Saturday, August 18, 2012

After recount, Clemens defeats Bernard by 17 votes in Florida...

Click title for the PBP take on the recount process and the result.

17 Votes

Yet another example of your vote being important - regardless of the outcome.

Shenanigans in the Clemens/Bernard race?

The re-count in the District 27 State Senate race continues this afternoon.  Here is the announcement from the Supervisor of Elections office on the need to perform one.

A journalist friend on mine reached out to me today with this message.  It is a copy of one that went to Jeff Clemens:

"I learned today from a friend who lives in your district, as I do, that canvassers (purportedly for your campaign) visited people in the LW area and gave them FALSE POLLING PLACE AND HOURS INFO the day before the primary while allegedly trying to get voters out for you."

He'd like to know if you have heard anything similar. So, if you have any information that supports these allegations, please contact me at through this e-mail address.  Thanks.

Apparently, the City has trouble holding its water...

We, through our expert leadership on the dais and the city administration, are the only municipality in Palm Beach County that is still under water use restrictions - the most severe which allow only one day a week watering of lawns.  Click here for a non-working link on the city's website where there used to be information about who could water when.

There is little enforcement of these restrictions by the city - and the city happens to be one of the worst offenders.  Today, on my bike ride, I took this picture of the South Palmway median being watered - on a Saturday around 4 p.m.  We just experienced a deluge, as you can tell by the wet streets.
This is not an isolated incident.  There are many occasions of this in this particular area.

Then, we head up to the beach today, after the rainstorm.  There we find the new plantings being watered after the rain.  Here are some pictures.  It is my understanding that this water is coming from West Palm Beach, which is not under the type and severity of restrictions that Lake Worth is under.

Perhaps those that supported and voted for going forward with the reverse osmosis plant can explain why the city remains under the most severe water restrictions.  It is my understanding that this is self-imposed by a previous City Commission order - but also required by the South Florida Water Management District.  I will just say that given the self-imposed nature of these restrictions - it seems to be in name only and practice is something completely different.  I think the citizens deserve an explanation.

Friday, August 17, 2012

A-1A to partially re-open - see below:

On Friday evening, August 17, 2012, South Ocean Boulevard from Southern Boulevard (SR80) to Sloan’s Curve will be opened to thru traffic.  The project is still ongoing; therefore, construction crews will remain in the area and periodic single lane closures will occur during the day.  Traffic within said area will experience uneven lanes until the final milling and resurfacing occurs.  The dates of the final road restoration for this area will be forthcoming in future public communications.  South Ocean Boulevard north of Southern Boulevard to South County Road will continue to remain open with periodic single lane closures, while, South Ocean Boulevard from South County Road north to Via Marina remains closed.

Any questions and/or comments can be emailed to: or phoned to Wayne King, Project Liaison with Burkhardt Construction, Inc., at (561)718-2605

The Mars-rover contemplates where he should go next...

It's official - Jim Stafford has qualified for the District #2 City Commission race...

Here is a message from Jim Stafford:

Dear Friends,

It is with great excitement that I announce my intention to run for the District 2 commission seat.
I have spent the majority of my life working for the community from singing in the church choir as a boy, serving as a volunteer in Coast Guard Auxiliary, teaching in Glades, volunteering for not-for-profit organizations such as Bella's Angels, or sitting on the board of the Professional Photographer's Guild.

For far too long the needs of families in Lake Worth have fallen by the wayside.  As a father of four, I know first-hand how hard it is to raise a family in our community. We face failing schools, unreasonable utility rates that unfairly target larger households, neglected neighborhoods, and cuts in youth programs.

Unfortunately, the current District 2 Commissioner has not made these issues a priority. Although it sounds simple, changing the focus of the commission will not be easy; however, I know that with your support we can do it.

Join me in fighting for families and everyone's well-being in the city! Help me make attracting and keeping families in Lake Worth a priority because the key to economic success rests in stabilizing our neighborhoods. In the upcoming weeks I will need both your help and support.  
Best regards,

Jim Stafford
Congratulations Jim for stepping up for a chance to serve our community on a whole different level!

Shanon Materio - Commissioner City of West Palm Beach 08/17 by High Noon in Lake Worth | Blog Talk Radio

Click title for link to the second broadcast of "High Noon in Lake Worth"- today, Friday 8/17 at noon.  We will be welcoming West Palm Beach City Commissioner and Lake Worth business owner Shanon Materio to chat about her public service in Lake Worth and West Palm Beach, as well as what it is like to own a business on Dixie Hwy.  You can call in during the live show by using this number (646) 716-9545.

If you are not able to listen to the live show, you will be able to catch the archived version through the same link.

Click here for additional biographic information on Commissioner Materio and a map of the district she represents in West Palm Beach.

