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Interesting observations from the Post article on pastor Olive's 'Common Ground' church (now our community joke)

If the selection of jokes from last night is any indication it's going to entertaining following the follies of pastor Olive and his 'Common Ground' (no 's') church. If you didn't hear, he is moving his 'Recovery' church into a bar, the Bamboo Room in downtown Lake Worth. This is NOT A JOKE. It's the absolute truth. He's going to put up a sheet so his flock can't see the bar stocked with liquors, spirits, mixers, and cold beer. A sheet. Again, this is NOT A JOKE.
Remember church service attendees: Stay behind the curtain and don't forget to tip your server.
Before I continue, here is the broad and eclectic adult beverage selection at the Bamboo Room. If you would like to rent the venue for weddings, anniversaries, or any other special event use this link to get more information. The Bamboo Room is an iconic Lake Worth establishment and we're all excited to have them back up and featuring live music once again.

You can follow the Bamboo Room on Twitter; click on the Follow icon in the Tweet below:
Here is the Post article by Kevin Thompson. The owner of the Bamboo Room has this to say about pastor Olive having church services in the venue:
“Let’s face it, we’re a nightclub and most of his people are in rehab or just getting out of it,” Minton [David Minton, the club’s managing partner] said.
And. . .
     It took about three weeks, with the club owners — on a handshake deal [emphasis added] — agreeing to rent the space for $450 every Sunday, — a 50 percent discount from what is normally paid.
     “I know they don’t have a lot of money and I wanted to help them out,” Minton said.
Now it gets really interesting:
     At the time [of the 'War on Jesus'], Olive had said it appeared churches were being singled out and was quoted as saying Lake Worth wasn’t tolerant of Christians living a public life downtown.
     Olive now downplays what happened.
     “All those problems are behind us now,” he said.
Go to the 1:20 mark in the video below and learn about the "targeting [of Christians] in Lake Worth, FL"; this video was published on March 11th as pastor Olive was ramping up his 'War on Jesus':
Just a month ago the 'War on Jesus' by pastor Olive was still on:
GOBA (Greater Orlando Baptist Assoc.) is pastor Olive's church "planting" partner.
An actual blog post in response to pastor Olive's silly claim of 'persecution'.
Think about all this as you look for a church to attend Sunday morning:
1 John 4:1Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world.

Collage from Children's Art Sale last night at the NAPC Front Porch, Cultural Plaza

As part of Friday Night on the Avenues, the NAPC Front Porch had a wonderful display of art "for sale" made by local elementary school children. You can see John Faust and Commissioner Andy Amoroso showing off their finds from the display.

Here's Mary Lindsey with a spirited description of the night from her perspective (from Facebook):
     If you happen not to be sitting down right now, Ya might wanna do that! Our Kids raised $875 tonight selling their precious paintings on the NAPC Front Porch!!! Yes, I said Eight Hundred and Seventy Five dollars. There will be lots and lots of pictures up on FB by tomorrow and each one of them is completely inadequate to describe the incredible spirit of creativity, friendship, community mindedness and generosity that permeated the entire event.
     You've never seen such pride in those little faces as one after another painting was carefully selected and paid for -- with real money! Thank You Lake Worth!!! Thank You Mayor Pam Triolo, Commissioner Andy Amoroso and Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell for honoring our little ones and making them feel so special. Thank You to everyone who came to show their appreciation for the Kids effort with ooooos and ahhhhs and fistfuls of $$$.
[and. . .]
     We're going to try to have all the kids and parents at the Commission meeting next Tuesday to show everyone all the storybooks they will buy for South Grade, North Grade, Sacred Heart, Highland and Barton Elementary Schools. Next time anyone asks, What's so special about Lake Worth? -- Tell them about these exceptional kids of ours and this extraordinary night on the NAPC Front Porch!

Lake Worth Critical Mass Ride (10/2)

This picture is from the earlier part of the ride, heading east on Lake Avenue, about to turn north on to Federal Hwy. I would guess there were about 80 or so people along for this ride. The Lake Worth version happens on the first Friday of every month at 7:30 p.m. and assembles at Bryant Park. The ride proceeded from downtown Lake Worth, winding our way through Lake Worth neighborhoods, emerging onto Forest Hill Boulevard, east to Flagler Drive and then back south to the point-of-beginning.

And good news to report: the number of small children in the ride, many of whom used to ride without helmets, is way down from previous months. The leadership is taking this situation seriously as well they should. Hopefully it will be zero-tolerance for children without helmets on the next ride: November 6th.

Here is the Lake Worth Critical Mass facebook page. Save the date and come join us next month!

The Florida Libertarians are losing it

Of course, the little City of Lake Worth also has their own collection of looney Libertarians. They're usually characterized by their zeal and zest for freedom of speech; except free speech for people they disagree withthen it's OK to do anything you can to shut them up. Now we find the Libertarian leadership in Florida is becoming completely unhinged.

