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Detroit: City on the Move (1965)

Garden Class: Vertical Planting - Friday, February 7, 2014 in Pan’s Garden

On Friday, February 7, 2014 the Preservation Foundation will offer its first Garden Class.

Preservation Foundation of Palm Beach Director of Gardens Daniele Garson will lead participants through a class on vertical planting in Pan’s Garden. From the hanging gardens of Babylon to the Saks Fifth Avenue living wall on Worth Avenue, vertical gardening has a rich history both culturally and architecturally. Participants will learn to create their own unique vertical gardens.

The class takes place at 11am in Pan’s Garden.

Pan’s Garden is located at 386 Hibiscus Avenue in Palm Beach between Chilean and Peruvian Avenues; one block north of Worth Avenue. 

The event is available to only Preservation Foundation members.  There is no fee to attend though there is a charge of $20 for each individual’s equipment and supplies.

Reservations are required so please call 561.832.0731 to make them.

Signs available now!

Boynton Beach: Water taxi aims to start this month - The Coastal Star

Maybe we can all hop on board in Lake Worth sometime in the future. Click title for link. The following appears promising:
 “We’re thrilled,” said Michael Simon, development director for Boynton Beach. “That means our marina is completely leased. We have dive boats, deep-sea fishing boats, pleasure boats for rent.”
    Mark chose Boynton Harbor Marina because it had dock space available for Admiral, his 40-foot fiberglass boat licensed to carry 43 people.
    Plus, the marina has free, covered parking for guests, Mark said.
    Separately, the county’s League of Cities is working on a countywide ordinance to make it easier for boat owners to operate a water taxi service, said Richard Radcliffe, executive director of the Palm Beach County group and coordinator of its water taxi task force. 

ANGA - America's Natural Gas Alliance

From the natural gas industry's website comes these statistics. Click title for link.
“One of the biggest factors in bringing more jobs back is our commitment to American energy," President Obama said during his fifth State of the Union speech on Tuesday. "Businesses plan to invest almost $100 billion in new factories that use natural gas.”
Since 2009, U.S. production of shale gas has tripled, and now America is the world’s largest natural gas producer.
Greater use of natural gas has reduced air pollution and brought carbon emissions to their lowest point since the 1990s.
Unconventional natural gas production will support 1.4 million jobs in 2015.
Natural gas is forecast to be the fuel of choice for 65 percent of new power plant additions through 2040 while driving a U.S. manufacturing resurgence.

Black History Month: The people and places of Palm Beach... |

Leslie Streeter of the post provides a countdown of important people and places in Palm Beach County history in honor of Black History Month. There are two Lake Worth mentions and Samuel and Fannie James get the number one spot. Also making the list is the Osborne Colored Addition, an area created to segregate the races. The word "Colored" was officially removed from the name of the plat in 1999. Click title for link.

Hurricane Center to issue storm surge maps this year |

This may be helpful for areas subject to potential storm surge. Palm Beach County is better protected by the ocean floor's make-up of our coast. But note that a prime area of impact for storm surge is Palm Beach which occupies the barrier island. That is the same barrier island that houses our new Casino building that is not built on a fortified foundation and sits behind a seawall of unknown strength. Click title for link to article by Eliot Kleinberg.
It’s not as dramatic a factor in Palm Beach County and the Treasure Coast, because the ocean floor drops off precipitously just off the coast and the deep water absorbs much of the energy of a storm surge. The region also benefits from several ridges.
But the damage is less, not zero.
A June study said three Palm Beach County ZIP codes — 33480 (Palm Beach), 33410 (Palm Beach Gardens) and 33458 (Jupiter) — remain in the top 10 in South Florida in terms of potential storm surge loss because of the combination of surge risk and high property values.
Scientists have said that, even in a minimal storm, water would cover most or all barrier islands and the mainland right along the Intracoastal Waterway, and in a Category 5 storm the ocean could rise up to 10 feet above normal in coastal Palm Beach County and up to 15 feet on the Treasure Coast.

