Thursday, May 16, 2019

Parrot Cove neighborhood monthly meeting on Monday at The Beach Club: Guest speaker is State Rep. Mike Caruso.

Parrot Cove neighborhood meetings are held at The Beach Club bistro located at the Lake Worth Beach municipal golf course, #1 7th Ave. North; the meeting next Monday (5/20) will begin promptly at 7:00.

Meetings of the Parrot Cove Neighborhood Assoc. are open to everyone from the public, all communities
and neighborhoods. To learn more about Parrot Cove click on this link.

About the Parrot Cove public event: “District 89 Representative Mike Caruso will be speaking to us about the recently wrapped up legislative session, his legislative priorities and taking questions from the audience. We have a great group and so I know our guest will be treated with respect and questions will be on point and relevant.”

Post reporter McKenna Ross and the worldwide viral “Zombie Alert”!

Setting the record straight.

It was former Palm Beach Post reporter McKenna Ross who first broke the story about the Zombie Alert last year. And the very next day every other reporter at the Post was scrambling like a pack of crazed zombies trying to take credit. Here is how Ross’ news report began:

LAKE WORTH — A city power outage alert in Lake Worth on Sunday [May 20th] caused concern in residents for its mention of zombies.

That’s correct. Zombies.

Any clever ideas for recognizing
“The Zombie Alert” here in LWB?

FYI: Tuesday, May 21st, 2019 just happens to be the next scheduled City Commission meeting in LWB. Whilst on the topic of dead things maybe we’ll get an update on the condemned pool at the beach!

Very relevant now from almost four years ago: Business owner in Lake Worth Beach shares ideas about Casino Complex.

The video (see below) is from May 2015, now one
of the most-viewed all-time on my Lake Worth YouTube channel.

Mr. Lipton is the owner of Benny’s on the Beach. The Casino and Beach Complex along with the former municipal pool (forever closed for safety and structural reasons) are still big items to address. The former commissioner in District 2 (Chris McVoy, PhD, 2010–2017) if you recall chimed in with his ideas on how to fix this mess of which he played a major role:

“[D]o some things you can do with
coats of paint and whatnot.”

Thankfully the people had enough of this nonsense and McVoy was rejected by the voters in March 2017. Now Commissioner Omari Hardy represents District 2 in this City and Hardy was re-elected once again in 2019. Prior to even thinking about a new pool at the beach in LWB is whether or not a pool is even a viable or even a good idea. An idea to consider is a municipal pool located centrally in the City and more accessible for the public. Another idea is a public pool located in the northwestern part of the City near the ball fields.

Whilst on this topic, about constructing a new lap swimming pool at the Casino complex Commissioner Hardy said, “We need to get very serious about this issue” and the editor at the Herald said, “Stop the bleeding!”

Lovely scene at the Beach, is it not?

Another major issue to address: An all-too-common view from Mama Mia’s On The Beach. Parking and/or a loading dock for large commercial vehicles was never part of the planning back in 2009.

In the video below you’ll hear Mr. Lipton say things you agree with and maybe some things you don’t.

Interestingly, at the 20 second mark in the video many of you will recall who that person is that walks past Mr. Lipton while he is making public comment at the City Commission podium. That is none other than Cara Jennings, another former commissioner from District 2 (2006–2010) and another one of those from a previous City administration that made all those terrible decisions in the first place. For example, the “Greenwashing” that occurred due to an out-of-control budget.

Hopefully our City will rally around people with bold new ideas and possible solutions — not all of them accepted or agreed upon — instead of following those self-described ‘visionaries’ from the past.

Enjoy the video.

Lipton talks about the now-condemned pool and ‘potential’ of 2nd floor space at the Casino (more information below).

Here are excerpts from this blog from May 2015:

“It was good to see and hear Mr. Lipton and what he said appearing at his first City Commission meeting. This gentleman has owned Benny’s for the last two years and increased its employment from 21 to 76 employees. He’s made changes and been successful doing so: he has high standards.
     That concept of ‘potential’ strikes again. Tough to argue with what he says. Most definitely worth a listen.”

FYI: When you go visit Benny’s would highly recommend the Tuna Tostada. Excellent!

It also would be a good idea to make reservations to avoid a long wait: call 561-582-9001.

Sushi-grade quality tuna along with a
view of the BEACH!

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Today at The Beach Club bistro in Lake Worth Beach: 2019 Free Hurricane Seminar.

Event is being sponsored by the City of Lake Worth Beach and the LOCAL Lake Worth Herald. The Beach Club is located at the City’s municipal golf course, #1 7th Ave. North.

Special host will be WPBF meteorologist Mike Lyons:

For more information contact organizers Kevin Addison and Sam Hamilton at 561-601-2730, 561-582-5162 or by email:

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Vegetation Amnesty Week 2019 is May 27th–31st in Lake Worth Beach (informative video below).

Press release issued by Mr. Ben Kerr, PIO (561-586-1631; email:

Lake Worth Beach, Florida* — The City of Lake Worth Beach’s Refuse Division will be having a RESIDENTIAL VEGETATION (ONLY) AMNESTY PICK UP SERVICE beginning May 27, 2019.

“In preparation for Vegetation Amnesty Week the City of Lake Worth Beach presents this video on vegetation collection to help residents avoid fines when placing out their vegetation piles.”

Vegetation Amnesty Week is designed to allow residents to dispose of large amounts of vegetation prior to the commencement of Hurricane Season (not to exceed 12 cubic yards per residential property). All vegetation should be placed curbside on a resident’s regularly scheduled pick-up day and the City of Lake Worth Beach’s Refuse Division will remove it at no charge.

Vegetation will be picked up on the following days:
  • Zone 1: Monday, May 27.
  • Zone 2: Thursday, May 30.
  • Zone 3: Friday, May 31.
  • Zone 4: Tuesday, May 28.

Definitions of vegetation items are as follows:
  • Only vegetation at curbside.
  • Tree branches less than 2″ in diameter.
  • Branches and palm fronds less than 4′ in length.
  • Stumps less than 15″ in diameter and/or less than fifty (50) pounds.
  • Do NOT use vegetation bin — place ALL vegetation at the curb.

For more information please contact:
  • LWB Public Services Refuse Dept. at 561-533-7344.
  • Or contact Mr. David McGrew, the City’s horticulturist at 561-586-1677 (email:

*About Lake Worth Beach: “Located in Central Palm Beach County, Lake Worth Beach is a dynamic, multi-cultural city with an individualistic style. People are drawn to the City by its acceptance of different cultures and lifestyles, historic districts, hip downtown and colorful arts district.”