Here is an article from Politico Florida titled, "Libertarian Party drama: Goat sacrifice, eugenics and a chair’s resignation"; here is an excerpt:
     Adrian Wyllie, chairman of Florida’s Libertarian Party [emphasis added], resigned his post Thursday to protest the party’s U.S. Senate candidate, accusing the rival of supporting eugenics and for being expelled from a cult group for “sadistically dismembering a goat in a ritualistic sacrifice.”
     The Senate candidate, who goes by the adopted name Augustus Sol Invictus, counter-accused Wyllie of spreading “half-truths and lies” for political gain.
     The dispute between the two has brewed for months, but finally came to a head after Wyllie was unable to persuade the Libertarian Party of Florida’s executive committee to publicly disavow Invictus, an adopted name that means something like “Invincible Sun Emperor.”
     “I’m not making this up. It’s crazy, I know,” Wyllie, a Palm Harbor businessman who ran for governor in 2014 and received 3.8 percent of the vote, told POLITICO after announcing his resignation and levelling his accusations against Invictus in a Facebook post. “I resigned to draw attention to this, as a protest. I did this as a pre-emptive strike. I don’t want anyone to think this guy represents Libertarians. He doesn’t. Under the law, we can’t keep him from the ballot.
It will be fun to see those "Adrian Wyllie" yard signs in Lake Worth replaced with "Invincible Sun Emperer for President"!

The little City of Lake Worth, FL is "quite the buzz" in the real estate business

Remember, some are calling downtown Lake Worth the "next landmark downtown" in south Florida. Below is another townhome community featured in The Palm Beach Post (9/11, page D5, above the fold):
Here are some of the nearby amenities:
  • Public BEACH! with fine restaurants
  • Just 2 blocks from Lake Avenue, the City's main scenic, historic street
  • Boat docks minutes away
  • Nearby picnic areas with special event bandstand
Gary Brown says, "There's almost no chance of purchasing a NEW home so close to downtown these days". Spread the word about the little City of Lake Worth!

Mary Thurwachter on Palm Beach County's Bed & Breakfast Inns (two in Lake Worth)

This is an update on our treasured B&B's here in the City. The Sabal Palm House got featured once again on TripAdvisor and you can see that review here. Here is text from the review of the Degas Room:
Between May and November, the Degas Room at the Sabal Palm House in Lake Worth (near Palm Beach) starts at $119. The Sabal received a 4-diamond rating from AAA for 11 years straight and has a 5 out of 5 rating on TripAdvisor. Afternoon tea and baked goods, complimentary beverages, spa robes, and beach towels are included for all guests.
Congratulations Colleen and John Rinaldi! Lake Worth is so proud of you and your business. Below is a blog post from mid-August on our B&B's here that you'll enjoy:

Mary Thurwachter, a freelance journalist for the Post, has this wonderful article about Bed & Breakfast's here in Palm Beach County. Here is an excerpt:
     There are few folks as savvy about Florida bed-and-breakfast inns as Pattie Detwiler. The Royal Palm Beach woman has visited most of them, teaches aspiring innkeepers and serves as managing director of the Florida Bed and Breakfast Inns association.
     “I was an innkeeper for 12 years in a very rural community (Wauchula) where I was also a city commissioner,” she says.
     “For over 30 years, I worked in the construction industry, and I have a development and lending background,” she says.
Here are two Lake Worth Bed & Breakfast Inns mentioned in the article:
Thank you for visiting our little City of Lake Worth Pattie!

Friday, October 2, 2015

A potter transforms abandoned buildings and creates community hubs on Chicago's south side

About the video: "Theaster Gates, a potter by training and a social activist by calling, wanted to do something about the sorry state of his neighborhood on the south side of Chicago. So he did, transforming abandoned buildings to create community hubs that connect and inspire those who still live there (and draw in those who don't). In this passionate talk, Gates describes his efforts to build a "miniature Versailles" in Chicago, and he shares his fervent belief that culture can be a catalyst for social transformation in any city, anywhere."

Grant program monies available from the Knight Foundation—what's your idea?

You can learn more about the Knight Foundation here. A short and highly interesting video from the foundation:

Knight Cities Challenge, click here for more information.

Tropical Ridge Neighborhood Association October meeting on Monday

Greetings Friends and Neighbors of Tropical Ridge Neighborhood Association.

Here is your reminder about TRNA's October meeting. We will be meeting October 5th at the Lake Worth Towers at 7:00 pm. Our speaker this month is Mark WoodsCommunity Compliance Manager for Lake Worth. Questions are welcome. I hope you can come and show your support.

TRNA really hopes you can make the meeting on Monday.

Gary Kreisler: Telling It Like It Is

This Point of View below appeared in the Post today and illustrates perfectly the choices the City of Lake Worth may be faced with going forward. It's generally agreed the City took possession of a substandard Casino building at the BEACH!. It was a lack of oversight and poor planning by a previous city commission that's put us in this terrible predicament. The problem is not going to go away on it's own.

The BEACH! is losing money to the tune of at least $600,000 each year, minimum. Much of the standard maintenance is being deferred and has been since the structure first opened. The facility can't be propped up much longer. Do I really need to post again the pictures of rusting elevators, flooded floors, delaminated windows, and water cascading off the roof onto tourists? Remember, by construction standards this is considered a new building.

