Monday, December 18, 2006


Hey folks. I am fired up about the real election process. This is going to be a first for me and I am doing it with all the joy that I can muster.

My last meeting on the Planning and Zoning Board will be this coming Wednesday - our meeting on December 20th. The election of Chairman will be the first item on our agenda - an unusually long agenda, by the way. Please visit the City's website under "Volunteer Boards" for more detail. See link on the right side of the page. I plan to conduct the election portion of the meeting and then I will take a seat as a regular voting member and let the new chair run the meeting.

Before the meeting there will be a reception in the conference room at 5 p.m. before in honor of my last meeting - it's been eight years on the board and five years as Chairman. You are welcome to come by and say "Hi" - I'd like to visit with you.

There is a new website in the works - it will go LIVE in about a week or so and you will be able to sign up to volunteer, find out what events are planned and contribute to the worthy cause via PayPal. Stay tuned - I will provide a link here too. I will maintain this as a blog and chronicle my appearances and other issues as they come forth. And, of course, you can post your own opinions under the comments section at the end of each post.

Enjoy the Holiday season and look forward to coming discussion of issues by all of the candidates after the beginning of the new year - the year of Lake Worth!

"Political advertisement paid for and approved by Wes Blackman for Commissioner – District #3"