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Good-bye Second Floor...

Friday, July 15, 2011

Casino Building Demolition Pics from the 7/15/11 City Manager's Report

Click here for link to Morganti's Progress Report #6

On Vacation...

and I am not going to take the time to respond to the "other blogger's" CRAZY interpretation of what is going on with the Casino building.  She would like to think, as others would like to as well, that I am somehow against the project.  If you search through these 4,000 posts, you will find that I was always for the demolition of the building and support the current project as I do not want to see the City fail.  However, the prospect is still there that it will fail and what was represented to the public is not what is happening there today.  Those are concerns that the public should have in the forefront of their thinking.  Oh, and the fact the NEW building will be in the same place as the old has nothing to do with whether it is rehabilitation or not.  Nor is it considered rehabilitation if the new building is going to look like it was built in the 1920s.

And then there is that pesky lawsuit that, conservatively speaking, is costing the city $600,000+ to defend...

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ramiccio says he'll be back in November to run for Lake Worth mayor

Coming title for link.

Genesis Adopt-A-Spot Rotary Park Clean Up

Save the date!

Sunday, July 17, 2011
Rotary Park 
5th Avenue South and F Street
Genesis Adopt-A-Spot Clean up
We will be mowing, trimming and painting a fence.  It is a small park and the more hands on deck the sooner we have one of our parks looking a little nicer!

Best wishes,
Mark A. Parrilla
Genesis Neighborhood Association, Inc.

Genesis website

Plans unveiled for 134 room hotel in heart of Delray Beach

I guess we have decided that we don't want to be another Delray Beach. But we could still be a better Lake Worth. Click title for link to written story. From the article:

When complete, there will be nearly 900 hotel rooms in the city of Delray Beach. City officials hope that each one of those rooms will pump more money into the local economy.

Maybe we can send those Southend-on-Sea guests to Delray?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The rehabilitation machines are working overtime today

Like one-night stands, perpetual election cycles spoil relations

Insightful analysis of our political rough and tumble schedule of elections in Lake Worth by Tony Plakas. Click title for link. We need to establish a committee to examine and make recommendations for changes to our City Charter. One of those changes can be to fix the timing and frequency of elections. The other thing we need to look at is having four Commission seats be proportionally represented as districts. Those seats would only be elected from their district. Then we could have three at-large seats, with the Mayor being one of them. All things worth looking into as the Charter hasn't been looked at holistically for a very long time.

We do have a bad case of electoral dysfunction.

Lake Worth manager looks for increased tax rate

Timing of this announcement is interesting. It was posted a little over an hour before the polls closed yesterday. And we get this proposed budget in the middle of July? Strange how the City Manager calls out the Internal Auditor position for special mention, along with oversight by the Inspector General - something that I am sure is an irritant. Click title for link.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Waterman trounces Ramiccio in Lake Worth mayoral race

Trounces? Puhleeze...Golden said that this is good for the Commission. The Commission is the most recently formed special interest group in Lake Worth, I guess. Click title for link.

It would help us all get along if our real constituency was the truth.

Special Mayoral Run-Off Election Results 7/12/11

Betty Ford

“I am an ordinary woman who was called onstage at an extraordinary time. I was no different once I became first lady than I had been before. But through an accident of history, I had become interesting to people.”

Town Council objects to sinking barge for artificial reef near Everglades Island

Does anyone remember this barge drop by the City of Lake Worth and the County coming before our City Commission? Click title for link to Shiny Sheet article.  The Palm Beach Town Council doesn't like the idea.

Alert from a College Park Neighbor

A WPB resident near Forest Hill Blvd. just reported that someone, pretending to be his yard guy, was attempting to get into his back yard and he just happened to be home!  Lake Worth PBSO has reported 2 recent burglaries in College Park – one on Dartmouth about 3 weeks ago and one on Princeton last week.  Our non-emergency line is 586-1611 – Deputy Wilson from Lake Worth PBSO said to call on any and all suspicious cars or persons……Please Read below about the WPB incident:

(This message was sent to the West Palm Beach Police Department)

I thought I should notify you in regard to something that happened while I was sitting in my back yard with my dog. I was hearing a weed wacker, leaf blower, hedge trimmer coming closer and closer to the side gate of our home. Our landscaper doesn't come here until Tues. or Weds.

Anyway, they shut the machine off and wiggled the lock on the gate. My dog barked , I told her to be quiet and then  they took off in a car out front very quickly. Nothing in the yard was trimmed or leaf blown 

This of course could be a new way to look like a worker to anyone seeing this happen and think nothing of it until the home owner comes home and says they were robbed. I am lucky that I was home and scared them off. I only wish I was able to get through the house in time to see what type of car it was.