This is where public-private partnerships come into play. It's the innovation in the private sector that may provide a solution here. Below are two excerpts from Gary Kreisler who is the chairman of Florida Business Watch:
     Currently, municipal and county governments are engaged with private companies in new creative ventures, especially here in the Sunshine State. With the passing of new “public-private legislation” — and an increased volume of support now provided by local businesses — city and county public-works departments are expanding infrastructure and services while creating thousands of public and private jobs.
     Right here in our own backyard, Florida’s local governments spend tens of billions of dollars every year in the private sector, on everything from paper clips to police cars, from radios to roads, from lamps to landfills. In fact, private contractors help to treat our water, light our streets and pick up our trash; in addition to mowing our medians, heating and cooling our buildings, and providing security.
[and. . .]
     Please take a moment to reflect on the role of local governments and the valuable services they provide, as well as the significant contribution made by private enterprises. Together, they are an important engine driving Florida’s economy.
The "public-private legislation" referenced above is a law signed by Governor Scott in 2013 which encourages Public-Private Partnerships or P3's for short. You can read about them here.

Neighborhood Assoc. Presidents Council (NAPC) event for young artists TODAY at 6:00 in Lake Worth

The Cultural Plaza is located in downtown Lake Worth at the corner of Lake Ave. and Federal (Olive) Hwy. There is plenty of free parking all over the downtown. Please make sure to see our newly renovated Martin Luther King Memorial Globe at the Plaza.
Here is the NAPC Facebook page and their website with contact information, maps, and more interesting facts about the little City of Lake Worth. About this Friday: 
     Lake Worth's youngest artists will be painting and selling their work on the Front Porch this coming Friday at Evening on the Avenues. Proceeds from the sale of each painting, as well as proceeds from popcorn sales will go to buy storybooks for South Grade, North Grade and Sacred Heart Elementary Schools.
     The paintings will be priced less than the age of the children who are creating them, but donations in any amount are greatly appreciated! Let's dig deep to show our support for these amazing kids and help them realize their goal of raising $300. Come by and watch the kids paint their dreams come true!
And there's stuff for the parents to do also:
If you have more positive, community news in the City of Lake Worth, suburban Lake Worth (including Palm Beach State College) and Greenacres here is how you contact the Post reporter:
Twitter: @kevindthompson1

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Check back here tomorrow: What could have been at the Lake Worth BEACH!

Above is a Casino building we could have had: the structure located on the center of the property (an unobstructed view of the ocean coming off the bridge), a parking garage located to the rear of the building, a new pool to the north, with traffic flowing seamlessly around the entire BEACH.
Instead we're left with a substandard structure that's losing money every year and will be a burden for decades to come, a pool few are interested in using, a terrible parking situation and traffic flow, and a still-vacant second floor. Who is responsible for this mess? Here they are:

From the Town of Palm Beach (33480): Dangerous Surf Conditions Expected from Hurricane Joaquin

As of 2:00 pm, October 1, 2015, Hurricane Joaquin has developed into a major category 4 storm with maximum sustained winds of 130 mph. This storm is not forecasted to impact Palm Beach and Florida remains well outside the 5-day forecast cone. However, dangerous surf conditions are expected this weekend so we strongly encourage those visiting the beaches to use extreme caution and pay close attention to warning flags and lifeguards.

If the forecast for this storm changes the Town will issue additional alerts. Otherwise, this will be the only alert for this storm. 

Click here for National Hurricane Center website.

Lake Worth Herald editorial on Hudson Holdings' proposal and the City's failed Casino complex

Below are two excerpts from The Lake Worth Herald (here is a link to the submittal by Hudson Holdings vis-à-vis the failed business plan at the Lake Worth Casino complex). To read the entire editorial, other City news, interesting historical items, etc., go to the papers website.

     Comes another proposal, a different idea, to help the City of Lake Worth deal with the hole on the beach into which the city continues to pour money. It is not like the City has any option at the time, at least until a better solution surfaces.
     The City tried using a realtor to fill the spaces at the casino when it re-opened after construction. It appears lease agreements and common area maintenance (CAM) fees don’t produce enough money to maintain the building (not the fault of the tenants) as the original business plan projected it would. [emphasis added] Parking fees have been raised to offset the costs of the building. 
     The City, in an effort to find a solution issued the Invitation to Negotiate which brought, for all practicable purposes, two proposals. 
     One of the proposals, brought by the original realtor of the building, was just another lease offer for the upstairs, un-leased space, along with more demands and a lower offering per square foot than the original tenants pay. It has been established, even with the upstairs leased, there is not enough revenue to maintain the value engineered building.

[and. . .]

     This is Lake Worth, and Hudson Holdings does own the Gulfstream Hotel. Those two facts alone will have two commissioners and their followers planting new signs opposing anything Hudson tries to do. They will be all about why the Gulfstream isn’t open yet. 
     They will never accept the fact there are two different business deals for Hudson here. One is the Gulfstream and the other is the Casino. Yes, one will help the other be successful and vice versa, and in the end, hopefully, Hudson will make money. 
     Oh yea, there is another reason some will oppose the project. 
     Hudson proposes to spend its own money to improve “public property” because it will enhance their other product. They are not proposing the taxpayer pay their way. 
     Maybe this isn’t the solution to the Casino fiasco, but it deserves a good open minded look. There are too many in Lake Worth, some elected, who automatically say no when the words “beach, casino, Gulfstream or Hudson” are used in a sentence. They are the ones who brought us the building plan that can’t pay for itself, much less pay the taxpayer’s money back.

