Saturday, June 9, 2012

E-mail from reader re: PBSO

Dear neighbors,

Monday, June 4, 2012 at approximately 2:35pm as I was walking home from city hall when a silver Mazda, with two teens, came up behind me and attempted to rob me of my iPhone and I was assaulted.  I was able to get the license plate and I got a good look at the assailant only because he looked back and laughed at me as I was getting up off the floor.  It was a little more elaborate and scary than that but that story is for the court room.  What I want to highlight is the speed of lightning response of our local PBSO D14 and our PBCFR came to the scene.  The level of professionalism and the compassionate manner in which I was treated was a welcomed and appreciated.  Detective John Connor took my statement and arranged a meeting with Detective Paul Moody, the PBSO's miracle worker sketch artist, who was able to assist me in successfully recollecting what the perpetrator looked like.  He drew a very near perfect likeness of the assailant.  Yesterday Detective Connor brought me the photo array line up after interviewing both subjects.  I made my identification very secure in my choice although the Detective could not tell me if I had made the correct selection I didn't need him to, in my heart, I knew I picked the right one.  

Cut to 2:00pm Saturday June 9, 2012 I was outside in the yard giving my landlord something cold to drink since he was cutting my lawn and the deputy who was the first responder to the scene of the crime stopped by and rolled his window down to tell me the young man who did this to me confessed to strong armed robbery.  

I hope that you publish this letter to serve as a small indicator to one of the many reasons why the vast majority of our city residents are so passionately supportive of our local Palm Beach Sheriff's Office District #14 team.  They don't play when it comes to the safety of the residents of our city.  I am truly impressed, again, by their outstanding level of efficiency, vast resources and passionate response to victims of violent crimes. They definitely made this scary incident a lot easier to cope with every step of the way so far.  I will proudly and emphatically state that if our city were to EVER leave their partnership with PBSO, well that would be the same day that this resident, as well as my Mother and Grandmother would be packing up and leaving right behind them.

Best Wishes,
Mark A. Parrilla

American Roots- LULA Fundraiser - 6/10

LULA Lake Worth Arts is traveling back in time to the early 20th Century music movement: this historical exploration of the many musical styles that constitute American Roots Music includes everything from blues, jazz, rockabilly, bluegrass, folk and other styles. Please join us as we support LULA Lake Worth Arts and experience music and art at South Shores Tavern & Patio Bar Sunday, June 10, 2012 from 2pm-8pm. The main stage will showcase local bands in the American Roots Music genre every hour, while you enjoy mouth watering food and drinks. All donations and 10 percent of the beer and liquor sales will go directly to the 9 Arch Mural Project on the 1000 Lake Ave. building. Cigar City, Due South of Boynton Beach and Tequesta Brewing of Jupiter will take part in the Tap Take Over.
LULA Lake Worth artists will exhibit and sell one-of-a-kind works of art, covering a broad spectrum of creativity from oil on canvas to fine jewelry on "M" Street just outside of the patio. The fundraiser also includes a raffle with prizes donated from Lake Worth Business's that support LULA. Enjoy this Free event where young and old, professional and artsy, come together through a shared love of music and art.
American Roots Music Lineup-
2PM- 2:45 PM The Hot Box Vapors

3 PM- 3:45 PM Route Bleu
4 PM - 4:45 PM King MuddFISH
5 PM - 5:45 PM The Sweet Chariots
6 PM - 6:45 PM Black Finger
7 PM -7:45 PM The Dillengers
8 PM - 8:45 PM Blues Dragon
Please come out and support LULA Lake Worth Arts! For more information, please
contact Tracy Smith Coffey, LULA Lake Worth Arts Project Coordinator at 561-493-
2550 or by email Visit our
or our Facebook page Lake Worth CRA Cultural Renaissance Program.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Variety of Videos from Tuesday Night's (6/5) City Commission Meeting

The first is Commissioner Comments/Liaison Reports, the second is a discussion of code enforcement in reaction to a series of complaints from a business on North Dixie Hwy and the third is a discussion concerning the leasing of space at the casino building, led  by the City's broker of the space.