Georgia asks U.S. Supreme Court to reject Florida's lawsuit over river water | The Florida Current

The fight for water rages on between Florida and Georgia. The ball is in Florida's court now to respond to the latest salvo. Click title for link.
Georgia's response said Florida officials, including Scott ]Gov. Rick Scott], now are ignoring their own explanations for the 2012 collapse of the bay's oyster population, including changing climatic conditions the result in less fresh water flow and overfishing.
"In sum, Florida has not pleaded facts plausibly suggesting that it will be able to establish clear and convincing evidence that it suffers substantial injury as a result of Georgia’s consumption of water," Georgia wrote. "… The Court should therefore deny Florida leave to file its complaint."

Another protest by new and old Lake Worthians in Palm Beach.

This is how the event was portrayed by David Rogers of the Shiny Sheet. Notice that a picture is included as an inset in the electronic edition; it also appears in the printed paper just below the fold on the first page. Count the number of people in the picture. If you use your fingers, you might have to use two more of your toes to get a dozen...and a half if you include a baby in arms. Also, check out the picture closely. Is that Mark Foley in a red shirt and white shorts looking like he is just going about his business?

Click here for Fire Ant's lead-up to the protest and then at the end of the article he has an update, after the protest. He says that 30 protesters were involved. Don't ants have unique eyes? Ants have two eyes, but have compound lenses. These may explain the vast difference in the protester counts between the two articles. Something to consider.

It is also interesting to note that the leader of this protest recently moved to Lake Worth from Michigan. As far as what they are protesting, it is terrible tragedy about what happened with the oil spill in the Kalamazoo River. The discharge of coal mining solvents into the Ohio River is alarming and the response raises many concerns and still could endanger people living along the river. However, what is this protest really going to do other than garner certain people the attention they crave?


Friday, January 31, 2014

WPB's Mayor Muoio has a "Morning Joe" on South Dixie Hwy.

I bet she got an earful. The thoughtful questions shown in the video don't get answered directly. The meeting took place at Don Ramon's. It was just posted today (1/31/14).

Florida lawmakers renew effort to regulate halfway houses

From the Palm Beach Post, a state senate and house bill will be considered in 2014 that will regulate sober houses. Click title for link. These are essentially unregulated now and protected by federal Fair Housing and the American's with Disabilities Act. Click title for link. Here is what the bills are designed to do.
Registration of sober houses with the state; annual license renewal.
Background screening for owners, operators and chief financial officers.
Criminal penalties for operating without a license.
Licensing information on all advertising.
Fire, safety and health inspections.
48-hour written notice or emergency housing for tenants evicted.

Watch for Videos from the Joint Professional Societies Annual Legislative Breakfast

I attended the event today along with two hundred plus planning, engineering and design professionals. State Senator Jeff Clemens, State Senator Joseph Abruzzo, State Representative Pat Rooney, State Representative Mark Pafford, State Representative Dave Kerner and State Representative Bobby Powell, Jr. were on hand to answer prepared questions, and take some from the audience as well. A wide range of issues were discussed including water resources, infrastructure planning, ethics, sea level rise, and other pieces of emerging legislation.

I'll be serving these up as they are processed on YouTube.

FL Ag Commissioner Warns Panama Is Future Competitor « CBS Miami

Panama City a competitor with Miami as a Central and South American financial capital. With the expansion of the canal comes more attention and commercial opportunities. Check out what Florida's Agricultural Commissioner is saying upon returning from the country. Click title for link.
While Florida has been bulking up its ports and transportation infrastructure in anticipation of the completion of the widening of the Panama Canal, the Sunshine State may need to up its game amid infrastructure investments being made by Panama, Putnam [Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam] said. “The skyline of Panama City looks exactly like the Miami skyline, but it’s two or three times bigger,” Putnam said. “The number of international banks that are moving into Panama is striking.
The investment they are putting into public works, not just the canal, but in roads and airports, I think poses an economic challenge to South Florida that we need to be prepared to meet.”

Central Palm Beach County cities vow cooperation on... |

The MPO is mentioned again in this meeting covered by the Post's Eliot Kleinberg. This is the second of a series of meeting between municipalities who share similar geography and demographics in eastern Palm Beach County. Transit was discussed, along with this exchange about Dixie Hwy. Click title for link. The meeting was held in the LW Casino building.
West Palm Beach Commissioner Shanon Materio, whose business is in Lake Worth, said the cities should coordinate on changes to the Dixie Highway corridor.
She noted revitalization efforts on the south end of West Palm Beach and into Lake Worth, and along Broadway from West Palm Beach into Riviera Beach, but bemoaned that the road has almost no on-street parking in any of the cities.
Riviera Beach Council Member Terence Davis dreamed aloud about a trolley route from Lake Worth to Lake Park, bringing people to shopping, food, entertainment and waterfront activities in all the cities.
“How can we tap into that corridor and that resource to be one big market brand?” he asked.