Hudson Holdings' Public Private Partnership submittal to the City of Lake Worth

Lake Worth Has Talent! Talent show coming up soon to raise money for charity

A positive Lake Worth story from the Post's Kevin Thompson—uplifting comments and nary a negative observation—imagine that. The talent show is scheduled for Sunday, November 1st and you can read the entire article here. This is an excerpt:
These local acts are being judged by … Realtors.
     “Most of us have never been involved in something like this before,” said Steve Facella, a RE/MAX agent. “It’s been an eye-opening experience to be on this side of a production.”
     Before last week’s third audition, D’Arinzo said about 40 people tried out, ranging in age from age 9 to 90. Some of those acts included a rap dance group, opera singers and a comedian harpist.
     “The talent was good,” D’Arinzo [Bob D’Arinzo, a broker associate with RE/MAX] said. “There wasn’t anyone where you wanted to push a buzzer to get them off stage.”
Read about one of Lake Worth treasures, The Lake Worth Playhouse. This show is to help the Children's Miracle Network. Save The Date: November 1st.

If you have more positive, community news in the City of Lake Worth, suburban Lake Worth (including Palm Beach State College) and Greenacres here is how you contact the Post reporter:
Twitter: @kevindthompson1

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Calling all Artists, Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs!

This is the last day to register.
From the Lake Worth CRA we have this exciting news:
Come and learn more about the Lake Worth CRA’s loan program* created specifically for entrepreneurs looking to start a small business or existing small businesses looking to expand. The goal of this program is to encourage new businesses, improve the appearance of the City’s Artisanal and Mixed-Use districts and provide needed goods and services and jobs to area residents. Funding eligibility could include but is not limited to the following:
  • Permanent working capital
  • Equipment
  • Bridge loans
  • Acquisition
  • Business expansion 
Please email your RSVP no later than Thursday, October 1st to Emily Theodossakos (Marketing and Program Manager). Or you can call 561-493-2550. The CRA office is located at 29 South J Street, Suite 1, in downtown Lake Worth.

To learn more about eligibility for this program go to the CRA website

*Participating businesses must be located within the CRA District boundaries.

State Senator Jeff Clemens—Day 3 of his Minimum Wage Challenge

This is an entry from Senator Clemens' Facebook page:
Senator Jeff Clemens shops with John Roseme and State Representative David Kerner
"Day 3 of the Minimum Wage Challenge was an eye opener. I was lucky enough to spend some time with John Rosemé, who works 40 hours a week as a dietary worker at a West Palm Beach nursing home and another 20 hours as a security guard to support his wife and children. Even after the two jobs, John gets about $300 a month in federal food assistance.

John isn't lazy and he loves his work. But as wages have not kept pace with inflation, it's been more difficult to make those dollars stretch.

John has high blood pressure, which makes his shopping even more of a challenge. He has to watch his sodium content, which is generally high in cheaper canned goods. He buys bags of dried beans instead, which of course take a lot more time to prepare and cook. He has to avoid cheaper lunch meats, not to mention a lot soups like the ramen noodles he eats without the salty favor packets.

I failed in my quest to stick to budget, spending $21.66 on my shopping trip on chicken, milk, beans, noodles and bread, more than my $17 daily allotment. But I should be able to spread some of that food into tomorrow to make it work. John does it every day."

TONIGHT: Town Hall Meeting at City Hall to build stronger neighborhoods in Lake Worth

Meeting is at City Hall (7 N. Dixie Hwy) starting at 6:30

What happened to food critic Joseph Thompson III? Reviews Benny's on the Beach and never heard from again

[RE-POST: Some hilarity is in order. The very first target of Margaret Menge's now-defunct (always's FREE, delivered FREE, advertising challenged) tabloid was the fabulous restaurant Benny's on the Beach and it hilariously backfired. Without further ado, the short career of 'food critic' Mr. Joseph Thompson III:]

It appears Mr. Joseph Thompson III, Margaret Menge's restaurant critic, has set a world record for the shortest career in 'food criticism' history. Margaret Menge published this review by Joseph Thompson III on 1/16/15 and Mr. Thompson III hasn't gotten another bite, pardon the pun, at the apple.

As part of her 'newspaper' policy, Margaret Menge, "[W]elcomes Letters to the Editor. Letters should be no more than 250 words". 

In Margaret Menge's FIRST LETTER EVER PUBLISHED she published a letter by Lee Lipton. Mr. Lee Lipton, along with his son, Max Lipton and chef Jeremy Hanlon are the management team at the fabulous restaurant Benny's on the Beach. (Read the review of Benny's on the Beach by Liz Balmaseda here.) Mr. Lee Lipton's "Letter to the Editor [Margaret Menge]" was more than 250 words: like close to 700. Mr. Lee Lipton's "Letter to the Editor" was likely one of the longest ever in American history.  And thank goodness it is, since it had to cover a lot of territory, given the honorable Joseph Thompson III's review of his gyro and hot dog. I hear that Mr. Thompson's nickname is simply "Tres", by the way. (We think "Tres" may be a fictional character, perhaps to protect his/her identity at future restaurant visits.)