Lansing named 16th 'brainiest' U.S. city | Lansing State Journal

Where I was born - the area is home to Michigan State University and the article mentions the importance of access to educational institutions as a key to a brighter economic future.  Click title for link to article.

Lake Worth to pay attorney up to $250K to negotiate power...

Willie's summary from Tuesday night's City Commission meeting.  Click title for link.

Ray Bradbury

"We are all cups, constantly and quietly being filled. The trick is, knowing how to tip ourselves over and let the beautiful stuff out."

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mayor's show at Noon on WPBR!

From Mayor Triolo:

"Tune in to the Mayor's Show today at noon on 1340 am WPBR and every Wednesday at the same time.  I'll be reviewing the details of last night's City Commission meeting and have Herman Robinson joining me in studio to talk about the raft race!  It's no fun without you so please call in and add your two cents to our discussions.  See You then!"

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

For Tom Jones and QE II...

T-shirt shop gets the OK to move back into Lake Worth casino

Willie's report from the meeting.  Click title for link.

City Commission Meeting 6/5 - Live

Moving items C and D from consent to F and G New Business.  Approved.  McVoy not present at roll call.

Commission Liaison Reports and Comments (video) - no comment by Commissioner Mulvehill regarding her trip to Germany.  She talked about Small Business Week/Month (May)

Much about code enforcement aggressive against a particular business on North Dixie Hwy.  I have a video of Commissioner Maxwell's response to the issue.  Also discussed was the pay parking situation at Old Bridge Park and that fishermen were supposed to be parking for free.  It was reported that there are six spots reserved and marked for fishermen.

Minutes approved.

Consent - Items A and B approved.  C and D are now under new business.

6:45 p.m. - McVoy still not present.

New Business - Item A - introduced as a housekeeping item related to General and Police Pension Plan - no public comment.  Passes unanimously.

Item B - Budget Amendment - deferred project at the golf course from last year and now making funds available - green restoration.  Mulvehill is asking about the type of grass for the greens.  Staff responds that the greens are watered from wells.  Pumps were replaced recently.  Mulvehill is talking about using about 12 feet of the golf course near the 15th hole that could supply additional parking for Snook Islands.  It would not change the layout of the course.  Some sort of safety netting would be needed along the south end of the golf course to protect cars/people.  This is just for greens restoration.  Mulvehill asks if there is a safety problem now - answer no.  Greens seem to be everyone's priority - July 9 through September 7 - project period.  July 3rd meeting the Commission will review bids for work.  Holes to remain open during the summer.  Mulvehill says city should promote that this is coming.

Item C - Lease agreement at Casino Building - units 5 and 6 for Lake Worth Tee Shirt Company (B.F. Enterprises) - Mulvehill moves approval, Amoroso away from dais - pregnant pause - Mayor passes gavel and makes second.  Peter Timm asks for a general report on the status of the leases.  Lynn Anderson - surprised that Mayor had to pass the gavel to second, this is a former tenant that wants back in and we should accommodate him.  Loretta Sharp - says that the per square foot rate is good and should be considered, thought that the letter that appeared on some blogs was objectionable.  Amoroso is concerned that not enough retail outlets have been talked to - this was one of many options before but now it seems to be our only option.  Concerned that we didn't do everything we could to bring everyone to the table.  Will get video of his discussion.

Mulvehill declares that she has received campaign contributions from B.F. Enterprises and their attorney.  His attorney and hers were the same person.  Disclosed?  She says yes.  Mayor asks about status of other leases and the length.  There is an issue regarding the length of this lease - that it could actually turn out to be a 25 year lease.  Staff and city attorney are silent about this.  City attorney doesn't think so - and she will look into it.  She says that they are not guarantees, they are options.  She doesn't see a problem, but it was at the core of the lawsuit about the beach and Greater Bay (?) .  Mr. Friedman would like to keep the four, five year options.  Maxwell is upset about the attack in the letter from his former attorney.  Motion passes 3 -1 with Amoroso dissenting.  Bornstein mentions that there will be a workshop on just this issue - the beach business plan at the Commission's work session on June 12.  Broker says that there is nothing concrete on the second floor restaurant space at this time.

