Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Comment by Yours Truly Under Public Comment at the August 17, 2021 Regular City Commission Meeting re The Gulfstream Hotel

"I’m offering this public comment to urge fellow Lake Worth Beach residents to voice their support for the Gulfstream Hotel rehabilitation project this coming Thursday night (8/19). There is strong public support for the redevelopment of the entire block where the historic hotel sits. It was in March of 2020 that Question 3 appeared on the ballot, just before the pandemic hit. I’d like to remind you that it was both a Presidential Preference Primary and Uniform Municipal Election in Palm Beach County. A total of 4,365 people voted on Question 3 which would allow any future construction to be to a height of 87 feet, which corresponded to the height of the historic hotel. It was a large turn-out for a municipal election. The “yes” votes carried the day by 81.82% of the votes cast. The lowest percentage of yes votes in any precinct was 73.4 percent.

Mayor and City Commissioners, that is what is called a mandate. The voters of Lake Worth Beach realized that to save our Gulfstream Hotel, which is on the National Register of Historic Places, new development would need to happen on the block. This will create the economic engine that restores and provides a beneficial use for the community and its foreseeable future. The historic hotel will once again take its rightful place as a centerpiece of hospitality and commerce that it was meant to be.

We as a community are concerned about saving endangered species. Let me introduce to you an endangered species that the Lake Worth Beach community wants to preserve and cherish. As an early 20th Century Florida Boom era hotel, the Gulfstream Hotel is one of few examples left. There are many reasons for this as the expectations of the traveling public have changed over the years for larger rooms and more amenities. As a certified urban planner, specializing in historic preservation, I’ve been witness to, and have been the undertaker for, demolition of too many historic hotels from that era. We need only look to West Palm Beach. It lost two historic waterfront hotels in the Pennsylvania Hotel and the Hotel George Washington. 

To those 3,408 people who voted “yes” on Question 3, I urge you to submit a public comment for Thursday’s meeting in support of preserving the Gulfstream Hotel in the manner it deserves.Thank you!"

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Important Notice from the City of Lake Worth Beach re Public Meetings

 Virtual Commission Meeting Notice

Due to the recent increase in COVID-19 cases, in an abundance of caution Lake Worth Beach will return temporarily to virtual only meetings. To allow meetings to continue with proper social distancing, only Commissioners and key personnel will be allowed into the meeting location and the meeting will be livestreamed for all to view. This week the City Commission will be meeting at City Hall for the Commission Meeting scheduled for Tuesday, August 17, and the Gulfstream Hotel Work Session scheduled for Thursday, August 19 (this meeting has been moved from the Casino Ballroom to better accommodate the transition to fully virtual). Members of the public will be able to watch both meetings live online at

Those who wish to participate in Public Comment for either meeting may submit their comment via the City website ( The City will accept such public comment cards up to fifteen (15) minutes before the start of the meeting. There are two options for submitting a public comment.

1) Live Public Comment: Once the comment is submitted the resident will receive an email with confirmation of the comment and another email from Zoom with details on how to access the meeting to read your comment(s) into the record. If a resident wishes to provide a live comment they must be available on Zoom and logged in with their real name in order to speak.  

2) Clerk Read Public Comment: Check the checkbox if you prefer the City Clerk to read the comment(s). The clerk will read the comment into the record at the appropriate time during the meeting. The resident will NOT be required to be present on Zoom if this option is selected.

The Public Comment system is open now for those wishing to leave comments for the August 17 meeting. The system will open at 8am on Wednesday, August 18, for those who wish to leave comments for the Thursday, August 19, meeting.

The Commission and City Management will continue to assess the evolving situation and will resume in-person meetings as soon as it is safe to do so. Residents are encouraged to get vaccinated, wear a mask, and continue to socially distance at this time.