Anyway, here are some of the things that Mr. Lee Lipton pointed out in his "Letter to the Editor [Margaret Menge]" last January:
Last year, myself, son Max and an amazing Chef and friend Jeremy Hanlon purchased Benny's on the Beach. This location in Lake Worth is a dream come true for all of us. Our goal was to take a building that has been worn down from the salt air and Florida sun and improve many aspects. Working with the folks at the city has been wonderful.
While creating a new and very special Benny's on the Beach, we increased our staff, not only to help with the kitchen preparation but to work on better service for our guests. So far, we have already hired an additional 20 local employees to aid in our efforts to make this a great place to spend time. 
We do not pretend to be perfect, but thrive to make all of our guests happy as our mission statement. When we do not achieve this, we do everything in our power to fix it. We work with our staff every day on improving efficiency and customer service, which are so important in our industry.
Our goal is to give our guests the feeling of being on vacation each time they come to visit! And part of that is putting every effort we can to make the atmosphere, food, drinks and service the best we possibly can.
The one issue we still can't fix is that quite often the demand is so large for a table that people do get upset with us for having to wait. We are only so big! Of course, that is what is called a golden problem. 
[and lastly...]
[W]e are working hard trying to build a better home for both the local community and our friends here visiting! Have a great 2015!!
-- Sincerely, Lee Lipton
So there you have it. The shortest career ever for a food critic and the gentlemanly response from Benny's owner Lee Lipton. By the way, have you made any holiday plans yet?

Did The Palm Beach Post interview THAT "Lynn Anderson" about our Martin Luther King Memorial Globe?

[This post was originally published yesterday, 9/30. Sadly it would appear the Post did indeed publish a comment from Lynn Anderson, yes THAT Lynn Anderson, on our Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Globe at the Cultural Plaza. A few words come to mind for the reporter and editors at the Post: two are 'disrespectful' and 'insulting'.]

I hope there are two Lynn Anderson's in Lake Worth. Here is the article by Kevin Thompson, the Post reporter, on the restoration of the Martin Luther King Globe at the Cultural Plaza. Here is Lynn Anderson's quote by the reporter:
Lynn Anderson said she was surprised Lake Worth took action.
“The city fixed something?” she cracked.
The Lynn Anderson we are familiar with is a blogger who has race-baited Black people, worships the 'Confederate' flag, continues to defend her friend's use of the 'N-word' at City Hall, and has disrespected Black people and minorities relentlessly.

Is it possible The Palm Beach Post sought HER out for a comment? THAT Lynn Anderson?
Could it be possible THIS is the Lynn Anderson who was quoted in the Post in an article about Lake Worth's Martin Luther King Globe at our Cultural Plaza? Let's hope not.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Press Release from Jamie Brown, Lake Worth Public Services Director

The City of Lake Worth’s Public Services Department would like to inform the community that beginning October 1, 2015 from 12th Ave S. to Lake Avenue and from S. B. St. to S. F. St. you may experience temporary road closures for asphalt restoration. The roads will be reopened at the end of each day. 

Please be cautious while driving in this area and obey all traffic workers. Safety is of the utmost importance for our residents as well as the workers. 

Public Services would like to thank you in advance for your support and understanding during this restoration. 

For more information on the Bare Steel Main Replacement project please feel free to call Tyler Glover of MEARS Group Inc. at (561) 225-9697, Jeff Cohen of All County Paving at (561) 252-6120 or Matt Ryan of Florida Public Utilities at (561) 531-3847.

Remember when former-Commissioner Suzanne Mulvehill 'saved' John G's at the Lake Worth Casino?

Below is a picture of the Casino 'renovation'; it was 94% demolished (if you look real close you can see the 6% that was 'saved'):
Below are the ones responsible for this mess:
Remember the people in the image above. They are costing you $600,000 each year, minimum.

What is a Public-Private Partnership (P3)?

You'll find the answer below from the Partnership for Public Facilities and Infrastructure Act Guidelines Task Force which was signed into law by Governor Scott in July 2013. I'll have much more on this interesting document in the near future. Below is an excerpt with highlights from the document:

As local governments around the world are in search of alternative options to finance and deliver projects and infrastructure initiatives, public-private partnerships (P3s) are an increasingly attractive solution. Public-private partnership projects are contractual agreements formed between public and private-sector entities that allow for greater private sector participation in both the delivery and financing of public projects. The transportation sector has historically been the most common industry to utilize P3s, but the use of P3s has expanded into other areas of public infrastructure such as water and wastewater, education, health care, building construction, parks and recreation and technology. 

There are many different P3 models with varying levels of public and private responsibility and financial risk. Public-private partnerships are becoming a common tool to bring together the strengths of both sectors. When executed well, P3 projects benefit both the public and private sectors. In addition to maximizing efficiencies and innovations of private enterprise, P3s can provide much needed capital to finance government projects, thus freeing critical public funds for core services and programs. However, P3 projects do not provide a one-size-fits-all solution to the funding challenges local governments are facing, but are a tool local governments should consider, particularly when faced with budget constraints. 

[and. . .]

With the right parameters in place, Florida is well on its way to being an environment that further fosters public and private entities working together to provide the infrastructure and facility solutions Floridians need.