MPO Traffic Study Invites Residents To Offer Input

Click title for link to a Town Crier (Wellington) article on the MPO - which stands for the Metropolitan Planning Organization. Mayor Pam Triolo is the Lake Worth representative on the board which decides the future path of transportation for Palm Beach County. They are taking a survey which you can respond to by clicking here. Here is what they say about it in the article.
The Palm Beach Metropolitan Planning Organization is conducting a survey of residents to see what they think is needed, or not, in the county’s transportation plan.
The Directions 2040 survey is part of a 25-year forecast based on regional needs to project travel demand, evaluate system alternatives and select options that best meet the mobility needs of the county, with consideration of financial, environmental and social constraints.

Attack ads ignite debate at candidates’ forum |

Politeness does seem to be a casualty of Town of Palm Beach elections. This year's seem especially nasty, perhaps due to the fact that there hasn't been one since 2010. You really do owe it to yourself to pick up a Shiny Sheet - probably this coming Sunday's edition would be a good one. The political ads in it have been unusually raucous. Sunday should be the peak - their election is next Tuesday. Click title for link. Here is a taste:
“I am very disappointed that backers of my opponent Penny Townsend would stoop to printing mailers distorting facts, slinging mud and being generally mean-spirited, all in their zeal to prevent the passage of the PUD-5,” Feldkamp said. “Possibly the most important issue of all in this town is to act civilly and treat one another with dignity and respect.”
Robinson held up a full-page ad printed Thursday the Palm Beach Daily News slamming the Royal Poinciana Way zoning ordinance and stating it will “encourage the demolition of historic buildings.” The ad was paid for by the Palm Beach Preservation Alliance, William Cooley’s political committee.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Blogger Chaz Stevens and Activist Fane Lozman 01/31 by High Noon in Lake Worth | Politics Podcasts (Portions NSFW)

Join your host Wes Blackman as he welcomes Chaz Stevens and Fane Lozman to the High Noon in Lake Worth studios. Broward-based blogger Chaz Stevens starts out the hour. No stranger to the show, Mr. Stevens recently grabbed the spotlight by getting permission to erect a Festivus Pole in Florida's Capitol rotunda during the 2013 Holiday season. We'll find out more about that as well as his other pursuits, including some complaints filed against State Senator Maria Sachs. At the 12:30 mark, Fane Lozman will be joining us. He is also a previous guest on the show. You might recall that Mr. Lozman took a case to the Supreme Court related to the City of Riviera Beach's seizure of his houseboat - which he won. He is still in a legal sparring match with the city and he will bring us up-to-date on those goings-on.

Click title for link to live show between 12 and 1 p.m. on Friday (1/31) or afterward for the archived version of the show. Leave questions as comments below.





C.R.O.S. Ministries moving to new Lake Worth location

And, in stark contrast to the article below, we learn about a new food pantry opening in Lake Worth. This one happens to be one of our municipal polling locations. Click title for link to the Palm Beach Post article. It appears in this week's neighborhood section.
She never imagined such need among so many adults 60 or older living on fixed incomes. And she never fathomed that as many as 100 people would crowd the pantry in order to keep food on the table.
“It’s been a very eye-opening experience,” Jones, 60, said. “I can’t believe that kind of poverty is here.”
On Jan. 24, Jones worked helping an estimated 90 people and quietly closed the old site with little fanfare. The food pantry will re-open at a new site on Feb. 10 at Our Savior Lutheran Church on Lake Avenue in Lake Worth, ready to do more than ever before.
Remember that Lake Worth falls between Belle Glade and Riviera Beach in terms of the percentage of our population below the poverty line. Further on in the article, we learn about the actual numbers of people served.
The nonprofit organization, which runs on a budget of $1.3 million and the kindness of donors, distributed food to 55,000 people last year for emergency and short-term needs, and 42 percent of that number were children. Of that number, 16,044 people were given food at the Lake Worth location.