I just thought I would make you aware of this activity so people can be on the look out.

Thank you,

I smell a rat...

This is appearing as a "current" news item in the Palm Beach Post.  Look at the screen grab above and check the updated and posted dates.  This is OLD news and somehow, someway, it was "up-dated" today.  Do we need any more evidence of the Post's collusion in the electoral process here?

NSP2 Open House

The Lake Worth NSP2 Consortium, led by the Lake Worth Community Redevelopment Agency, has been working together to revitalize and stabilize the target neighborhood just east of I-95 in Lake Worth.  

On Saturday, July 16 between 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.,  
Adopt- A-Family of the Palm Beaches, an NSP2 Consortium partner, will be hosting an Open House at Hammon Park, 310 North Dixie Highway next to the new downtown Publix. Units 105,108 &109  will be open to the public for viewing.

You are invited to attend the open house to gather more information about these units and the Neighborhood Stabilization Program. Representatives from the CRA, Adopt-A- Family and Housing Partnership will be in attendance to answer your questions. Please R.S.V.P. to Emily Gorman at (561) 253-1361, ext. 125 or
Qualified applicants must meet the following criteria:
·        Must be legal residents of the United States
·        Good standing credit score of 580
·        Applicants must not have had a short sale or foreclosure in the past three years
·        All bankruptcies must be discharged for three years and there must be new credit established
·        Must not currently own any other residential property (in Florida or outside of Florida)
·        Must have sufficient income of $17,000 and higher depending on household size

The Lake Worth CRA, in conjunction with other consortium partners, prepared a grant application in July 2009 in pursuit of NSP2 funds for our target area. The total request amount was $23.2 million. On January 14, 2010, we received official word that our application was fully funded. While 482 applications were submitted, with requests totaling over $15 billion, only 56 rewards were given. These 56 applicants were able to leverage more than $500 million in public and private assets. The Lake Worth CRA was one of only seven organizations in the state of Florida to receive these funds.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Campaign Promises made by the Regime...

The most important thing to remember tomorrow when you vote...

We do not need another person on the dais that is supported by three of the current members of the Commission.  We do not need another person on the dais that will only listen to those that are part of the machine that gets them elected.  We need a set of experienced eyes and ears to tell it like it is behind the scenes. In short, we need to break up the party, turn the lights on and open the windows of City Hall.

Do you know where your City is going to? Help decide its fate for the better, vote for Tom Ramiccio...

This was left as a comment to the Political Machine post - truer words have never been written...

Joann Golden said- "get used to living in a ghetto", "bilght and slum has no correlation to property values". Suzanne Mulvehill said, "code enforcement doesn't work".
McVoy shows a total lack of understanding regarding the casino project by arguing for LOWER rents, which jepordizes the city's ability to secure financing or meet any other finanical requirements for the casino. Commissioner Mulvehill campaigned on "saving" the building and tenants. Now they're gone and not a word of explanation from Ms. Mulvehill. Did Ms. Arevalo and others mis represent that too?

It was painfully clear the 3 of them wanted to get rid of PBSO until the citizens' outrage, then they reversed field and lied about their original intentions.
Steve please explain how Ms. Arevalo and others have misrepresented the actions and positions of your progressive commissioners?
While despicable and cowardly are strong words to use, your progressive candidate's actions and postions are pretty clear for everyone to see.
Did Ms. Arevalo and others misrepresent their actions when they voted to increase water rates by 80% at a time when residents are struggling?
Did Ms. Arevalo and others mis represent their actions when they voted to break numerous, legal contracts, without thinking about or understanding the ramifications? The contracts would have run out, the lawsuits go on forever. And costs us all alot more than honoring the contract would have.
Did Ms. Arevalo and others mis represent their actions and positions when the only public plan they provided to increase commercial interest in the vacant stores along Dixie was to bust Publix's stones about plastic bags and wages for tomato pickers?
Wes blogged a while back that the cabal's political machine could get a box of Rice Crispies elected. We're about to see that happen. That is the true definition of a politcal machine.
Grassroots movements are great. But look at the condition of the city. Has Ms. Arevalo and others misrepresented that over 50% of the city is a blighted slum? Kids are living in dangerous conditions, the very same children of illegals the progressives propose to be looking out for.
Anyone can see that. If that's what your grassroots movement is working towards then you all need to be honest about your intentions when you go door to door. I'm sure you'll find a much different reaction from voters. Your last progressive commissioner ran on lowering utlity rates. Now your new progressive is running on the same. Why is that? Did Ms. Arevalo and others mis represent that too? Have you all forgotten that McVoy promised that last year? Have you questioned him on why he's turning over something he promised to someone that hasn't even been elected yet?
I could go on forever but you get the point. Nobody is misreprenting anyone or anything, your progressives can't hide behind false and broken statements forever. Others just like to hold their elected officials accountable.
Again if the condition the city is in right now is acceptable to you then your progressives have done a good job. Unfortunatley for you and them there are still a handfull of people left in the city that find their actions and results unacceptable and will continue to speak out. You all would probably be ecstatic if everyone would shut up and Wes would shut his blog down but it's not going to help. So you can accuse Ms. Arevalo, Wes and everyone else of misrepresenation but the proof is there for all to see. It's just a matter of if you want to believe what you see or what or want to believe. 

