Tuesday, April 14, 2020

PBSO District 14 - Covid 19 Update

A few quick updates on Covid 19 from your local PBSO District: 

Crime was up again last week. Auto burglaries were the main issue with 12.  They were in all parts of the city with the common denominator being close proximity to Dixie Highway. 8 of the 12 were unlocked. Please remind your friends and neighbors that locked and void of valuables is the best method. Either way don’t leave valuables inside. A variety of items were taken but thankfully no firearms. We also had three stabbings. All suspects were known by the victims and two of the three refused to press charges.

The food distributions at the CRA Hatch Center continue to go well. I believe they gave food to 800 families today. They are scheduled for the next two Tuesdays from 9 a.m. until 11 a.m. or until  they run out of food. A few quick observations on this: 

·         You must receive a voucher from the volunteers handing them out that morning. The volunteers walk right down the line car by car. They use vouchers so they know how much food they have. If you cut the line you won’t get a voucher and will be told to leave. We had to tell several people to leave this morning. This is fair and ensures no one waits in line only to receive nothing due to running out of food.

·         You must line up in the left lane of Lake Avenue. This week the line stretched from the CRA building to Congress Ave at its peak. It moves quickly but it takes time to donate food to 800 cars.

·         Be patient – the people working are volunteers. This is a wonderful event put on by remarkable people 

The predicted peak date for Covid 19 cases in Palm Beach County has shifted from April 27th to May 3rd. We are doing a good job with social distancing and adhering to all of the special orders. We have to keep going a while longer. 

Remember that PBC Special Order 4 “urges” all to wear a mask or other face covering when social distancing is not possible, i.e. going grocery shopping. 

My quarterly commission presentation is still scheduled for the May 5th  meeting. It will likely still be a virtual meeting by then. 

Hopefully we are almost through this and will be returning to some semblance of normal life soon. I miss my sports. The Hallmark Channel has been on at my house way too much. I am outnumbered at home.   

We can do this! 

Captain Todd Baer
Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office
Commander – District 14 – City of Lake Worth Beach