A new energy on Antique Row Shops, housing reinvigorate downtown art and antique district

As one reads this Palm Beach Post article by Barbara Marshall, one loses track of the number of superlatives used. Click title for link. This in comparison to the doldrums one finds further south. One retailer there has experienced the contrast. Check this out:
Recently, Neneh Baggiani has witnessed the power of that old real estate adage about location.
For most of last year, her Out of Africa Art Shop limped along on South Dixie Highway, below Forest Hill Boulevard, some days without a single customer. "It's the dead zone there," she said.
And then on and on in the article, we read how no one cares that this retail area isn't physically in Palm Beach, but how it adds to the area's retail draw. It is getting national exposure. One new retailer from Wellington compares the area (are you ready for this?) to Paris. You know, the capital of France. The one with the big tower.
To Hase, Antique Row’s concentration of shops feels like one of the Left Bank neighborhoods he’s familiar with in Paris.
“I think it’s very similar to Rue Bonaparte in the St. Germaine district in Paris, with its concentration of very fine antique dealers. It’s a good fit for us. They can buy custom-made upholstery from us then find Murano glass lamps from the dealer next door,” said Hase.
And we read how successful sales of the residential units have been. Here are some more of the pictures we took during their grand opening weekend.
Remember this is what is directly across the street from the new project.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Blast from the Past: Annabeth Karson asking...

...that the former Community Relations Board not be subject to state Sunshine Laws.

Discussion on Advisory Board Appointments - 1/28/14 City Commission Meeting

This item was pulled from the Consent Agenda at the request of Commissioner McVoy. There was no back-up provided for the three people who were to be "ratified" by the City Commission. Commissioner McVoy has an obvious observation: He was not in a position to make an intelligent decision.

The whole situation would have solved itself had back-up been provided with the time, which included the application to serve on a volunteer board, resume and bio information. If you listen to the video, you will hear about the difference between being "appointed" and "ratified." I, personally, am for the more formal interview process and that could be done every three months, based upon the applications received during the previous three months.

Retro Futurism: City of the Future by Syd Mead, circa 1960s

Larry Johnson, Water Utilities Director explains the need for increased disinfection process and required upgrades...

Beginning of last night's City Commission meeting (1/28/14)...

Last night's City Commission meeting was a little unusual compared to others. There were fewer items on the agenda. Public comment included many concerns voiced by "snow birds" that do not usually attend meetings. The meeting ended just after 7 p.m.

Better living through drones...a "take off" on's experimental delivery method

C. JoyBell C.

"The only way that we can live, is if we grow. The only way that we can grow is if we change. The only way that we can change is if we learn. The only way we can learn is if we are exposed. And the only way that we can become exposed is if we throw ourselves out into the open. Do it. Throw yourself."

Two incumbents draw no opposition in Jupiter Inlet Colony |

First West Palm Beach and now the thriving metropolis of Jupiter Inlet Colony, will the same be true in Lake Worth? We are now in the midst of the qualifying period to have your name placed on the ballot.

Weather Matters by John Nelander » Blog Archive » Forecasts hint at possible El Niño, good news for 2014 hurricane season

Nice, concise weather forecast from the Shiny Sheet. Not only does it address the long term hurricane forecast, it says that we are going to have rain starting later today through Friday. Click title for link. Here is the first part about the hurricane forecast.
Some potentially good news may be brewing for the 2014 hurricane season. Forecast models are beginning to hint at a developing El Niño in the tropical Pacific Ocean, which could put a lid on tropical storm development in the Atlantic. Last year’s quiet season occurred despite neutral conditions in the Pacific. Dry air, and higher pressures over the Atlantic snuffed storms out or kept them weak.

Florida Power and Light - A new advertisement piece about its hybrid solar/natural gas power plant

West Palm Beach: We have plenty of water |

Eliot Kleinberg reminds us that West Palm Beach gets its water from surface sources, unlike other communities which get their water from wells. At last night's Lake Worth City Commission, we heard how the city will be improving its disinfection system to meet new recommended standards. If we don't do the work, we will be subject to more boil water orders. I will put up that section of the meeting today in the form of a YouTube video later on. 