It is very important in this process to understand what an "unsolicited" proposal is:
  • A written proposal for a new or innovative idea that is submitted to an agency on the initiative of the offeror
  • For the purpose of obtaining a contract with the government
  • Not in response to a request for proposals or any other government initiated solicitation

The Martin Luther King Globe (and the ridiculous article today in The Palm Beach Post)

[First is the inspiring story from the City website and below that is the ridiculous content that made it into the Post today.]
Here are two excerpts from the latest issue of Lake Worth's Worth Noting newsletter:
     Any Lake Worth resident, who has been to the Cultural Plaza for Evening on the Avenue, Screen on the Green, or just for a casual stroll through downtown, is probably familiar with the large, and until recently, inoperable, water globe feature located on the plaza.
     The Martin Luther King, Jr. Globe is part of a large scale community project which was designed in 2003 and completed in 2005. The design of the Cultural Plaza added a stage, pave stones, sidewalks, and pergola, as well as, the site work and necessary infrastructure to accommodate electric hook-ups and water. Since its completion, the Cultural Plaza has hosted many of Lake Worth’s most important events.
[and. . .]
     Not only does the Martin Luther King, Jr. Globe serve as a memorable downtown monument, it also carries an important message to Lake Worth Residents: unity. Its central location serves as a constant reminder that the Lake Worth community is united. On any given weekend, residents flock to downtown for the unique events that make Lake Worth special. While they gather, they will now be able to enjoy the Globe in all of its intended glory.
     “The Globe carries the message of the Martin Luther King, Jr,” said Brown [Jamie Brown, Public Services Director]. “No matter your race, gender, age, or background, it’s a timeless message of unity. It brings people together.”
If you haven't signed up for the Lake Worth email newsletter, Worth Noting, you can sign up here.
Here is what appeared in the Post today about our newly-repaired MLK Globe at the Cultural Plaza:
      But resident [name deleted] was upset at how long it took the city to fix it.
      “What’s disrespectful is that it took almost ten years for this city to find it worthy to be fixed,” she said. “Thirteen-thousand dollars is a drop in the bucket next to all the other stuff they spend on, like art.”
      [Name deleted] said she was surprised Lake Worth took action.
      “The city fixed something?” she cracked.
Very charming, isn't it? Do the reporters and editors at that paper ever give it a rest?

If you wish you can contact Public Services Director Jamie Brown and thank him for completing this work at our Cultural Plaza: 561.586.1720 or by email.

A sign of the times: When an absurd Lake Worth message gets trashed in Lake Worth

What to do with old, stale ideas? Throw 'em in the trash.

Are you considering a recovery center? Looking for a center in south Florida? DO NOT CHOOSE LAKE WORTH, FL

Spread the word and help save a life.

Lake Worth, FL is not an ideal location for people in recovery by any means. A man in recovery was the target of a horrendous crime and there are so few places to hold meetings some are even resorting to 'recovery' meetings at bars. There is at least one destructive religious cult that preys on those with substance abuse issues. If you are in recovery (or a family seeking a place for someone in need) the City of Lake Worth, FL is one of the last places you want to be.

Spread the word in the recovery community—avoid the City of Lake Worth, it is not a location conducive to the recovery process for those with addiction issues. The City is filled with 'triggers' that will easily cause a relapse. Most people who pick Lake Worth for their recovery needs is because it's far less expensive compared to other communities; now you know why. You get what you pay for.

Wish you the best of luck finding a responsible recovery location in a city that's more helpful to the recovery process. The best model for recovery is called the Oxford Model and that standard is impossible in Lake Worth with the availability of drugs/alcohol throughout the City all times of the day and night.

Don't misunderstand: Lake Worth is a fun, lively, funky City with what some call a "Key West Vibe". However, for those in the process of recovery from an addiction it's less than the ideal place to be. A city with far less 'triggers', less access to drugs, alcohol, and less time around those who regularly use drugs/alcohol is where you would ideally want to be. 

Read here about the Oxford Model and what to look for in a community that will better offer a chance at true success in a life of recovery from addiction.

The Obtuse Blogger (TOB) is indeed obtuse—and the proof is below (be careful where you find your information)

[NOTE: The blog post below was first published on September 1st. Despite a few feeble attempts to challenge the proof below. . .no one has. So therefore we've established that 1) TOB's claims about the BEACH! fund are false and 2) TOB (aka, Lynn Anderson) is indeed obtuse. As you know, whether it's the budget, the electric utility, water rateswhatever the topic du jour she's 'the self-described expert'. Read about TOB's flawed analysis of something as basic as our Beach Fund and you'll understand why so many of her conclusions are wrong:]

First, here is the definition of 'obtuse'. TOB goes through phases where she takes on the role of expert and now she is an 'expert' in finances. Here is her latest claim, so ridiculous, and it took less than 10 minutes to prove FALSE:
Notice the tag, "money grab". A little unhinged are we?
TOB is getting confused by words like "fund", "enterprise", and "budget" to name a few. Below is the definition of an "enterprise fund" (and note these funds go by other names as well) which is an accounting technique used by governments, including tiny city governments such as Lake Worth:
     Under enterprise accounting, the revenues in expenditures of services are separated into separate funds with its own financial statements, rather than commingled with the revenues and expenses of all other government activities.
      Enterprise funds may be established, "for a utility, health care, recreational transportation facility." Examples of which include the following.
  • Public utilities - water, sewer, trash disposal
  • Health-care - ambulance service, nursing homes
  • Recreation - skating rinks, pools, golf courses [eh-hem, THE BEACH!]
  • Transportation - airports, dock and wharf facilities
Now note the two images below, which TOB didn't know how to find or didn't bother to look for:
Above is the General Fund: note the BEACH! isn't part of this fund; the big giveaway are all the hyphens that go across the row.
Above is the BEACH! Fund. For taxpayers you might want to focus on the bottom right corner and all those negative numbers.
In conclusion, TOB is absolutely wrong. The BEACH! Fund is separate from the City's General Fund and the proof is right before your eyes. 

