Thursday, September 3, 2020

Wall of Unity Mural Redo - Volunteers Needed

Dear Friends:

As you may have read in this week's Lake Worth Herald, the long-discussed project to redo the Mural of Unity on Wingfield is now making progress.

This mural is on a wall that separated African-American community from the rest of the city in Jim Crow days. About 20 years ago, a Mural of Unity was painted on that wall. The painting has deteriorated and is now being restored.

The organizers are putting out a call for volunteers. Please distribute that info (flyer attached) to your congregations, friends and other interested parties.

You can contact Retha Lowe or Javier del sol for further information.


Ted Brownstein 

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

PBSO - Lake Worth Beach - Weekly Update 09 02 20

 Crime – We had good numbers again this week.  In fact,  have had a few good weeks in a row. I am hopeful we can put together a few more. This will help to lower the numbers for the year which started very high. This is the first time in a long time that we had zero robberies for the week. We also only had three auto burglaries which are up a lot this year. We did have one handgun stolen again from an unlocked vehicle. That is another gun in the hands of a criminal

Community Policing – Even with Covid 19 hampering us, we held several community events this past week:

·         We handed out one hundred school backpacks to the four elementary schools. They will give them to the students who need them the most

·         We did a traffic enforcement day where we handed out coffee mugs, teddy bears and coloring books instead of citations

·         We handed out bike helmets and will be giving out hundreds in the coming weeks.

Covid 19 – The numbers continue to trend in the right direction. This is not the time to become complacent. Keep following CDC guidelines so we can get through this. Phase two is in the works. This is encouraging.

Census 2020 – We will have to live with these numbers for ten years. You are running out of time to complete the census. Please do so and encourage friends and neighbors to do the same. The city desperately needs accurate numbers. The census affects many things from crime data to school lunches, aftercare and many other facets of the city.

Stay safe,

Captain Todd Baer

Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office

Commander – District 14 – City of Lake Worth Beach