West Palm Beach benefitted from the deluge a few weeks ago. Click title for link. Here is a bit about their situation.
Earlier this month, when parts of Palm Beach County got up 22 inches overnight, the city’s water catchment areas got 8½ inches, Kelly [assistant city administrator Scott] Kelly said.
“We were OK before then, but this put us back to where we normally see in the middle of the rainy season,” he said.
While many South Florida cities draw water primarily from wells, West Palm Beach — which also serves Palm Beach and South Palm Beach — relies on surface water that flows 20 miles from Lake Okeechobee through canals and wetlands to Lake Mangonia and Clear Lake, just west of downtown. In 2011, the big lake was so low that gravity couldn’t carry water into the city’s system.

Submission Deadline Approaching for Next Issue of Earth First! Journal. Send Us Your Work! | Earth First! Newswire

Why the desperate tone? Why the long faces? Seems that the peeps at the EF! Journal collective need submissions. So send away fair readers. I think they may actually getting a little too much of the last item mentioned below for their taste. But, hey, that's show business. Click title for link.
We know, you’ve been sitting on that piece about your local group’s mountain top removal resistance, trying to hammer out a perfect headline; or you just aren’t quite satisfied with the third paragraph of your biocentric analysis of this summer’s mink farm raids; or better yet, you haven’t quite decided whether you went too far in that angry call-out hate mail telling us to go f#ck ourselves. Well, you’ve ruminated enough—hit send!

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From a loyal reader of local blogs comes this...

Apparently Ms. Anderson is quite peeved that Wes Blackman's readers are actually reading Ms. Anderson's blog AND GOD FORBID are documenting her racist remarks for all to see. Ms. Anderson's attacks on the African-American community are neurotic, distasteful, and undignified.

“For everyone who does wicked things hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his works should be exposed.” John 3:19-21

The way to deal with hate is to expose it and lay it out for all to see. You did just that, Mr. Blackman, and for that you have to deal with the ire and wrath. A reasonable person would reflect on past racist comments and admit they are wrong and apologize, but that would mean taking a higher path, and we all know that is unlikely.

Lynn Anderson said on her blog yesterday: “Instead of snide remarks or personal attacks, I would like to just see bloggers sticking to the topic at hand? And the other blogger [Wes Blackman] needs to stop copying my stuff to tear it apart with his own political view of the facts. You write your stuff. I will write mine-- never the twain will meet.” January 26, 2014

What was Wes Blackman's “personal attack” on Ms. Anderson? He posted Ms. Anderson's quotes about African-Americans on his blog for all the world to see. Without further commentary here are just some of Ms. Anderson's observations about “the blacks”:

“Retha [Commissioner Retha Lowe] wasn't elected because she was black although I would bet every single black person in this city voted for her.” June 8, 2013

“Ok...all you liberals like to hurl names and insults. Now I am a bigot in your eyes. Because I have a different view of the world than do you? I definitely have my own views. The one thing I am NOT, is a racist. Is that what you are? Isn't that the favorite personal attack or perhaps the ONLY personal attack you have here?” November 17, 2013

“For the past 30 years a large segment of black America has waged a war of violent retribution against white America.” September 5, 2013

“With every chance at success as every other American, violent crimes are being committed by angry black men who are taking out their frustrations on Whites. You could be the next target.” September 5, 2013 [note the use of capitalization]

“It's not just men. Black women are also joining in the hate […] Everyone needs to be very, very careful, and consider carrying a weapon.” September 5, 2013

“The rules of the 'knockout game' are typically the same no matter where it happens: Start with a group of black people. Find a white person. Punch him in the face. Don’t stop until the person is knocked out or your arms get tired … or the person is dead.” September 24, 2013

“You mean I should tell the large groups of black people not to let their kids throw their trash on the ground? I'd rather not have a punch in the face today. Thanks. Hispanics you can say something to. And I have. They apologize sincerely. Not blacks. Personal experience. I said something to a young black girl after I saw her throw a paper plate on the ground. She said something to her older friend, a black boy age about 12, about not littering, and he told her to Shut the EFF up.” October 25, 2013

“What he [Martin Luther King] did back 50 years ago was very brave. He ended up by the giving of his life to a racist..the ultimate sacrifice. And through his activism, the civil Rights Act was passed and integration began. We have come a long way. I personally do not know anyone who judge's someone by the color of their skin but judges their character and their intent.” January 21, 2014

Palm Beach County home sales gain ground in December |

For all Lake Worth property owners on the edge of considering putting their house on the market, now may be the time. I've seen a lot of signs and signposts going up recently. What an exciting time to live in south Florida? If you got the itch, by all means scratch it! Time to hoist the sail for sure. Click title for a countdown on the latest sale prices in Palm Beach County.