Keep this in mind when TOB tells you something about Hudson Holdings and the BEACH!, the Park of Commerce, crime/PBSO, or most anything else happening in the City. If she can't do her research about mundane things like a city budget then what else is she getting wrong?

Commissioner Amoroso running for re-election in the City of Lake Worth

You can Follow Commissioner Amoroso on Twitter by clicking on the 'Follow' icon below (here he is at the Florida Senate):
If you are available to help in any of the below ways please email Commissioner Amoroso:
  • Donate to Commissioner Amoroso's campaign
  • Put up a yard sign and/or sign waving
  • Use your name as a supporter
  • Volunteer at or host events
  • Fundraising
  • Door-to-door precinct walking
  • Phone banking
  • Help on election day
Commissioner Amoroso looks forward to hearing from you!
Political Advertisement Paid For and Approved By Andy Amoroso for City Commission

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Flashback: Former City Mgr. Susan Stanton and former Commissioner Suzanne Mulvehill IN FULL RETREAT

Former Lake Worth Commissioner Suzanne Mulvehill is quoted below after the community in Lake Worth rallied to thwart her attempt to end the contract with Sheriff Bradshaw and PBSO:
"Fabulous. They've exceeded our expectations. The Sheriff has done a fantastic job and it's unquestionable that we want them to stay."
This quote is from May 2011. Mulvehill and former City Manager Susan Stanton were instrumental in the failed effort to kick PBSO out of the City of Lake Worth. They even went so far as to commission a study, a flawed one (the Willdan Study), showing how our City would save money by having our own Lake Worth PD. Absurd. There used to be a Lake Worth PD; PBSO came into the City because the former LWPD has lost control of the City to the gangs.

Go to the 8:00 minute mark in the video below for a glimpse of charming Lake Worth prior to PBSO taking over law enforcement in our City:

The video below is the press conference by Mulvehill and Stanton IN FULL RETREAT after the community rallied to keep PBSO in the City. Enjoy:

[At the 6:15 mark I ask Stanton two questions and she dodges both of them.]

JFK manuscript bidding up to $53K

This article (click title) in the Palm Beach Daily News was updated later to report that the JFK documents eventually sold for around $200,000 after fees, etc. This was way above the $25,000 minimum bid. Click title for link to story. Click here for a link to the auction website that has more information about the hand-written documents on North Ocean Boulevard, Palm Beach letterhead.

Here is a portion of the eventual speech, found on YouTube:

You're Invited! Gulfstream Goodwill's "Home at J Street" Grand Opening

Memorial Service Info for Jessica Crowley Wright's Husband

Obituary for Christopher Wright
Christopher Michael Wright, age 33 of Loxahatchee, FL passed away on Wednesday, September 23, 2015 in Lake Worth, FL. Chris was born December 12, 1981 in Boynton Beach, FL to the loving and proud parents, Daniel and Holly (De Loca) Wright, who survive. Chris was a very hard worker and owned several successful companies throughout his short life. He was incredibly generous and focused much of his time helping others become successful, even if they were his direct competitors. When he wasn’t working, Chris was a sports fanatic who could quickly rattle off every sports fact imaginable. He loved traveling and enjoying nights in watching Netflix with his wife, but above all else, he loved all of his family and extended family and always did everything he could to make those around him smile. On November 9, 2014, Chris was united in marriage to his loving wife, Jessica (Crowley) Wright, who survives.

Family will receive friends on Sunday, October 4, 2015 from 35 pm at All County’s Del Lago Chapel (131 S. Lakeside Dr; Lake Worth, FL) where a memorial service will follow at 5 pm. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to Jessica Wright to assist with expenses. Memorials may be mailed to the funeral home at: All County Funeral Home C/O Jessica Wright; 1107 Lake Ave; Lake Worth, FL 33460.

Due to the generosity of the LW Kiwanis members, an ad hoc collection was taken at this morning's meeting. A sympathy card with a check for $150 was sent.

The Festival of Trees is Coming! Celebrate your love of trees on 2/13/16

A question for pastor Olive of the Common Ground (no 's') church: "Can You Be Gay and Christian?" YES or NO

[Update: this was originally posted on 8/7 and there is still no answer from pastor Olive.]

Just a simple 'Yes' or 'No' pastor Olive.

With great fanfare on Facebook pastor Mike Olive and his Common Ground (no 's') church sent out a new church policy to the community in Lake Worth:
Pay particular attention to #7: "Believes God's Love changes everything." Can pastor Olive give us an example of what "God's Love" can change? Would sexuality be one of the things "God's Love" can change? 