Item D - Legal Services related to electric power supply.  Short time frame - city manager and attorney have met with firms on the short list - with the priority given to Florida firms with expertise in utility related matters.  400 hours of estimated legal work - reduced rate from what is charged other municipalities.  The representative is "thrilled" to be here and he is saying all the right things.  Maxwell comments on his enthusiasm.  This a five year relationship - he is saying that we are looking for the most inexpensive way to bring energy to our door, not necessarily focusing on the most renewable options.  Mulvehill asks about his longevity of Mr. Wright at this particular firm - he has been there for 6 months.  If he were to leave the firm, this contract would need to be renegotiated and it would follow him.  Funds are coming from a utility account, which is contrary to what was included in the back-up.  Passes 4 - 0.

7:45 p.m. - McVoy not here.

Item E - Appointment District 4 Representative to Utility Board.  Sander Shrance (?)  he has a degree in sociology from George Mason University.  -  Unanimous.

BREAK - resume at 8:08 p.m.

Consent C (new business) - Mulvehill pulled these two items..This has to deal with lighting for Snook Islands from forfeiture funds.  She wonders what other options there are.  $12.5K is what it will cost for plans and then it would need to go out to bid to know the cost.  There is $34K in the fund.  She is asking what would pay for the ultimate construction - answer probably the same fund.  Staff is concerned about the amount of funds available.  Now they are talking about solar powered lights.  Amoroso says that this should have been done before - and access - someone didn't look at all needed to be done here. City manager says that this can be done in phases, can do some ourselves possibly.

How to Tell if Your City is Dying

Hmmm...from the article.  Click title for link.  Ever wonder why the city applied and received the NSP2 grant?

People aren't paying taxes or mortgages
Bier says there are a number of classic signs that a city is in trouble:

An increase in property tax delinquency.
An increase in mortgage delinquency and foreclosure.
An increase in rental of single-family homes.
Property owners are unable to make needed repairs, because they don't have enough money.
Homes are being sold through "rent to own."
There's an increase in property code violations — or if the city isn't doing inspections, then that's a huge red flag.

College Park News and Notices

Hi Neighbors, A few things to report on.
Tomorrow night, the Planning and Zoning Board will hear a request from the owners of the liquor/convenience store on Dixie Highway between Columbia and Cornell for an upgrade to their liquor license and a proximity variance. The entire back-up material for the item before the P&Z can be found on the City's website.

Notices were mailed to residents within 400 ft. of the property, but our Neighborhood Association, along with many others have repeatedly asked that items such as this come before the Neighborhood Association BEFORE they come before the Planning and Zoning and Board in order to give everyone in the neighborhood the opportunity to learn more, ask questions and provide input. We have never asked for the right of approval, simply for the courtesy of allowing neighbors to be better informed prior to decisions being made.

On behalf of the Board of Directors and College Park Neighbors, I will again tomorrow night ask that our Association be extended this courtesy as we are holding our next meeting on Monday, June 25th, less than three weeks from now and ask the Board to postpone their deliberation and decision on this item until their next meeting following ours.

The P&Z Board is under no obligation to grant this courtesy, and the decision may well be made tomorrow night. So, if you have questions, or something to say about this matter, you might wish to come to the P&Z meeting, tomorrow, Wednesday, June 6th at 6 pm at City Hall.

Monday, June 25th at 6:30 is the next College Park NA meeting. As always we will meet at the First Congregational Church, 1415 N. K. Street. Everyone is welcome. Items of importance that will be discussed at this meeting include the new precinct numbers and polling places the Supervisor of Elections has designated for College Park. Registered voters should be receiving new voter registration cards in the mail shortly. The information on the Supervisor's website, at the moment is somewhat incorrect. Hopefully, we will have someone from the Supervisor's office on hand at the meeting to talk about these changes.