Bill boost for Florida citrus

Shared on Facebook by Congressman Patrick Murphy. Click title for link. Here is what the Congressman says:
Great news for Florida's citrus industry! The House and Senate Farm Bill Conference Committee has approved $125 million in citrus research funding over the next five years, which will enable us to study solutions to our devastating citrus greening problem.

West Palm Beat blog | The Palm Beach Post » Blog Archive » WPB: Only half of city roads “good”

Our bigger municipal cousin to the north is having similar trouble with its roads and performed a survey recently to determine their condition. We are doing the same thing, perhaps using a different scale, to evaluate the conditions of our rights-of-way. Some of that on the Lake Worth side is determining if there are improved roads and required utilities to service some areas of the city. This is the background work being done as part of the Lake Worth 2020+ plan. Click title for link to an Eliot Kleinberg report.
A report released Monday by the city listed 46.9 percent of roads as “good,” 44.8 percent as “fair,” and 8.3 percent as poor.
On top of that, nearly 90 percent of the city’s alleys are listed as “poor,” director of engineering services and public works Danielle Slaterpryce told a city commission workshop Monday morning.
According to the study, it would cost almost $30 million over five years to bring all the roads up to a “good” rating.

PHOTO — Trace Adkins’ Musical Rehab in Palm Beach!

Trace Adkins found time to visit Chafin Musicenter, a 58 year old Lake Worth institution and purchased a used guitar. Adkins is receiving treatment for addiction at one of our local treatment centers. Nice photo and publicity for a destination retail outlet in Lake Worth. Click title for link to Jose Lambiet's article.

Food in the sky? Highrise farming idea gains ground - Yahoo News

How about allowing chickens in Lake Worth, but only above the sixth floor? Such is the concept of a Belgian architect that sees cities growing in the future, as they already are now. The future city will denser, greener and more connected. His buildings are an attempt to inject agriculture and human habitation within one structure. The concept is getting a lot of attention, but no buyers/investors - yet. Click title for link.
Imagine stepping out of your highrise apartment into a sunny, plant-lined corridor, biting into an apple grown in the orchard on the fourth floor as you bid "good morning" to the farmer off to milk his cows on the fifth.
You take the lift to your office, passing the rice paddy and one of the many gardens housed in the glass edifice that not only heats and cools itself, but also captures rainwater and recirculates domestic waste as plant food.
No, this is not the setting for a futuristic movie about humans colonising a new planet.
It is the design of Belgian architect Vincent Callebaut for a 132-floor "urban farm" -- the answer, he believes, to a healthier, happier future for the estimated six billion people who will live in cities by 2050.

William & Mary - Virginia Coastal Policy Clinic tackles legal issues of rising waters

I am seeing a lot of overlap between the legal and scientific fields as it relates to sea level rise. Much of that is occurring in the planning profession as terms such as "rolling easements" and other new legal measures make their way into common practice. Curriculum is adapting at various institutions of higher learning. Click title for link to article.

Pet Sales Slowly Being Banned in Broward and Palm Beach

As the article notes, Lake Worth is one of the south Florida communities that adopted the ban on commercial pet sales. If you read the article, it really isn't known if such laws are effective or not, but that doesn't stop communities from adopting "feel good" laws that play to constituents' pet sensitivities. Click title for link to New Times article.
Coconut Creek joined places like Hallandale Beach, Margate, Lake Worth, and Lauderdale Lakes in enacting the law.
Specifically, the law says that only hobby breeders, who sell a minimum of one litter per animal a year, are allowed to sell cats and dogs in a city.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Art Pop at the Urban Arts Lofts - Downtown Lake Worth

Fun event yesterday. We got to visit with the artists in their lofts and see their work. Enjoy the pictures taken during the walk-through.