Thursday, June 29, 2017

Are you a reporter? An editor? Confused about where Lake Worth is? Greenacres? Are you confused about Zip Codes too?

Below is a new tool from your County government. They want
to help you get your news
reports accurate.

Please read the captions below and
then refer to the maps.

Click on images to enlarge:
This first map is a small part of Central Palm Beach County. The white areas are called “unincorporated” (meaning outside the borders of a municipality). Use this link to study the entire map courtesy of your County govenment.

This second map uses “Zip Codes”. Now you can understand why so many of your news reports are inaccurate. Using just Zip Codes is “sloppy” news reporting. For example, Zip Code 33461 covers
just a small part of
“Lake Worth.

Use this link to study the entire Zip Code map courtesy of Palm Beach County.

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