Also, the Fourth of July Raft Race is coming up soon. We'll be building the raft this coming Monday, the 18th at our home at 327 Columbia Drive at 6pm. The theme for all the rafts this year is Broadway Musicals. So far, we haven't settled on one theme for CP, so bring your ideas with you. On Monday the 18th, we'll build the basic raft and at the meeting on the following Monday the 25th, we'll finalize the theme, decor, costumes and rafters! Let's bring the "Grunge Cup" trophy home to College Park this year!

Rethinking Green

Another article about the importance of redeveloping urban areas instead of pushing development to suburban locations.  When you hear people say that we can't have any more density or intensity in our Lake Worth development pattern, think about the ultimate environmental costs.  Just saying "no" is not the "greenest" choice.  Click title for link to article.

Developer unveils project to transform Miami’s Design District into upscale pedestrian promenade - Biscayne Corridor -

Craig Robins and DACRA were once touted as a possible developer for the Lake Worth beach around the same time that then Mayor Graham also considered him and his firm for involvement in redevelopment of the West Palm Beach City Hall site.  Interesting article from the Miami Herald which talks about the trend away from suburban development and toward the redevelopment of well-established urban areas.  Click title for link.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Sloan’s Curve Total Closure A-39 to A-7 Force Main Replacement Project Update

Sloan’s Curve will be COMPLETELY CLOSED TO ALL THRU TRAFFIC starting Tuesday, June 5, 2012 with an anticipated completion of June 9, 2012 The proposed force main crosses back and forth thru Sloan’s Curve and there are areas that the excavation will be greater than 10 feet deep. We will also be encountering existing utility crossings that can pose unexpected problems. The safety of the workers and motoring public is of the utmost importance. These site conditions will not allow for a passable area. Any residents north of Sloan’s Curve will have to travel north and any residents living south of Sloan’s will be required to go south. 

The Town has placed project updates for the force main project on its website.  To access the project update simply go to the Town’s website and “click” on the “For Residents” pull down menu, then select “A-39 to A-7 Force Main Replacement”, and then select most current update.  The site will be updated periodically to keep Town residents, employees, businesses, and visitors informed about the progress of this project and impacts to their commute.

All questions and/or comments can be either emailed to
 or phoned to our Construction Manager, Burkhardt Construction, Inc., Project Liaison – Wayne King at 561-718-2605.    

Mango Groves Raft Meeting - 5th and K Park

Hi all-

We will be having another Raft race Meeting on Wednesday June 6th, at 7pm AnnaMaria's Back Yard at 221 N. M St.   We need donations of Plywood, Things that loat, shiny things, and creative minds...   All please feel free to join.   Please email if you would like to be on the Raft, or the Raft Race Committee...   The race will be on July 4h, and personally, I can't wait to take part.....  It will be such a hoot.    The Mango Groves Neighborhood will be participating for hte first time in a few years.   Our theme, Priscilla Queen of the Desert, is hilarious, and a bit ambitious, bu if it all works out, we will be the Belles of the Ball....

In other exciting news, we got a donation of some mulch for the Pocket Park at N.K and 5th, and anyone who has interest in helpin us spread it and start building up the grade, and make some paths, would be greatly appreciated....   I hope to arrange a Park Day soon...   We also need to finish the benches, and I have a line on a Bulletin Board that maybe could be put up there with Community notices and the like.....

Please email or contact us if you are interested in taking part!

Stay cool!   Take Care!


Marian Anderson

"As long as you keep a person down, some part of you has to be down there to hold him down, so it means you cannot soar as you otherwise might."

New City Manager Michael Bornstein makes welcome changes in Lake Worth

We continue to enjoy the fresh air blowing in from the City Manager's office.  From the article:

Unlike former City Manager Susan Stanton, who was fired Dec. 6 in a 3-2 vote, Bornstein is getting out of the office to listen to residents.

Meanwhile, Commissioner Mulvehill still has trouble smelling the coffee:

Comparing Bornstein to Stanton might not be fair because much of Stanton's attention went to cutting the budget to keep the city from going belly-up, said Commissioner Suzanne Mulvehill, who voted against firing Stanton.

Oh, and if anyone cares, Lake Worth lost another 6% in property tax valuation. Click title for link to article.