Monday, February 17, 2014

Floridians love water, but getting them to conserve it can be tough, survey shows |

Water supplies, regardless of the amount of rain that Florida receives, will be under strain over the coming years with continued population increases. Florida is just about to become the third largest state in population, soon overtaking the state of New York. What sorts of regulations are effective and which are most palatable to the general population? That's what this article explores. Click title for link. In the end, government regulation and fines are one of the more effective means.
Conservation, experts say, is one way to delay a serious drain on Florida’s water resources.
Floridians want to help out and protect the environment, the study suggests.
But they simply don’t want dry, brown lawns, and they don’t want buzzers bugging them to get out of the shower.
The study showed 90 percent of respondents would wait to load the washing machine until it’s full, 54 percent would install water-saving shower heads, 42 percent would limit watering the lawn if it meant the grass would die and 29 percent would use a shower timer.
Sixty-nine percent said they would spend 10 percent more on their water bills to protect the state’s future water supply.