Nail-biter Florida Senate race between Bernard and Clemens...

And the drama is a good example of the importance of one vote and the strategy of using absentee ballots to lock in the vote.  Click title for link to article.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

County approves $300M transit village project in West Palm Beach - South Florida Business Journal

Click title for a good example of a transit oriented development project in West Palm Beach.  Notice that there are complaints about density and traffic, from some unusual suspects.  Entities that you would not think would complain about such things in this area.  Also interesting is that Mike Busha, head planner with Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council, thinks that this project is "light" on the continuum of what makes up a TOD.  For those obsessed with height, you will be disappointed in that it is not mentioned in the article.

The Gulf Stream Hotel in its prime...

Probably from the late 40s?  Notice the large sign on the roof - likely lit to attract travelers along US Highway 1.  That sort of sign would not be allowed today.

Lake Worth's Gulfstream Hotel: Bahraini Petrodollars, the Black Gatsby, and Foreclosure - Broward/Palm Beach - News - The Daily Pulp

Click title for the best summary I have read of the current plight of the Gulfstream Hotel.  Don't expect to see the hotel filled with tourists and their dollars anytime soon.

Here are some pictures of the hotel and property taken just this week.

Letter: March vote works better for Lake Worth building height...

Joanne Kelly sums up why March is a good time to vote on the height issue referendum.  Click title for link.

Friends try to find home for Lake Worth suicide victim’s dogs

The pain of those that survive a loss of a loved one through suicide can be deep and heart-wrenching.  So it is with pets as well.  I hope someone is able to come forward and provide these pets with a loving home environment.  Click title for link to article.

Aldous Huxley

"Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored."

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Two construction projects underway along Bryant Park...

These were taken yesterday and are of the boat ramp project being completed by Palm Beach County.

And, at the same time, work is beginning on the Snook Islands expansion south of the Lake Worth bridge.

Meridian Building in downtown West Palm to become loft apartments

Caution to those sensitive to tall buildings.  This article is about a historic 6 story building that is being converted to apartments in downtown West Palm Beach.  There seems to be a trend toward rental apartments in this market - people that have been foreclosed upon have to live somewhere and probably cannot qualify for a mortgage at this point in time.  Click title for link.

Following up from last Tuesday's (8/7) City Commission meeting...

During the discussion related to allowable heights and the Comprehensive Plan, much reference was made to Delray Beach and its height restrictions in the downtown area.  Commissioner Mulvehill reported that she was fresh from a meeting with Delray Beach's economic development staff person.  According to Commissioner Mulvehill, height in downtown Delray Beach is limited to four (4) stories and they seem to have no trouble attracting a hotel of four stories.  So, Lake Worth shouldn't have a problem either.

I am not sure about the last claim regarding the hotel, but this I do know about the height restrictions in Delray Beach.  If you turn to the section of their land development regulations related to the Central Business District, on page 8 you will find that building height there is limited to 48 feet.

HOWEVER, exceptions to this height restriction can be made by the City Commission through a "conditional use" process, similar to what is being proposed through our own draft land development regulations.

Here is the section on height in the Central Business District:
 In the Article 4.3 of the Delray Beach land development regulations, on pages through 67 through 70, the process is detailed how the City Commission can raise the height limitation to 60 feet in the downtown, along with other areas of the city.  Here are the pages where that process is discussed:

So, we can conclude that Delray Beach's current code can allow buildings in their downtown to go up to 60 feet and are not necessarily limited to four (4) stories.  And, instead of using Delray as a successful example of how a city can economically co-exist with a four story height limit, Delray is actually a better match to how Lake Worth would handle requests to go up to six (6) stories or 65 feet.

It seems that both Commissioners Mulvehill and McVoy failed to see that similarity last Tuesday night.  Alas, the half-truths keep flowing out of these pair of mouths.

More pics of the Mars rover...

Clemens narrowly leads Bernard in District 27 State Senate race |

Closer still!  Click title for link to PBP article.

Mango Picnic Report

Thank you Mango Groves Residents for coming to our end of summer picnic, especially our raft crew!!  Still can't get over how much crazy fun we had on the 4th of July!
We had a great potluck picnic and BBQ at the south end of Bryant Park this past Sunday. We fired up the grill and cooked burgers and hotdogs, and got to sample some fine home cookin' It was really great to see the Mango Groves neighbors come out to play. Even though the weather was a bit spotty, we had the we were dry, and the breeze just cooled things down. I hope we get some pics posted soon (I'm sorry my camera didn't take any, but it was called into DJ music service!). Anyone who has pics, please feel free to share, or post on our facebook page!/pages/Mango-Groves-Neighborhood-Association/187588861263064
For all those who couldn't make it we missed you and hope to see you at the next meeting, scheduled for the 3rd Thursday of September, 7p at Compass, 2nd Ave N and Dixie across from Publix.. Yup, we are taking a little 'end of summer" break, so no August Meeting!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A little closer than Jeff expected?