Here are two images from the Common Ground (no 's') church a short time ago, just prior to the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) gay marriage ruling:
On several occasions the Common Ground (no 's') church referenced 'Michael Brown'; from Wikipedia:
     Because of his stances on homosexuality, he [Michael Brown] has been profiled extensively to be among the groups and leaders that the Southern Poverty Law Center considers to be hate groups. In September 2012, the Southern Poverty Law Center's Intelligence Report named Brown among "30 New Activists Heading Up the Radical Right."
Here is a video of Michael Brown promoting a book he authored:

If pastor Olive answers 'No', that's fine. It's no secret there are groups, religious and not, who vehemently oppose SCOTUS' ruling on gay marriage. They have every right to their beliefs. What no one appreciates is dishonesty and misdirection especially by someone who claims to be a pastor.

I would suggest pastor Olive delete #7 from his 'Affirmations' and thoughtfully consider his answer to the question 'Can you be both gay and Christian?': YES or NO.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Is Dee McNamara commenting on The Palm Beach Post website? Who is "JohnDan"?

Below are 3 comments that were left by "JohnDan" under the latest article in the Post by Kevin Thompson on the Lake Worth municipal pool at the BEACH!: 
The Lake Worth Pool needs a high level management which can develop its' full potential for revenue,because of its'location(Palm Beach Island Ocean front Beach).Management which knows what Palm Beach Island Oceanfront property generates in revenues
Lakle Worth has no such management as figures prove.
Dee MCnamara,Resident taxpayer since 1991.
10:52 a.m. Sep. 26, 2015
This is biased as sleazes would.
11:06 a.m. Sep. 26, 2015
Where is my Comment as 24 year resident TaxpayerHow long have you had this slanted whatever you try to cal this.
Afraid to publish my truth ,with knowledge of high level,sophisticated management required for Lake Worth?With billion$ assets
11:09 a.m. Sep. 26, 2015

These comments may or may not have been made by Dee McNamara. If Mrs. McNamara did pen these comments her odd writing style (per her best friend) is because she knows twenty-two languages and has a tendency to get confused sometimes. However, the syntax, sentence structure, and curious punctuation is eerily similar to that used by Mrs. McNamara on her blog
     Cara Jennings Anarchists gang of the illegal liens forced hiring Hall,taken from Lake Worth Seniors,is back with her Commission member created, Suzanne Mulvehill.Anarchists' business :Undermining Government,fight progress for Americans!Lake Worth fake lawyer Levy Cuz ,and Levy Garcia Crespo sold millions of dollars in false voter IDs to thousands of
     o Declared anarchist Cara Jennings appeared suddenly at Lake Worth's City Commission, to remind her candidates the Candidates she and her Anarchist gang put into Commission seats,
     Suzanne Mulvehill and Dr.Chirstopher McVoy(an illegal aliens strong advocate
,who challenged Talahassee with and for them in an anti American demonstration) .
     Her gang is now gathered to force a Charter Amendment through, mimicking Laurence McNamara's needed one ,with which he prevented the give-away of Lake Worth's most valuable asset

A LOOK BACK [VIDEO]—From September, 2013: Lake Worth CRA, Joan Oliva, and artists on City's Artist Lofts

The CRA's effort "stabilizing the core area" in downtown Lake Worth has been a huge success; the Artist Lofts are just one of their projects. It's hard to believe how much things have changed for the better. It was the CRA that applied for and received the $23 million in NSP-2 funds to do their work. A previous city commission, led by former city manager Susan Stanton, showed no interest in going after the government funds available to help our City recover.

Remember this the next time you hear someone complain about our Lake Worth CRA:

The Lake Worth pool at the BEACH! in the Post's print edition today

Post reporter Kevin Thompson's article about the Lake Worth pool at the BEACH! finally made the print edition today (9/28); it's been available to read online for about 3 days now.

There is a factual error that needs to be corrected and hopefully we'll see that in tomorrow's paper. More on that later. Below is the important information that the public needs to learn:
     A total redesign [of the pool] would cost anywhere from $2 million to $8 million, Ruiz [Juan Ruiz, the city’s Leisure Services Director] said.
     “It can get costly,” he said. “Just to put in a couple of slides can cost anywhere from $150,000 to $200,000. But is that really enough to drive additional traffic?”
     For fiscal year 2015, which run from Oct. 1, 2014 to Sept. 30, 2015, more than 5,823 residents and 2,351 non-residents visited the pool, the city said.
     Total pool revenue was $68,206, while the cost to operate the pool was $284,404 for fiscal year 2015.
     In fiscal year 2016, the city said operation costs will be more than $300,000, with revenue projected to be $100,000 to $120,000.
There’s another hurdle Ruiz said the city faces in getting more customers: the beach.
     “People go to Lake Worth Beach to go to the beach.” he said. “I compete against the biggest pool ever — the ocean. We’re doing the best we can to give our users the best experience with what we have to work with.”
     Many residents want to see the pool open longer. Right now, it’s open 29 hours a week, with 16 of those hours on Saturday and Sunday.
Here is a picture of the men's locker room at the pool (I'm told the women's locker room is in much worse shape):
The information below is what needs to be corrected by The Palm Beach Post:
The current pool at the BEACH! was constructed in 1971, not in the 1920's. 
The prior pool was built in the early 1920's and was located north of the current pool. A1A used to be further east near the Casino building and that was what made the pool so attractive to travelers, they could pull over, find a place to park and enjoy the pool for a while and relax. 
Note the location of A1A to the Casino property. Now A1A is further west after in-fill of the western edge of the Lake Worth Lagoon.