Saturday, October 31, 2009

Busy Day Today!

Just got back from fun barbeque pep rally to get people fired up for the election on Tuesday. I have some computer issues with my laptop - it's soon to enter Hospice care. So, I dropped by the super-deluxe David Bohnett Cybercenter at Compass. They're open from 3 to 7 on Saturdays - a community resource that's nice to know about! On top of that, I had some issues - that I think are now resolved - with my account. So, if you have sent a recent e-mail, it may take longer than usual to get back to you. Thanks for understanding!

I have a lot of "Wes" t-shirts - perfect to wear while you bop around beautiful downtown Lake Worth or when you volunteer on Election Day. We will need sign wavers at polling locations and on street corners leading up to the election. E-mail me if you want to volunteer! Thanks - last set of mailers were sent out yesterday - total of four. You should get the last ones today or on Monday.

Only days away to a better Lake Worth! Keep smiling and remind your friends and neighbors to vote on Tuesday!
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Friday, October 30, 2009

Reality...from a supporter's e-mail:

This is my little rental property in Lake Worth, with a cemetery in the back yard. Because of all the vacant [for sale] condos here, rents have plunged by 20-30%.

Subject: The Recession Hits Home | What's your property worth? |

Taxes are oppressive and electricity is 30% higher than F.P. & L. since the City owns the Utility. Code enforcement requires annual inspections @ $184.00 each apartment.

Just had two sales in Lake Worth as follows:

1. Original price Dec. 1989 $160,000. Sale price July 2009 $102,000. 905 S. Ridge Street, Lake Osborne Park, Lake Worth 33460 SF-1,250

2. Original price April 2006 $175,000. Sale price July 2009 $19,500. 1502 S Federal Hwy, Saga Apts Condominium CO-840

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Update via BlackBerry:

Reminder: You have until 12 midnight to donate to the campaign - use PayPal link to right. Thanks to all who already expressed their support through their donations. Final push is on! E-mail to volunteer.

Lake Worth Herald Endorsement (used with permission)

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Please pick up a copy of today's (10/29) Lake Worth Herald

I received their endorsement and it contains a good summary of why to vote me in as the new City Commissioner for District #3.
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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Anonymous comment left under previous post...

we try very hard to live here but my question how can i help my family for thankgiving and chreismas can you help you are here for us i have 3 grandsons and 3 chrildren and we would love to have the holidays as you do

Could you e-mail me at and identify yourself? I would like to talk to you and see how I can help. It was left just a few minutes ago - the time now is 3:23 p.m.

Quiz: Which are different from the rest?

Indira Ghandi

“We have believed - and we do believe now - that freedom is indivisible, that peace is indivisible, that economic prosperity is indivisible”

The Palm Beach Post = Pyongyang Times?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Click here for a live stream to the City Commission meeting(s) mentioned below.

Another middle-of-the-day City Commission meeting...

The time of day for these meetings does not allow for adequate public notification, input or attendance - this is a big part of my campaign platform. Being held at Compass also prevents streaming of the meetings over the Internet - unless they have recently found a way to do that.

The above is a joint meeting of the City Commission and Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) to discuss the Cultural Renaissance Program - this is the effort that the CRA developed while I was on the board to use arts and cultural activities, groups and individuals as a way to promote redevelopment in Lake Worth. Part of this includes the $25 million grant application for Neighborhood Stabilization Program - 2 monies to convert vacant, foreclosed or derelict homes to property owners who don't exceed 120% of median income - essentially the bulk of the workforce in this area. Apparently some of the people on the current City Commission are threatened by a program that might actually improve the conditions of a large area of our city. I hope to attend the meeting.

Quickly following the joint City Commission/CRA meeting, will be a City Commission work session that will discuss the proposed noise ordinance for businesses in the downtown. I have read through the draft ordinance and it does not seem too onerous in relation to the actual "real world" decibel readings that were taken sporadically around the downtown - including our famous "Noise Walk/Commission Meeting" through the downtown. It actually helps clarify what was a vague part of our Code. However, it will all come down to the need to enforce it - which takes time away that the sheriff and code enforcement tasks/emergencies. I am concerned that this could become another way to threaten or intimidate businesses within our downtown - who have enough trouble already staying in business, paying their electric/water bills and providing a fun entertainment outlet for many people in Palm Beach County. Let 's not make this an anti-business declaration.

Click links for back up material from City. Since the second meeting is advertised as a work session, no action can be taken. The Noise Ordinance will have to be brought back to the City Commission for final action.

Also note that both meetings are at the Compass Community Center.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Mailer #2

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Coming to a mailbox near you!

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Volunteers Needed

Lake Worth peeps - we need people to populate polling locations on November 3rd - choice of three 4 hour shifts - will wave signs and have fun (really, we do!) - e-mail the campaign at to pick your location and times.

Well-knowns vie for two positions on Lake Worth commission

Click title for link to PB Post article on Commission races. Endorsements should be out tomorrow?

Thank you for all who attended the Playhouse debate.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lake Worth Candidates Forum is tonight (Sunday 10/25) at 7 at the LW Playhouse

It is sponsored by the Neighborhood Associations Presidents Council. Everyone is welcome and admission is FREE.

at 7:05 there will be a presentation on the charter amendment on beach dredge and fill, artificial beach nourishment projects. Presenter: Commissioner Cara Jennings.

7:15 Commission Candidates panel, Districts one and three

8:30 Mayoral Candidates panel.

Moderator: John Paxman

Each candidate gets a 2 minute opening and closing statement, one minute to answer questions posed by the moderator and a 30 second rebuttal round may be permitted by the moderator at his sole discretion.

Questions were gathered from the neighborhood associations, edited and prioritized by NAPC, which is solely responsible for their selection and the selection of the moderator.

NAPC is NOT a political organization and does not endorse candidates or engage in political campaigns. The questions have not been divulged in advance to the candidates or the moderator.

Hope to see everyone TONIGHT, Sunday 10/25 at 7 p.m. at the Playhouse. No food, campaign sings or literature allowed in the theater. Thank you.

Response to Supporter re Publix:

This was in response to an e-mail discussion with Commissioner Mulvehill and the resident - who forwarded me the exchange for my opinion.

The most important thing to focus on is in achieving a long held goal of the community to lure a modern, quality grocery store downtown. In planning terms, a grocery store is a destination that draws people, money and activity downtown. It's like an anchor tenant at the mall. The Post Office is a destination - so is City Hall, the Library - what downtowns are - concentrations of destinations. People living near downtown will be walking or riding their bikes to this Publix - instead of getting into their fossil fuel burning vehicles and driving out of town with their Lake Worth dollars.

I am concerned about the global environment and the plight of farmworkers as much as anyone else, but can't we be welcoming to a store such as this without putting up unnecessary hurdles that broadcast to everyone that Lake Worth is a difficult place to work. Remember, this store will help our local "environment" immensely.

Why single out Publix? Why can't we lay out our demands in a uniform basis so people that invest in our city know what to expect? My opponent would never ask such questions from the dais - the emperor/empress always has clothes according to her.
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Last day to accept campaign contributions is October 29th at midnight - candidate treasurer's reports are due the next day. Many people have found it easy to use the PayPal link - found to the right side of the blog or at my campaign website at Maximum contributions are limited to $500 per person or per business entity.

Thank you to all who have contributed already - one final push this week. Don't forget the Lake Worth Playhouse debate tonight at 7 p.m. - 713 Lake Avenue. You'll be able to hear all the candidates views on the future of Lake Worth. I hope to see you there!

Remember to vote for Wes Blackman on November 3rd!
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