Friday, August 21, 2020

Antigen Rapid Testing Site

 Rapid antigen testing is now available at the FITTEAM Ballpark of the Palm Beaches. The site will be open Tuesday – Saturday from 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. for anyone 65 years of age or older, 18 years of age or younger, or anyone showing symptoms of COVID-19. Appointments are required. Registration can be done online at or by calling (866) 416-6341. Online scheduling is preferred.

Information about additional testing sites in Palm Beach County can be found at

Blog Update: "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans."

You may have noticed that the posts have been few and far between for the last year and a half. Frankly, dear reader, the focus has been elsewhere. I'm still alive and well, living in Lake Worth Beach. Besides the COVID-19 pandemic, my planning, zoning and historic preservation business took the front seat. Now, I hope to create a better balance between what had been a very active blog and that business.

You will notice more frequent updates and they will likely be geared to my line of work, but still with a major focus on Lake Worth Beach. Regional issues will also be addressed that impact our quality of life.

Besides doing some major housekeeping on the material found in the right-hand column of the blog today, I also turned back on the ability for readers to comment on entries. You'll find a comment tab at the end of each post. A "pop-up" window will appear where you will be able to submit comments. As before, all comments will be moderated and reviewed prior to posting. Long-time blog readers may remember that I exercised a light editorial touch to the comments. There were very few that I could not all to be posted. I also plan to interact, so that would be a good place to ask questions about the topic at hand.

You will also notice that I moved my contact information up to the top of the right-hand column. If you feel the need to contact me via other means, all the information is there. 

No promises that you will see a regular five or more posts per day on Lake Worth Beach goings-on. I am sure it will be crawl, walk and then maybe run. Just expect to see more regular updates with a little more narrow range of subject matter. I will be announcing up-coming City meetings and attempt to pass through other announcements of general public interest.

Another note: I am keeping all the older material up. There is a robust search engine in the upper left-hand corner that is specific to this blog. It's very good at retrieving that post with just the keywords you are looking for.

"Hello again!" I proclaim. Be patient at first and we'll get things underway again. There is a lot going on.

One last thing, don't be afraid to click on the ads you find on the blog. You will find that they cater to your particular interests. Each click helps put a few cents in the tip jar. If you appreciate the content you find here, it is an easy way to support this blog.

 Thanks for your loyal readership. 

Lake Worth Beach CRA REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS #03-1920

The Lake Worth Beach CRA is seeking Request for Proposals (RFP) for the development of vacant, City-owned parcels along Lake Avenue and North “B” Street in the mixed-use east zoning district.

The site contains three lots located between Lake and Lucerne Avenues and between “A” and “B” Street.

SITE: .6 acres


• Zoning: Mixed-Use East

• Land Use: Mixed-Use East

• Over 20 units allowed + 4 stories


• Within Arts District

• 1 mile to beach

• 5 miles from Palm Beach International Airport

• 1.2 miles from Palm Beach State College

• .2 miles from Tri-Rail

• 1/2 mile to I-95 access

• Several redevelopment projects underway nearby

• Frontage on Lake and Lucerne Avenues

The CRA is seeking one proposal for the development of all three lots. The intent of the RFP is to create a unified vision with similar uses in the District that complement the evolving landscape as seen further east on Lake and Lucerne Avenues.

A proposal from one developer, willing to develop all of the parcels is required. It is the CRA’s intention to competitively select a Developer with the proven ability and interest to construct a development, and own the property once constructed.

Projects must be at least three stories in height. The project should have a mix of uses, predominately residential. Due to the site’s location, at the entrance-way to the City of Lake Worth Beach, the proposed development must be distinct, iconic and welcoming in its design.

Proposers are encouraged to speak to City Staff to discuss architecture, ideas and possibilities.


OCTOBER 14, 2020 • 3:00PM


For more information please contact via email:


 Free COVID testing continues in the City. These sites offer free testing.

Saturday |22-Aug| 4-8 PM | Pre-Registration Required (561) 547-0085|Harold Grimes Memorial Park

Thursday | 27-Aug |9AM-1PM|Pre-Registration Required after 11AM at (561) 547-0085 or (561) 770-2370 |Peniel Haitian Baptist Church

Saturday |29-Aug | 4-8 PM| Pre-Registration Required (561) 547-0085 |Harold Grimes Memorial Park

In addition to tests within the City, the County’s COVID page has an interactive map and list of testing sites.


 In English, Español, and Kreyol

CombatCOVID is a tool developed in coordination with state and local governments, physicians, and public health officials to help stop the spread of COVID-19. It uses Bluetooth technology to inform you if you have been in contact with anyone else using the app who has voluntarily, anonymously, and confidentially self-identified as being COVID-19 positive. This information is not shared in any way with any third-party or any local, state, or federal government or public health organization. This system=not any person or government agency – notifies you of your potential exposure and then suggests locations form which you can obtain COVID-19 testing.

This helps with containment efforts and combating the pandemic.

It is your decision alone to choose to share that you are VOID-19 positive through CombatCOVID. If you do so, the data you share will help further COVID-19 response efforts by allowing people to learn about their potential COVID-19 exposure anonymously and confidentially.

Your use of CombatCOVID is voluntary. You can at any time direct us to delete your personal information by choosing to do so within the app.

For more information please visit the Palm Beach County website at