Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lake Worth Candidates Forum is tonight (Sunday 10/25) at 7 at the LW Playhouse

It is sponsored by the Neighborhood Associations Presidents Council. Everyone is welcome and admission is FREE.

at 7:05 there will be a presentation on the charter amendment on beach dredge and fill, artificial beach nourishment projects. Presenter: Commissioner Cara Jennings.

7:15 Commission Candidates panel, Districts one and three

8:30 Mayoral Candidates panel.

Moderator: John Paxman

Each candidate gets a 2 minute opening and closing statement, one minute to answer questions posed by the moderator and a 30 second rebuttal round may be permitted by the moderator at his sole discretion.

Questions were gathered from the neighborhood associations, edited and prioritized by NAPC, which is solely responsible for their selection and the selection of the moderator.

NAPC is NOT a political organization and does not endorse candidates or engage in political campaigns. The questions have not been divulged in advance to the candidates or the moderator.

Hope to see everyone TONIGHT, Sunday 10/25 at 7 p.m. at the Playhouse. No food, campaign sings or literature allowed in the theater. Thank you.