Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Martin Luther King Globe (and the ridiculous article today in The Palm Beach Post)

[First is the inspiring story from the City website and below that is the ridiculous content that made it into the Post today.]
Here are two excerpts from the latest issue of Lake Worth's Worth Noting newsletter:
     Any Lake Worth resident, who has been to the Cultural Plaza for Evening on the Avenue, Screen on the Green, or just for a casual stroll through downtown, is probably familiar with the large, and until recently, inoperable, water globe feature located on the plaza.
     The Martin Luther King, Jr. Globe is part of a large scale community project which was designed in 2003 and completed in 2005. The design of the Cultural Plaza added a stage, pave stones, sidewalks, and pergola, as well as, the site work and necessary infrastructure to accommodate electric hook-ups and water. Since its completion, the Cultural Plaza has hosted many of Lake Worth’s most important events.
[and. . .]
     Not only does the Martin Luther King, Jr. Globe serve as a memorable downtown monument, it also carries an important message to Lake Worth Residents: unity. Its central location serves as a constant reminder that the Lake Worth community is united. On any given weekend, residents flock to downtown for the unique events that make Lake Worth special. While they gather, they will now be able to enjoy the Globe in all of its intended glory.
     “The Globe carries the message of the Martin Luther King, Jr,” said Brown [Jamie Brown, Public Services Director]. “No matter your race, gender, age, or background, it’s a timeless message of unity. It brings people together.”
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Here is what appeared in the Post today about our newly-repaired MLK Globe at the Cultural Plaza:
      But resident [name deleted] was upset at how long it took the city to fix it.
      “What’s disrespectful is that it took almost ten years for this city to find it worthy to be fixed,” she said. “Thirteen-thousand dollars is a drop in the bucket next to all the other stuff they spend on, like art.”
      [Name deleted] said she was surprised Lake Worth took action.
      “The city fixed something?” she cracked.
Very charming, isn't it? Do the reporters and editors at that paper ever give it a rest?

If you wish you can contact Public Services Director Jamie Brown and thank him for completing this work at our Cultural Plaza: 561.586.1720 or by email.