DEM - State Senate, 27    
272 of 272 Precincts Reporting
Mack Bernard
Jeff Clemens

Pick the Phrase that Pays! Commissioner McVoy Lecture Contest!

Here is the contest: Pick the most ridiculous or unusual comment/statement Commissioner McVoy has made or will make.  Your selection is limited to seventy-five words or less (we'll kind of count and be lenient and realize that finding something that short may be a challenge)  In a personal statement, say why your comment should win. Hmmm, ahhhh, ummm, may or may not count as words- depending on whether or not they add to the whole milieu or not. Please indicate the date and approximate time the comment was made. The contest end date is early November so you will be able to mine from future City Commission meetings.  Click here for the archived audio/video from City Commission meetings.

First prize: Have your name up in lights on this blog and be a guest at my house for dinner.  You can also be a guest host on my new Internet radio show:   High Noon in Lake Worth (btw, our guest for this Friday's show is West Palm Beach Commissioner, Shanon Materio - also owner of the Lake Worth business McMow Art Glass on Dixie Hwy.)

Second prize: Have your name in lights on this blog - a little smaller than the winner's name and be a guest for lunch at my house.  You can also choose the next guest for High Noon in Lake Worth

Third prize: An unsigned copy of the book, “Employee to Entrepreneur, A Mind, Body and Spirit Transition” by Suzanne Mulvehill.

And, please note, in an effort to prove how neutral and hospitable we are, Commissioner McVoy is allowed to participate. I know, seems like a disadvantage, but stay focused all.  Keep those entries coming!  You can enter more than once.  Click here to e-mail your entries.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Nighttime shots of the Mars rover...

Startling example of over-development along Dixie Hwy.

The story of one address: 631

This film is about the history of a particular house in Youngstown, Ohio.  It's a micro example of a macro problem:  widespread abandonment of properties while the economic landscape of the industrial Midwest contracts.  This is just one story of one family and one house - how their histories intertwine.

I often think about the optimism of the era when my house was built - 1951.  While it remains essentially the same structure as it was then, the world around it in someways would be unimaginable to its original inhabitants.  Think about your house's history and its relation to the city's, the state's and the nation's.   What stories like this one lurk around those 50 properties on the city's demolition list?

If you have ten minutes, please watch this movie.   A house is more than a building, it is a home - many of them make up a community.

The Mulvehill Monologues, Part VI

Thank you, Wesley, for taking Grumpy for the night. It's been so quiet around here. Good to know he is settling down. 

I am going to try to transcribe another couple minutes today. Decided to stay outside this morning; it is so lovely out here today. Talk later on, toot toot tootsie! 


The Mulvehill monologue continues, beginning with a couple of sentences from the last monologue (Part V) for some context.

... Some of the lessons that I shared, umm, in that we have learned is that we need decisive leadership, umm, we've had visionary leaders and helping make these projects come to reality. That relationships and partnerships have been key, umm, that nongovernment NGOs or nongovernment organizations, our universities, government, and government organizations. Our, the ROS, that they call it, return on sustainability, hmmm, multidimensional creative benefits. How are we getting benefits from these programs? 

Part V follows:

You know, when we [unintelligible] the New York Times, for example, just three page spread we were in, we were in the Wall Street Journal, we were getting national press for some of the things that we're doing, hmmm, branding and marketing, maximizing assets and investments, some of the, ahh, comp plans I just shared with you about the the [mumbling] preview some things we've done, and a responsible government. You know, communicating the, the flow [pause] looks like flow [Mulvehill trying to read the slide presentation], communication flow! [giggling] Yes! And trust. And having an educated citizen, citizenry, so we can capture, ummm, the opportunities that are available in this city and benefit from becoming a resilient community. Thank you very much. [applause] 

The End!

Wesley, the tape supplied to me was eighteen minutes long and just assumed that there was that much tape to transcribe. This is THE END! Can you believe it? Question for you, Wesley, is there a tape of the original presentation in Bonn, Germany? A web site I can access? There has to be, right? Just curious. Would think it an interesting comparison to see the presentation before the commission and a professional presentation before a international conference. And a few pictures on the city web site would be nice also. Think is would be good for the city to have pictures showing Ms. Mulvehill in Bonn, Germany. Isn't that why she went on the trip to begin with? For the exposure Lake Worth would receive? Do you think the Lake Worth Herald would be interested in publishing some pictures of Ms. Mulvehill's presentation in Bonn? Just wondering. Or, how about some of the local blogs? 

Talk later, Wesley!