is of interest to you this would also be an excellent opportunity to check out the large public hall at the Scottish Rite Masonic Center as well.

The address and more information about the Scottish Rite is below.

And prior to or after this event tonight you are welcome to stroll the Gray Mockingbird Community Garden which is also located on the grounds of the Scottish Rite:

“Teaching Sustainability
and Resiliency by example.”

Whilst on the topic of LOCAL community news in this City of Lake Worth please consider supporting your LOCAL community newspaper, The Lake Worth Herald. You’ll find out all kinds of stuff to do every week such as about the upcoming Tree Festival, things like BINGO too, clubs, activities, and new art exhibits such as the “Comm{UNITY} Exhibition” at HATCH 1121.

What and where is HATCH 1121? Click on this link to find out, news as reported in The Lake Worth Herald last week.

Without further ado. . .

Free event tonight. Open to the public. An item from last week’s Lake Worth Herald:

The Civil War Round Table of Palm Beach County’s monthly meeting will be held on Wednesday [tomorrow] at the Scottish Rite Masonic Center, 2000 North ‘D’ Street, Lake Worth, 7:00. Speaker will be David Meisky, “The Governor’s Odyssey: William ‘Extra Billy’ Smith and the Fall of the Confederacy.”

For more information contact President Gerridine LaRovere at 561-967-8911. To learn more about the Civil War Round Table of Palm Beach County click on this link. Here is more information:

The Civil War Round Table of Palm Beach County is always looking for interesting speakers.
     We meet year round on the second Wednesday of the month. If you are going to be in our area and have a topic about the Civil War please send an email to

Monday, February 12, 2018

Lake Worth Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) meeting tomorrow: “Way-
finding” is finding its way here.

So. What exactly is ‘Wayfinding’?

We’ll get to that momentarily. First, this regular meeting of the CRA is tomorrow (Tues., Feb. 13th) and begins at 6:00. The meeting location is at the “HATCH 1121” building located at 1121 Lucerne Ave. You may be asking, “Why is the building called ‘HATCH 1121’?”

Widely known as the building with the mural titled “the Great Wall of Artists”, HATCH 1121 has become a location that connects the community through culture and the arts.

HATCH 1121 is called “branding” because it defines for the public, visitors, investors, and consumers WHAT and WHERE that “unique place” IS, a topic discussed quite often on this blog. And how will the public, visitors, and tourists find their way to HATCH? They’ll find their way using something called Wayfinding signage. Voilà!

Here is item 8B on the CRA agenda, “Wayfinding. Execute Contract with Don Bell Signs, LLC.

Click on image to enlarge, an image
from the original IFB 18-108:
And there’s another benefit! “Frantically, the beat reporter asked, ‘Can you help me?’ I’m trying to find my way around Lake Worth.” With Wayfinding the public can say, “Just follow the signs.”

Joking aside, so you’re asking, “Hmmm. How will this project benefit the public and our City of Lake Worth?” Simply, it will help the public and visitors to get around much more easily, safely, and efficiently. And it will help the City of Lake Worth in other ways as well, e.g., in public relations and the perception of issues such as crime and public safety.

For example, the worst news reporting in recent memory was a news segment from WPBF/ABC25 about a “Rabies-Positive Area Cautioned” in unincorporated (“suburban”) Central Palm Beach County (C-PBC) west of the city of Atlantis. That “rabies-positive” pit bull WAS NOT found “in Lake Worth” as was reported by WPBF.

Palm Beach County government to the rescue!
Click on this link for the latest tools to find out exactly where you are in C-PBC.
One can see how “Wayfinding” can be a huge benefit for this City of Lake Worth.

And for another example, how many of you recall that ‘news’ about a terrible dog attack over the recently passed holiday season that didn’t happen in the City either? That also occurred outside the City limits in C-PBC, what should always be called “suburban Lake Worth” by the press and news media. But anyone reading that article would think it did happen in this City.

Now with “Wayfinding” this will better educate public relations professionals and the press and news media as well about where the actual City of Lake Worth is located which will in turn benefit the public, visitors, and tourists about WHAT and WHERE the City of Lake Worth actually IS.

This is something the City has needed for quite a long time — a way to differentiate itself from all those suburban and unincorporated areas west of this City that use ‘Lake Worth’ zip codes — communities of sprawl and uninteresting areas that wish they were in the City of Lake Worth, but they aren’t.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Please take note. If you own property in the Village of Palm Springs, “You are hereby notified. . .”

“. . . [Y]ou are required by law to cut and prevent the excessive accumulation of weeds, underbrush, grass or other dead and living plant life upon your improved property; to remove any trash, waste, rubble, debris, refuse, abandoned appliance, or other nocuous matter or condition. . .”

Please note that failure to do so, “may result
in a loss of title to your property.”

Below are more excerpts and information about this public notice issued by the Village of Palm Springs.

Question: How does one find out for sure if you own property in the Village of Palm Springs?

Maybe the property you own is just outside the village in a “pocket” of unincorporated Palm Beach County nearby the Great Walled City of Atlantis?

Or let’s say you’re an enterprising young reporter in the press or news media and you want to do a story about what’s happening in this delightful village (please see map below) nestled between the cities of Lake Worth and Greenacres? How do you know for certain you’re actually in Palm Springs?

The last thing you want to do is have your editor be forced to issue a “Correction” like what happened last week to a beat reporter at The Palm Beach Post:
LOXAHATCHEE — Editor’s note: An earlier version of this story said the home in question was in Wellington. The home is in Loxahatchee.

And guess what? The correction is incorrect!

There is a Town of Loxahatchee Groves in Palm Beach County but no town, city, or village called ‘Loxahatchee’. The correction above should read either “Unincorporated Loxahatchee” or “Loxahatchee Groves” if this incident happened within the municipal limits of the town.

Phew! So how is one to know for sure if you own property in the Village of Palm Springs or not? How does a reporter make sure his or her editor will not have to issue a correction the very next day?

It’s easy. Just click on this link for all the information you’ll need to know.

Without further ado. . .

If you own property in the Village of Palm Springs,
 “You are hereby notified. . .
Below are two excerpts from a public notice published in The Lake Worth Herald:


You are hereby notified that you are required by law to cut and prevent the excessive accumulation of weeds, underbrush, grass or other dead and living plant life upon your improved property; to remove any trash, waste, rubble, debris, refuse, abandoned appliance, or other nocuous matter or condition located on any property owned, controlled or occupied by you in the Village of Palm Springs; and that upon your failure to do so, the Village of Palm Springs will institute nuisance abatement proceedings against your property and cause such nuisance to be abated. [emphasis added]

and. . .

     A failure to pay said lien, even such lien upon homesteaded property, may result in a loss of title to your property.

Want to learn more about the topic of code enforcement in the Village of Palm Springs? Then please click on this link.