I forgot to add in the the PB County commssion as well as others locally are starting to call out these progressive commissioners on how unprofessional they are to deal with. Has Ms. Arevalo and others misrepresented that too?
The only person doing any misrepresentaiton around here is their message boy Willie Howard. 

Translating the PBP Endorsement:

Freelance grant writer = unemployed supplicant for government money
Fresh Face = plucked from oblivion to disguise association with Cara Jennings, et al
Moderate tone = adopted the same priorities as her opponent
Free-spirit sensibility = disregards importance of legal judgments and liens levied against her
Experience in economic development = where?
Surprising Revival = successful efforts by the CRA that weren't thwarted by the City Commission
Lean budget years = residue from actions taken by those on the dais, the three that campaigned for her, which resulted in the largest decrease of property values for any municipality in Palm Beach County
Returned to Lake Worth = had no where else to go
Served on City's Marketing and Re-Branding Task Force = Appointed by her supporter Mulvehill, who quickly fed the information to the PBP, prompting a fluff piece announcing her triumphant return to Lake Worth last February
Understands the need to lower utility rates and keep PBSO = knows she can't get elected otherwise
Promises to avoid divisive and distracting issues = at least until after the election.

Oh my!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Casino Building Demolition Pics from 7/8 City Manager's Report

/Why are they trying to use any portion of this building?

Where did these go?  Does anyone care?

Former home of John G's

The entire second story is going to disappear along with ceiling of first floor.

Additional Q & A to and from Tom Ramiccio

You say we should sell our power plant to FPL. But we have 2 years left in the exit plan now under way from our utility's contract with FMPA. Why would FMPA let us out of a contract without a financial penalty?

If and when we negotiate with FPL, we will ask them to take over our responsibilities of FMPA. In addition to which, it might take that long to finalize a deal with FPL. 

When you were Mayor 1998-2001 Garrison Electrical Consultants wrote in a report for the city that “little had been done to improve the utility,” and they warned of blackouts. Why did your administration ignore maintenance of the power plant?

We were partnering with a private utility firm to upgrade the system with a heat recovery plan that would have saved Lake Worth millions of dollars and make the system more efficient. That company went bankrupt and I lost my reelection campaign to Romano. FACT: I did begin a process to make the system more reliable. We maintained the plan the best that we could, like today, they are doing the best they can with old and out-dated equipment that is not reliable or cost efficient.

In 1997 you ran for mayor on a platform of “saving the beach” yet in 1998 you “led the effort to develop the beach” into a 250-room hotel, with 200  Wetimeshare units and a 75-year lease. (Palm Beach Post 12/11/98) Given how you flip-flopped on that, can residents trust your word on anything now?

Yes, I ran on saving the beach from overdevelopment. I never wanted a plan that would have given a developer a 100 year lease with no control from the city. The citizens trusted me on this issue over and over. A proposal came in to put a hotel on the beach and I voted NO. Perhaps you should revisit other press reports where I stated, “We need to take this slow. This could be the last chance to fix up the beach for another four or five years.'' (PB Post November 11, 1998)

Or (PB Post: December 10, 1998) ``We need to keep the beach public. I propose to reject all four proposals and start all over to see what the public wants.''

Or the PB post article stating: “Mayor Tom Ramiccio wants to forget about getting a developer and seek state and county aid to restore the casino, give the area a face lift and replace the oceanfront parking with green space. He would pursue a private-public deal for a parking garage and ``a few more shops.'' The mayor says ``we would have no control'' once land is leased. He's right. Also, while public access may be retained in theory, just the presence of a hotel would discourage the public from coming.”

I voted the right way on the beach and I stand by my vote. I did the right thing for the city. I don’t agree with your assessment. I encourage you to check the facts.