Saturday, February 22, 2014

A little video from tonight...

The Mulvehill Monologues, Part V - Continuing the re-post from August 2012

Good morning, Wesley. Thank you for the flowers you dropped off. Am up to about 11 minutes or so of the transcription and the total monologue is a little over 18 minutes. Had to take my office out onto the back porch, that is why I didn't hear you when you rung the doorbell. The golf course is so lovely to look at and the breeze off the lagoon smells heavenly. 

Have the video on Mulvehill on a loop so I can listen over and over and get the transcription as accurate as possible. You remember Grumpy, don't you? I am sure you have. Think you met him at the last candidate meet and greet. Grumpy is our parrot. Hasn't said a single word in six years. Left the video on the other night, playing over and over, in the kitchen with poor Grumpy in his cage having to hear this nonsense for hours. Poor thing. 

Now, the problem. Can you take our parrot and watch him for a few days, Wesley? Now he will not shut up. For hours now he squalks gibberish, crazy nonsense, and will not shut up. Can make out words now and then like "resilient," and "rain on the lake! "rain on the lake!" Am hoping some nice, peace and quiet, will help him recover. My husband started leaving windows open, by "accident," he said. He's trying to get Grumpy to take his final flight. I am so angry right now. 

Without further ado am going to continue the transcription. Am out here in the heat, on the back porch, and can still hear that crazy bird. I'll call you in a couple hours. 

Your friend, Anna

The Mulvehill monologue continues, beginning with a couple of sentences from the last monologue (Part IV) for some context.

... So, I talked about how, at the core, and I have to thank, really, Mr. Bornstein, our city manager, because he sat with me for about three hours and preparing this presentation. So I really do thank you for that. But we worked on nurturing, the nurture, nurturing of a conservation mindset and how that is what themes that we have here in our city. That we use education as a component of that, we develop policies and programs around that. 

Part V follows:

We have developed rebates, energy audits and grants, and marketing and outreach which I think we need to do more of. But in that nurture template. That is one of the ways that we are focusing on building resilience in our community. And this, these are what will be called sustainability conversions, how we took, for example, Old Bridge Park and converted it into Snook Islands. This is very people really enjoy seeing this, hmmm, how we can take something and turn it into something completely different. And actually use[mumbling] would use that material to create our artificial reefs.  So they took bridge down and built this new public use facility. Adaptive reuse, the cultural council, how that building had now become the Palm Beach Cultural Council and the largest cultural council on the East Coast. Hmmm. In our downtown. Community revitalization, our old beach building, to, hmmm, what we are going to be doing opening the Casino in October, November. And partnerships and vision, hmmm, talked about the $23 million NSP grant and how we had taken some of the spaces in our community, the foreclosed properties, etc. And, hmmm, have used grant money tied in again, the partnerships that were used to, to get, to get the money. The $23 million and how many partners are involved in helping our community with this, with the partnership and vision for the city. And this was an example, I didn't have a picture of the old bocci ball court, hmmm, but Joe Kroll  took the old bocci ball court in Bryant Park and converted out to new park space to an outdoor exercise area. And how these kind of wheels inte, integrate, hmm, the pre, preservation and conservation of our natural resources, hmm, enhancing green and space and livability, we just heard from Erica about that even with Parks and Recreation and improving the walkability and bikeability, I mean we talked about it in the first, you know, hour of our, our meeting about the bike paths and everything. And how we're really working on branding sustainability, that we are project based, hmmm, with an overreaching sustainability branded image. So even in our Casino building, that it's being done to, hmm, green standards, and, hmmm, what is the [someone on the dais gives her the name of the certification] the LEED certification, thank you, that, hmm, the $23 million NSP program, that the houses are being re, rebuilt and with a lot of green, umm, aspects. So, we focus on projects but we have an overreaching brand of sustainability. Some of the lessons that I shared, umm, in that we have learned is that we need decisive leadership, umm, we've had visionary leaders and helping make these projects come to reality. That relationships and partnerships have been key, umm, that nongovernment NGOs or nongovernment organizations, our universities, government, and government organizations. Our, the ROS, that they call it, return on sustainability, hmmm, multidimensional creative benefits. How are we getting benefits from these programs? 

Dear Wesley. I have to stop now. The bird has been getting worse. Just freaking out, squalking about "rain in the lake!" and other stuff. Think Grumpy is going to have to be sedated. Thank you for taking him for a few days. Will pick up tomorrow with the transcribing. Am up to 14:15 of the total of 18:21 total to be transcribed. This is one of the hardest projects I have ever tried. Trying to make sense of this presentation makes my head hurt. But I continue on. Will see you in a little while, Anna. 

Lake Worth Street Painting Festival - 2014 - Fifth Pass



Lake Worth Street Painting Festival - 2014 - Third Pass - 2/22

Lake Worth Street Painting Festival - 2014 - Second Pass - 2/22

 The City of Lake Worth contribution...more to be revealed tomorrow.