Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Mr. Ned Racine, “Jumpin’ J Street”, the Cottages book, and our new bookstore in Downtown Lake Worth.

Have you been to our new Downtown bookstore yet,
located at the corner of Lake Ave. and ‘J’ St.?

Do you remember who “Mr. Racine” was?
He was a fixture around ‘J’ St. back in the day.

In the image below is Ned Racine having a conversation with Peter Lowenstein at Stella’s near City Hall in 1981. Often they frequented a bar/liquor store on ‘J’ St. too (there is another image of Racine later in this blog post).

Click on image to enlarge:
These two men are the actors William Hurt (on left, “Ned Racine”) and Ted Danson in the 1981
classic film “Body Heat”.

October 6th was the Grand Opening of The Book Cellar bookstore in Downtown Lake Worth, a short walk from where Stella’s was located. Some people think Stella’s was the former Junior’s on Lucerne Ave.

Great news. We finally have a restored building at a prominent corner in our City. And its tenant happens to be a bookstore which is a nice addition to the Downtown located at 801 Lake Ave. Plenty of Free Parking is nearby in this little walkable City of Lake Worth.

One street in particular, ‘J’ St., is a happening place once again, thanks to new vibrant establishments such as this new bookstore.

This street in our City — both north and south ‘J’ in the Downtown — was once one of our major hubs for business and entertainment in the City of Lake Worth and was even the focus of the classic film noir, “Body Heat”. This movie starred William Hurt, Kathleen Turner (this was the film that launched her career), Ted Danson, J.A. Preston and Mickey Rourke:

Does one building in particular look familiar?
That 2-story white structure is now The Book Cellar!
Click on image to enlarge.
“Ned” with a cigarette in hand walks down
‘J’ Street. He was rarely without
one in this movie.

The scene above is “Ned” walking north. For more about this street in our City use this link for a blog post from back in June 2013 about “Jumpin’ J Street!

Back to the Grand Opening of The Book Cellar last month:

There were eight Cottages of Lake Worth books on display and all of them were sold. The proprietors requested more books the very next day. Stay tuned for details about upcoming Cottages events, a list of places to go and thumb through the Cottages book, maybe purchase one or more. They make a very good Christmas and holiday gift.

In the meantime suggest you go to The Book Cellar
and support a local Downtown business that just
opened up in our vibrant little City:
See more photos from the Grand Opening of
The Book Cellar below.

About the Cottages book, last September was the second delivery of “The Cottages of Lake Worth” hardcover books. The first task was getting books to people who have been waiting so long after the first 1,000 sold out and to local retailers clamoring for more.

When the latest shipment of books arrived the Cottages board decided to keep all this low-key so as to not overshadow planned roll-out events coming up in the near future. So much for that plan after the Grand Opening of this new bookstore.

But what’s truly amazing about this book is what publishing executives are saying: things like this are not supposed to happen; it’s just not possible for books like The Cottages of Lake Worth to sell so many books without the help of an online retailer. It just doesn’t happen. But it did. Now the advice from the experts is the price of the book (USD$32.95, CAD$34.95) was just too low.

But that’s not true either. The Cottages of Lake Worth book was and remains (sans the photographer and other professional help) an all-volunteer effort with very low overhead and money raised goes back to the organization for other things. . . like ordering another delivery of books!

Hanging out at The Book Cellar:
Friendly residents of our City and smiles aplenty.
A cafe is soon to follow;
the space for that is below:

Here are more photos from the Grand Opening earlier this month:

As Herman Robinson likes to say,
“Welcome to Lake Worth!”
Lake Worth Commissioner Herman Robinson (center, facing) was in attendance.

Everyone wishes The Book Cellar a bright
future here in our City! Use this link
for their Facebook page.

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