Friday, June 4, 2010

Lake Worth music corridor growing but noise ordinance looms

Lake Worth music corridor growing but noise ordinance looms

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

For those of you that are experiencing stomach upset after reading Cara Jennings' fluff piece...

Profile: Cara Jennings, the radical cheerleader of Lake Worth

Fresh from the Ministry of Information (aka Palm Beach Post), click on title for a link to a "profile" article about our District #2 Commissioner, apparently awaiting beatification and is already on the fast-track to Sainthood. At least that is the impression left by this article in the Local News section of the paper.

Santa Cara will be running for re-election, you can be sure of that.  In fact, she has been running from the dais at least since January.  You can read her father's hand in the article and his public relations experience has significantly advanced his daughter's political career.  At the end of the article, it seems like Ms. Jennings is flipping through a brochure for campaign signs.  According to the City's website, she hasn't filed a campaign treasurer report yet - she hasn't officially filed so she doesn't need to.  But with a fluff piece like this, why does she need to?  Money can't buy this kind of coverage - another example of the many advantages incumbency ushers in.

In the meantime, the other people that live in Lake Worth, the ones that Cara Jennings doesn't talk to, are left with the bill for her two terms worth of decisions.  Over the past two years, the City experienced the second highest and, for the current year, the highest decrease in property values over every other of the 38 Palm Beach County municipalities.  Cara's crew would say that was due to all of the "over-development" in Lake Worth during the "boom" period.  Well, I got news for you, most of those other 38 municipalities experienced much more "over-development" than Lake Worth ever saw.  If anyone would like a tour of all the vacant and under-utilized land in the city, I'd love to show you.  I'll even pop the popcorn and make the lemonade.

According to Commissioner Jennings, being a Commissioner is a job that is a lot like taking out the garbage.  Let's hope that voters this coming November takeover that job for themselves.

Oh, and the power went out for about three hours last night. And, Cara must not have walked past this property at 902 N. "C" Street - a city-owned property less than a block north of Commissioner Jennings' own tropical oasis - on her way to her cafe con leche.

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010